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Nightwing's Reckoning written by Jimmy


Nightwing’s Reckoning

By Jimmy 


Warning: I do not own any Batman or Batman related properties, this is an act of fiction. Also, this is not my artist work in the comic. It was sent by a good friend that wants MORE ballbusting and Robin stories.

“Hey stop!” Nightwing spots a shadow on the roof top above, it’s in the shape of a man. This must be Robin.

The grappling gun pings against the rooftop slopping gargoyle, the metal blades clinching into the stone as Nightwin shoots straight up leaving his parked motorcycle in a nearby alley.

Nightwing is in the docks section of Gotham and he thinks he might have finally come across Robin, aka Tim Drake.

“Got you now,” Dicks says landing lightly on his feet. He spies around with his infrared lens on his blue domino mask. Then he spots a black flowing cape barely visible swishing at the corner of the building.

He moves to rush over, putting his black boots on the top of the roof top as he leaps from the gargoyle. Dick Grayson is super agile and the landing is perfect but the stars open up above like a faraway galaxy shinning down on his and he sees it with dread. Nightwing slips and falls on the slick spilled slippery mess left on top of the roof and skids a few feet towards the doorway leading down presumably to the inner floors below.

A pair of brown suede shoes, and slick dress pants appear from the door as it opens and Tim dressed in normal street clothes grins down at him and Dick looks from the smug Robin to the cape hanging by a hook at the end of the building.

“Gotcha,” Tim says grabbing Nightwing’s boots and spreading his legs wide open, he is out of breath from the fall and unable to stop Tim as he drops his ankle down crashing into his bulge.

Nightwing gasps, the air that just went into his chest filling his lungs returns shooting out as Tim squashes his balls flat against his pelvis, pressing his groin so hard that it flattens under the constant and consistent pressure.

“Robi….nnnnnnn!” Dick groans eyes rolling back into his head as he takes a wild swing at Tim Drake. Tim moves back for a moment and comes right back in and slams a punch as hard as he can between Dick’s exposed and vulnerable pounch hitting him squarely in the nutsack.

Dick Grayson curves into a ball as Robin stands triumphant above him ditching his street clothes and putting his hands on his hips after snapping on his black gloves.

“Got you good that time.”

Dick Grayson can barely speak but he gushes out “You almost broke my balls…you little runt.”

Tim Drake smiles “Almost?”

A twinge of fear rolls down Nightwing’s spine and he tries to back away as Robin launches a grapple at his chest which pulls him spinning to his feet. As he turns stumbling back to Robin Tim Drake lets out a ferocious yell and comes in close sending a knee straight up into Dick’s bulge flattening him hard as he can. The knee hit knocks Dick so hard he is taken off his feet and falls ungracefully down at Tim’s feet.


“Like I was saying…I win now, Grayson.”

Robin gloats some more and ends up kicking Dick in the ribs before he leaves Nightwing on the roof top beaten and humiliated by the third person to wear the Robin suit.

Tim is beside himself as he leaps off the roof, already crackling his radio to tell the others that he kicked Dick Grayson’s ass when cold, hard laughter makes the blonde hairs along the back of his neck stand up.

The Joker purple van is parked next to Nightwing’s motorcycle and his goons are busily destroying it with crow bars, while back on the rooftop that he just left the Joker looks over the edge.

“I’ll have a go now, shall I?” Joker laughs his voice cutting through the night.

“No!” Robin shouts spinning back and shooting his grapple to get back to Nightwing before it’s too late.


To be continued…

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