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Snapshot: "Now, It's My Turn" written by Jimmy


Snapshot: Now, It’s My Turn

By Jimmy

 Hi everyone,

So again...this turned out to be not a standard 'snapshot story.' 12-pages later and we have ourselves a sequel to last Monday's: 'Snapshop I Can Beat You in One Move'

Hope you all enjoy it!



Ballbusting Boys: Snapshot: "I Can Beat You In One Move" written by Jimmy

Warning: Includes ballbusting, gay characters, and underaged characters.

The next day, Junior keeps his legs spread wide during class.

Every so often he gropes his bulge tentatively with gentle caresses in his desk, hoping to be unseen. Junior made sure to wear one of his older mesh shorts with no underwear. He regrets the later choice, as his boys jostle as he walks. Junior has a painful scowl on his pretty face as his mope of blonde hair falls in his blue eyes as he stares down at the ground thinking about how much he wants to get revenge on Oliver Jackson.

Oli is in Barret High School so Junior does not see him all day until afterschool.

Junior can’t wait to get his hands on him, but Junior has his obligations to go through and it’s not until almost 6:00 pm that Junior gets to the wrestling mat. Of course he comes in still wearing blue singlet from the day before. The blue singlet from yesterday is a little crusty with sweat, but Junior thinks it’s significant to beat Oli wearing this particular singlet and he stares intensely as he opens both doors of the wrestling room. The wooden doors swing smoothly as Junior makes his way through the open doorway and close with a definitive thump as they hit their respective door jams.

The few wrestlers left turn towards the sound. Gino who has finished sparing with his younger brother, Jayden both welcome him over.

“What are you doing here, buddy?” Gino asks. Some of his black hair sticks to his forehead, his cheeks flushed as he reaches out and shakes Junior’s hand, his smile genuine.

Jayden grins, “He’s trying out in a few weeks.” Jayden is a bit breathy as he speaks, with a slight trickle of sweat at his temples. His singlet is skin tight, and curves over his tight swimmers body.

Gino’s eyebrows go up. “Can’t wait to see that. Your cousin is in the showers, want me to get him?”

“No. I have to practice. Besides, I want my tryout to be a surprise to Logan.” Junior explains, his bright blue eyes showcase his affection for the Gomez brother’s but as his eyes flick across the mat he spots the dark haired Oliver Jackson who appears to be watching the exchange. Oli has wet hair, and is still dripping down onto his shoulders. Oli glances quickly over at Junior and he give his an affectionate wink.

Junior’s blood boils, and he narrows his eyes.

“You met Oliver yet? He’s a transfer student and is also trying out.” Jayden explains. “He seems really good.”

“We met.” Junior says through gritted teeth.

Gino grins widely, “Oooh. There is a story there.” Gino comes over looking down at Junior. Gino’s face reflects a kid about to open a haul of Christmas presents, and it’s his dark brown eyes that portray his hidden hunger for juicy details. “What’s got your jockeys in a knot?”

Junior keeps his mouth shut. After a few moments he spits out “None of your business.”

“Now you have to tell me,” Gino says, putting his arm around Junior’s shoulders. Junior tries to pull away, but Gino keeps him close, gripping his forearms. “You ain’t getting away from me until you spill.”

“Gino,” Jayden warns, voice going dark. “Be nice.”

“Nice is boring,” Gino says, waggling his eyebrows. “Now spill, Junior.”

Junior again tries to shuffle away, but Gino does not give him as much as an inch.


Huffing, Junior sighs and stares at the two for a moment before giving in. “Fine…but it’s kind of a boring tale.”

Neither Gino, nor Jayden find his story boring after Junior tells them what happened yesterday.

At the end, Jayden is cracking his knuckles and Gino is staring between Junior’s legs.

“Still sore?”

“…A bit.”

Gino laughs. “I’m going to like him on the team.”

“But…!” Jayden starts.

“You don’t want Junior on the team?” Gino says, interrupting.

“…Of course!”

“Then…let’s help Junior…”

“No!” Junior states, finally disentangling himself out of Gino’s forceful embrace. “Stay out of this. This is my fight.”

Gino pats him on the back, “I respect that. You got this little dude.”

Sighing Jayden tells Junior “Be careful.”

Junior smirks. “Never.”

Strolling across the gym Junior leaves the Gomez brothers behind as he approaches Oliver. Jayden looking worried, and Gino pacing with interest wishing he could get in on the action that is about to transpire.

Oliver is stretching, arms overhead showing off his taut stomach.

“Can I help you?”

“Rematch.” Junior challenges. “Right here. Right now.”

Oliver drops his arms to his sides an amused expression crossing his face. “Heh. Want me to beat you again in one move?”

“I won’t be fooled so easily this time.”

“So you say. Get ready to be on your knees again, Krueger.” Oliver moves lazily into his wrestling stance, and Junior follows suit; hyper aware of his surroundings.

Gino and Jayden take to a couple of chairs near the door to sit and watch.

“You need babysitters?”

“Not anymore, thanks. They are here to watch me beat you.”

“Heh,” Oliver grins, “Then they will be disappointed.”

Junior opens his mouth to say something smart, but Oliver moves in quick and under his guard hitting him palm open between his pecs in the chest. Junior gasps and is knocked back, arms moving up to defend his chest and leaving his lower regions completely unguarded.

A sly foxlike grin spreads on Oliver’s face as he moves in, looking as if to hit Junior in the chest again but a carefully staged knee slides straight up and clips Junior between the thighs with a sickening, squelching thud.

Blue eyes burst open wide in shock on his face, and Junior cannot believe that Oliver bested him to the first hit again and he drops to his knees grabbing his balls groaning the whole way down.

“Told you,” Oliver says thumping Junior between the eyes with a wide open palm again and sending him down to the mat. “Your friends would be disappointed.”

“Shiiit,” Junior groans, grabbing his throbbing junk. Jayden grimaces on his ass, his boynuts blazing with the quick blow between the legs. It’s not the worst ball shot that he has taken, but the suddenness of the blow cost him as he is prone on the ground. His position in the match has gone down as Oliver moves in to strike with advantage.

Over in the chairs, Gino says to Jayden.

“He’s fast.”


“And deadly with his strikes.”


“Junior is in trouble.”


“So what are you going to do about it, because if you aren’t I’m going to Jayden.” Gino looks murderous, but Jayden puts one hand on his big brother’s muscled shoulder.

“Gino…he’s going to lose this. Afterwards we teach him. Then he can challenge Oliver again. Junior is twelve, don’t forget. He’s head strong and usually very smart. But…Oli must be getting into his head and screwing him up. I trained Chase…I can train him to.”

“So we are just going to watch?”

Jayden nods solemnly. “You don’t have to like it, but he does not want us to save him.”


Jayden smiles. “That trait reminds me a lot of you. He’s stubborn, and strong willed. But he’s got us. Now we just have to be present… and bare witness.”

Gino and Jayden turn back just as Junior starts to climb back to his feet.

“You don’t know when to stay down, do you?”

Junior spits on the mat, taking big gulping breathes, and wipes his mouth on the back of his hand. His forehead is red where Oliver hit him, and his balls throb something awful but Junior is not going down that easy.

“Fuck you.” Junior curses, brings another foxlike grin to Oli’s face.

“Your nuts funeral. Too bad you’ll never get a chance to use them.”

Fast as a panther, Oliver moves in. Junior is ready for him, and darts sideways and brings up his knee hitting Oliver deep in his abdomen just below the navel. Oliver grunts grabbing his bruised abs and folds over.

Junior grins and wraps his arms around Oliver’s neck from behind and kicks out hitting Oli in the ass, and propelling him backswards, as Junior pulls on Oliver’s neck. The pair land hard but Oliver’s back takes the brunt of the fall. The wind rushes from Oliver’s lungs and Junior ready to capitalize pulls back hard the crook of his right arm digging into Oli’s windpipe and preventing him from catching the air back that he desperately needs.

“You were saying?” Junior mumbles, teasingly pulling his arm again, and feeling the tight cords in Oliver’s neck strain as he prevents Oliver from breathing.

Oliver unable to speak taps the mat hard in defeat. Junior does one last pull before he tosses him to the side and stands up.

Junior does not hide his smile as Oliver clutches at his throat, his face red and sweaty and glaring up at Junior with contempt.

“One fall you, one fall me. Let’s see who makes the tie breaker.”

It takes Oliver a few minutes to get back-up, and he seems wearier this time.

“You got lucky, kid.”

Junior smirks, “Keep telling yourself that. This time I’m going to make you my bitch.”

The color drains from Oliver’s face and he gets a mean look in his eyes as the two square off once more.

Junior can’t quite stop grinning, and he blows Oliver a kiss to taunt him somemore.

Oliver looks pissed, and growls low in his wounded throat before he moves in. Like before, Junior does the weave to the side and attempt to strike with a knee, but Oliver dodges it and sweeps Junior’s legs out from under him. Following that Oliver attempts to stomp on him.

Barely, Junior rolls to the side, Oli’s shoe scraping his chest.  In retaliation Junior kicks out with his leg taking Oliver down by the ankles and scrambles to get on top of him just as he drops onto the mat. Oliver meets him, and the two battle on their knees, teeth bared and spitting.

Jayden is on the edge of his seat, “Come on Junior, you got this” he whispers.

Gino rubs his hand through his younger brother’s hair, and tickles his back of his scalp. “I hope so, bro.”

Junior is feverish, and wild. His muscles ripple underneath his skin but the raw power of Oliver overwhelms the younger opponent and slowly, and steadily he pushes Junior back against the mat. A yowl of pure rage comes from Junior and he tries for one last push but it’s too late his shoulders are a hairsbreadth from touching the blue mat but Oliver keeps him there, hovering until his eyes meet Junior’s.

“Now, it’s over,” Oli says and pulls Junior towards him and effortlessly rolls Jayden back into a ball…placing him in the same position as yesterday.

“No!” Junior stammers, his body electric and pulsing as he thrusts this way, and that struggling to get out of the hold before Oliver locks it in but again. Junior’s younger, and less developed upper body strength is a hindrance here and he falls right into place trapped in the hold that Oliver intended. Junior is effortlessly placed in the rolled ball position, his limbs jutting out as his torso is curved in on itself.

Oliver’s crooked grin spreads wide, “Now the fun begins. Let’s give the Gomez brothers a real show.”

Junior gulps, and tries to move but his efforts are futile. But he still fights on never giving up, struggling all the while like a twisting slithering snake trying to find a way out.

Moving Junior up in the air, Oliver spreads the boy’s legs wide open leaving his privates vulnerable and easily accessible. Junior wraps his hands around the back Oliver’s neck trying to pull himself free as he struggles, his body sways precariously as both of Oliver’s free hands find the center of his boyhood and cup his protruding bulge one slightly above on his pubic mound, and the other below grabbing his taint.

“Ugh,” Junior grunts. His heartbeat accelerating as Oliver takes his time to rubs the soft spots in Junior’s undercarriage. Junior feels violation, as Oliver runs his fingers across his ass, and tickles his scrotum; while the other hand toys with the softness of his pubic mound his fingers grazing along the side of his sleeping docile serpent.

“Now for the fun part.”

Junior shakes his head in protest as both of Oliver’s hand pillage his groin from above and below seeking out his scrotum. Junior’s nutsack have managed to suck his nuts to the right below his cock in an effort to hide. Oliver’s careful inspection, more thorough than a pediatrician curls his fingers around the rounded mound that contains Junior’s nestled balls his boynuts attempts at remaining hidden are effortlessly thwarted.

“There they are, all tucked away. But I think…that they want to come out and play.”

Oliver’s thumbs slide along the backs of Junior’s testicles until his fingers encompass the two nuggets completely in his palms. Junior’s breathing is labored and he is on the edge of his seating waiting for inevitable.

Junior tries to slow his breathing as Oliver manhandles his family jewels, his nuts are tight in Oliver’s fists holding the pair perfectly still and finally Junior can’t stand it a moment longer.

“Well, are you waiting for me to beg for it? Cause I ain’t doing that shit! Now either get off my nuts, or do something about it, you yellow-bellied, coward! I bet you hit like a girl!”

“Funny, you didn’t think so yesterday, did you?” Oliver taunts with a sneer, before he gives in and finally gives Junior’s nuts a firm warning squeeze.

Junior grits his teeth, as the first wave hits him. Lightening agony ripples through his scrotum, like hitting a funny bone multiplied by ten. Junior’s world falls into agony, as if the floor has collapsed under him and all he can do is grip Oliver’s neck tighter as Oliver expertly sinks his fingers deep into his nuts, plunging them in and out and crushing his testes with all the force he can muster.

The younger wrestler’s eyes widen in alarm, and he tries to speak but all he can get out is a guttural groan, as sickening pain envelopes him like a dark grey cloud covering him completely in the nasty hold of Oliver’s grip.

Finally Junior bellows out an Earth crashing ripping yell of pure torturous pain, which rips his innards apart because of two hands clutching and crushing his gonads. The worst is a moment later as Junior hears an audible squishing squelch as his balls seem to seep between Oliver’s fingers and he groans.

“Balls.” Junior whimpers. “My balls.”

“They aren’t really balls anymore…more like silly putty that I have squished out. They feel like squished overlarge rotten fruit,” jokes Oliver. Oliver balls the two together between both hands, steepling his fingers so that he can close them both as if in prayer. “Poor Junior, your boynuts as you so deftly called them yesterday are all mushy.” Oliver laughs.

Junior’s face is flush with sweat and he manages to look up trying to see Oliver but ends up catching Jayden and Gino’s gaze as the brothers watch on, helplessly witnessing his nuts being owned by Oliver.

“Should I make you hard again?” Oliver asks softly, as one long finger glides across the length of the sleeping giant.

Junior twists his head, “No…don’t…my nuts…good god my boynuts…I give!” Junior squeaks out the last bit, hanging his head in shame.

“Funny…I didn’t ask if you did. No…I am pretty sure I asked a very different question as you aren’t getting away from me as easily as yesterday. Apparently you need another lesson in humility. I did promise if you challenged me again, there would be consequences.” Oliver says, his voice quiet and dark as he touches Junior’s penis head with his thumb and forefinger. “So I’ll ask again, should I make you hard?”

Oliver rearranges his hand hold so one hand grabs both of Junior’s nuts and the other is free to wrap around Junior’s other appendage.

“No…” Junior moans. “I will…get you for this…defilement!” groans Junior low in his throat as Oliver rubs one hand along the outside of Junior’s singlet, his fingers sliding down the full length of Junior’s cock.

Oliver laughs openly, as his hand grips Junior’s cock firmly starting to jack him off.

“I’m shaking in my boots, kid.” Oliver teases, squeezing Junior’s nuts onehandedly, while the other flourishes up and down his rigid pole that grows firm awfully fast. “Quick to get a hardon…you must really like this.”

Junior scoffs “You don’t…” he bites his lip at this point to prevent himself from groaning. “I’m going to get you for this.”

Oliver licks his lips, and squeezes Junior’s bellbottom cock, a smear of liquid coats the tip staining his blue singlet pouch at the tip.

“Heh,” Oliver smiles. “You wet, Junior?”


Oliver twists Junior’s nads, and pulling them forcibly down to the bottom of Junior’s tight sac making him gasp.  A mean look creeping into Oliver’s gaze. Oliver’s eyes Junior notices through his watery blue eyes are a dull green.

“Scream for me.”

Oliver twists Junior’s sack in the other direction, and Junior’s torso and abdomen clench as he grunts, “Ahh…ahhh….oooo!” Junior’s inconsistent ramblings are music to Oli’s ears as he wets his lips and strokes Junior faster building him up.

Gino moves to stand but Jayden shakes his head, “He told us not to. Remember? He can call out for us…he’s just…not.”

Gino shrugs off Jayden’s hand and begins to pace, looking agitated as Junior’s yell across the gym force the brothers attention back to the match.

“Good boy…now do one last thing Junior…stain this ugly singlet for me. I really hate the color blue.”

Junior’s eyes widen, and he vehemently shakes his head.


“I’ll get you to…one way…or another. Unless…” Oliver pounders out loud. “You can’t actually produce a mess yet. Which is it Junior…can you, or can’t you?” Oliver laughs digging in his fingers as he waits on the answer.

The steady fap, fap, fap comes from Oliver’s hand as he pumps Junior up and down with gusto and Junior feels Oliver’s singlet starting to fill out with the press of his erection digging into his upper shoulder.

Junior moves to say something but he moans, low and guttural. A need, a sensation captures his loins and Junior shudders.

“No…not like…!”

Junior’s hips start bucking to Oliver’s constant and rapid handjob and he feels himself building and getting close. So close now.

Biting his lip Junior is in the air, arms trapped behind Oliver’s neck legs spread wide hanging limply on either side of Oliver and rage once again fills Junior. His anger is raw, taking him over completely and he screams right in Oliver’s face.

Oliver freezes for a moment, completely taken back and Junior has a precious second to think as his groin throbs and he swings his ankles forwards and backwards.

“No!” Oliver says, feeling his body being jolted as Junior in fit of pure righteous anger grabs hard on Oliver’s neck and tosses him overhead after rolling, pitching forward and Oliver moves flying through the air as Junior slams him down on the mat his back muscles ripping in effort.

Junior gaps, grabbing his gonads his erection is curved like a bow outwards throbbing as Junior tries to get control of his breathing. At the same time, his balls ache intensely. Junior imagines his balls moving through a handmade clothing machine as his balls were rubbed and pressed through over, and over again. Oliver so thoroughly squeezed his nuts…he can feel how bloated and raw his meaty boynuts have become.

Behind him Oliver shakes his head chuckling. “Not bad, kid. I almost had you.” He’s sitting up and grabs Junior’s right singlet strap yanking him roughly to him. “But we are not done yet.”

Junior swings his feet, and with the added momentum of Oli’s pull hit him solidly in the chest knocking him back to the mat and Junior rolls with it bouncing back up and immediately wishing he had not. Junior stumbles, his legs feeling like jelly and he drops to one knee. Panting with the effort, Junior tucks his cock flat against his sweaty abdomen, his eyes narrowing in on his adversary.

“Your…right.” Junior huffs moving slowly over to Oliver his blue eyes blazing with intensity and fire. “We are not done, yet.”

Oliver moves to get up, but Junior kicks his legs apart and eyeing his prize. Like a raging bull, Junior snarls and lets out a ferocious war cry. Oliver tries to move but Junior so fast drops straight to the ground knee first aimed at the mound between Oliver’s thighs, the red target is inviting to his gaze.

A terrible whomp echoes around the gym as Junior’s knee slams down, crunching Oliver’s plump package solidly with an earthshattering squish.

Oliver gasps, his back arching and Junior twists his knee cruelly, feeling the orbs beneath his knee squash between his knee bone and the mat.

Smiling, Junior pins Oliver to the mat, making sure to end this as quickly as possible.

“I win.”

Oliver shivers his erection bent awkwardly from Junior’s knee.

Satisfied Junior stands up as Oliver rolls into the fetal position holding his goods.

Oliver closes his green eyes, his mouth still gaping like a fish showing off all his crooked teeth.

Junior takes one last long look at what he did before he turns away and heads back to the Gomez brothers.

“I won,” Junior mouths, smile wide as he still cradles his aching nuts in one hand.

“You sure did, buddy” Jayden says pulling the smaller boy in for a hug.

Junior’s erection spears him, just below his own nutsack and Junior turns beat red as he moans pulling back.

“I should…take a shower.”

Gino pats his back, “Nice win. I can check out the boys by the way. Inspect them see if anything should be looked at.”

Junior eyes Gino warily, “Think I’m all set, bro.”

“If you change your mind,” Gino squeezes his shoulder. “You know where to find me.”

Junior shrugs him off and steps into the locker room.

Only when the door closes does he drop to his knees holding his throbbing nuggets carefully.

“My boynuts.”

Junior’s head comes down next kissing the floor as his body shudders, wracked with intense throbbing pain still echoing from Oliver’s nutclaw.

Junior plans on going nowhere as his butt slowly drops down and he lays prone on the floor thinking ‘This might be a nice place to nap.’ Slowly his blue eyes close, and he moans low the steady throb pulses through his testicles and into his lower abdomen, and he clenches his stomach trying in vain to end the pain that wrecks him. His erection is painful as it digs into the hard floor.

It’s some time later when he finally crawls over to the bench stripping his singlet off as he goes not even bothering to grab a towel as he stumbles into the showers, praying that the cold shower will give him some relief.

When the freezing water hits his chest and face, rolling down his front towards his groin Junior almost screams in ecstasy but manages to contain himself and moves further into the stream overhead the water soothing his tight muscles, and feeling pleasantly cool around his still aching manhood.

Closing his eyes, Junior thinks back on his match with Oliver and he reaches down to rub his lengthening dick. He moans once and releases his grip, Junior stares down at his mushroom head, it’s one eye looking straight at him as it curves upwards.

“Fuck,” he groans.

Turing the cold water off he turns away heading to exit the showers, his bare feet slightly splashing the water around his ankles as he goes. Junior freezes when his eyes move up, blocking the way out is Oliver.

Oliver has one white towel on one shoulder, and he is naked otherwise. Junior eyes him from head to feet quickly and then goes back for a second look. He notices Oli doing the same damn thing. Junior feels exposed, but also slightly naughty glimpsing Oliver Jackson’s naked form. Oliver is white, no tan to speak of and his broad chest and shoulders compliment his form nicely along with his rounded pectorals. The abdomen on Oliver is taut in a six-pack, with a very deep ‘V’ leading southward to a tangle of brown hair coating his lower abdomen slightly above his navel to a full dense bush below. But what Junior keeps looking back at is Oliver’s uncut cock, which hangs heavy between his thighs with a hefty bulging ballsack just belong. If Junior was to guess…Oliver looks about 8 inches and he is not even hard.

Junior gulps at the display, and Oliver winks. “Got my measure, Krueger? I have yours.”

“I…” Junior starts, cheeks burning gets flustered and fails to finish his thought.

“Aren’t you going to finish that?” Oliver asks, pointing at Junior’s erection.

If it was possible Junior would melt into the floor. His heart pounds and he gulps. “I…”

“We’ve all been there. Let me guess…you waiting for someone special.” Oliver steps into the shower room, heading towards Junior with relative ease his cock swaying mightily between his thighs.

Oliver puts on hand on Junior’s shoulder and squeezes the muscle. “Make sure they are worth it.” Oli says low with a wink, his hand lingering as he stares into Junior’s eyes. “Because a fuck is sometimes just a fuck. You’ll understand soon enough, kid.”

Releasing his grip Oliver hangs up his towel and turns the water on.

“That’s cold…but not cold enough.” Oliver remarks, again with a wink of one green eye as he steps into the water.

Junior unsure of what to do, starts to walk away.

“Hey wait!”

Junior turns back, wary.

“This always helps with unwanted erections.”

A twang, and white blur swings towards Junior and he tries to move out of the way, but his body is sluggish as the wet material snaps hitting him right in-between his two nuts.

Junior’s body jolts and hurriedly steps backwards, as if he could still avoid the blow and gasps running backwards into the wall.

Oliver’s toothy grin widens as Junior slumps against the wall, his own penis rising and thickening as Junior gags a bit. Cupping his scrotum carefully he tells Oliver “Go…fuck yourself.” And turns away leaving the shower room, the sounds of Oliver’s laughter follows him.

“This is the start to a beautiful friendship, Kruger!” Oliver calls over the top wall. “Two for two with my towel…see you tomorrow! I’ll make it three!”

Junior collapses onto the wooden bench, feeling stupid as he rolls his tender, aching boynuts between his fingers.

Junior sneers in Oliver’s general direction.

“We are not friends,” Junior growls low in his throat before he moans and bends at the waist a wave of nausea hitting him hard.

A week and a half until tryouts…Junior can’t wait to knock Oliver out when they met again on the mat.



Anonymous said...

What a cool story! It seems that Junior faces the harsh reality of young-adulthood: tougher adversaries that don’t let you off easily, loves that are not easy to achieve... It's quite easy to be a “hero” during childhood, but it doesn't predict what teenager you'll become. Junior has to find his way! And you even introduced an awesome (and fierce) new character: this competition with Oli was hot and I hope to see them both again, because this fight is not over… Theo

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this story so much, every story with Junior has being awesome so far, I'm in love with what Oli and him have, their dynamic, and I wanna see a lot more with them together! They are such a hot pair, and I love how brutal the two of them are at busting their balls, that nutclaw and comment about Junior's boy nuts turning into silly putty was so hot, and that finisher move Junior used, where he squished Oliver's balls with his knee and squish those big balls of his was SO HOT! I LOVE THEM!

But of course, the best parts happen in the showers, probably my favorite location, it was nice to have a full description of Oliver's physique, and is he really 8 inches long?! Kinda wished we knew how old he was, if Chase knew how big Junior's new boyfriend was, I bet he would have a fit!

And I know he's not his boyfriend, but I would love to imagine Caleb teasing junior about Oliver like that, calling him his boyfriend and making Junior all angry and flustered (Probably ending with calleb ending up with throbbing and mushy balls from his pissed off little brother) and Junior may act like he hates Oliver with all his heart, but his body seemed pretty happy to see him... Who knows? Maybe Junior found that special someone, he just won't admit it! Hopefully we get to see more scenes with them in the showers being more... Intimate

The two of them better make it on the team! Because I wanna see them together a whole lot more!

Please don't EVER apologize for the size of these junior/Oliver snapshots, WRITE TO YOUR HEART'S CONTENTMENT! I sure love it when you do

-anon 1

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous,

Junior lost his swagger a bit against Oliver, but he’s a fighter and won’t go done easily. Junior does not know the meaning of the word ‘defeat.’ I can guarantee you that the two will be used in the future, and I am setting up a wrestling tryouts story. These two will be featured! Thanks for writing in Theo, and I am glad that you enjoyed it!



GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anon 1,

First and foremost, I always enjoy reading your comments that are so thorough. I’ve enjoyed creating Oliver Jackson. Clearly the Gino/Jayden universe need more characters…(it really does not but here we are). Junior did need a new adversary and I wanted someone different than the rest, and Oli came out of the creative engine. He’s dynamic and different, and I’ve been enjoying writing him. As I mentioned to Theo above, he will be in the Bartlet Wrestling Tryouts Story along with Junior. I hope that you like it!

Oliver Jackson is a sophomore, and sixteen. I thought that I included his age but upon re-reading see that I skipped that part. I will make sure to include it when I write him again.

I love that idea for Caleb, I will see what I can do.

Don’t give me full power on writing to my heart’s content, we all know I write A LOT. And I have to slow myself down or I go off the rails.

It’s funny, the shower scenes have been my favorite too. It might be a trend to have the pair always end up in the showers together at some point when they are in a story together. And wouldn’t that be just terrible? ; )

Thanks for writing in friend, and I am happy to hear that you are enjoying the new Junior stories!



Anonymous said...

This is so hot. I really wanted to see Junior lose his load. But still what a great little story! So Oliver is uncut... I think Junior can find creative ways to deal with his more sensitive member? ;)

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous,

I like where you are going with this idea! Oliver is extra sensitive with his uncut member, and Junior could use that to his advantage! Glad to see that you enjoyed the story. Oliver and Junior will face off against each other again and if Junior is lucky, he can try to pull that move off!