Monday, July 25, 2022

Snapshot: "I Can Beat You In One Move" written by Jimmy


                 "I Can Beat You In One Move" 

                                 By Jimmy

Warning: Includes ballbusting, gay characters, and underaged characters.

Snapshot Monday! At least it was supposed to be...five pages later...well, you get the idea. Not quite a snapshot. It does have a photo! So does that still count? Not sure. Hope that you all like it regardless! 

One more thing...I made a new character for this story, please let me know what you think of him his name is Oliver 'Oli' Jackson.


“How did you get one of these?”

Jayden looks up, and grins shyly. “Well… it was left in our locker room and I kind of wanted a Midtown one. It does not fit me anymore.”

Junior holds it up, a questioning look on his face. “I think it should fit me…”

Jayden nods in agreement. “I think so too, so are going to try out in a few weeks.”

“Yeah, I have been practicing.”

Jayden smiles, “I would love to have you on the team. Especially when the graduates leave. A lot of vacancies next year. We could really use. I think that Logan is going to make me captain.”

“Keep that spot warm for me, I’m going to take it from you.”

Jayden laughs, but he sees that Junior is not smiling. “It belongs to the Kruger’s.”

Not pressing the issue, Jayden muses Junior’s hair. “We will see, you have to make it onto the team first.”

“Believe me…I will.” The certainty in Junior’s voice leaves no room for doubt.

“Well good luck training, I’m off to swim practice.”

Junior watches Jayden leave, and quickly pulls on the blue singlet. It’s tight, and he would never admit this but he thinks that he looks better in blue…not red, the Bartlet color.

He’s alone in the changing room, and he imagines again that he will have the full use of the gym to practice his moves as he exits but again he is not alone.

Junior’s eyes narrow at the boy in the center of the mat practicing his falls. He’s quick, lightening quick and Junior hates him for it. He also practices as much, if not more than Junior. Junior eyes him warily as he begins to practice too, and the boy nods at him as he practices.

“Looking good, your form is getting better.”

“Better than yours,” Junior fires back.

This gets the boys attention. “The gym is big enough for the both of us.”

Shaking his head, Junior swaggers over. He’s barefoot and his feet barely make a sound as he gets right up close to the boy. Junior has not seen him up close, he’s older than him. Maybe a sophomore. Taller, better built with ropey muscles along his shoulders and pecs that poke out and a flat stomach.

“I’m a Krueger, wrestling runs in the family. First name, Junior.” Junior holds out his hand in offering.

“You have a chip on your shoulder,” the boy says grabbing Junior’s hand and crushing his fingers. “My name is Oliver Jackson, but everyone calls me Oli. I can fix that chip on your shoulder if you would like.” Oli grins, and Junior notices that his bottom teeth are slightly crooked but his smile is warm, with a suggestion of mischief as he pulls Junior in close. “Wouldn’t want a Krueger to think he’s all that…when he isn’t.” The challenge is obvious.

“Oh yeah, show me what you got!”

“One move will end you…you sure that you can take it?”

Junior answers by getting into a wrestling stance, shoulders set and legs spread with arms ready to grapple.

“By the way…your wearing the wrong color.”

Junior smiles then, “I look better in blue.”

“No…you look better when I make you submit.”

Oliver moves in first, and Junior seeing how graceful he moves, ducks and swerves, but he does not escape Oli who grabs him around the middle and lifts him up.

Junior yelps in surprise and is rolled backwards into a pin, arms and legs tangled and spread in a ball locked between Oliver’s legs and arms at odd angles. Junior tries to break the hold or get a limb free when Oliver’s free hand swoops in between his thighs grabbing his bulge as easy as 1, 2, 3.

“This is the Oli special,” Oliver says with a grin, Oli and Junior are face to face in the ball and he slowly starts to squeeze Junior’s nuts in hand. “The refs can’t see, and because I have not pinned you yet they will let us continue, while I work over my opponents nuts. My nutclaw is pretty effective, yes?”

Junior struggles to get free, but his nuts…oh….his nuts, are trapped in the hold. Junior’s confidence wanes, and his blue eyes reflect how screwed he is as Oli sinks in his thumb deep into the center oh his left testicle, which bends inward.

“Oh shit,” Junior whimpers, biting his lips.

“Yeah, you are feeling it now, huh?”

Junior only moans.

“In a few weeks when I try out, I am going to put you in this position again…but next time I won’t let go until you beg me to. This is my warning to you Junior Krueger…don’t underestimate a better opponent. You are new, and you don’t know what you are doing. If you test me, I will humiliate you. Got it?”

Oliver squeezes Junior’s nuts so hard that he gasps.

Then Oliver seems to have enough of him and kicks Junior in the stomach so hard that he flies up and back landing on his back.

The breath whooshes out of his body, as Oliver stands up a sly grin playing on his face.

“My name is Oliver Jackson, and you’ll remember that because at the end of each practice when it ends you will be on the mat, and I will be standing above you. Get used to it.”

Junior grabs his balls, feeling them throb beneath his fingers. He bites back his groan as Oli turns away from him and goes back to practicing ignoring him completely as he goes back into his careful falls.

Junior closes his eyes, breathing hard. Whoever this Jackson character is, Junior plans on making sure that he does not get onto the team. ‘I will remember your name,’ Junior thinks ‘And you, will not forget mine.’

Rolling to his side, Junior slowly climbs onto all fours one hand still holding his package. It feels like his nuts where hit with a Mack truck.

Junior wants to go after him, but he also wants to take a cold shower and ice his balls. They feel squishy, and he wants to sit for a while.

He hobbles to the locker room door, grimacing as he goes.

Junior opens the door and turns back once to memorize Oliver Jackson’s features. Oli catches him watching and winks, before he drops into another roll out.

The door shuts to the locker room, before Oliver gets back up and Junior is peeling off his singlet and balling up the spandex singlet and tossing it into his locker. It makes a wet splat sound as he wraps a towel around his waist and turns to the showers.

Jayden’s in there and Junior stops staring at his naked backside, and his penis starts to harden as he stares at him. Instant boner. He groans, having to rework the towel as his member becomes stuck uncomfortable in a fold.

The sound draws Jayden’s attention and pivots turning to look towards the door blinking water off of his face and Junior for the first time sees Jayden completely naked. Jayden is covered in white foam bubbles, a bar of soap in one hand and his lean hard muscles seem to be shinning in the water. But Junior’s eyes are drawn straight down to Jayden’s thick hanging dick, which hits his thigh when he turned. Jayden’s penis is long, and honey-colored, the head cut a perfect angle which makes Junior want to shake the surgeons hand that made the cut. Jayden’s full big balls swing extra low below and a feint dusting of brown hairs are right above Jayden’s cock.

Junior stops dead staring, his mouth a jar and he moans low in his throat wanting to touch him.

“All finished?” Jayden asks.


“You have a good workout?”


Jayden chuckles, his cheeks reddening a bit as his gropes himself self-consciously. Junior’s eyes follow the movement, and Junior thinks that he might be drooling.

“Well, I better finish.” Jayden turns back to the water, and hears Jayden’s equipment thump against his thighs as he turns back and he moans again.

“Uhuh.” This time it comes out as a squeak.

Jayden tries to hide his uneasy chuckle as he moves underneath the water, soap bubbles drifting down his thighs.

Junior gulps and forces himself to turn away and head to shower at the opposite end, he does not want Jayden to see his erection. Junior hangs up his towel, and bites his lip as the water hits his front, but he does not turn away from the cold. He needs it.

His balls no longer ache, but a deep longing takes over his senses, and he wishes that Jayden would come over to him, and he starts to stroke himself thinking about it.

Juniors toes curl, and he groans into the water, cascading over him.

Jayden’s showerhead turns off and he turns back to see Jayden pulling his towel around his waist, and catching sight of his naked form for one brief moment before the towel is wrapped around his waist.

“See you tomorrow, Junior.”

“Uhuh.” Junior says, mouth dry.

‘Get it together…you will be seeing him naked a lot…you can’t keep getting hard every time you see him.’ Junior moans again, and then he realizes that he is still stroking himself, and he purposely stops his erection trembling in the stream of water.

“You seem like you need some privacy…I’ll shower at home.”

Junior spins around and sees Oliver in the doorway. He’s naked and grinning cheekily, his crooked teeth making his smile wider. His dimples are etched into his cheeks as he moves his eyebrows up and down. Junior’s eyes roam down Oli’s form but a wet snap of towel hits him right in his sore testicles before he fully glimpses Oli’s goods.

Junior drops to all fours gasping.

“Not polite to stare little man.”

Oliver laughs as Junior moans, eyes closed grabbing his sore balls, his erection finally curving down.

“Tut, tut Krueger…if you are going to share a shower with us men, then you better learn to keep yourself under control.” Oliver laughs, as he steps into the shower and coming up to Junior and rubbing his wet head. “Or someone will need to be punished.”

Junior growls, no one does this to him. Junior pushes the pain aside and moves to jump up but Oliver’s head pat was apparently not just a kindly gesture and when he moves to strike Oliver grabs his wet head, yanking him back to the ground so that Junior flops naked on the tile floor legs spread out wide.

“Still developing I see…well, you’ll look manlier in a few years boy.” Oliver says as he kicks straight between Junior’s legs hitting him with a wet thud that moves his whole body a few inches away.

Junior gasps, and groans moving to grab himself, but Oliver’s toes curl around his bare balls and trap them against the tile. Junior feels and hears his balls squelch as Oliver digs his pointed toes deep into his scrotum.

“Maybe you should try out for the middle school team Krueger…you don’t got what it takes for the big leagues.”

Juniors eyes cross, and he moans “My boynuts!”

“That’s what I think too, take your boynuts and play where you belong.”

Oliver squishes his nuts again, and Junior notices that his erection is fully back. Oliver smiles meanly at it. “Unless…do you need me to help you clean out the pipping before I go?”

Junior shakes his head, water still falling on him.

“You sure?” Oliver asks bending down and running one finger up from the root of his pecker and to the tip. “You seem a little flustered.”


Oliver smile widens, and he toys with nub in Junior’s navel running his thumb along the slight groves.

Junior moans grabbing Oliver’s hands with both of his. “Stop…please.”

“Say my name.”

“Stop…Oliver Jackson.” Junior feels shame run through him, as his cock trembles.

“Everyone calls me Oli,” Oliver says and pinches Junior’s outie belly button nub. Junior barely suppresses a moan, as his cock throbs red and so close.

Oliver twists his foot meanly as he stands up, and Junior howls.

“Your choice, Krueger.”

Oliver walks away, wet from Junior’s shower whistling as Junior rolls into a ball underneath the shower that has grown cold.

To add insult to injury, Oliver turns off the lights as he leaves leaving Junior in the dark naked and soaking wet on the shower room floor.



Anonymous said...

Jimmy, please don't apologize, this story is one of your best snapshots!

Back on the the three-way battle when Junior said he was gonna try out for the wrestling team I got really excited for the possibilities and this story proves why

Seeing Junior out of his comfort zone and meeting new characters along the way, and maybe even explore his emotions and sexuality and this story had all three!

Junior was so adorable when he found Jayden in the shower, I was sure that consolation prize was gonna come if Junior accepted to shower with Jayden, but I guess he wasn't ready for that just yet

And you brought back Jackson! (Well, I think it may be Jackson's little brother or maybe cousin) but a Jackson is finally busting the balls of a member of a Kruger family once again! When he gave Junior the nutclaw I couldn't help but think about how Junior has found his own Chase! An older bully that loves busting his balls! Although, it's still too early to say what Junior's relationship with Oli might be, but I can't wait to find out! Poor junior has had two stories where he's left pent up... Also, I love how OlĂ­ doesn't seem to be intimidated by Junior's size, that makes the chase comparison stop at the bully part, and we're left wondering how big Oli truly is with that brutal towel whip! Ow! That's gonna leave a nasty mark on his boynuts, I'm sure!

I would love it if Junior had his own mini stories like Shane did (since junior and caleb were the runner ups in the polls back when you asked about character that would star on their own series) since this has a lot of potential!

Keep up the good work, Jimmy!

-anon 1

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anon 1,

Man is it so good to hear from you!

Your wish happens to be my command! Junior is getting featured in next Monday's snapshot too...but its already 7 pages so again sanpshot it is not...but I'm still calling it that regardless! Oliver 'Oli' Jackson was fun to write and create for this little story, and he may be Junior's rival for a spot on the wrestling team for sure.

You have a good memory, I forgot that Junior was second in needing a story. Well, this makes this story and the next even better than since so many of the readers wanted more Junior.

Junior and Caleb both have a major crush on Jayden, and it looks like Jayden has finally figuered it out!

More of Oli in the next one too Annon 1, and maybe we will find out just how big Oliver is.



Dagon said...


To piggy-back on what Anon 1 was saying, yes we want more Junior stories...a lot of them. This could be the start of something awesome. In addition, we get Jayden and Junior in a match. I want the two of them going at it. Maybe in the next one? You did mention that you are having a second Junior snapshot, and no one cares if its longer btw. Jayden...Junior, make it happen please!


Can Caleb try out too? I know he will not make the team but that would be half the fun!

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Evening Dagon,

I am glad that you can get your Junior itch in. Next week will absolutely be a Junior story. After that I am not too sure. I was about to ask you if you have any ideas but apparently yout suggestion is Jayden and Junior duking it out. I'm still thinking on how to make that one memorable.

Caleb is an interesting idea...maybe as a water boy : ). I'll see what I can do.