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Man of the House: Chase or Logan written by Jimmy


Man of the House: Chase or Logan

 The Defining Moment

By Jimmy


Hi everyone,

I've been asked by so many people for a Logan VS Chase story....well, the wait is over. I hope that you all enjoy it! Please, let me know what you think!



Warning: Includes ballbusting, gay characters, traces of cum, and underaged characters.

Jayden is pressed against the front door, the door knob digging into the back of his ballsack, which is nestled squarely in-between his barely covered nuts. The thin material of his basketball shorts offer Jayden no protection and he groans in Chase’s mouth which is held tightly against his own. Chase seems to grin as he kisses Jayden, his soft lips moving him further against the door until Jayden’s balls clunk against the unforgiving metal, and Jayden pushes him away gasping in air, doubling over one hand on his balls and the other his mouth raw and still wanting more.

“Serves you,” Chase growls, his hard-on evident in his jeans along with the wet pot from where his cock points downward down his left pant leg.

Chase moves in for another kiss, but Jayden puts up his hands.


Chase rings his fingers through his blond wavy hair sending it up all over the place as he ruffles it. “Fine! I’m going to take a shower.”

“Rub one out for me,” Jayden smiles, still wincing again as he opens Chase’s front door and giving Chase a blown kiss before departing.

Taking the stairs two at a time, Chase is ripping his clothes off, scattering them across the staircase. He’s in his boxers, his tent obvious between his legs. Chase feels like he is in heat as he turns towards the shower but a voice calls down from the bottom of the stairwell.


Chase thinks about ignoring Logan, who has all but moved in but he rolls his eyes, turning back one hand playing with his tip as he glances down the stairs slowly jerking off.

“I’m a little busy,” Chase says, jerking his manmeat.

“I can…see that,” Logan grins, one hand covering a stifling laugh. “I need to talk to you.” Logan grows serious as he stares up at the teen, not bothering to hide his hand gestures as he touches himself.

“Can’t it wait!?” Chase says incredulously as he bounces his cock, impatiently in his underwear and the thump of his shaft hitting his abs seems to illustrate his point.

Logan can’t help but grinning wider. “You’ll survive, now get your butt down here.”

Chase grumbles down the stairs, his cold blue eyes glaring in defiance as he pushes through the dining room and sits down opposite of Logan, crossing his arms over his bare chest, his perk nipples so hard that Chase feels them poking at his arms.


Logan clears his throat, and nods his head to himself as he starts. “The other day, when you tied me up…was not cool. We need to lay down some ground rules.” *

(*How Do You Measure Up, Bro part 2)

“I don’t follow rules.”

“You will, follow mine.” Logan answers quickly back, his voice hard and firm.

The two blondes stare at each other, and Chase seems to be sizing him up and he clicks his tongue. “My house, my rules.”

“That’s not going to work for me,” Logan tells him plainly steepling his hands behind his head and stretching his legs underneath the table. “You want me here, then I make the rules. I’m the adult, and you need some supervision.”

Chase huffs, puffing out his chest. “I was doing just fine before you got here.”

“Then why don’t we go back to that,” challenges Logan, standing up. “Won’t take me long to pack.”


“No… what?” Logan asks, not backing down.

Chase’s face turns bright red, his eyes narrowing. “Stay.” Chase spits the words out, turning his eyes away and staring away from him.

“Only if you abide by my ground rules.” Logan emphases, as he stares at the teen until he looks back at him.

Chase crosses his arms back over his chest and briefly meets Logan’s gaze, before he pointedly stares out the window. “Fine. What are they?”

Logan sits back down first, and makes sure that Chase looks over at him before he starts. “First, we are not going to do what happened the other night, ever again. Got it?”

“Whatever,” Chase says under his breath.

“Secondly, you will text me where you are and when you are coming home. I need to know yours plans.”

“Anything else?” Chase says rolling his eyes.

“Yeah, we don’t steal from me.”

“I didn’t…” Chase starts.

Logan interrupts him, and waving his keys to Alex’s studios. “Alex told me.” *

*(King of the Ring story: conclusion.)

Chase at a loss, closes his mouth.

“Well, what do you have to say for yourself?”

“You’re not my Dad,” Chase whispers, staring at the table. Defeat in his posture as he seems to cave in on himself, his usual provado leaking out of him.

“No, I’m not. But I’m all you got, so treat me with respect.”

Chase nods his head turning away. “Can I go now?”


“What else do you want?” Chase exasperated throws up his arms.

“I think we should have some fun.”


Logan grins, “You wanted to break into Alex’s studio…how about instead you come with me with permission.”

Chase raises one eyebrow, still feeling like a kicked puppy. “Why would I want…?”

“Come on Chase, this all comes down to one thing. You want to prove yourself that you’re a big man, am I right?” Logan asks, and before Chase can try to come up with an answer Logan is standing. “Let’s see what you got, on the mat. You and me. No hold’s bar. You up for that challenge?”

Chase’s heart starts picking up, and he slowly stands up. Chase is at half-mast now, his semi erection poking at the lip of the table as he leans in, his cock falling on top as he moves his top half across to Logan so that they are inches apart. “You, are challenging me, to a wrestling match?”

“Yeah, yeah I am.” Logan stands up so the two are nose to nose. “You got the balls to face me?”

Chase flashes his teeth, “You bet your ass.”

“Then let’s go,” Logan smiles, tweaking Chase’s nose as he pulls back and calls back to Chase and “Put some pants on, we will change into singlets at the studios.”

Chase rushes past Logan, taking to the stairs. “You are going to regret this.”

Logan smirks. “See you in the car.”

The drive to the studio does not take them long, and Logan eases his car into a spot. Chase grumbles in the passenger seat, and Logan can’t help himself by pointing out, “You are really channeling that inner moodiness that teenagers always get accused of.”

“Hardy har har,” Chase mocks, climbing out of the car and falling step with Logan as the pair head towards to the studio. Chase spies Logan out of the corner of his eye. Logan is bigger than he is, and Chase usually enjoys having the size advantage over his opponents is thinking that he will need a new angle against Logan.

Logan unlocks the studio and the two head in. The two are quiet as Logan turns the overhead lights on and motions for Chase to change with him in the back rooms. Logan brought an assortment of singlets for Chase to try on, but Chase shows him that he already has a few of his own, by holding up a similar bag.

“When did you get those?”

“Last weekend. My friends and I had a King of the Ring Event.”

“Sounds like fun,” Logan says pulling his shirt over his head.

Chase can’t help but stare.

Logan is buffer than he is, his muscles almost three times larger than his own and Chase licks his lips at the memories of touching the bigger man’s junk before, owning him so thoroughly.

Logan is used to the casual stares and ignores Chase as he drops his shorts and underwear in one fell swoop. Climbing out of his clothes Logan stands completely naked in front of Chase, everything on full display.

“Wow,” Chase murmurs.

Logan grins at him. “I’m sure, you are impressive too. You fill out that speedo of yours pretty good. I’ve been going to all your meets after all. You blow those other guys out of the water.”

“Thanks,” Chase says eyes still on Logan’s impressive body. “I am the biggest on my swim team, and every other guy I have ever faced.” Chase acknowledges, felling his cock and balls in his jeans.

Sighing, Logan grabs a nearby towel swings it around for a second and snaps it directly into Chase’s nut sack. Logan hears Chase talking about his large package daily and he grows tired of his bolstering.

Chase covers himself and groans. “Fuuuuck! What was that for?”

Logan smiles. “Had to get your attention back, now get changed, and stop staring.”

Chase rubs his sore full big balls, his left testicle having taken the blunt of that blow and it smarts every time he touches it.

Logan is already pulling on his singlet and smirks at Chase touching his nuts. “Need help changing?”

“No,” Chase tells him darkly.

“I’m going to get the ring ready, meet me up there on the mat.”

Chase fiddles with his big balls until they no longer ache and he quickly disrobes and changes, heading to meet Logan who is stretching and calling over to him. “I thought you might have changed your mind, and wanted to back out!”

“Never,” Chase indignantly scoffs.

“Then get your ass in here, Chase!”

Chase climbs through the ropes, the lights above already radiating heat and Chase can feel himself starting to sweat, his underarms growing wet and the skin along his back of his singlet starts to stick.

Standing in the center of the ring is Logan. The lights seem to reflect off the planes of his chest visible before his sky blue singlet covers his pecs, swooping downward across his abdomen. Logan’s impressive equipment hangs loose, and low in his singlet which is stretched around Logan’s bulbous heavy set and his curved tool facing to the left. The vein running down his impressive length calls out to Chase, he dreams of touching it.

Shaking his head, Chase forces his lightening blue eyes away from Logan’s equipment as he blinks several times to clear the inappropriate thoughts away.

“Good, you look ready.”

“Yeah, I am.” Chase cracks his knuckles, and gets into a familiar stance.

“Move your legs a bit wider…yeah like that, chest up a bit…uhuh and use light feet for when I come in to strike,” Logan directs, Chase implicitly following his directions.  “So, first to give up or call uncle out ‘uncle’ loses alright?”

Chase nods in agreement, and before Chase can take a breath Logan is upon him.  For a large opponent, Logan surprises Chase with how light he is on his feet. Logan wraps his arms around Chase’s chest from behind yanking him off of his feet and dropping Chase unceremoniously on his back in a school boy pin.

Gritting his teeth, Chase shakes off Logan’s hold with a twist and a quick elbow into Logan’s solar plexus causing his to cough, and the skin on his face reddens as he gasps for breath.

Chase moves in to capitalize, and grabs Logan’s singlet pulling him closer and aiming a fist. With careful precision, Chase shoots his arm down, knuckles blazing through the air landing deep against Logan’s thigh as Logan twists away blocking the blow at the last second.

“Dang it!”

“Stop telegraphing your moves,” Logan warns, backhanding him off of him and sending Chase to land on butt.

Chase grumbles and attempts to get up, but Logan is so fast is already on top of him pinning his shoulders down to the mat.

“Got you.”

Completely aggravated, Chase sweeps his legs up and grabs Logan around the neck as he tries to wipe that smug smile off of Logan’s face. Chase’s legs wrap around Logan’s neck and the eighteen-year-old wrestling stud finds himself in a bit of trouble as Chase pulls him down to the ground and squeezing his windpipe for all he is worth. Logan’s face goes white as a sheet, as he tries to pull his way out as he grips Chase’s thighs and makes some breathing room. Taking an unsteady breath of sweet fresh air Logan gasps out “Nice move…ugh.”

“Yeah it is,” agrees Chase and with Logan’s arms engaged in trying to get out of the leg hold around his neck, Chase takes full advantage and sneaks a hand down Logan’s torso reaching for his goody bag below. Chase gets to Logan’s vulnerable goods and he greedily attempts to grab both of Logan’s testicles but his eggs are so large, even bigger than Jayden’s that he sighs and uses both hands to get firm grips of Logan’s most vulnerable possessions. Looking back at Logan with his smug gaze Chase says “Look what I got!”

“If you do that…low blows are open season,” warns Logan.

Chase shrugs “I’m not the one with his balls about to be crushed.”

Logan licks his lips, and opens his mouth to argue further but Chase starts to apply a nutclaw to each of his balls and Logan’s tactics quickly change to preservation of his most vulnerable organs and tries to fight his way out of the leg choke hold.

Chase is in the zone, his concentration on squeezing Logan’s nuts takes his full attention and he revels in the activity. Logan’s balls might be the biggest set that he has ever held…although he has not measured Gino’s and has never personally grabbed Zach’s mighty dinosaur eggs but Logan’s are quite special to him simply due to the bond that the two have formed. Inside of Logan’s impressive nutsack are two of the heaviest balls Chase has ever held, the pair are so dense and full. Logan’s testicles to Chase reflect Logan’s place as a man. The pair gives him an impression of overlarge kiwis and they fit so nicely in his palms. Chase rolls Logan’s balls feeling their hard protective shells as he sinks his fingers deep into the center cores of Logan’s nuts using his thumbs to devastate the oval edges.

Logan groans now, reaping the disadvantages of Chase’s double nutclaws. Chase may not be a wrestler, but he knows how to hurt a pair of nuts as he crushes Logan’s manhood inside of his fists. Chase has had lots of experience busting balls, and he uses those tactics here showing off to Logan what he can do.

Logan shudders as Chase adds an extra twist, yanking his nuts down to the bottom of his sack and lifts Logan’s balls up stretching the cords all the way. Logan’s thighs willingly come off of the floor as he thrusts his pelvis upwards giving him a bit of wiggle room until Chase pulls and stretches his nutsack further back and away to the limits from his body. Now that Logan hyperextended himself he finds that he must maintain his pelvic thrust or be the cause of more pain as he would stretch his nutsack further if he attempted to lower back to the mat. Logan can feel the burning in his thighs as he holds the position, but not daring to add to his testicular agony by succumbing to lowering his position.

“I’ve got you now Logan…you going to give up?” Chase asks, his Cheshire cat grin is directed fully at Logan as he watches the older boy gasp, his body shuddering. The quiver running down Logan’s frame, indicates how effective Chase’s nut grab is, and he plunges his thumbs a little deeper feeling Logan’s nuts swelling and deforming around his thick invading thumbs.

Logan grits his teeth, his breath slowly pushing out as he tries to maintain his control and his composure. He seems to be failing at both.

Logan taps the ground.

“First round goes to you,” Logan croaks out sounding more of like a bullfrog than his usual chipper self.

Chase let’s up, but gives Logan one last squeeze before he releases him.

“Yes!” Chase says getting to his feet and standing over Logan.

Logan curls in on himself a bit, grabbing his balls. It’s not a full fetal position but he closes his eyes as he touches his sore junk.

Chase getting an idea moves over to his bag outside the ring and finds his phone and takes a quick up close photo of Logan sending it to Jayden with a quick message:

            Chase: ‘Too bad you’re grounded.’

Chase hears the ping, and grins down at the message.

            Jayden: ‘Oh shit! What is going on?’

Answering him back quickly Chase types:

            Chase: ‘Tell you later.’ And attaches a devil face emoji.

Dropping his phone in his bag, Chase climbs back into the ring and offers Logan his arm to get back to his feet. “First to three?”

Logan nods, and grabs Chase’s outstretched arm. “You got a deal, but just remember you made it open season on low blows.”

“Yeah, I know.” Chase chuckles as he gets into a wrestling stance, remembering Logan’s instructions from earlier. “Do I need to work on my nut claws?” Chase cheekily asks winking at him.

Logan ignores him, and grows tired of Chase schooling him. He does not plan on letting Chase get another submission. Chase, like his younger cousins has been on the ‘off limits’ for busting. However, Chase has gotten a bit too comfortable in their brotherly relationship and Logan plans on firmly putting him in his place.

The wrestling mat is Logan’s playground, and while the pool might be Chase’s this is his familiar place Logan knows the wrestling mat backwards and forwards having been in so many matches. Logan moves into a wrestling stance, his eyes boring into Chase’s, his eyes firmly locked on his opponent and getting Chase’s full measure before proceeding.

Chase seems to understand that Logan’s easy going attitude has changed, the shift prickles a warning that he feels along the back of his neck as Logan springs into action. Again, Chase is amazed by how fast Logan is. Logan seems to leap at him, and as Chase reaches towards him Logan goes left leaving Chase’s swinging fist hitting nothing but air as Logan catches him around the middle and strikes him with a powerful, but quick jab to his midsection that leaves him staggering.

Before Chase can recover, Logan hits him again and Chase clutches his middle gaging and Logan steps up grabbing his shoulders and for the first time Logan prepares to strike Chase between his vulnerable legs…but he waits the extra second for Chase to look up to see his face before he lifts his thigh straight up hitting Chase with all the force he can muster. Logan’s thigh sinks deep into Chase’s singlet pulling the material up from Chase’s legs as he rises the boy in the air as Logan successfully connects with his nuts so painstakingly hard.

The jaw on Chase’s face falls open as he is forced up to eye level with Logan for a moment quivering on Logan’s rock hard thigh before Logan tears it away leaving Chase to fall onto his feet. Chase does not even hear his feet hit the mat, the pounding of blood in his ears overwhelms his senses as his balls explode with sickening pain.

Chase let’s out a scream, and still clutching his middle drops to his knees as his trembling fingers sweep southward to grasp his quaking testicles which seem to be pulsing along with his heartbeat, which gives Chase an eerie terrible feeling and he does not even see Logan’s crotch starring him in the face, or more importantly Logan’s foot as he kicks him in between his legs.

It’s not until the smack of Logan’s toes hit his tailbone with a sickening crunch that Chase feels his nuts trapped in-between the sole of Logan’s foot and that of his tailbone that he realizes how fucked he is.

Chase drops to the mat curling into a ball of misery and whimpering “My…. my… ughhhhhh… my….m….ughhhhh.” Chase can’t even form words as Logan above him crosses his arms over his chest, and places one foot onto his side.

“Now we are tied… one to one. I’ll give you a bit of recovery time…then I take my other two wins. Remember I warned you what happens when you go low.”

Logan steps back, and leans against the ropes watching Chase as he whimpers and moans for the next ten minutes, not moving an inch from his place on the mat.

Growing bored, Logan finally says “If you want to give up and go home, we can do that.”

Chase says nothing, so Logan takes that a ‘Yes,’ and starts to climb out of the ring but Chase calls him back with a croaky voice.


Logan pauses “You, sure? It’s only going to get worse.”

Chase looks up from the mat, and he nods.

“This is not over.”

“Then get up,” Logan challenges.

Breathing slowly, Chase feels how slow and sluggish he is as he starts to climb to his feet but finds Logan is already there grabbing his arm and helping him up to standing.

“You…hit hard.” Chase admits, still rubbing himself.

“That I do,” Logan grins.

Chase gives his head a shake, “Now that I know what you can do…I’ll be ready for you.”

“Oh Chase, I’m just getting started. You have not seen what I can do…yet. That was a warning strike.”

Chase gulps, making Logan chuckle as he gets into position.


Logan seems so casual but Chase knows that’s a faΓ§ade. Logan is out to win, and his strategy seems to now be going for Chase’s big balls, and Chase knows it. Chase begins to regret going low so early, and he runs a hand across the Lycra pouch containing his precious big boys, getting a good feel for his developing spuds. Letting out a huff, Chase tries to set his mind straight, but as soon as he gets ready to start Logan is moving.

Chase attempts to block Logan coming in with a sideways kick but Logan grabs his foot yanking it up, and Chase is hopping precariously on one foot trying not to drop to the mat when he senses the dangerous position he now finds himself in. Chase gulps holding up his hands in surrender. “Logan wait—!” but it’s far too late for his plea. Chase barely speaks his case when Logan not even needing to aim launches his foot straight up and Chase can barely prepare himself for the blow before Logan’s foot connects with his bulge with a wet, sad squelch.

Freezing, Chase stares bug-eyed at Logan and blinks a few times with Logan’s foot still sunk within his pouch before he curses and hollers out a croaking gurgle as he reaches downward to grab his aching nuts only to discover that Logan’s foot has not moved an inch from when he struck him. Blanching Chase peers down at his ruined goods, seeing parts of his nuts squishing around Logan’s sneaker. Chase’s fingers unable to push Logan’s foot away breathes out an “ooooO….fuuuuuuuck!” Chase curses. The reverberations of Logan’s blow coursing now from his groin and extending up and through his midsection.

Grinning Logan flexes his foot and Chase gasps, his head tilting towards Logan as he croaks out “D…don’t!” his nuts sadly squelching with each tilting of Logan’s ankle.

Logan’s smile only widens as he uses both hands to pull on Chase’s foot and with amazing finesse, and raw control he slowly lifts Chase into the air holding Chase up only by his foot buried within Chase’s crotch. Chase’s full weight is now on his manhood, as he tippy toe of his one free leg goes airborne and he swings unable to get back to the mat. The pain that runs through Chase is absolutely overwhelming, and he grabs Logan’s foot with both hands as Logan unbelievably arches him higher and at an angle. It’s not until Chase is looking down at him from above that Logan stops lifting him and Chase’s poor balls feeling like they are crushed walnuts in between his smooshed banana.

“How’s it hanging?” Logan asks quietly, the smiling never leaving his face. Logan has not even broke a sweat, but the same can’t be said for Chase. Hanging in the air, Chase’s balls are being crushed between his own pelvis and Logan’s wide foot size 12 sneaker.

Chase squeaks out “Fucker,” and groans. Then his words turn incomprehensible as he starts to mutter a long whinnying “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..aaaaa……aaaaa!” his lips forming a perfect ‘O’ at the end of his garbling monologue as his forehead creases and his eyes begin to cross.

“So…you give up?” Logan presses as he adds a little bounce to his foot, as his own calf muscles strain from the position and the weight of keeping Chase aloft for so long.

“God yes!” Chase manages to gasp.

Logan lowers him down, and let’s go of his ankle. Chase crumples in half, grabbing his balls and feeling them inflate back in his hands and he feels nauseas, keeling over onto his knees while his forehead connects to the mat. Chase is barely aware as he kicks his ankles a bit trying in vain to cope with the devastation that Logan caused him in his genitals.

Chase is in rough shape, and Logan comes over putting a comforting hand on his back. “Its okay, Chase. One more loss and it’s all over. I only have to hit you once more…and then you can be done.”

Logan waits for a moment, his hand soothingly traveling the planes of Chase’s back, his hand finding Chase’s hardened muscles tight and hot under his fingertips. Logan rests his hand against the nape of Chase’s neck and gives him a slight squeeze, “Take your time kid, I’ll be right over there…ready to finish this.” With that Logan stands up and moves to the edge of the mat and sits on the corner turnbuckle content to watch Chase recover.

A faint whimper comes from Chase as he cradles his balls ever-so-gently, rolling the orbs in his sack as he contemplates how to possibly turn this day around, if that is even conceivable. Logan is bigger than him, more skilled, and this time he is trying to win. Chase is not sure how to get the upper hand but he does not want to give up, that’s not in him. He almost wonders how Logan plans on ending him, and he feels himself chubbing up a bit at the thought and wonders what’s wrong with him.

Chase moans and this time it is not from pain. Biting his lip, Chase runs his fingers around his mushroom head feeling his own ridges while his cock swells and he moans again an idea starting to form in his brain, and smiles to himself hoping that it will work.

Chase is now fully jacking himself off and he peers up from the floor his ocean eyes finding Logan’s as he touches himself, his bottom lip still between his teeth. “Uhh, uh, uh!” he groans, as if he has to hold himself back, and he shudders violently.

“What…are you…?” Logan starts to ask, but he sees Chase’s hand and he answers his own question. “Oh…ummm do you want to maybe go and finish that…ah in the locker room?” Logan suggests getting a little uncomfortable watching him.

Chase shakes his head, and moans again his deep voice adequately vocalizing the burning need growing in his loins. Chase arches his back and comes up to his knees, as he increases the tempo of self-stimulation and Logan can see that the red Lycra around Chase’s dick is starting to turn dark from pre-cum staining the material and dribbling out.

“No…I…s…s…sorry…I didn’t get a chance to finish earlier,” Chase groans, as he tries to slow his masturbation down some. “You…” Chase pauses hear to groan. “You really got me in the right spot,” Chase acknowledges trying hard to keep his composure, as he runs his fingers across his thickened manmeat, and squeezing his tip trying to suppress an involuntary tremble.

“I didn’t…” Logan starts stepping forehead, but Chase waves him off.

“It’s okay. Help me up?” Chase releases his cock which slaps his abdomen with a quiet thump that they both hear and Logan can see Chase’s juices on his palm, but he still takes his hand to pull him up but almost, rather reluctantly so.

Chase slides up close, using the excuse of the kindness that Logan shows to him, and to bump into Logan, making sure that his swinging hard cock firsts first.

Logan feels Chase’s hardened tool against his thigh, and Chase seems to sense it to because his cheeks flush as he apologizes. “Sorry, I’m just so horny.”

Logan moves to step back, to give him some space but Chase grabs Logan’s waist, pulling him more tightly against him so his steel rod digs deeply against Logan’s hip and Chase closes his eyes as he moans again. “Hope I didn’t wet your singlet…I almost came just then…and I’m kinda leaky.” Chase adds, with a messy smile as he pushes off of Logan to grab himself.

“Ready to wrestle? Before I shoot?” Chase asks, fondling himself again.

Logan is completely put off his game, and he nods his head “Oh…okay.”

Chase smiles at him and moans obscenely, so over the top that Logan looks away to give him privacy…to hopefully readjust himself or something. Then Chase acts, his face turning sour as his eyes spot Logan’s full basket, the target in sight.

Chase rushes forward with quickened steps and grabs Logan’s shoulders and powers a knee so hard into Logan’s balls that Chase can feel the over ripe mangos crunch against his muscled thigh.

“Gotcha,” Chase says, his Cheshire cat smile back in place.

“Oh fuck!” Logan gasps in complete and utter shock.

Chase rears back, his eyes narrowing to slits as he launches a second knee between Logan’s thighs, and again hitting the same spot. The crunch is louder this time, and Chase’s smile grows with satisfaction as he hammers a second solid blow.

“Got you again, Logan. You aren’t going anywhere now.”

Logan submits a bit against Chase’s chest, his nuts agonizing below his waist as Chase pulls back for another knee, but before he can strike Logan pushes Chase forcibly away from him.

Chase stumbles a bit rushes backwards, but catches himself and steps right back in close to Logan not giving him a moment to recover as his hard cock, swishes in the breeze and he hits Logan in a full running shoulder strike forcing him back several feet until Logan hits the ropes. Chase capitalizes on using the ropes to hold Logan in place and to grab his throat in both hands, squeeze his windpipe.

Logan gurgles out a last breath of air as he reflexively uses his hands move to grab Chase’s arms and to pull his hands away from his throat. Chase smiles then and hits Logan with a third knee.

“You didn’t think you were going to get away from me without me getting my third in a row, did you?” Chase asks, as the dull thump of his thigh collides with Logan’s bloated nuggets.

Logan’s nuts squish against Chase’s knee and Logan grits his teeth, almost annoyed with himself. Chase’s feint worked so well, and now Logan’s nuts are suffering for falling for such a dirty trick.

Chase pulls his knee back to stare up at Logan, and he grins loving how he turned the table on him. “Silly me, if I squeeze your throat so hard, how can I hear you give up!” Chase begins to laugh as he loosens his grip. “So tell me Logan, do you surrender to me now right? Or… do I make you suffer some more?” Chase queries his dazzling blue eyes twinkling in the lights as he slides up to Logan so that his erection once again presses against Logan’s thigh.

“Say it,” Chase beckons him. “I. Give. Up.”

Chase raises his knee so that he barely touches Logan’s nuts, but it’s enough to make Logan quiver and Chase feels those vibrations and he can’t stop himself from poking him with his steel rod again as he says “Scared? I would be too.”

Logan’s eyes flash, and Chase wonders briefly what he is thinking as Logan grabs his shoulders and plows a knee of his own between Chase’s legs lifting him clear off the mat and dropping him immediately afterwards the blow is both quick and intense that Chase is left trying to process what has happened as he stares dumbfounded at his balls pulsing. While Chase reaches for his nuts to protect them Logan shoves him away and Chase stumbles back.

Before he can get too far Logan grabs at Chase’s chest his fingers grabbing the top of Chase’s singlet and pulling him back, the material acting as an anchoring rod as he yanks Chase against him.

“Wow!” Chase says as he is tugged back and it’s not until his body crashes into Logan’s raised up knee that he realizes how utterly screwed he is….again.

Chase’s body hits Logan’s waiting knee and his body curves in and around the devastating knee grabbing onto it and sliding down Logan’s leg as his balls scream from pain.

Chase falls to the mat below landing on his butt, and he finds that he is totally unaware of how he got there.

Logan drops down in-between Chase’s thighs ready to end things.

The younger boy, almost sixteen now moans in the back of throat his mighty rod faltering. Logan notices but he is not after that and takes Chase’s bloated big balls in one hand, carefully applying nut claw. Logan’s fingers are stretched out wide encircling Chase’s fat bloated nuggets from all his strikes as he prevents the wiggly pair from escaping. Logan’s free hand cups Chase’s face pulling him close so that the two are nose to nose, Logan having to lean down a bit on his knees to get the desired effect.

“Now it’s over,” Logan says simply and his fingers knowing exactly what to do, go to work.

Chase whimpers, saying “No, Logan! Nnn…not my big balls!”

Logan’s fingers easily pierce Chase’s flesh, pressing deep into his centers of his orbs as his glossy sack stands no chance to protect him from Logan’s expert ballcrunching expertise.

Defeat clouds Chase’s softening blue eyes, as grips uselessly at Logan’s wrists, the only thing left to him is to take what Logan is ready to dish out.

Tensing, Chase’s upper body prepares itself for the onslaught below the waist as Logan’s comfortable grip on his boy’s tightens, Chase’s muscles do so as well fighting like hell to for him to get back in the fight. Logan smiles and talks quietly to Chase “You did pretty good…for a swimmer.” Logan is all smiles now as he tightens his grip feeling the fleshly goody bag attempting to seep out between his finger, and with a satisfying readjustment of his wrist pops both of Chase’s dense nuggets back inside of his fist.

Chase lets out a grunt, and his composure, or what little of it he had fades and a slow sad moan escapes from his throat and he falls back onto the mat his wide spread legs giving Logan all the space needed to torture him.

Logan warps Chase’s balls inside his fist as he deftly rolls the hefty suckers around their silken sac, the Lycra pouch offering him full access.

“I’m known for getting boys into positions where I can grope their ball sacks like this, their nuts never knowing or experiencing a true master until they meet me,” Chase explains rather proudly as he starts to warm up telling Chase his methods.

“Usually I only go for the scrotum for a good feel, or a quick ball smack. Only the lucky ones get my full attention…like you have.” Logan enlightens as he eases up his ball squeezing to explore Chase’s ample goods. “This is a good set Chase, I can see why you boast about it so much… and I’ve done my best to not bust you. But then you tied me up…” Logan gives his shoulder’s shake. “You brought this on yourself, you know.”

Chase moans in response, and his dick gives a little twitch which does not go unnoticed by Logan.

“Back to wrestling…only when a wrestler really irks me do I milk them.”


“You have not heard the term?” Logan questions back, his other hand reaching up and giving Chase’s nob a little tweak. Chase squeaks out a groan, and his hips rise up after Logan has let go…wanting more.

“It’s when I take a guy’s nozzle in hand like this,” and for added affect Logan grabs Chase’s softened erection and gives it a quick few tugs.

Sucking in a breath, Chase moans. “Lo…Logan?” Chase lifts his head, his ocean eyes full a pleading look on his face. “You going to milk me?” he asks.

Logan seems to contemplate his answer as he gives Chase’s nuts a squeeze.

“You might need me to, right buddy?”

“Uhuh!” Chase grunts, and arches his back his arms dropping by his sides as he stares up at the lights overhead, the blue reflecting the bulbs above. “Make it good,” Chase whispers, licking his lips as he gives him his permission.

Logan is not quite sure what is coming over him, he’s not gay and Chase does not turn him on, but yet he can’t stop his hands one cradling Chase’s balls rolling the ostrich eggs around as his other hand grips Chase’s shaft in a firm grip.

Chase starts breathing fast, and Logan has not even started yet, but he is so unbelievably hard and leaking. Logan can see the wetness growing at the tip of Chase’s dick. Chase’s erection Logan now feels is thicker than he originally thought and the veins along Chase’s impressive length are clear and distinct against the singlet and if Logan was a guessing man he would say that Chase was not wearing any underwear underneath his singlet. Logan wonders who is seducing who as he twists his wrist and Chase moans, his voice cracking and his breathing becomes rather ragged.

Logan says “Fuck it,” and he starts to glide his hand up and down Chase’s shaft, making the young studs thighs quiver while Chase’s fingers curl into fists by his sides as he releases a pent up furious growl, locking eyes with Logan.

“Faster,” he beckons. “Do it faster.”

Chase’s erection thrums in his hand, and Logan does so.

Logan is pumping Chase’s stiffy with full-on gusto now, leaving very little doubt of what he is doing, and how this will end.

The only sounds in the studio is quickness of Chase’s breath, and the whapping of Logan’s hand as he pumps Chase’s erection up and down in his tight fist from root to tip, and back again. Only Logan can hear his own heart thumping loudly in his chest and a slight stirring in his own loins that he tries his hardest to ignore as he concentrates fully instead on the boy on the mat as his mouth trembles and he squeezes his eyes shut.

Chase won’t last much longer now, not that Logan thought he would.

Chase has been on the edge multiple times today from busting his boyfriend, Jayden whose soft moans echo around his head, to his own self-stimulation, and now Logan. Chase can’t hold it back much longer but he tries to, he wants this to last.

“Logan!” Chase calls out.

The voice startles Logan for a moment and he glances up at Chase momentarily stopping his hand job as he holds Chase’s strumming hot cock, and looks down at Chase.

“I…beat you one time.”

Logan smiles then and squeezes Chase’s balls until he shudders. “Yeah kid, you did.”

“I’ll do better next time.”

Logan raises an eyebrow, and he gives his head a shake. “I don’t think so.”

Chase growls, but Logan has started to jack him off again, his hand slick with sweat and the musty pre-cum that Chase keeps making pumping out from his tip like a leaky faucet. That’s when Logan feels Chase’s balls in his scrotum, the subtle movement upwards and the flaring of his penis head give him a warning of what’s to come.

Grinning wider Logan starts in on his young friend “You are going to cum for me now Chase, showing me who is in charge and man on the house. You can’t hold it back…can you?” he challenges.

Chase’s whole body shudders, and he opens his mouth to argue but he is past the point that he can. Chase’s fist curl and uncurl and his legs snake around Logan’s and he sees Chase arching his back as he prepares.

“Come on Chase, give me a show. Show me what you got!” Logan says as he steady’s his hand along Chase’s shaft and squeezes the head as if he was pumping to inflate a balloon and Chase lets out a breath of air that he did not realize that he was holding while his dick pulses in Logan’s fist.

Chase’s blue eyes open wide and his mouth trembles as his abdomen rears up, and his buttocks clench. The pulsing along his shaft intensifies and Chase can’t help the moans that softly squeak out between his teeth as a quick grunt Chase loses all control of his lower half and hot liquid seeps from between Logan’s closed fist spattering onto his belly and darkening his red Lycra singlet.

Logan keeps pumping Chase’s dick, as more cum spurts out and the younger boy moans grow louder and more insistent as Logan uses his other hand to tug on his full churning balls.

Chase’s body is so tense that he hardly breathes as the last of his semen dribble from the end of his dick and his ass hits the mat, his fists uncurling…the fight in him finally going out.

Gasping Chase looks up at Logan his blue eyes bright and clear.

“Ya… y…your turn?”

Logan shakes his head, “Naw. I’ve got Ashley coming over later.”

Chase tries again.

“I could join.”

Logan raises an eyebrow, and finishes toying with Chase’s goods. Keeps his hands rather still, Logan just cradling Chase’s damp and empty softening shaft and busy balls that thrum in his closed fist.

“You could…but I’m going to keep her plenty busy.”

Chase’s eyes dazzle Logan for a moment as they shift back and forth and he says “Okay. Next time.”

Logan shakes his head. “Not happening.”

Chase sits up. “Your loss.”

Logan only grins.

Chase gets in real close their faces inches apart. “I could make you scream my name.”

Logan moves a hairsbreadth closer, his lips so close to Chase’s that Chase feels his hot air as he speaks. “Not a chance.”

Standing up, Logan ends the moment between him and offers his hand.

Chase takes it, barely thinking twice.

“Now remember…I’m the man of the house. My rules.”

Chase rolls his eyes.

“I mean it.”

Chase gives him a sideways coy look and licks his lips before he says “As far I am concerned you have only even the odds between us. You won this round, and I won the round in your bed. We are even.”

Logan laughs.

“Want to go again, then?”

Chase shakes his head. “I need a shower.”

“Then I win.”

Chase says nothing as he brushes past him headed to the car, “Not the war.”

“Are we warring now,” Logan says grabbing Chase’s shoulder and pulling him back until he grabs Chase’s empty nuts in his fist. “You sure you want to war with me?” Logan squeezes a bit and Chase moans.


“I don’t fight fair in war,” Logan says, his blue eyes dangerous and he squeezes Chase harder.


Logan grins. “You give up now?”

“White flag,” croaks Chase.

Logan only squeezes for another few moments but it’s enough to drop Chase to one knee.

“I’ll be in the car, Chase.”

Chase only moans in response and barely hears the door close as he drops to both knees grabbing his sore and empty big balls.

“I’ll beat you… ah…ah… next time,” Chase promises himself as he cups his precious swollen big balls.

Thinking to himself Chase adds to his thoughts, as he brushes his blonde hair away from his sweat forehead feeling the strands as they lie limp on his head. Chase gazes out at the empty ring his eyes traveling across the room before he ends his gaze at the door of the studio and the man that waits for him in the car.

“Because next time Logan, I won’t be alone.”

 Chase grins thinking of his friends, “I’ll bring back-up.”








Mickey said...

My goodness! I simply adore it! Between Chase and Logan, I really can’t decide who I wanna see busted more πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
And since Chase lost, is the ending a foreshadowing of a Chase victory over a ganged up Logan? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Anonymous said...

Wonderful story. I do love the friendly rivalry between these guys...2 alpha-males of different ages. Chase was always going to struggle to make his mark but good on him for trying and the "war" is certainly not over. I do kinda hope Logan gets tied up again...Chase has no respect for the rules haha. Reg

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Mickey,

I hope that it was everything you have been waitign for! I tried to hit this one out of the park. There is absolutely foreshadowing there by Chase. Whether or not he will be successful is another matter.



----------------- ---------------------- ------------------------------ ----

Dear Reg,

Rules are things for others to follow, certainly not Chase. I do love writing characters tied up...

Chase VS Logan, was always going to be a hard battle for Chase to win. Logan did not make it out unscathed and what's worse is Chase is looking forward to ANOTHER round. Logan better watch out!



Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for writing so late, I just wanted to say that this story has been a long time coming and it was truly worth the wait!

The way Chase reacted to Logan saying he was going to milk him was absolutely worth the wait, I enjoyed this story so much, the way Chase was so pent up during the entire match was probably his downfall, but nonetheless, it made the story so much hotter, the knees Chase gave Logan were also a highlight, the way Chase took advantage of Logan's gay panic was so good seeing how horny Jayden left him , and especially how Logan actually won at the end!

It's hot to see Logan's balls getting busted, and the Jayden and Gino Stories have plenty of that, but it's still so good to see Logan have a win for once, especially after he stops holding back, I loved how much he manhandled Chase through the whole match, truly proving why he's the team captain AND the best ballbusting boy, both in busting balls and getting his balls busted! And him milking Chse was so good

Also, you've said in the story that Logan doesn't think himself as gay, however there have been multiple stories where Logan is completely okay with gay stuff, hell, he enjoys it most of the time, maybe he's not gay, but maybe bisexual, but I guess not even Alex has really addressed Logan's sexuality, but what I'm really sure is that Logan is absolutely not 100 percent straight

I know we're starting another arc where Chase probably won't have time to have a rematch, but when it happens, I hope it ends in a tie where they both "milk" each other. Especially now that Chase doesn't seem to be able to get in contact with Jayden anytime soon....

-anon 1

Unknown said...

Dear Anon 1,

I am so happy that you posted, and sometimes you have to really think about a reply before you post one.

I don't think Logan thinks about his sexuality all the time. He has a steady girlfriend, and he loves her very much but in the heat of the moment in many matches he also enjoys captializing sexually with various other guys. Logan takes FULL advantage many times. I think that Logan intended to try and set boundaries with Chase, although clearly he crossed a line here with him.

I love the idea of Chase and Logan milking each other, that sounds hot. I'll put that idea in my brain and see what kind of story I can come up with that would fit that situation.

Chase does not know yet that he and Jayden are not getting together anytime soon, if ever as declared by Gino in the '....Happy Birthday to Me' story. That will change things for our Chase indeed. He's going to have to get his rocks off somehow. ; )