Thursday, March 10, 2022

Poll: Who should be the next star in the Jayden and Gino Series to get a Snapshot story on Monday's?


Poll: Who should be the next star in the Jayden and Gino Series to get a Snapshot story on Monday's?

by Jimmy

Dear Ballbusting Boy's Community,

I am not sure if this is going to work...but! I am trying to create a poll to see which character people would enjoy reading about in the featured Snapshot story Monday's.

There is quite a list including:

1). Gino

2). Jayden

3). Chase

4). Bill

5). Adam

6). Max and Rex

7). Leroy

8). Aldo

9). Shane

10). Devilboy, Sam Hell

11). Jake

12). Caleb and Junior, Logan's cousins

The voting will continue until the Friday AFTER the last snapshot story about Doug's Hairiest Adventure.

I look forward to reading your responses. You can also include story idea's here for me to consider when writing the next one!



P.S. Remember, tell everyone what you think with a quick "click" on the rating scale or a "comment," have a good one everyone! 


Anonymous said...

Would like to see Devilboy have a very bad day!

Antony said...

Same here, kinda want to see Devilboy busted by Bill or Caleb and Junior :3

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see Devil Boy getting "almost busted"...but his tough nuts have not been conquered yet. I doubt any of these lttle kids will be able to crack his sturdy nuts but I'm sure they can make him wish his coins were as invincible as he claims haha.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi everyone,

I am really looking forward to what the poll reveals in the next 13 days! I wish that the poll was a bit user friendly, but I am so happy that people are using it!

I was already planning on a Devil Boy arc in the future, a real brutal one...but I love all these ideas about him and who he might face! I agree that Devil Boy really needs to have a bad day Anonymous! And Antony, I am having the smaller guys take him down a few pegs could be a lot of fun. But as the other Anonymous said, Sam Hell's Devil Coins have not been busted... could they pull it off? We will see if that's the one that gets picked!



Harry said...

Damn, how are these peeps so confused? The Devil Boy is indestructible, bros! He’s too crazy and campy and badass to lose. I vote his winning streak continues forever:)

Glad some of you dudes also voted for Gino. He’s not been in any stories for a while, but no doubt he’s been up to some bullshit that would be fun to read about.

ps, Jimmy, all love to your low-tech approach to blogging. I kept looking around like “Where’s the poll though?”…

pps, Jimmy, you are doing an awesome job keeping Alex’s blog fun. Thanks for your hard work.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Harry,

I think the readers are hoping for a miracle. Miracle do occur, and readers really want Sam Hell to go down because he's such a jerkface. I get it. Oh god Harry....if he never ever lost? That would be crazy!

Gino would be great to feature! In my next arc he gets a huge role, as it is about time! But you never know maybe he will get a Monday feature he is in the running.

Harry...I'm just lucky I have not lost the password or something. Typewriter Jimmy is barely able to keep up, but I am trying! And I am happy that it is making you happy. Readers and visitors are up, we went from 63.000ish to over 100,000 per month. Good things are happening!

Have a good one!



Anonymous said...

I vote of number 12

Anonymous said...

I know I'm probably in the minority here, but if the twins (Logan's cousins) were to win (which I hope they do) I wish for them to have a story all for themselves before moving on to include other characters in their mischief, something like what Rex and Max had on their story, I like the potential of exploring their relationship a bit more, and maybe even explore Caleb's feelings for Jayden? Since I feel like that's something that has been building up since Jayden agreed to be their babysitter and even more when he decided to stop and become friends... And i won't forget that Jayden gave him his first kiss (and pretty good knee to his boy nuts) on the first part of the Barlet vs. Midtown Two-Parter, I think it's pretty cute that Caled has a crush on Jayden and I would love to see more of them, but whatever wins, I really hope you consider it


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Anon,

I am so glad that you brought up Caleb's feelings for Jayden, and if Caleb and Junior get chosen, I can absolutely explore that on Monday's! I would really have to think hard on how Caleb and Junior could win such a fight against Sam Hell. The Devil boy is really very vicious, and cunning. Unlike many of our characters he does not "feel remorse" from things that he has done, and on the contrary, he enjoys hurting others. It's what makes him such a devious villain. He is very loyal to those closest to him (Jake...and maybe Bill), and protecting what he believes is his. That does not mean kindness necessarily is given to them, but if someone is to hurt Jake or should ONLY be him. I am still considering the request. It's not a "No," but as I have to think on how I could make it work while doing justice to the characters.

It makes me so happy to see long time readers enjoying the series still!

Caleb and Junior are featured in my thirteen-part story that is coming up, so I hope that you enjoy them there as well! That is with a cast ensemble, so to have them have their own story if they win, we can explore their dynamic a bit more and they can get that spotlight.



Anonymous said...

oh a 13 part with featuring caleb and junior that sounds good looking forward to it oh I all ready voted so don't count this

Unknown said...

Fair enough!

The thirteen parter features most of the cast but Caleb and Junior absolutely get their moments to really shine. I really want to do a smaller story on Mondays after this with less cast members and really focus in on one or two. So that's partially one of the reasons why I posted the poll. The other is I want to focus in on who everyone wants to see!



P.S. Noted by the way.