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The Hairiest Conclusion written by Jimmy


The Hairiest Conclusion

By Jimmy


From his prone position on the ground, Doug is forced to watch Sam Hell and Jayden fight.

Nothing could annoy him more.

Doug was doing so well, and he is not sure how he messed up…but here he is holding his balls, covered in cum and feeling like a loser. Doug hates Jayden and would love to see Sam Hell beat the crap out of him. On the other hand, he also wants to see Sam Hell lose. Doug is not sure what he wants more but he stays in his fetal position, his nuts are killing him, and he thinks that if he sits up he might puke.

Jayden slams into Sam Hell with such force that the Devil Boy’s sneakers screech as he is forced backwards with a dull grunt.

“Those are my friends, Hell and they are under my protection,” Jayden says with a snarl.

Sneering at Jayden, Sam Hell open laughs “You aren’t the hero of this story, Gomez.”

This brings a smile to Jayden’s face, as he kicks out at Sam hitting him in the midsection and making him drop down to one knee. “If I was, that would certainly make you the villain.” Jayden comes in quick, karate chopping Hell on both sides of his neck and causing his red eyes to bulge as he gasps for air, his cheeks puffing up like a blowfish.

“You must be used to that role by now, after all villains always lose,” Jayden says triumphantly as he takes Sam’s inaction to grab his throat by punt him between the legs. Jayden’s foot hits Sam Hell hard in the crotch and judging by the crunching sound that comes from between the Devil Boy’s thighs Jayden managed to strike both.

Jayden bounces back, light on his feet and grinning as he asks “How does that one feel? Still invulnerable?”

Sam Hell grabs his bulge in one hand and peers up at Jayden from one knee. Sam Hell just came not too long ago, and his recently emptied devil coins are not up to their usual tough exteriors.

“You should know by now that my Devil Coins are stronger than any boy’s balls. I have the testicles of a man,” Sam explains biting back a cringing groan from coming out as he comes back to standing. “Unlike you’re…what do you call them…oh, that’s right ‘boynuts.’”

“I’ve beaten you before,” Jayden says, ignoring the jibe.

“I can say the same thing.”

“Yeah, but this time you don’t have Jake by your side.”

Sam Hell seems to think on that a moment, but then presses on getting closer to Jayden. “It’s just you and I, and no one will come to your recuse either. We will finally see who is stronger. And when you know that it is me, you will lose your seed and cry out my name!”

Jayden fakes a yawn.

“For a supervillain speech, it needs work.”

Sam Hell rushes towards Jayden, and Jayden moves to meet him head on. The two slam against the other causing spittle to fly from Hell’s mouth, as hands go everywhere. Jayden blocks a knee thrust, then a side punch all aimed low then Sam comes swooping in with hands outstretched like claws ready to rip into his soft unmentionables, but Jayden turns his hip at the last possible moment and the threat is neutralized.

Agony rips through the Devil Boy, his laser red eyes full of fury he lets out an animalistic yell and grabs Jayden in a bear hug, yanking him this way and that as if Jayden weighed no more than a ragdoll and attempts to toss him away. Jayden’s fists curl into the back of Sam Hell’s shirt and using his opponents own force against him flips him end over end until he lands sprawled in front of Jayden in burst of energy and dust from the unclean workout room floor mat with a thundering earsplitting thud.

Crumpled, and gasping Sam Hell tries to breath but Jayden lands on his chest using his knees to dig into Sam Hell’s shoulders as Jayden with his dark eyes stares down at him with resolute intensity.   

“Got you,” Jayden says, not bothering to hide his pride or smirking smile as he reaches back and grabs a hand hold on Sam Hell’s coin pouch with a rough clasping grip.

Leering up Sam Hell writhes to escape, but Jayden tightens his hold which makes the Devil slow his thrashing and wait and Jayden uses the opportunity to get a better grip feeling Sam’s plump nuggets in his fist.

“Yes you do,” Sam admits, glancing away his eyes finding Doug’s whose gaze is wide in surprise his eyes telling in his thoughts of ‘How did he pin him?’

Turning back to face Jayden, Sam breathes hard his fingers itching to grab onto Jayden’s thighs that pin his arms down like the wings of a caged bird. “Now what are you going to do with my unbreakable Devil coins?” Sam looks mildly curious, his red piercing gaze daring Jayden to try and beat him.

Licking his lips Jayden answers, “I thought that would be obvious.” Jayden’s left eyebrow rises as he slowly squeezes the contents in his fist, feeling bits of Hell’s ball’s squish and shrink within his grasp. “I’m going to prove that these, like any males balls can be one’s undoing.” Jayden smiles triumphantly, and with his fast beating heart starts to increase the pressure on his handhold starring resolutely into Sam’s unblinking face searching for the first signs of ball pain and that he can be beaten.

Smugly Jayden increases the pressure again, and feels Sam Hell’s balls squishing through the small gapes between his fingers as he warps Hell’s balls and mangles them in his fit squeezing harder than he usually does on a friendlier opponent. Jayden sees the tension in Sam Hell’s brow, and a slight tickle of sweat gleaming at his hairline otherwise no other emotion is offered and Jayden almost thinks that he believes in Sam’s claim when a shift occurs beneath him and Sam Hell starts to snarl, and grind his teeth…the first sign of weakness is revealed.

“Tell me how this feels,” Jayden says his voice low as he adds a wicked twist of the wrist and starts to pull back stretching Sam Hell’s balls cords as he peels away his balls further from his body.

Sam Hell freezes and lets out a moan, and Jayden almost jumps with glee.

“Not sure I heard you,” Jayden says pressing. “How does it feel?!” Jayden stresses, while he twists his wrist back in the other direction and Sam Hell slams his mouth shut and Jayden feels him tremble as he leans in to hear his response.

The Devil Boy’s eyes burst open and catches Jayden briefly by surprise from the intensity, but the pain reflected in them is unmistakable.

Jayden starts to ask again, but a shift in weight causes him to pause as Sam’s legs swoop up and grab Jayden like a Venus flytrap around his middle locking his ankles in place. For one excruciating moment, Jayden’s stomach is squeezed hard the air leaving him in a whoosh while he crushes Sam’s balls in his hand and the Devil boy lets out a cry of anguish as he pulls Jayden off of him and slams him down against the floor his back landing hard and Jayden’s vision swirls and his fingers are peeled off of Sam’s nuts as the Devil Boy grunts and groans, finally admitting “You hurt me…Gomez…you will pay for that.”

Jayden sucks in some air tasting dust and coughs, covering his mouth as Sam Hell slowly disentangles himself with Jayden’s limbs limping up to the weight bench clutching his groin, with red his eyes crossing and tender moans comes from between his thin lips.


Blinking rapidly Jayden takes a few quick short breathes, grabbing his head and feeling the bump growing beneath his thick mop of dark brown curls. Closing his eyes, he allows himself one more second before he sits up his world slightly spinning and Doug is glancing between the two of them as Jayden slowly starts to climb to his feet.

“That’s enough, Gomez,” Sam Hell states moving faster than Jayden anticipated and clapping him in the chest sending him back to the mat below. Jayden feeling the imprints of Sam’s fingers across his left and right pecs.

Grunting Jayden goes to sit up again but the Devil Boy beats him to it, planting a foot in the center of his chest and holding him against the mat.

“We are done fighting,” Hell says.

“Not by a longshot,” Jayden says grabbing, Hell’s foot and twists it up so that it clips him in the chin but takes Sam Hell off of his feet as the thick wrestler falls back to the mat below landing on his elbows, protecting his skull from the fall.

“Gomez,” growls Sam Hell as he moves to get up, but Jayden still holding his ankle reaches for and grabs the other and using his own feet sends them threateningly forward and sinking deep into Sam Hell’s groin.

“Like I said, I am not down yet.”

Jayden rubs his foot along Sam’s plump package and Hell stays still once more.

“What do you call this?” Sam Hell demands.

“This little move?” Jayden says offhandedly. “Is called, the gas pedal. And here’s why.” Jayden starts to pump both of his feet in quick succession up and down into Sam Hell’s pelvis both flattening and crushing the testicles beneath his sneakers.

A soft moan escapes from Sam Hell and he tries to grab onto Jayden’s feet unsuccessfully to remove them from tattooing his gonads to his pelvic bone.

Doug cannot believe this, Jayden is making Sam Hell look like a fucking fool. Right now he is breaking the Devil Boy’s coins…and the saddest of all to Doug is that he is not the one doing it; he lost to him. Sam Hell is two years older than Jayden, and a year younger than him. Anger rises within Doug, and despite the throbbing from between his legs he can’t stand the idea of Jayden beating Sam Hell like this…no, not if he himself could not win.

Slowly Doug starts to move from the fetal position to all fours and climb to his feet. A wave of nausea rips through Doug and he puts his head on the floor kissing the mat as he breathes in and out.

“My fucking bollocks,” Doug groans quietly.

Jayden briefly looks over at Doug, and smiles. “You really messed him up, huh?” Jayden says giving his head a shake, his dark eyes roaming over the tortured form of Doug before reflecting back to Sam hell. “You always do seem to make a mess of things.”

“Fuck you,” blasts Sam Hell with a curse, grabbing Jayden’s ankles and slowly loosening Jayden’s feet from his nuts giving them a moments reprieve before Jayden powers his feet right back into placing nailing the Devil Boy’s nuts firmly in place against the crevice of his crotch.

Smirking, Jayden glances down at his feet as they squash Sam Hell’s nuts flatten, feeling the usual oval shapes deforming. “You didn’t think that would work, did you?” Jayden asks, his dark eyes twinkling.

Sam Hell grunts in utter frustration and then he lets out a sad pitiful groan. “Oh shit,” he bangs his fist against his temple letting Jayden’s ankles go and seems to drop to his elbows his red gaze firmly locked onto Jayden’s sneakers.

“This could all be over, if you admit the following,” Jayden says clearing his throat as he eases up on Sam Hell’s balls. “Ahem…I, Sam Hell, will leave Jayden’s friends alone and will stop being an asshole.” Jayden looks up expectantly, as his feet bounce a bit making Sam Hell wince. “This is where you come in. Go on, say it.” Jayden challenges his sneakers squeaking along the floor coming up to rest against Sam Hell’s taint. “I’m right, here.” Threatens Jayden using his sneaker to slide up and down Sam’s nuggets and thick limp noddle.

Sam Hell gulps. “No.” He almost snarls on the word and he grabs Jayden’s feet and vaults over them launching himself straight at Jayden’s chest. Unprepared, Jayden’s dark eyes go wide and he lifts up his arms to block the blow as the Devil crashes into him spearing him to the floor.

The two tussle for a bit of purchase, trying to get the upper hand when Sam Hell pins Jayden’s shoulders to the floor and snarls in his face “You could never beat me.” Sam Hell growls, showing his teeth as his blood eyes fix on Jayden’s. The hunger in Sam Hell makes Jayden sweat and Doug looks at the two about to cheer as Jayden’s thigh hits home between Hell’s thighs, lifting up in a powerful arc.

Sam grunts, and the commanding look that he wore a mere moments ago leaves his fearsome face as he scowls and cries out a yell of frustration and pain into Jayden’s face as Doug watches with sickening dread as Jayden grinds his knee deep into the space between Sam Hell’s thighs.

Wounded, and failing Sam Hell drops onto Jayden’s chest taking the air out of the youngster making him gasp, but his thigh, mercilessly for Sam drops back to the ground as Sam Hell gasps on his chest, his lips pressing against his neck spluttering out “My fucking coins!” He curses, and shudders and his fingers try and slide between Jayden and himself to get to his aching balls…but Jayden brings his knee up again with a sick, thundering hard thunk.

Doug winces at the distinct squelch, and he finally climbs to standing on his very wobbly legs. “I’m coming Sam.” Doug mutters to himself valiantly, taking step after painstakingly hard step towards the pair on the ground.

Jayden pulls his thigh back, and brings it back up, and starts pumping it in and out between Sam’s legs until the Devil Boy can take it no longer and rolls off of him, leaving a wet spot on his neck where his lips were moments before. Jayden swiftly wipes off the wet mark and says, “Yuck.”

Sam Hell starts to curl in on himself, grabbing himself and cursing Jayden. “You…ugh, ugh you will regret this.”

Jayden sits up, alert and ready and leans over Sam Hell mouthing “Not likely.” Gripping Sam Hell’s arm firmly he demands again: “Now promise me!” Jayden’s voice is booming in the small, compact room but Doug does not give Sam Hell a chance to answer as he reaches down to grab Jayden around the neck.

Doug is aware of two things at once, Jayden’s flick of his dark eyes up at him and the upper cut that lifts him up off the floor and sends him down to his knees as he kneels next to Jayden his balls…bursting with agony once again.

“I thought you were not stupid enough to try something,” Jayden says with a sigh. “Guess I was wrong.”

Jayden’s arched arm muscled bicep is hard like a stone between Doug’s ass and he makes little sounds of whimpering wincing untellable words as Jayden jostles his bicep, and then flexes it so that Doug’s balls get crushed in the small space between the crevice of Jayden’s arm.

“Let….go….ugh!” Doug pleads finally, moaning pitifully as he slumps against Jayden’s torso.

“Gladly, now stay out of my way or I will fuckup your ugly wranglers even more than they already are!” Jayden says meanly shoving Doug off of him.

Doug lands on his back and his hands instantly go in between his legs, cupping his thumping balls in both hands wondering ‘How could he be this stupid?’

Jayden starts to slowly stand up, and he looks behind him his first real human concern crossing his face as he asks his boyfriend “You okay, Chase?”

Chase only moans, “I’m just gonna stay on the floor for a while longer. You are doing great. Keep going.”

“Sure thing,” Jayden says turning back to inspect Sam Hell. “We done now?”

Sam Hell shudders “Never.”

Jayden sighs. “Thought you might say that,” he says regretfully. “It’s going to have to end with a kick right?” Jayden asks getting to his feet and dusting himself off. “Maybe several,” he admits to himself.

“Get up and fight me Sam Hell if you are not done yet. Show me those invincible devil coins!” Jayden yells, staring over the fallen warrior.

Sam Hell’s face turns red, his eyes still a darker shade but his quivering form seems to listen to Jayden and he starts to climb up. He’s slow, and steady and one hand never leaves his groin as Sam from beneath his shorts cups his precious cargo gingerly.

“Come and get me,” Jayden challenges, throwing his arms wide open.

Sam Hell in his hunched over state leers forward to fight, and takes a swing.

Jayden weaves easily around the striking blow and hammers one of his own, a fist right into Sam Hell’s abdomen. Sam Hell balks and grunts as Jayden pulls back and hits him in the lower belly with another punch, this one making a crunching sound as Jayden’s knuckles sink in.

Sam Hell steps back in a defensive stance ready to block the next blow, as he tries to get some air.

Jayden smiles with his dark brown eyes and steps right up to meet him. Sam Hell tries to block the incoming blow, but he is too damn slow. Jayden slaps him in the chest and when Sam’s hands reach up instinctually to grab his pecs Jayden’s foot lifts straight up into a full arch as he yells out and pounds his sneaker into Sam’s balls. Sam stumbles backwards two steps and drops to his knees before Jayden and moans, reaching for his unmentionables but Jayden gets their first with another world ending punt kick. Jayden grabs onto Sam Hell’s shoulders for an additional support as he strikes him strong and true nailing his balls between his ass cheeks.

Sam gags and gasps staring straight at Jayden’s crotch.

“Now you are done,” Jayden says grabbing his chin as he allows Sam to grab his balls as he forces his face to stare up at him.

“Say it.”

Sam Hell stares up at him stubbornly and sucks down air, his body visibly shakes from the impacts between his thighs and the wounded look upon his face as he stares up at Jayden makes the younger boy slightly ponder if this was the right thing to do.

“….Go..mez…” Sam Hell splutters, his fingers curling protectively around his balls.



Sam Hell starts to cough and he slumps further down sitting on his butt, his legs splayed out wide with Jayden in between them as he still holds his privates. “Oh fucking hell,” he says.

And Jayden barely hears it but Sam Hell adds, “I…”

Leaning down Jayden tries to hear as Sam quick as lightening lifts up both arms between Jayden’s thighs his hands open like bear traps searching for prey.

Catching his wrists just in time Sam Hell lets out a furious bellow of raw rage, as Jayden holds onto him uses his body to drop down onto one knee planting his knee directly on top of Sam Hell’s protruding pouch on the floor landing with a wet sickening sounding splat.

Sam Hell’s eyes go wide and his red eyes stare up at Jayden in horror as they roll up in his head and he passes out, going limp as he drops back to the floor with a quiet but definitive plop.

Jayden gasps in surprise and stands up seeing Sam Hell’s chest rise and fall in restful oblivion.

Doug cannot believe it, and rolls away so he does not have to see Jayden coming over to Chase, and murmuring “I’ve got you, let’s head to the hot tub.”

“Ice instead,” Chase says his voice croaking.

“Sure thing, whatever you want. Your all…sticky.”

Chase groans, and Jayden does not ask any further questions as he leads him out of the room.

Doug blissfully hears the door close and he rolls onto his back, happy to be alone as he blubbers “My fucking nuts…oh fuuuuck!” He held it in so long, and now he lets out his cries of anguish as his balls still blaze from intense pain.

Doug stays down a long time, and it’s not until Sam Hell starts snoring that he starts to climb to his feet. Looking over at the clock he sees that he missed both of his first two periods, and is well into his third class. He thinks about waking Sam Hell, but decides against it and heads to the door.

In his own way Doug succeeded in destroying the swim team, only one person escaped him and next time Doug would find a way to get even with him.




Anonymous said...

Wow that was a super hot story!
I'm really torn about Sam Hell finally getting his nuts cracked and losing his "invincible" status.
I really hope Sam Hell can bounce back, after all he's got a few excuses this time...his Devil Coins had already been softened up by Doug's kicks and he had emptied his cum tanks just moments before Jayden pummelled them into submission.
I'm glad Sam resisted screaming out his submission to Jayden and to be fair his tough Devil Coins did take one hell of a pounding before he finally passed out.
I would love to see Sam Hell bounce back and remind Jayden (and Doug) that he still has the toughest nuts around.

Anonymous said...

This story surprised me!

I think Sam has always been one of my least favorite characters in the series, I just couldn't find a way to find him hot and his "invincible" devil coins often made the stories he was in boring when he would get hit in the balls and all that would come out of him would be a little groan and then he would mangle his victim's balls like nothing, it was boring, but this story changed it, Sam Hell is surprisingly hot when he's in pain!

I'm in the opposite of reg's opinion, I think you should have Sam Hell being vulnerable more often, after all, I think Jayden has finally cracked (get it?) the code, you just gotta make him cum, and once you do that, the playing field may finally be even for once! (How he would do that is a tough question, but I'm sure Jayden will figure it out)

I would love to see a rematch too, but this time, I want both Jayden and Sam to be vulnerable, these stories are so much fun when it's a desperate and brutal battle for dominance busting each other's devil coins/boynuts until one of them gives, and knowing them, that's gonna take some time, and I would love to hear the devil boy cry out in pain some more

An epic ending for the mini series Jimmy!


Anonymous said...

Honestly, now that we know that the devil boy can be beaten by making him cum, I think i would absolutely love to read a rematch between Logan and the devil boy now, instead of dreading it would be a yet another "Logan getting busted" story, I wanna see Logan finally win for once and what better way to do so than by making the devil boy release his "devil seed" and then making him sing out for his poor flattened coins, if you remember back at the wrestling tournament story, Logan and Sam taking turns kicking each other in the balls before the match could even start was my favorite part of that story, and that ending kick where to two of kick each other at the same time was the hottest part, for real! I would love to see more of that mutual busting stuff, it's so hot!

(And Logan making Sam cum would be good karma after Sam made him cum on the War! Story, and I think it would be cool to even the score)


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Reg,

Did Sam Hell submit? Nope, he passed out.

We all know that this won't be the end of Sam Hell, the Devil Boy. And unlike you and Anon. that figured it out he does have a just have to milk it out of him.

Glad that you enjoyed it, I tried to make it one hell of an ending. Even doped up on my meds, it's not too shabby.


------------- ------------------------- -------------------------------- --------------

Dear Anon,

I feel the same way, Sam Hell is one of my least favorite characters, but he was so necessary to create for plot. This story arc made me enjoy him a bit more, ever since I humanized him a bit with Jake and Bill, I started to sing a bit of a different toon with him.

You and Reg figured out having Sam cum is a weakness to his invincible devil coins... but do any of the other characters know this? Jayden is pretty clever, and hopefully he can put that together and use it to his advantage the next time he confronts him.

"Devil seed!" Hah, I love that!

I loved writing Sam VS Logan, a rematch between the two of them would be great.

Sam Hell has another arc coming up (have not written it yet), but the wounded warrior is absolutely going to be out for some good old-fashioned revenge.

Thanks for your ideas, and I am happy that you liked this one!