Sunday, September 27, 2020

Special Guest Star: Zac Efron (revisited)

Since more than half of our readers discovered this blog less than five years ago I thought it would be nice to re-introduce some older stories for those who didn't catch them when they were first published. Enjoy!


Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: BenCalDannyKev and Zach (click for pictures)

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Today, teen heartthrob Zac Efron was going to visit our studio. I was quite curious how the young singer and actor would come across. I hadn’t seen his movies, neither “Hairspray” nor any part of the “Highschool Musical” franchise.

I was sitting in front of the computer when I heard someone knock on the door.

“Come in”, I shouted.

A young man entered the studio, probably 20 or 21 years old. He wasn’t very tall, maybe 5’8” or 5’9” and he was wearing jeans and an elegant white shirt. He had dark blond hair and blue eyes.

“Hi”, he said and smiled at me.

“You’re Zac, right?” I smiled back and shook his hand.

Zac grinned.

“Thanks for coming”, I said and switched the computer off. I looked at my watch. “It’s a bit early. Would you like a drink?”

Zac shrugged. “A coke would be great.”

I nodded and got one from the fridge in the kitchen.

“The rest of the guys should be here any minute”, I said, walking back.

Zac raised his eyebrows. “Who?”

I smiled. “Oh, some of our models. Danny, George and Cal. They are pretty fond of you and they’d like to meet you.”

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