Saturday, September 5, 2020

Video links: Testicle trick shots (6)



One of the best ways to deal with a pandemic, with social distancing and with having too much time on your hands? Come up with some painful, funny, hilarious trick shots!

Here are some more of my favorite clips of guys playing tricks with their testicles.

Here is a classic example: This Is What We Do When We're Bored. Keep on keeping on, guys!

Skip to 2:55

This is a re-upload from Blockheads, a group of brave and adventurous young men who came up with a few great ideas to hurt their nuts. From the makers of Ball tazer and Brutal 2x4 Nut Crusher here are the Best nutshots ever.

Here are two more clips from the same group: Can nut crusher 1 and 2. That's how you crush a pair of nuts!

Finally, here is the source of the screenshot at the top of this post. It's a mean little trick - the poor victim thinks he'll get a plastic cup knocked off of his head by a card thrower. Instead he gets the fun knocked out of his fun bag.

Skip to 3:45

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