Monday, March 20, 2017

My life as a nutcracker - part 5: Practicing the moves, sort of (written by David Walker)

This is the fifth part of a wonderful, epic story written by our reader David Walker. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Jackson called Vince and Seth and me to his place to watch our tape and make comments about it.  I told him I had something I wanted us to watch first and pulled out Kenny’s flash drive.  It didn’t take long for Jackson to stop pouting once he saw the first ball grab.  His cock rose at near-record speed as he watched the video wrestlers.  I knew what was expected of me.  Spread ’em, Jackson, here I come.

“Oh, shit!  Oh fuckin’ shit!  Nail me good!”  I did that without taking my mouth off Jackson’s granite-hard cock.  “Harder!” he commanded.  I obeyed.  I knew where he liked it and how hard to punch.  His pre-cum spattered my tongue.  Time to add some teeth to the mix.  “Oh, fuckin’ hell.  Oh, my fuckin’ Jesus.  I’m gonna cum.  Oh, fuck!  I’m gonna cum!”  He drove my head down as his cum flooded my throat like a dam break.  I wanted to suck him dry, but he started bucking, fucking my face.  I loved that Jackson liked my blowjobs, but this was new.

He thrust his hips up in the air.  When he fell down on the cushion, his cock, big as it was, almost fell out of my mouth.  He pulled my head down again and kind of ground it around.  He was getting a little rough, which I liked.  It got me excited.  But then he started moaning and screaming again.  My god.  He was going to cum.  He lifted his hips off the chair cushion again, which seemed to me to be the perfect time for a couple fists to break his balls.  His hips crashed to the cushion and the volcano erupted.

I gave him a lollipop lick when I got my mouth off him.  Being a cocksucker has great rewards, but it sure can be rough, too.  I was on my knees and kind of inched back.  His face was like total bliss.  I loved making Jackson feel like that.  He opened his eyes and smiled at me, then looked at the TV and started stroking himself.  Those fuckin’ video game ball busters were really getting to him.

This was Vince’s first time with Seth.  Seth came about the same place in the video I did at Kenny’s.  Vince sat on the floor, his head resting between Seth’s knees, watching the TV and beating the fuck out of his meat.  I figured Jackson could jerk himself off, which he was.  I practically jumped on Vince.  He didn’t even realize what I wanted to do at first.  His cock grasp hit me in my mouth about twice.  He looked at me kinda blank.  I covered his cock with my mouth.

I figured as fast as Vince had been jerking, he was gonna cum soon.  And cum he did.

“Oh, fuck!  Oh, fuckin’ Jesus!”  He sounded…happy and relieved.  I sucked a little longer and felt his body shiver.  He lifted my head off his cock.  “My god, dude.”  He was shaking his head as he pulled me up to his chest, his head resting on mine.

“You’ve become quite the cum whore,” Seth laughed.  Jackson was moaning again.  “You guys stay put.  I’ll take care of the bear.”  He got off the chair and onto his knees.  “It’s not like it’s my first time with him.”  I wanted to have sex with Vince again anyway.

We kinda slid over to one of the mattresses.  Four naked young guys gettin’ off and two nearly naked whatever-they-were on the big TV.  I had to chuckle.

“What?” Vince asked, sounding a little concerned.

“Nothing,” I smiled and put my head on his nice, firm chest.  “It’s just that we were beating the fuckin’ shit outta each other just a couple days ago…you know, like right here on this fuckin’ mattress…and now I’m hoping you’re gonna split me in two with that cock.”

“I kinda want to give your cock a good suckin’ instead.”

I licked one of his nipples and kinda bit and soothed the bite with my tongue and then sucked on his nip.  “Fella, you do any fuckin’ thing you want.”

I felt a thud on the mattress.  Seth and Jackson, of course.  I couldn’t get over how good Seth was looking these days.  And somehow in the last year, Vince got to know how to suck cock really good.  He was always afraid before, cautious, like somebody was gonna barge in.  Maybe the fights had something to do with it.  Or maybe he found somebody without a gay reputation.  You don’t suck like he was suckin’ working on a girl.

I watched Seth and Jackson roll around, suck a bit, ram their fingers up the other’s asshole and rim it and not really fight for position but let each other know one of them was gonna fuck the other.  I closed my eyes and gave them a “good luck” wish.  Vince, on the other hand, definitely earned an A in cocksucking.  I started to moan and throw my head around.  He used his hand and his mouth, his mouth drooling like crazy.  I started to think of us in the ring, tag team partners…him coming to my rescue, me kicking a guy in the nuts to get him off Vince.  The fighting was getting dirtier and dirtier in my brain, and I finally told Vince I was gonna cum.  He closed his mouth hard around my cock, got his hand out of the way, and ran his mouth up and down my cock like fuck.  I knew he tasted the little squirt, and then my hips got kinda like Jackson’s earlier…I just start bucking like crazy as my hot jizz filled his mouth.  When I stopped, I grabbed Vince under his pits and dragged him over my cock and up to my mouth.  Oh, fuck.  I was like fuckin’ tingling.

It sounded like Seth was ready to cum.  I looked over at them.  Jackson was on his back, legs resting on Seth’s shoulder, Seth rutting him like some kinda fuckin’ wild animal.  Jackson started slapping Seth’s face.  I noticed I hadn’t gone soft; my hand had been on Vince’s dick, idly stroking him.  He was definitely getting hard watching those guys fuck.

“Shove it in me, you fucker!” Jackson yelled and slapped Seth’s face.  “Deeper, you motherfucker!  Make me feel it!”

“Shut the fuck up,” Seth said and got a good smack across Jackson’s face.  The sound was muffled by Jackson’s beard, but it looked really hot.  Jackson was jerking himself off like gangbusters with his one hand and smacked Seth again, harder, with his free hand.

“You fuckin’ piece o’ shit!” Seth yelled down at Jackson and pulled his cock totally out of Jackson’s ass.  He waited a second and plowed it into Jackson as hard as he could and started humping again.  Jackson yelled.

“You crazy motherfucker,” Jackson said, smacking Seth.  “That fuckin’ hurt.”

“Fuck you.  Get fuckin’ used to it,” Seth snarled and pulled out again really fast.  He took a hand off Jackson’s leg and walloped his stiff fist smack on Jackson’s balls.  Seth punched again, really hard.

“Ah, shit!” Jackson muttered as Seth plunged his cock back into Jackson’s ass as far as he could, and pulled out, and then smacked Jackson’s balls, and plunged his cock back into Jackson’s hole.  They were both so into it.  Seth slapped Jackson’s balls again.  If there really was such a thing as pain-fucking somebody, this was it.  Spectacular, hard-fucking, fast-jerking, ball-slapping sex.

“Ah, shit!  You fuckin’ motherfucker!” and Jackson shot his wad all over his chest and up onto his beard.  “Oh, shit!  Fuck!  Ah, fuck me!  Fuck me harder, motherfucker!”

Seth slammed his cock into Jackson’s ass.  Harder and harder, faster and faster, more and more power behind each thrust.  Jackson’s balls were red now and Seth kept smacking them and fucking him, almost like he was bustin’ a steer.  Both of them were groaning really deep, really heavy.  I started stroking myself.  So did Vince.  What an incredible sex show.

“AHHHHHHHHHH!” Seth screamed and pulled his cock out of Jackson’s ass.  He grabbed his cock, gave it a couple jerks, and aimed it Jackson’s face.  He came.  He yelled some more.  Jackson was trying to take some of it into his mouth, which wasn’t too difficult.  I couldn’t believe how much Seth was cumming… longer and harder than anything with me, but he was fucking Jackson.  Who wouldn’t want to cum forever, drown that guy in cum.  A couple more spurts on Jackson’s chest and Seth was spent.  He pushed Jackson’s legs away and collapsed on that hairy, sticky chest.  He started licking Jackson’s beard.  Jackson moved Seth’s mouth and they started tonguing each other, moaning like crazy.  Seth slid over on his side.  His hand and mouth were on Jackson’s chest.  Jackson wanted a kiss, and that’s what he got.  Seth ran his hands through Jackson’s chest, licked the cum-spattered beard, flicked his fingers through Jackson’s sticky moist hair, rubbed Jackson’s big, tender balls.

“Fuck me,” Vince said, kind of urgently.  I looked at him.  “Fuck me hard.”  His face was intense.  He laid back on the mattress.  Seth and Jackson were still into each other.  I felt anything but shy and Vince really wanted me to fuck him, really wanted it hard.  He was flat on his back, knees bent, ready and beautiful.

I reached for a bottle of lube…there was always a bottle nearby somewhere in Jackson’s room.  I leaned over Vince.  It was kind of mind-fucking that this was happening.  I put a finger into Vince’s ass to kind of relax his hole.

“No.  Shove it in me.  Drive that cock in me.  Fuck me hard!” Vince shouted.  I was leaning against Vince’s legs, like Seth had done to Jackson.  I didn’t fuck him like Seth, but I did get a pretty good rockin’ rhythm, got in him pretty deep.  I didn’t want to hurt him, but he wanted it like right there right now.  I drove my cock up his ass until I couldn’t go any further.  My balls smacked against him.  I pulled up again and drove down harder.

“Oh, fuckin’ shit.  Fuck me.  Drive that thing into me,” and he sprayed the upper part of his chest, his mouth, that fuckin’ incredible red hair, and I didn’t realize it but fuck if I didn’t cum inside him.  I pulled out fast as I could, which was maybe not the most considerate thing to do, but I wanted some of my cum on him, too.  He moved his legs and I landed, splat, on his very slippery chest.  I had to get his cock in my mouth again.

“No,” he said and his body kinda spazzed a little.  “No,” and he slid me across his chest and stuck his tongue in my mouth.

“All right, little bro!” Seth said not at all sarcastic or ribbing me.  Just a positive observation that felt really good, after what we watched them do to each other.  “My warrior-lover little brother.”

“Yeah,” Jackson said.  “No doubt about it.  You guys gotta be tag team partners.”

We swapped fucks and had some surprising group sex.  Vince was a little surprised when Seth and I sucked and fucked, but he got over it fast.  Jackson couldn’t care less.  It was sex; it was good.  We fucked like crazed rabbits for the rest of the afternoon.

Jackson didn’t mind that I’d brought those videos along, even though we were supposed to watch the video of the bout between Vince and me.  That’s why Seth was here, because he wanted to see both of us in action.  By the same token, I doubt if Jackson objected to cumming about 500 times and having his balls get close to the size of tangerines.  Vince and Seth liked having sex with each other; they both told me so later.  My nuts were pretty tender, too, but sex with Jackson his way… or any way…just knocked me out.  After we all got drunk and stoned again, Jackson and me had a ball bustin’ wrestling match.   When we were finished fuckin’ with each other’s balls, Jackson put on the video with Vince and me.  It was kind of embarrassing watching me fuck up so much.  Seth had his arm around Vince and kind of played with himself; Vince couldn’t take his eyes off the screen.  What a fuckin’ day.

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