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My life as a nutcracker - part 3: Vince? OMG! (written by David Walker)

This is the third part of a wonderful, epic story written by our reader David Walker. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Previous parts:
Part 1: I learn how to fight
Part 2: My official introduction to ball busting

Jackson doesn’t just suggest you come over to the barn; he usually has a good reason.  Since I worked part-time at the feed mill, I usually had the time.  I liked getting naked with him.  It was still exciting as fuck, and a fuck was what I was hoping was on his mind.  He let me in.  He put his fingers into the Mason jar and pulled out three joints.  Three?  CJ gave Jackson a tall floor fan from the garage because the owner finally had the place air conditioned.  It just blew the hot air around, but it did kind of get rid of some sweat.  The fan did make lighting a joint more challenging.  We both figured it was worth it, especially after a hot and heavy workout.

Somebody knocked on the door.  I’d just slipped off my shorts.  I bent over to pull them again.  Jackson told me not to worry as he walked over to the door naked.  Was this the third joint?  I recognized him the second I saw him.  We were in the same class at school and now I deliver feed to his family’s farm.

“Vince!  What the fuck are you doin’ here?”  I was no longer nervous about being bare-ass naked.  As they say, Vince and I had a history.

Jackson looked surprised that we knew each other, and then laughed as he lit a joint for Vince.

“I shoulda guessed you two’d know each other,” Jackson said.  “Hell, you probably take feed out to his place.”

“In the same grade from the first,” Vince said.  “We watched each other grow up.”  We both kind of snickered.  This did not go unnoticed by Jackson.

Vince pulled off his T-shirt and my god he had a great body.  A farmer’s body, built solid to do what needed to be done and not to impress anybody.  Well, except me.  I knew every inch of his body.  Every inch.  Plus, I’ve always gone a little nuts over guys with red hair.  We did have some pretty good sex, but we had to keep it really quiet.  He was friends with some jocks and he’d have been killed if they even suspected he even knew me, let alone that we were fucking.  Not just fucking guys, fucking me.  Even though we saw each other as privately as we could, even though he ignored me at school, he got totally freaked out.  I understood what he had to deal with.  And when he decided to call it quits, I missed Vince and his red hair and his wonderfully tasty jizz.

“This guy’s my hero,” Vince said to Jackson while looking at me, which surprised the shit outta me.  “I was always kind of afraid to step in between you and Corey and those other guys.”  He sounded like he meant it.  “I don’t know if you remember, but I was there the first time you nailed him a good one.  I mean, there he was, all set to punch you, and you just went for it.  The look on his face was so fucking funny.  I loved it that nearly everybody was laughing at him.  No one ever felt intimidated by him or his buddies again…especially when you smashed Corey’s balls the second time.  That was really brave.”  I had to laugh at that one.  “No, really.  After that, nobody gave any of those fuck-offs the time of day.”

Of course, after that, nothing changed.  Thank god for Kenny.

“Cool,” Jackson exhaled.  “However, I didn’t invite you here for homecoming.  His brother Seth and I have seen you in action at the club.  You two are about the same size, he’s only ever fought with his brother and me, so I wanted you to have a go at him, show him what it’s like.”

“OK.  You good with this?” Vince asked me.  Fuck yes, I nodded.  He kicked off his shoes and dropped his shorts.  Doesn’t anybody wear underwear anymore?  He took a couple more hits and pulled out a bottle of apple wine from his backpack.

“Wow.  You still drink that stuff?”

“Nah.  I just brought it in case Jackson didn’t have anything else here to shove up your ass.”  He handed the bottle to Jackson.  “It’s even better when it’s cold.”

I loved it.  And it was such a rush to see him all naked again, standing in front of me and getting harder by the second.  It was a surprise to see Vince here and to find out that he fought at the club.  That got me going.  Then he swooped down and swatted my balls.

“You just gonna sit there?”  Oh no, Vince.  Not with that junk waving in front of me.  He gave Jackson his roach.  He grabbed me by my cock and balls and started to lift me out of the chair.  Both Jackson and Seth told me often that it didn’t matter what I thought of my opponent, he is my opponent and he’s out to destroy you.  I could see the change in Vince.  I could feel the change in me as I pushed away his hand.  Fortunately, he let go.

“The only rule is if you break the TV you gotta buy me a new one.  Condoms are in that bowl.  Shake hands, gentlemen, and let’s get this thing started,” Jackson announced.

We bumped fists and immediately went for the shoulder and elbow.  We circled a couple of times.  He squeezed his fingers around my neck.  A fist hit me in the nuts.  It didn’t hurt so much as it took me by surprise.  He stepped back, which threw me off balance.  I landed on my knees.  He took a step toward me and reached for my head. All I could see were his cock and balls.  His low blow surprised me, not hurt me, so I wasn’t holding my nuts.  Instead, I made a fist and landed a good one on his left nut.  His hands flew off my head and went right to his balls.  He doubled over, his head right in front of me.  I still had my hand in a fist and I punched him just below an eye.

“Fuck!” he said as he fell to the mattress.

“Be glad to…right after I pin you,”  I said.  He was on his side. I knew I wouldn’t get a pin this easily.  Still, I covered his chest and grabbed a leg.

“One!” Jackson said as he hit the mattress with his hand.  Vince threw me off his chest like some light bag of feed.  He looked mad as hell as he got to his knees, probably because I pinned him first, even though it was just a one count.  I stood away from him, trying to stay limber.  He was on his feet and we locked up again.

This time he pulled me into a headlock.  All I could see was his cock waving around.  He really was getting off wrestling me.  Or maybe it was just me getting off wrestling with him.  I was about to reach behind him to get my hand on his balls.  He about broke my skull when he landed a powerful blow my head.  He pounded two more and let me go.  I straightened up and felt his foot kick me in the gut.  It not only hurt like hell, it reminded me I’d been fisted in the balls, too.  He grabbed me into a headlock again, landed a couple of fists, jumped up a little bit, fell on his ass, taking me with him, driving my face into the mat and about breaking my neck.  He kept the headlock and pounded my head again and again.  He let go.  The fuck?  He grabbed me, rolled me on my back, fell on my chest, and grabbed my nuts.  With a vengeance.

“One!  Two!” Jackson counted as he smacked the mattress.

I managed to raise a shoulder.  Jackson stopped counting.  Vince did not relinquish his strangle hold on my balls.  He got to his knees, still in control, and pounded away at my gut.  Seth told me that your opponent had to be vulnerable somewhere, so I tried to think through the pain.  I grabbed his balls.  I circled the top of the sac with my thumb and finger, held tight, and yanked down.  He stopped punching me for a couple of seconds and I thought I felt less pressure in his grip.  He started in again.  I still had my thumb and finger around his sac, quickly changing my grip so that my whole hand surrounded his nuts.  I yanked down as hard as I could, this time squeezing my hand tighter and tighter around his stones.

He shrieked in pain.  Lots of “fuck”s and “oh, shit”s as he tried to pry my hand off his aching nuts.  It sounded strangely good.  But then I remembered that we used to be friends in school, that he was a guy I had some fun sex with.  I was trying to rip his nuts off.  I released my grip.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” he yelled as he fell back, grabbing his balls, which looked redder than I remembered.  “You fuckin’ cocksucker!”

And that reminded me of school.

“I thought you liked that,” I said as I stood up and gave him a kick.  His arms were across his chest so his hands could nest his eggs.  They probably blocked the kick.  It was still satisfying.  He may have been a good fuck, but I don’t think he ever came to my rescue.  This guy writhing in front of me wasn’t Vince; he was some jock wannabe, just like the others.

He was still curled up on the mattress, still cupping his aching balls.  This time I kicked his back.  He groaned.  I stepped back when I heard Jackson start counting.  Vince got up on his hands and knees and I couldn’t stop thinking that he was in the doggy position.  I didn’t care that Jackson was counting.  I bent an elbow, fell, and crashed my arm across his shoulder blades.  He fell to his side.  I kicked his ribs.  I heard him mutter “fuck” and he got back to his hand knees again.  I got ready for another elbow smash.  Instead of his shoulder blades, I hit the back of his neck.  He reached up to put his hand over his neck, so I punched him in the ribs.  That rolled him over on his back.  I knew I should have covered him for the pin.  I thought it would be fun to hate fuck him.  I crooked my arm and fell, giving him a satisfying smash almost on his nips.  I got to my knees and drove a fist into his gut just above his red pubes.  I stood without a nut shot.  Jackson started to count again.

Vince took Jackson’s slow count as a time to regroup.  At nine, he was on his knees.  He lunged at me and pulled the back of my legs.  My head hit the sofa on the way down.  Vince stood over me.  I was about to kick his balls when he pulled me up by the armpits.  He kicked me in the guts a couple times.  He got his hand on my neck again and turned me around.  He jumped up and before he landed on his ass on the mattress, he drove my face into an arm of the easy chair.  He stood up, grabbed my neck, and smashed my head on the chair’s somewhat padded arm.

“How you like that, faggot?” he said as he pulled me up, turned me around and squeezed me hard into a bear hug.  I felt him struggle to get us both on the chair.  He stuck his knee between my legs and with a powerful leap he landed on the mattress with full force on his knee as my weight squashed my nuts.  I think my eyes crossed a little as I fell off his thigh.  Seth and Jackson gave good atomic knee drops, but nothing like this.  I curled up and held onto my balls for dear life.  Vince stood a little bit away from me and Jackson started counting slowly.  It was hard to move, other than roll around in agony.

“Six,” Jackson counted.  I might not win this match, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to lose like this.  I was on my knees just before “ten.”  I knew Vince would be all over me in no time.  He approached me face on.  Just as before he bent over to do god-knows-what to me, I drove a really hard fist into his gut.  I heard him fart as he doubled over.  Before he was quite bent at the waist, I gave him a hard upper cut to his chin.  That made him almost fully upright.  To keep his balance, his shoved his hips forward.  Bingo.  I drove two seismic punches square into his balls.  It was the way Jackson stood when he wanted his balls bashed, so the punches were kind of automatic.  It was like his feet gave up and he fell to his knees.  Hard.  We faced each other on our knees.  His face showed pain like crazy.  I put an arm around his neck and pulled his face toward me.  And then I kissed him.

“That’ll make it feel better,” I whispered.  He jerked back his head.

“You fuckin’ faggot,” he spit out.  I knew I landed those two blows hard and fast and he’d be on his knees for a while.  I stood up kind of dizzy, walked behind him, grabbed him in a headlock, and started landing fist after fist on his skull.  My knuckles started to hurt, so I used the side of my fist.  I could feel him start to slip, and even though I was in full rage mode, I let go of the headlock and drove him toward the mattress with a knee to his back.  I rolled him on his back and covered him.  Jackson smacked his hand on the mattress.  “One!”  “Two!”  Vince jerked his body enough to stop the count.

I got up on my knees and landed fist after fist into his guts.

“You fuckin’ pussy,” he taunted.  “Some nut cracker.”

That was it.  I stood up and kicked him in the gut.  I stomped him a couple more times.  I moved around so I could grab his feet.  I pulled his legs up and parted them.  And there they were.

“That’s what they call me,” I said as he struggled to get free.  He didn’t succeed.  I dropped and landed a shin right on target.  It felt good.  He tried to close the spread of his legs as he grabbed hold of his balls.  I figured if I stomped them with my foot, the momentum would go through his hands and land another assault on his nuts.  I raised my leg and kicked his hands with my heel.  I remembered something I saw on a video.  I spread his legs as far as I could.  His hands went up to his head.  I counted on that.  I spread his legs so hard I almost split his spine and fell down forehead first right on those hairy red nuts.

I got up and, on my knees, walked to his side.  I hammered a fist into his gut and covered his body for the pin.  “One!  Two!” and Jackson started to say “Three” when I felt a sharp tug on my balls.  I could have got the pin, but I got off him and saw him with one hand on his balls and one on mine.  I was pretty much hurting so bad I was feeling no pain.  I locked my hands together and raised them over my head.  Vince clung to my balls, but not nearly as brutally as before…or maybe I just didn’t notice it.  I raised my locked-together hands over head and sent them crashing into his guts.  My balls were free.  I stood up, walked to his feet again, but this time I grabbed his legs and, after a couple tries, got him on his back.  I wrapped an arm around each leg and pulled up as hard as I could.  The crab is hard to get out of, so I enjoyed feeling him struggle, his back breaking, his dick pointing toward the floor, and his now purple nuts waving in the breeze.  I pulled back one more time, let go of one leg and landed a hard-driven fist on his balls.  The reflex pulled the other leg out of my arm.

He was curled up on his side.  I pushed him on his back and drove a fist into his gut before I covered him.  “One!”  Jackson’s hand slapped the mattress.  “Two!” with another smack.  “Three!”  I got up feeling good until I saw Vince curled into a ball.  Jackson grabbed my hand and held it up in the air.  I liked winning, but what had I done to Vince?

“We’ll let Vince catch his breath and then the three of us can talk about.”


About a half hour later, Vince was up in a chair, the cold bottle of wine between his legs.  He was sucking on a jay, drinking a beer, and his sense of humor was back.  I felt really bad about what I’d done to him.
“That was a pretty good fight,” Jackson started.  He held up three crumpled paper towels.  “Good job.”

Vince looked at me and laughed.  “That’s his rating system.  We got three sheets.  That’s not bad.”

Jackson threw a fake scowl at Vince.  Then he asked Vince, “You gonna be all right?”  Vince nodded.  “How about you?”  I wasn’t sure how to answer.

Vince raised his can of beer.  “Hey.  It’s OK.  I know what you’re thinking.  Trust me…don’t go there.”

“I told you I was gonna try to get some guy over here to give you a feel for a match,” Jackson said.  “Vince here has become a regular in the ring.  He looked about your age, about your type, too, and he fights dirty really good.”  Vince raised his beer toward Jackson in thanks.

“Now the one thing I didn’t figure on was that you were in the same grade at school.  If I’d-a known that, I’d have tried to find somebody else.  I know how you get when we get talkin’ about school.  If I’d known you two were fuck buddies, I’d never have asked Vince.”  Vince and I looked at each other.

“But it was perfect,” Vince countered.  “Jackson said he wanted me to do some trash talk in the ring.  I’m kinda good at that.  Since I knew you, I had a good idea what would set you off.  And it worked,” he added, rubbing his balls.

“You can get mad as a sonuvabitch when you’re up there, but you gotta keep concentrating on the fight,” said Jackson, “and think about what he’s doin’ to you and what you can do to him.  You can’t let him get you so riled you can’t think straight.”

“Easier said than done,” Vince added.

“I recorded this match today,” Jackson said, pointing up to two cameras.  “Seth said he wanted to see it and I want to give a copy to Vince.”

“Like I need a reminder of getting my ass beat by a first-timer.”

“I’ll give you a copy, too, but we’re also going to use it like a training tape.  There were some things you didn’t do that you should have.  You did a couple things that weren’t smart.  You’ll see when you let your anger get the better of you.”

I was looking a little dejected, apparently.

“I didn’t let you win,” Vince said.  “Jackson told me not to go easy on you.  He’s right that you made a few mistakes.  I did too, for fuck’s sake.  And I was expecting the leg split…not looking forward to it, but I figured you’d do it.  But what you did when you started breaking the crab was just fuckin’ brilliant.  You got the pin fair and square.  I was ready to call it quits after the leg splitter, but I wanted to see what you’d come up with.  A crab and then a blow to the nuts just as the pressure was easing…fuckin’ brilliant.  You’re gonna love workin’ the corners.”

“It’s just that I felt bad trying to hurt you.  I mean, we used to fuck, for chrissake.  Of course, there were some times that you said shit and I was ready to kill you.  They’re wrong about ‘words can never hurt you.’  I’m learning I can deal with the sticks and stones, but not the words.  I guess they still sting.”

“I told you not to go there about hurting me.  I’m pretty tough for a farm boy.  You feel like Seth raised you right.  But Jackson and me needed you to deal with a lot today.  Honest, I didn’t mean a word of it, but I had to get you pissed off and make sure you could be pissed off and mad as shit and still concentrate on the fight.”

“We’ll work on that.  I think between us,” Jackson nodded to Vince, “we can come up with a couple more guys for you.”

“‘Guys for me?’ I asked.  “God, you sound like you’re starting a fuckin’ dating service.”

“Hey, he brought us back together,” Vince said.  “Kenny starts college next month, doesn’t he?  Maybe we could start seeing each other again.”

I don’t like to think about Kenny leaving.  I mean, we weren’t like in mad, passionate love or anything, but we made a good pair and he always came up with new shit to try.  Vince brought up an interesting proposition, and I think he could proposition me anytime.  But I just nodded my head.

“You know,” Jackson observed, “one of the times I came watching you two, I was thinking about how good the two of you look together.  Good builds, nice cocks, and now I know you like each other.  Maybe after you get a couple of fights under your belt,” Jackson said to me, “you and Vince could be tag team partners.”

“Something to think about,” Vince agreed.

“Already did,” Jackson said, playing with a spent paper towel.

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