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My life as a nutcracker - part 4: The games people play (written by David Walker)

This is the fourth part of a wonderful, epic story written by our reader David Walker. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Kenny, god love him, called me and told me to get to his house as fast as I could.  He rarely sounds that excited, so I figured it must be important.  Besides, with him leaving for college soon, I wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to see him.

He met me at the door and we ran up to his room.  I was wondering if there’d been an invention for a new way to have sex.  His parents got him a laptop for school.  That was cool, but he couldn’t have been this excited just for a laptop.  Turned out it was an invention for amazing sex.

Obviously, we both liked porn, and we both liked to get each other off watching it.  I closed the door.

“Lock it,” he said.  “The parents may be back soon.  Sit on the bed.”

OK.  I loved sex with Kenny, and if he found something new he thought was jerk-off-worthy or maybe even fuck-worthy, I wanted to see it.

“I know how much you like wrestling and how much you like swatting balls.  This shit was made with you in mind,” he said.  “You ready?”

“Dude, if you’re this excited about stuff you don’t much care for, go to it!”

He tapped a couple keys and this wrestling match appeared.  Something about it didn’t look quite right.  Then I realized this was one of those wrestling games.  OMG.  It was a little not smooth, but I saw “Gay Themed” on the screen.  The fuck?  These two muscle hunks came out from their corners and locked up right away.  I thought maybe they’d at least be naked…gay oriented fantasy fighting and all.  It didn’t take long for one guy to grab the other by the nuts and squeeze.

By that time, Kenny sat beside me on the bed.  “Take off your shorts,” he practically commanded.  “I found these videos and I knew you’d get off on them.”  Shorts were off in no time.  I leaned back on my elbows.  The guys did some cool stuff to each other.  My god…it’s somebody’s video game that was made with me in mind.  Kenny worked on my cock, slowly and determinedly.

Even though the motion wasn’t really smooth, it was good enough not to leave much to the imagination.  The guy in white trunks grabbed the guy wearing red by the crotch and squeezed away and pulled down as he let go.  I was happy to see I’d done something right with Vince.  He grabbed “red,” got him in a bear hug, raised him up really high, and gave him a perfect reverse atomic knee drop.  My god, that was hot.  The crushee was on the mat, holding his nads and kind of rolling around, kicking his feet.  “White” scooped down to pull “red” up from the mat.  “Red” got his wind back and they threw each other around.  Some of the holds and throws probably weren’t possible (I’d never seen some of them), but they looked painful and would be fun to try.  Kenny’s blow-job felt fuckin’ inspired.

And then it happened.  “Red” was on the mat, pretty much dazed, so “white” came around and grabbed his legs and pulled.  Kenny was really into sucking me off and just lovin’ it.  “White” grabbed his legs, pulled them and spread them, but then let one of the legs go and threw himself on “red” fuckin’ fist first!  It wasn’t a boot to the balls.  He didn’t even drop on his knee.  It was a full fisted punch right into the balls.  Then he did it again.  “Red” was just kind of sprawled out, not even holding his nuts.  “White” dragged “red” to a corner, hoisted his legs over the top rope, perfect tree of woe, stood on the second rope, and jumped off landing a fist right where it counted.

I came.  I didn’t even have time to tell Kenny.  My jizz streamed into his mouth.

“Holy fuckin’ shit,” I said, holding Kenny’s head and not concentrating on the monitor.

“Yeah, holy shit,” Kenny said, sounding kinda water logged.  “I knew you’d love it the second I saw it.  Which one did it?  Spreading the guy’s legs and pounding those fists into the nuts?”

“Almost,” I said, kinda gasping.  “He dragged the guy over to the corner and stood on a rope and drove his fist right into the balls.”  It was quite possible I’d have a second cumming right then.

“Excellent!” Kenny exclaimed.  “There’s a lot more,” he said, licking my cock, which was not about to go limp any time soon.

I watched again and Kenny started tonguing me.  The big studs changed.  A different guy wore white and the other guy was in green tights that matched his boots.  They were already starting in with trading punches and throwing each other around.  “White” was getting the worst of it.  Then “green” walked over to him and “white,” still on the mat, kicked him in the nuts.  That stopped “green” from doing anything while “white” stood up.  He grabbed “green’s” nuts and squeezed.  “Green” was feeling the pain, and “white” pulled on those balls as he let go.  “Green” was still standing, clutching his nards.  “White” faced him, grabbed him by the waist, pulled him way up high, and slammed “green” on his thigh and cracked “green’s” balls a good one.  I was starting to imagine the pain of getting my balls bashed like that.  I also imagined how satisfying it would feel to do that to another guy.

“Green” was on his knees, hands between his legs.  “White” pulled “green” up by his hair and slammed him into a corner.  “Green” wasn’t moving.  “White” picked up one of “green’s” legs and hooked it over the middle rope.  He did the same with the other.  He brought his arm back and then bashed “green’s” head with a powerful fist.  “White” stepped back, then ran toward “green’s” fully exposed nuts and rammed his knee into “green’s” egg basket.  Almost knocked out, “green” fell forward onto the mat.  Not waiting a second, “white” grabbed “green’s” legs and dragged him to center ring.

“Shit!  It’s gonna happen again,” I thought, but it didn’t.  Instead, “white” grabbed “green’s” legs, spread them, jumped up and landed his knee on target.  He got up and did it again, really forcefully into that fucker’s nuts.

“Oh, fuck,” I shouted.  Kenny had started sucking my cock again.  “Fuck, Kenny,” I said.  “Oh my god.”
 “White” picked up “green” like a sack of potatoes, did some move so that “green” landed on his back.  I couldn’t believe how fucking delicious this was.  “White” jumped up and landed a forearm on “green’s” chest.  He threw his perfect body across “green,” who had passed out maybe before he hit the mat that last time.  I couldn’t take it.  The ref counted to three and I could feel my balls contract.

“Oh, Jesus, Kenny,” I screamed and sprayed a load of cum over his equally excited face.  He’d pulled off when he tasted the pre-cum and I gave him shot after shot all over his face.  When he thought I was finished, he deep throated me and I groaned in exquisite pleasure.  And then totally unexpectedly, Kenny threw a fist into my nuts, held my cock toward his face, and more cock juice oozed out.  I mean, he didn’t punch me all that hard, but Kenny never punches anything or anybody.  Well done, Kenny!

“Oh, fuck.”  I started to laugh and he started too, releasing my cock.  He liked facials.  He said he loved the feeling of my hot cum squirting on his face.  I loved licking my muc off his face or running a finger along some spooge and then sticking my finger into his mouth so he could lick it clean.

He buried his face into my balls, then he opened his mouth and just about swallowed them.  God, it felt good.  He started licking my cock again, even sucked it a little.  I wasn’t interested in the video so much.

“I don’t know how your marks’ll be in college, but you’ll get honors in any sex exams.”

He laughed.  “The video is like a going away gift for you.”  That choked me up.  “And you gave me the best thank you I could ever wish for.”  He stretched up and kissed me.  “I put this stuff on a flash drive.  I figured you’d want to work on some of those moves with Jackson.”

“You don’t even like that shit,” I said.

“You do,” he said, smiled, gave me an even deeper kiss.

“You’re too fuckin’ much,” I whispered when we came up for air.  “I’m gonna miss you so much.”

“You won’t have any trouble finding another fuck buddy.  Not after you beat up those stupid fucks and win your matches.”

“Ain’t no fuck buddy gonna be like you,” I whispered and we started some serious kissing…and sucking…and fucking…and laughing…and I couldn’t help thinking how much Kenny meant to me and how weird and typical of him to see these wrestling games and give them to me.  That was about all you had to know about Kenny.  That, and he could fuck like a sonuvabitch.

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