Monday, December 12, 2016

Picture perfect (written by Lenny Bennu)

Here's a great story from one of our readers. I'm very proud that Lenny chose this blog to publish his amazing debut story, and I hope you love this twisted tale as much as I do!

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Time for our Physical Education Class again. Attending an All Boys High School, I really love it sometimes because of all the hot guys in the class doing hot guy things, such as being hot. I hate it because it normally involves me doing physical activity, which is less than preferable. I’m not unfit or anything, I’m just lazy. I’m here in my shorts, surrounded by the other boys in shorts, and across from me is Austin, who in my opinion is the hottest guy in the class. Austin. A little over 6 foot, he’s a pitcher in baseball, dark blond hair, light brown some days. Blue eyes, great smile. Well built. Nothing to complain about visually. He was talking to his friend Frankie, who is a close second in the class I think. Frankie’s an Italian kid with jet black hair, also a baseball player, shortstop. Shorter than Austin, but not by much, brown eyes. Bulkier though, but not by much. They probably weigh the same. He’s more of an asshole though. Anyways, I’m looking over Austin, and he looks immaculate. He’s doing that thing guys do where they lift their shirt up when they stretch, revealing their abs, and in Austin’s case, his 6 pack. He’s so fucking hot. I’m apparently not being very inconspicuous when I hear

“Fuck off Fag!” stemming from Frankie’s mouth

To which I reply “Only if you help me darling”

“Did you hear the mouth on your lover boy Austin? Fiesty!”

Austin looks at me and says “You’re not good enough to even hold my jock!”

Which garnered the appraisal of all his ‘boys’ and high fives went around.

I just shake my head and ogle some other boy.

Today in class, we’re to play hockey in the gym, so the teacher gives us a couple “goals” which are really just 2 cones on each end, a bunch of old beaten down hockey sticks and a whiffle ball. He tells us not to kill each other, and wanders over to read the newspaper somewhere far away.

We split into teams, Austin and Frankie on the enemy team. Austin keeps on looking at me, making me very self-conscious, and proceeded to whisper something to Frankie which elicited a laugh from them both. Today is either going to be glorious or terrible.

We’re playing, I don’t know what the score is, I just want it to end soon. The ball gets smacked in my general direction and I feel obliged to go get it. I’m about to smack it when something with the force of a freight train slams into me and sends me flying.

I hit the floor hard, and try to gather myself. I look and see Austin standing over me.

“My bad man” he says with a smile, and gives me his hand as a sign of good gesture. I take it and he pulls me close. Closer than I expected, and he smiles at me then pushes me away. Not sure what to make of that.

We go on, and the same thing happens again. He extends his hand and says “Man, I’m such a klutz. Really sorry man.” This time he comes off as more genuine, but I don’t accept it. I get up on my own accord and shake him off while keeping eye contact. I hear “oooooo” and other noises in the background that you’d expect when someone disrespects one of the more popular guys in school. He nods his head and we get back into it. This time I’m into the game, I want to win.

From when I started keeping track, we were tied with a couple minutes left in the class. It’s the last class of the day for us, so we don’t have to worry about getting dressed or anything, we just leave. The game’s actually getting pretty intense, everyone is into it. Everyone is getting tired, sweating bullets, and some of the more athletic guys have taken off their shirt, Austin being one of them. The ball comes towards me and I’m on defense. I look at my options and see nothing I’d enjoy to take, so I just smack the ball into the corner in panic as I see Austin run towards me.

We both run into the corner to try and get the ball, him behind me. We’re smacking each others’ sticks with our own sticks (I wish this was a euphemism) in attempt to take control of the ball.

When all of a sudden a stick comes straight up between my legs, taking out all sense of determination within me. A crippling ache comes over me as I fall to my knees, struggling to breathe. I hear a commotion in the back, but I can’t focus on it. All I can focus on is the pain in my balls, and just lay there, hoping everything just goes away. After a couple minutes I start to try and figure what’s going on, and I realize our team lost. Everyone’s walking away now, the bell must be ringing soon. I’m on my back, and I see Austin walk towards me“Hey man, I’m really sorry about that, he’s a proper dick.” He takes a seat next to me.

I look over him, and sit up. Instantly regret the decision as an aftershock of pain raves through me.

“It’s all right man, just relax. Tell you what, we’ll get you some payback next class. It was Frankie, you know him?”



“All right, we’ll get him next class, I’ll make sure he’s open for you” Austin says in a friendly voice.

A smile comes across my face. Oh boy.

Next class comes along, and it's basketball. I’m not very good at basketball, so I just fuck around a bit, but mostly I keep an eye out for an opening on Frankie like Austin said I should. We are dribbling about, and the ball manages to find its way to my possession via some grave mistake I’m sure. Frankie comes over to defend me and says

“Tell you what fag, if you give me the ball, I’ll let you suck my dick haha” he says, with much joy as he grabs his crotch, showing off the goods. And oh boy, are they good. His hand looks very full grabbing his white nike shorts. And his body always looked sexy, but it looks especially appetizing since he’s just in a grey tank top. There’s something about a boy in a tank top that really gets me going. I smirk and fake a pass over his head. As he jumps up to try and guard it, I pelt it straight at his balls full force.

A loud “OOMPH” leaves his mouth as the force of the ball sends him backwards.

“AHH FUCK MAN” he lets out as he cradles himself. Hands between his legs, knees up, feet kicking. His face growing red, coughs as the pain overwhelms him.

“I tried to give you the ball, maybe next time you’ll catch it Mr. Shortstop. That is your job, yeah?” I say with a smirk.

He shoots me a most foul look. I’m sure if he could breathe properly, or even stand up he’d whoop me straight. Which would be unfortunate; I enjoy this All Boys School.

Anyways, the class comes to a close and everyone goes downstairs to change, and Austin pulls me to the side

“Yo, good shit man. You got him good, but stay a bit later downstairs. Trust me all right man?” with that he gives me a slap on the ass and runs off. Oh my.

Giddy in anticipation, I wait downstairs. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do or anything, but everyone else left. I just sit there and twiddle with my thumbs when someone I assume to be Austin puts their hand on my shoulder

I turn around while saying “Hey man, why’d you-“ I get cut off by a punch in the face.

Turns out it isn’t Austin.

“So you think you can just get away with getting me like that you Fag?”

Frankie is looking at me, quite bothered for some reason or another.

“Ah fuck man, what’s with you and these sneak attacks?” I say on the floor nursing what I’m sure will turn into a blackeye before I know it.

“Okay, how about I tell you what I’m gonna do? I’m going to beat the fucking shit out of you, you fucking homo!” comes out of Frankie’s mouth with anger.

Jesus, this man has issues.

“Did your uncle touch you or something?”

That rustles his jimmies.

He tries to punch me while I’m on the floor, but I roll out of the way and his fist connects with the much more sturdy pavement with a thud.

Nursing his hand, Frankie lets out a “Shit” while keeping his eye on me

I try to create distance and think of what to do next. Frankie doesn’t give me much a thought as he bum rushes me. Thankfully, I sidestep as he goes flying behind me, headfirst into the lockers behind. He stumbles back and falls on one leg, quite dazed after the interaction. I gather myself figure what to do next. I see him from the muscular back, defined by the grey tank top he’s still sporting. His head looking down.

I know what to do next.

While he’s still on one knee, I take some steps back. I wait for him to stand up… and I start running at him. He’s still facing the lockers when I dropkick him into the lockers with a very loud thud. He can’t stay on his feet and falls to the ground and tries to figure out what the fuck just hit him.

Frankie falls in a way that his feet are his closest appendage to me. With him on the floor, trying to push himself up in his white nike basketball shorts and grey tank top, I go on the attack before he reorients himself. Again, I take a running start but instead of kicking him into the lockers…

I kick his balls into the sky.

I get beneath him with my kick as I aim for the skies, lifting him off the ground.

Frankie lets out a painful sounding “UUUGGGHHH” as he comes crashing down shoulder first.

I feel his package, his soft and very vulnerable jewels, I feel them as my foot smushes into his groin at full speed. There’s isn’t anything else in the world that feels as satisfying.

Frankie is rolling on the floor, moaning a pitiful moan since his white nike shorts offered no protection from my swift, and dare I say quite vicious boot to the balls.

Moaning on the floor, on his side, his arm down between his legs, elbow of the same arm in his stomach. Facing me, face beet red. Other hand pushing against the floor. It’s obvious Frankie hasn’t gotten hit in the balls like this before, and the basketball earlier definitely tenderized his plums, making this even more painful than it has to be. Luckily for me.

Satisfied that he’s realized he got outplayed by a fag, I walk away. But not before I spit on him for good measure, of course.

As I turn around to leave, I see Austin. For some reason he’s just wearing boxer briefs, outlining his very nice package of 2 hefty plums and one juicy cock.

“Oh hey man… ummmm what’s going on?” Austin says very confused. As if he didn’t expect to be in this situation…

I come to a conclusion.

“Oh, nothing much. Just here waiting for you like you said! I was about to come look for you.”

“Ummm yeah my bad man… I mus-“ Austin stops mid sentence as he hears moaning.

“Did you hear that?” he asks.

Ever so wittily, I say


“I could have sworn I heard someone moan or something…” the curious jock says looking behind me.

“Oh, yeah that. I think it came from over there” I point across the room, to not where Frankie is currently vomiting.

Austin walks over and sees nothing.

“Hey ma-“ I cut him off as he turns around with a sharp knee to his babymakers.

Despite the satisfaction kicking Frankie gave me, kneeing Austin in his boxers, which look far more revealing, and offer even less protection. It’s something more.

Austin’s mouth turns into an O as his knees turn to jelly he starts to buckle.

“Looking for Frankie right? Since you sent him in here to deal with me, then make me suck your guys’ dicks or something, right?”

Austin looked at me in disbelief

“Well you can go fuck yourself mate” I say as I shove my left hand into his mouth, causing him to be next in line for the gagging order.

I shove the dirty blonde stud against the wall, asphyxiating as if there were an obstruction in his airway. I shove my hand further, causing him much discomfort. With my other hand I slap his balls full force with a loud SMACK.

Actually grasping his manhood with my hand is something else altogether. It’s a feeling I will always savor. And the look in his eyes. You can’t see a man have that look in his eyes in any other situation.

I keep my hand in place and grab his gonads.

Austin’s eyes start to bug out as he realizes he is in a predicament he would prefer not to be in. I squeeze his bulge, twist and grind his nuts and the handsome face contorts as he tries to breathe somehow.

Austin tries to communicate.

“It’s hard to hear you Austin, try and anNUNciate” I claim as I shove my hand further down his throat at the NUN comes out of my mouth.

His face starts turning red, his hands unsure what to do. His hands trying to take mine out of his piehole, but the more he struggles the more damage I do to his balls, causing him even further discomfort as his body tenses at every added decibel of pressure. I feel my fingers in his mouth, 4 being shoved down as far as I can without it feeling like I’m shoving my first literally down his throat. I don’t do this however, because I want him to feel as much pain as he can before he passes out from lack of oxygen.

Austin is starting to lose himself, dim out of consciousness. The pain is excruciating as I start to dig my nails into the meaty flesh that is his manhood. And with the extra hand down his throat, it’s just too much for him. I look into his eyes as he starts to fade, I see the pain and despair in his eyes.

There’s nothing hotter in the world.

I take my hand out of his mouth, and use it to grab his throat.

“Look at me Austin.”

He looks at me.

“I said LOOK at me” putting more pressure on his most sensitive parts.

His eyes start scrambling

“Good boy. Now, I want you to re-“ I get cut off by a spear from an Angry Italian man, more commonly referred to as Frankie.

“You sick fucking pervert!” Screamed in my face.

“Disgusting fucking Communist” I scream back.

“Wha-“ Frankie gets cut off with a knee to the groin. Thankfully his lower body was right under my leg after his spear.

Frankie’s eyes start to gloss over and he loses focus. I rear my leg back and kick the Italian Stallion in the face, sending him off me onto his back.

I stand up using the help of the lockers next to me. I see Austin to the left of me, seemingly passed out. And in front of me I see Frankie, back lying on the ground, one knee up the other bent like a less than symbol, staring into the sky. Both of them, so manly, so sexy, so hot… so vulnerable... so fucked.

I take my phone out as I create a plan. I take off Frankie's shorts, so his naked genitalia is on display for whoever has the pleasure of witnessing.

Which is me. I’ve the pleasure.

I’ve the pleasure of seeing his 7 inch flaccid cock and huge meaty spuds dangle freely in front of me, with a treasure trail led down to it. He’s in no position to argue.

I get Austin and drag him to the best of my abilities over to Frankie. Austin’s a big boy, and he’s not helping me move himself right now, so it’s an issue, but I sort it. I get him over, and turn my camera on.

“Annnddd… we are good to go.” I say as the camera is ready.

I stroke Frankie’s dick softly, gently. He starts to stir, starts to moan. And so does his cock, as it starts to grow.

Glorious. Most Glorious I say to myself.

It grows to a mighty 9.5 inches, and I leave it there full mast. I drag Austin over and open his mouth, and drop him hole first onto Frankie’s dick. However, I wish him not to choke, so I don’t actually drop him. I slowly let him down, moving his head up and down and around until the perfect moment presents itself. I keep my camera in my other hand and keep my finger on the button so when the moment is right I won’t miss it.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanndd…… THERE we go…” I say aloud, to no one in particular

I look at my picture I just took. Perfect. It really looks like Austin’s sucking the cum out of Frankies monster cock. Frankie looks like he’s moaning, and Austin looks like he is thoroughly enjoying the Italian sausage he’s sucking.

It almost brings a tear to my eye… almost.

I throw Austin away without any caution, and kick both of them in their sides.

“Get the fuck up, you two got work to do.”

They start to stir and moan, remembering the pain stemming from their testicles.

“All right, before you two try and fuck me, which may I say is something I would in fact, quite enjoy, I want you two to know the situation. Here, I’ve a picture of Austin sucking Frankie's dick… queue shock” I say as I show them the incriminating picture.

They both looked shocked.

“Well done. Now, since the two of you concocted this abysmal plot, I would like the two of you to pay the price. Well, one of you more so than the other, but we’ll sort that later. If you guys want this picture deleted, you’ll do what I want. What I want, is you two to fight. Fight until you’re the clearly defined winner. I will clearly define it when I see it, so just keep on causing the other excruciating pain until I tell you to stop.” Both of them looked at each other, wide eyed and confused.

“And since I’m a, and I quote, ‘Sick Fucking Pervert’ ya’ll gonna have to do a lot for me to stop. Oh and the winner gets to leave this locker room, while the other will be stuck in here with me. So… The fight starts now, you may begin”

Neither are sure this is really Happening

“If you guys don’t get this started soon, I’m going to send these pictures to literally everybody in existence. Do not fucking test me, GET STARTED!” I scream, which gets them riled up a bit.

They both start to stand up.

“Austin man, I’m sorr-“ Frankie gets cut off by a punch in the face. It really feels like people just aren’t allowed to finish their sentences today.

Austin is not going to spend any more time with me than he has to it seems.

Disorientated and bruised balls, Frankie is on the floor. Quite clear minded and bruised balls, Austin on top of him. Without a word or a sign of empathy, Austin mounts Frankie and rains punches down on him. Left Right, Left Right, Left Right. Frankie’s arms are raised to try and deflect the blows. But Austin isn’t screwing around. Austin takes his dominant hand and grabs a handful of Italian meatballs. A high pitched shriek leaves Frankie’s body, sounding not too unlike


Frankie sends his hands south trying to salvage his shattered balls, but Austin is totally in control. With his hands gone, Austin uses his free hand to send 3 quick punches to Frankie’s face. Austin takes a second to consider things. He looks down at his friend, his teammate. Austin feels pity. A noticeable pain masks Frankie’s face, blood streaming out of his nose, tears swelling up, and eyes that are pleading. Pleading eyes that say please, please stop hurting me. Austin feels remorse. He weakens his grip, but stays atop.

I’m watching, curious as to what will happen. I know that even though both are weaker than they’d normally be, if they team up they could probably win, they’re stronger, they’re more of them then me, and they are likely very pissed at me. But, I don’t think it will come to that. I let this play out.

Austin looks over his friend, and gets up. Bending over, he extends his hand to bring Frankie up with him. Frankie looks stunned. He then looks thankful, and accepts Austin’s gesture and offers his hand to complete the interaction. I start to fidget a bit now.

“Do you boys really want everyone to think you two are lovers?”

They both look at me, then at each other. They nod.

Oh boy.

Austin says “If that means we get to beat the shit out of you, then yeah.”

Oh boy.

Austin pulls up Frankie, and they both turn to face me, with Austin leading the charge.

“You think you can play us like that?” Austin angrily utters.

“Honestly, yeah I really did.” I say backing up

They follow suit, with Austin saying “Tell me, what do you plan on doing now?”

I back up further, and reach a locker. Oh boy.

“If I get on my knees and beg, will that change anything?”

“You can fucking try you fag”

Welp. With a gulp, I get on my knees. I look up at Austin, from head to toe. He looks so dominating, so masculine. Like a man should look. I look at eye level and I see he’s growing a boner.

Oh boy.

“Suck my fucking dick” Austin says taking his underwear off, displaying his large equipment. Cock around 8 inches hard, and a hefty pair of plums to go with it.

“Would you kindly, ask nicely?”

He grabs my head and shoves my head into his cock.

“If you try anything, you’ll fucking regret it” Austin spits

I suck, and suck, and suck. I use my tongue, and cover the surface area of his cock with it. I put the cock as far back in my mouth as I can, and I swallow. That gets him moaning. Suck, Lick, Suck. Suck it dry.

If this is his idea of punishment, I’d love for him to punish me all day.

“Oh god, I’m cumin” Austin moans.

I move my head back and cover just the head. Personal preference.

“Oh god, Oh god…”Austin says with lust.

Here it comes I tell myself as I close my eyes.


I open my eyes, and almost don’t believe it.

Austin starts hacking, eyes bulging. I move out of the way as the rest of his jizz squirts to the floor. I wipe myself off in amazement.

Frankie has Austin’s balls in a vice grip.

An O is formed by Austin’s mouth, as his arms start twitching.

“I’m sorry bro, no one is going to see that fucking picture.” He says with a hint of pain in his voice. Whether it be physical pain, or emotional, is not for me to decipher. Only for me to enjoy.

Austin’s meaty balls are being deformed in Frankie’s grasp. Austin’s dick is still leaking. Drip by drip.

With a swift movement, Frankie pulls back on Austin’s balls causing him to squeal like a pig. He raises them, causing Austin to pull off a very high pitched “OOOHHH”, Frankie twists them causing Austin’s eyes to cross. My hands down my shorts as I’m caressing my own dick now; it’s leaking.

Frankie closes his eyes and raises his fist. He peeks one of them open, closes it again then smashed his fist into Austin’s delicate orbs causing a smack to echo.

Austin’s eyes roll into the back of his head as I stroke harder.

Another fist smashing into his balls, eliciting a louder smack than before as I stroke faster.

Austin’s teetering on the edge of consciousness as I teeter on the edge of climax.

With a large exhale, Frankie gears up for one more.

“Sorry Bro”

Oh boy.

A smack louder than anything I’ve heard fills the room as Austin screams a high pitch scream that rivals the ear piercing smack. I blow my load as he is screaming in pain. I finish as he loses consciousness. Still being held by his balls, his lower body is being held up, while his face smacks the floor.


Frankie lets go and looks like he’s going to be sick.

“Marvelous Frankie. Absolutely positutely Marvelous! Spectacular!”

“Fuck off. Just delete the fucking pictures, all right?” Frankie said, looking down and oddly enough, defeated.

“Fine, fine…” I say as I take out my phone.

Frankie turns around and looks at his broken friend. Both of them are naked, sweaty and their balls are swollen. Most especially Austin. Frankie looks down in pity, feeling ill he did this to his friend.

He continues to feel ill after I punt him in the dangling spuds from behind.

It’s even more satisfying hitting bare balls. Absolutely nothing between you and your targets. Ballbusting is a fetish I’m blessed to have.

His eyes cross, his breath leaves his mouth. He covers his balls with his hands, his legs crosss, and the black haired stud falls to his knees.

“AAHHHHHHHHHH” echoes the room as he lowers his head, trying desperately to ease the pain in his balls. He knows it won’t help, but it’s all he can do. I kick him in the side with the flat of my foot, pushing him over. He’s still cradling his jewels. I look down at him.

This hot kid, muscles where they should be. All the time he dedicates to making himself not only look amazing, but to be strong and be able to protect himself and his loved ones. All that time means nothing now, as he’s on the floor, unable to breath. Unable to feel anything other than overwhelming agony. Unable to think about anything other than his battered balls. His hands covering his jewels, his thick dick not being included in the cupping session, out for display. He looks so fucking hot. I feel my cock get hard.

“Are you fucking crying? Pathetic” I say as I hear him weep. I turn him over and spread his ankles. He looks at me pleadingly

“Move your hands, or I’ll send the picture”

He slowly moves his hands and closes his eyes. He takes a deep breath and waits for impact. I look down at him. His burly, sweat soaked body. His cock lay on his rock hard abs, as his eggs dangle on the floor. Wide open.

I might shoot a second load at this rate.

I jump into the air and fall onto his walnuts knee first.

I feel his nuts squish under my knee, and deform under the pressure.

A silent scream echoes from Frankie’s mouth. His eyes bulge, body jerks as he rests his head on my shoulder. I feel him breathe heavier and heavier as I get harder and harder. I grind my knee, crushing, squashing his swollen bollocks. His head raises as his eyes roll into the back of his head.

I feel the end is near for both of us, so I finish it. I jump off with the same knee that’s crushing his manhood, and land in place.

He vomits all over himself and the floor. I cum again, absolutely ruining my boxer briefs.

I take a breather with my knee still crushing Frankie’s jewels.

I get up awkwardly, and look over both of them. Austin face first, passed out. Frankie bent over passed out in his own puke. Both are stark naked with swollen testicles and a broken friendship. After admiring my handiwork, I take a sigh of relief. I take out my phone, attach everyone I can, and send the picture they worked so hard for me to delete.

Oh boy.


Anonymous said...

Oh shit! This is the pettiness I strive to achieve -- PLEASE make more. Just the thought of having two hot-ass studs totally humiliated and busted is so hot! Love it!

Lenny said...

Hey Nik! Thank you for your kind words, I really do appreciate it! And do not worry, I will write more. This is not a one time thing. And if there are ANY comments, concerns, criticisms, recommendations or anything of the sort. PLEASE do not second guess the value of your words. I highly regard other perspectives, so please let me know!

Martín said...

Wow, great story, the surprising plot changes are really nice. Very hot, leaving us all with a big erection (only disappeared after falling on the frame of my bike).

Lenny said...

Thank you for the kind words Martin! Also, my condolences pertaining to your unfortunate meeting with the frame of your bike. Hope there's no permanent damage haha

Martín said...

Haha, thanks Lenny. No worries, being a man can be painful but I' m ok; I' ve had worse. Let' s hope you' ll surprise us with other great stories.

Anonymous said...

So hot! Mean and nasty, just the way I like it. Can we hope for more?

Anonymous said...

You can definitly hope for more. Ive already some stories almost done, and I'll make sure they get published one way or another!