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BB Academy: Bashed abs and busted balls (Jerry and Ken meet Logan)

Special thanks to Jerry for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who has been waiting for an ab bashing story to pop up on this blog forever!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Erik and Logan (click for pictures)

“It’s a very interesting question”, Erik said with a smile. “And we’re going to get to the bottom of this today.”

My 19 year old assistant looked at his clipboard and made a note. He was in charge of the project, and I knew he was very devoted to the cause. He had a serious expression on his cute face, and the white lab coat counterbalanced his boyish looks, giving him an aura of gravitas and sincerity.

A little while ago we had started cooperating with the renowned Institute of Testicular Agony (ITA), the leading capacity authority in the field of Male Studies. We conducted scientific studies and sophisticated trials for them, and we were very proud of our groundbreaking work.

“First of all”, Erik said, “let’s recapitulate our hypotheses.” He looked at the two young men who were standing in front of him.

Jerry and Ken were friends, two hot, handsome guys with trained bodies and well-defined muscles. They were boxers, and they had approached the ITA with an intriguing inquiry.

Jerry was lean and muscular, with brown hair and a winning smile. He was shirtless, showing off his muscular chest, wearing a pair of loose boxing shorts. It was pretty obvious that he was wearing no underwear, and his big dick and his large, low-hanging balls were outlined in the flimsy fabric.

His buddy Ken was a beefy guy. His black hair was cut short. Like his friend, Ken was wearing boxing shorts, and it was obvious that his equipment was just as impressive as Jerry’s. His balls were big and plump, and his long, thin dick created a very interesting contrast to his beefy body.

“Sure”, Jerry said with a grin. “I think punching balls is a more effective way to make someone cum than punching abs.”

Ken chuckled. “Yeah, well, and I think the opposite is true. It’s a lot easier to make a man lose his load by punching his abs really hard.”

“We’re really glad you decided to settle this”, Jerry smiled.

Erik smiled back at him. “Well, it is a very important question. Sperm banks all over the world are waiting for the answer to this question.”

Ken and Jerry laughed.

“I can’t believe you found someone to do this with us”, Ken chuckled.

“Well”, Erik smiled. “To be frank, our subject thinks he’s going to do the punching. But I’m sure he won’t mind being the punching bag. He’s---“

The door opened, and Logan entered the room.

“Speak of the devil”, Erik grinned before introducing Logan to Jerry and Ken.

Logan was 18 years old, a very handsome young man, blond and blue-eyed, with a hot, athletic body. He was a member of his high school’s award winning wrestling team, and one of the most popular guys at his school.

When Erik broke the news to him, Logan stared at him, a horrified expression on his handsome face.

“What do you mean?” he said slowly.

Erik smiled and pointed at a metal frame in the middle of the room. It was an off-the-shelf heavy bag stand, without a training bag.

“We’re going to strip you naked and strap you to the bag stand”, Erik explained, smiling. “Jerry and Ken here have agreed to do the punching. They’re boxers, so everything will be strictly by the book.”

Jerry and Ken grinned at Logan.

“I’m gonna pummel your little ball bag so hard, you’ll shoot your load in no time”, Jerry grinned.

“It’s a pretty big ball bag”, Erik corrected him. “That’s why we chose him.”

“Wait a minute”, Logan said, shifting nervously. “I don’t think---“

“When’s the last time you shot a load?” Erik asked matter-of-factly, looking at his clipboard.

“The last time I--- A week ago, I think”, Logan said. “Thursday, to be exact.”

“Excellent”, Erik said with a smile, checking a box before looking up at Logan. “So your sack is nice and full, right.”

Logan let out a sigh. “Yeah, but---“

“Great”, Erik interrupted him. “Don’t worry. We’ll do this as quickly and cleanly as possible, right guys?”

Jerry and Ken burst out laughing.

“Let’s have a look at your goods”, Erik said suavely, looking at Logan expectantly.

Logan blinked. “But I---“

“You don’t want to stand in the way of science, do you?” Jerry said without even trying to hide his amusement.

Logan cleared his throat. “I don’t---“

“Listen, buddy”, Ken said. “We get it. You had other plans for that load. Sure. That’s entirely understandable. I mean, you’d rather blow it on your girlfriend’s face, or on her tits, right?”

Logan smiled sheepishly. “Well, I---“

“Well, tough luck”, Jerry chimed in, chuckling.

“That’s right”, Ken grinned. “Tough fucking luck. Get over it, and take your fucking clothes off.”

The beefy, brawny guy looked at Logan, his hands on his hips. His long, slender dick was rock-hard inside his shorts, creating an impressive tent.

Logan gulped. There was no way he’d win a fight against this stud. “Alright”, he mumbled defiantly. “Alright.” He took off his clothes, revealing his ripped body and his very impressive pair of juicy testicles that dangled low in his smooth, silky sack.

With the help of Jerry and Ken, Erik attached Logan to the bag stand, his arms tied behind his back, his legs spread wide apart, his ball bag hanging invitingly between his muscular thighs.

Jerry and Ken looked at him and chuckled.

Logan grimaced.

“Why don’t you have a look at the goods”, Erik said with a smile. “See if everything is to your liking.”

Jerry grinned and grabbed Logan’s nutsack in one hand, rolling his plump, cum-filled balls between his fingers.

“Nice balls”, he grinned.

“Thanks”, Logan mumbled, completely immobilized except for his head. He was looking down at his crotch, watching Jerry grope his nutsack and squeeze his balls. He let out a soft groan.

“The bag’s fine”, Jerry said, taking a step back. He adjusted his crotch, his boner tenting his shorts.

“The abs look pretty good, too”, Ken chimed in, running his hand up and down Logan’s chiseled abs before smacking them with the palm of his hand, making Logan cough. “It’ll be fun to destroy them.” He let out a laugh.

Erik made a note and stepped forward, lifting Logan’s limp dick with his ballpoint pen. “The penis looks fine, too”, he said, withdrawing the pen.

The heavy mushroom head of Logan’s dick swung down, striking his balls and making them swing like a Newton’s cradle.

Logan yelped in pain.

Jerry and Ken roared with laughter.

Erik looked up at Logan and smiled. “You okay?”

Logan raised his eyebrows. “Well, actually---“

“Nice”, Erik interrupted him, turning to the boxers who had started warming up, throwing hooks and uppercuts into the air. “A coin toss will determine who goes first.”

Ken won the coin toss, and he put on a pair of boxing gloves as Erik sat down at a table next to Logan, holding a stop watch.

Logan looked at Ken and gulped.

“I’m gonna make him cum in no time”, Ken announced confidently.

Jerry chuckled. “Yeah?”

Ken grinned. “I’m gonna wreck his fucking abs”, he continued, playfully nudging Logan’s taut, muscular belly. “They’re gonna hang in shreds from his body when I’m done with him.”

Jerry laughed and looked up at Logan. “Oh boy, you’re in for a treat…”

Logan let out a miserable groan.

“Ready?” Erik asked.

Ken nodded.

“Go!” Erik said, starting the stop watch.

“First, I’ll soften you up a little bit”, Ken grinned before delivering a hard right uppercut to Logan’s stomach.

Logan was gritting his teeth, letting out a guttural grunt.

“I’ve got a surprise for you later on”, Ken continued as he punched Logan’s abs once again with a left hook.

Logan groaned.

“You’ll love it”, Ken grinned, throwing a mean jab-cross-hook-cross combination at Logan’s belly.

Logan let out an anguished wail, struggling against his restraints.

Ken followed up with a rapid-fire series of hard jabs that connected perfectly with Logan’s rapidly reddening abs, making him scream in agony.

“Holy fuck”, Jerry chuckled, pointing at Logan’s crotch.

His dick was coming to life, slowly but steadily fattening and expanding until it was rock hard.

Ken continued his assault on Logan’s taut abs, making him scream and grunt and groan in pain as Ken’s glove-clad fists connected with his stomach.

Ken glanced down at Logan’s twitching boner and chuckled. “Alright”, he grinned, “time for phase 2.” With that, he took off his boxing gloves and threw them away. He adjusted his hard cock that was leaking precum, creating a moist patch in his shorts.

Then he put on brass knuckles, laughing out loud at the sight of Logan’s shocked face.

“You can’t be serious”, Logan groaned.

“Of course I am”, Ken chuckled, rubbing the brass knuckles with his other hand. “Buddy, I’m trying to punch a load of cum out of you.” He winked at Logan. “I gotta use every trick in the book…”

“This is gonna hurt”, Jerry mused, casually squeezing the huge erection on his shorts.

“Fuck yeah”, Ken chuckled before delivering a hard straight punch to Logan’s red, sore abs.

Logan screamed from the top of his lungs.

Again and again, Ken’s knuckles slammed into Logan’s abs, making him scream and roar in pain, his face contorted in pain. His body was covered in sweat and he was breathing heavily, his dick twitching and leaking precum.

“We’re getting close”, Ken said triumphantly, glancing at Logan’s throbbing, dripping cock while delivering blow after ab-wrecking blow to Logan’s poor, red, sore stomach.

Logan wailed in agony as his dick erupted with a huge spurt of cum that splattered against Ken’s muscular body.

“Fuck yeah!” Ken roared, delivering another hard punch to Logan’s abs as jet after jet of creamy spunk shot out of Logan’s dick, covering the muscular boxer’s chest and stomach in a thick layer of baby batter.

Logan’s face was a mask of pain, his abs beet red and sore, as his body was rocked by a powerful, involuntary orgasm.

Ken turned around, raising his arms like a prize boxer after knocking out his opponent, a triumphant, proud expression on his face.

Jerry burst out laughing, pointing at Ken’s cum-soaked shorts. “Did you just cream your pants, man?” he chuckled, playfully punching his buddy’s shoulder.

Ken roared with laughter. “Well, I told you that ab-bashing is an effective way of making someone cum”, he grinned, looking down his body. His chest and his abs were covered in Logan’s spunk, and his own creamy jizz was dripping out the leg opening of his shorts.

“9 minutes, 13 seconds”, Erik announced. “Pretty good. Now it’s your turn, Jerry.”

Jerry chuckled and grabbed Logan’s spent, dripping cock. “You know, I’m at a disadvantage here, you know?” he said, jerking Logan’s softening dick a couple of times. “I mean, he has just emptied his balls. Who knows if there’s another load inside?”

Erik smiled. “Trust me, there is. Logan is full of cum.”

Logan let out a miserable groan.

“Wanna give up?” Ken taunted his buddy, a wide grin on his face.

Jerry let out a laugh. “You wish! I’m gonna whip another loud out of him, and it’ll be bigger and creamier than yours!”

Logan moaned miserably, causing both Jerry and Ken to burst out laughing.

After elevating the bag stand to give Jerry better access to Logan’s drained balls, Jerry balled his fists and looked up at Logan. “Let’s get ready to rumble!” he quipped.

Ken laughed.

Logan whimpered, his face contorted in pain, sweat running down his muscular body.

“Go!” Erik said, starting the stop watch.

Jerry didn’t lose any time, delivering a hard, mean uppercut to Logan’s dangling ballsack. His knuckles connected with Logan’s delicate meatballs, smashing them flat against his body and making Logan roar in pain.

Jerry chuckled and punched Logan’s spuds once again, eliciting a high-pitched wail as Logan’s babymakers were flattened like pancakes.

Punch after nut-crunching punch connected with Logan’s most prized possessions, making his ballsack swing wildly as Logan screamed in agony.

It took more than two dozen punches to awaken Logan’s dick. After accidentally smashing the fat head of Logan’s limp dick a couple of times, Jerry was happy to see it rise. With Logan’s dick hard and pointing at the ceiling, he was able to treat Logan’s nuts like a punching bag, smashing it with hooks and jabs and uppercuts, left and right, making the ball bag swing wildly.

Its contents, the two recently emptied sperm containers, were swelling rapidly.

Logan was wailing and screaming, groaning and shrieking in agony, his sweaty face clenched shut, as the color of his big, beautiful ballsack changed from a healthy pink to a rather unhealthy burgundy red with sporadic shades of blue.

“Look at his fucking nuts”, Jerry laughed, pummeling Logan’s balls with both of his fists, “they are starting to match his abs!”

Ken roared with laughter.

The sound of Jerry’s knuckles connecting with Logan’s bloated, swollen balls echoed through the room, mixing with Logan’s anguished screams.

Jerry was having the time of his life, pummeling away at Logan’s beet-red danglers.

Logan’s dick was rock-hard and twitching. Precum was oozing out of its tip, running down his shaft and coating his wildly swinging ballsack in a sticky layer of precious juice. It looked like the glistening varnish on a work of modern art.

Obviously, Logan wasn’t able to appreciate the artful appearance of his ballsack. He was wailing and screaming, grunting and groaning as his nuts were pummeled like a speedbag.

Stopping his assault on Logan’s manhood for a moment, Jerry turned to his buddy and grinned.

Logan’s swinging nutsack calmed down, leisurely swinging back and forth, looking surprisingly peaceful. Only the angry red color and the developing bruises were indications that something wasn’t quite right. And there were Logan’s anguished screams, of course.

“Can I borrow your brass knuckles?” Jerry asked his friend.

“Ouch!” Ken cringed in mock sympathy while laughing out loud. “Of course, man!”

Jerry chuckled. “Those nuts are tough to crack”, he quipped. “But I’ll crack them and make them release their sweet, creamy pulp.”

Ken roared with laughter at his buddy’s joke.

“Right, boy?” Jerry looked up and winked at Logan, putting on the brass knuckles and waving them at the poor stud whose throbbing cock was rock-hard and glistening.

Logan’s face was a mask of pain, sweaty and hot. His eyes were clenched shut and his mouth was hanging open, spit dripping from its corners.

Jerry smashed his armored fist into Logan’s bruised, swollen balls, making them swing back and hit his ass cheeks with a wet splat.

Logan’s voice rose an octave and he let out a comically high-pitched yodel.

Jerry’s brass knuckles connected with Logan’s badly battered balls again and again, making him scream and wail in utter agony.

His dick was twitching and throbbing violently, pointing at the ceiling, its tip dripping wet.

“Fuuuuuuck!” Logan yelled, his voice strangled and hoarse, his eyes clenched shut.

A huge spurt of cum shot out of his dick, hitting Jerry right in the face.

Ken burst out laughing as his buddy was showered in spunk.

Jerry let out a soft moan of pleasure as he released his own load inside his shorts while jet after creamy jet of jizz shot out of Logan’s dick.

Logan was panting and moaning, his face contorted in pain.

Jerry threw one final punch at Logan’s busy balls, making him let out an anguished wail. Then he turned to his buddy, chuckling.

He was covered from head to toe in Logan’s jizz.

Jerry and Ken high-fived, laughing, as Logan’s orgasm slowly subsided.

Logan was a mess. His abs were beet red and sore, his balls bloated, swollen and bruised, his softening dick dripping with spunk.

“10 minutes, 52 seconds”, Erik said matter-of-factly, glancing at his clip-board. “Looks like we have a winner.”

“Wait a second”, Jerry said. “That’s just because I went second, I demand---“

“Don’t worry”, Erik interrupted him with a smile. “Of course we’ll have to rule out the so-called ‘first load factor’.” He got up and reached into the pocket of his lab coat. “That’s why we’ll reconvene in two weeks and conduct the experiment again, in reverse order.”

Jerry and Ken looked at each other and laughed.

Logan opened his eyes and he let out a miserable groan.

“And to make sure that we’ll have something to work with…” Erik’s voice trailed off as he walked up to Logan, produced a little chastity device and locked up Logan’s cock.

“You can’t be serious”, Logan whispered, staring down at his caged dick, his bruised abs and his battered balls.

“Alright”, Erik said cheerfully, starting to lower Logan’s body and release his restraints. “That’s it for today.” He glanced at the cum-stains that were covering the floor. “We’ll have a lot of cleaning-up to do…”


When Logan returned two weeks later, he was half an hour early, storming into the studio, edgy and restless, his hair unkempt, his shirt sloppily buttoned.

“Alright, let’s do this”, he mumbled without a hello, starting to take off his shoes.

“My, you can’t wait, huh?” Erik chuckled.

“Let’s do this”, Logan repeated, throwing his shoes into a corner.

Erik chuckled.

Logan mumbled something unintelligible, unbuttoning his jeans and pulling them down.

“What was that?” Erik asked.

“Tie me up and bash the cum out of me”, Logan muttered, “I gotta get out of that fucking cage.”

Erik grinned as he watched Logan undress.

Stark naked, his fat cock locked up inside the chastity device, Logan stared at Erik, a desperate expression on his face. “Please.”

When Jerry and Ken arrived, Logan was hanging from the bag stand, his legs spread, his dick unlocked and pointing at the ceiling. “Come on!” he yelled. “Punch the fucking cum out of my nuts!”

Jerry and Ken looked at each other and laughed.

“Easy, easy”, Jerry chuckled. “We got to change first.”

“God”, Logan moaned. “I need to cum!”

Jerry and Ken took their time changing into their boxing shorts, while Logan was begging them to hurry up.

Jerry went first, masterfully bashing Logan’s balls with his fists, treating them like a speedbag and making Logan scream and wail while egging him on.

“Punch those fucking nuts!” Logan cried. “Harder, punch them harder! Make them give up their load! Make me cum! I need to fucking cum!”

Jerry complied, pummeling Logan’s juicy, cum-filled babymakers until Logan shot an incredibly copious load, roaring with pleasure, pain and relief. His balls were swollen and red and covered in bruises.

Then it was Ken’s turn.

After having released his load, Logan wasn’t as enthusiastic about getting his abs bashed any more, but Ken managed to bridge the enthusiasm gap by going extra hard on Logan’s abs, throwing punch after punch at his rapidly reddening abs.

After Logan had shot his second load, I had a sense of déjà-vu: Logan was a mess. His abs were beet red and sore, his balls bloated, swollen and bruised, his softening dick dripping with spunk.

Jerry and Ken were covered in Logan’s cum, and they had both creamed their pants.

Erik crunched the numbers. “Okay”, Erik said finally. “Ball busting: 8 minutes, 27 seconds on average. Ab bashing: 8 minutes, 42 seconds on average.”

Jerry laughed. “Yes! I told you! I told you that busting his balls is a more effective way of making someone cum than bashing his abs!”

Erik raised his hands. “Not so fast”, he said quickly. “15 seconds is well within the margin of error. We’re talking science here, so we’ll have to make sure that this is not an outlier.” He grabbed the chastity device and smiled at Logan.

“What?!” Logan croaked.

Jerry and Ken looked like they had just won the lottery.

“Don’t worry”, Erik smiled as he locked Logan’s dick up again. “The numbers get more reliable every time. It shouldn’t take more than a dozen iterations until we have a solid result.”

Logan let out a dry cough.

Before Logan left, Erik handed him a bottle of pills. “No more than three a day”, he said, smiling at Logan. “They’ll help when you’re horny.”

After Logan had gone, I asked Erik about the pills.

“Viagra”, Erik said with a grin. “No reason science can't be fun, right?”


Carter said...

That was great, I miss the ITA, they were the same group from before, right
And Logan in a chastity device is always great

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Carter! I'm pretty sure the ITA will return in a new story next year. :-))

Carter said...

Think they'll show up in 2018 ?

Alex said...

Thanks for xour commemt, Carter! I‘ll see if I can come up with something. :-))