Monday, November 23, 2015

Video links: Game show ballbusting - USA (3)

I just stumbled across two wonderful clips (one of them has just been released a couple of days ago) so I spontaneously decided to write this little post even though I had originally planned to publish something else today...

Broke A$$ Game Show is a re-invention of MTV's classic show I bet you will (take a look at highlights from that show here and here). The concept is simple: People do stupid, ridiculous and sometimes painful things to win money while their friends and random strangers cheer them on and indulge in schadenfreude.

In season one, they had skit called Nuthin' but nut, featuring guys throwing basketballs at their buddy's crotch by making a contestant strap a basketball backboard over his nuts.

And in season two (which is running in the US right now), they came up with a very original version of a quiz show. The skit is called Nutflix, and here's the official description courtesy of MTV:
Contestants are asked some simple questions about movies and shows. But instead of buzzing in on a conventional game show buzzer, contestants must buzz in by whacking their partner in the nuts. 
(Note that MTV uses the word "nuts" instead of "groin" or "crotch" or "balls" in the official description of the scene.)

I just love the atmosphere of the clip. It's right in the middle of NYC, and a large crowd has gathered to watch the two contestants get hit in the nuts. Awesome. And the hosts' comments are pretty great, too. At one point, one of them announces the score: "One, one - that might actually be how many balls they have left right now: One to one."

Here's the full clip (one of the four nutshots is m/m, the other three are f/m):

That's it for today's spontaneous edition of "Game show ballbusting". In case you have missed them, here are the previous parts:
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If you have an information or if you know of any other ballbusting clips from game shows (from the US or anywhere else in the world) let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (

Thank you!

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