Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Video links: Comedy gems (2)

What would comedy be without guys getting hit in the nuts? Not funny, that's for sure. Here are a couple of my favorite nutshot scenes from comedy movies, TV or web shows.

Even funnier than men getting hit where it hurts are bullies getting hit where it hurts. Here's a scene from the US movie "The Warrior's Way" featuring three pairs of teenage testicles getting crushed by a little person. Make sure you turn the sound up for this - the crunching of nuts has never sounded so good...

I don't know where the next scene is from, but I'm guessing it's a telenovela from Brazil or Mexico. The sound designers did a great job on this one: Not only do we get the "ding" of a bell ringing, but we're also treated to the desperate chirping of a few disoriented birds as we watch the agony on the young man's face after his balls have been hit by a tennis ball. But don't worry - the upbeat music suggests we don't have to feel sorry for him...

In the following promo clip for the comedy series "BOYZ" from India, one of the characters gets kicked in the nuts by a girl, and his buddies clutch their crotches in sympathy - before laughing out loud and mocking their buddy.

And finally, here are two scenes from the silly comedy "Aliens in the attic". In the first one, the handsome boyfriend of one of the main character's older sister gets hit in the nuts with a paintball gun. If listening to his prolongued high pitched squealing and watching him put an pack of frozen peas on his crotch afterwards isn't getting a laugh out of you, I don't know what will...

Well, maybe the second scene from the same movie will. The poor paintballed guy from the first scene has a new girlfriend now - and his ex-girlfriend and her brother apparently have control over his brain. With a remote control (?!) they manipulate him into doing all sorts of ridiculous things, culminating in a nut-crunching jump onto a railing. The look on his face is priceless. (Sorry for the bad quality, I didn't find a better version of the clip.)

(Skip to 1:05)

Reader's pick:

Our reader Yannis shared the following clip, a short web video featuring a bully getting hit in the nards.

How to deal with bullies

Our reader Carter sent us two awesome clips: One is a parody of cheesy sales shows, the other one is a mock commercial for Army Football.

Special thanks to Yannis and Carter!

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