Thursday, April 2, 2015

Poll results: Story length

A couple of weeks ago I asked you tell me your opinion about the length of ballbusting stories. Almost 100 people took part in the poll, and here are the results:

How long do you like your BB stories?
Short and to the point   11,5%
The longer the better   12,5%
I don't mind - as long as they're good   76%

I guess that's a pretty clear picture: An overwhelming majority doesn't mind whether the story is short or long or somewhere in the middle - and the rest is equally split.

I guess that means that I'll carry on like before: Some short stories, some long stories - whatever the plot requires...

Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll. I really appreciate your feedback!

P.S.: Tomorrow I'm going to publish one of the longest stories (probably the longest story) I've ever written, an epic adventure featuring dicks and balls and pain and fun and absurdity: The next chapter of the From stud to dud series, titled PING! SPLATCH! BANG! PFWOCK! THWACK! SPLAT! SNAP! I hope you'll like it!


BBcrusher said...

Oh yes Alex thank you for great site and stories.
I can't wait for next Stud to Dud, it seems like big balls popping and more hehehe I would love it.


Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, BBcrusher! The story is online now - I hope you'll like it! :-))