Sunday, March 29, 2015

UCW Wrestling goes nuts!

I have been a fan of UCW Wrestling for a couple of years. Their roster features a lot of hot, young wrestlers, and it seems like they all like to employ dirty tactics and cheap shots to defeat their opponents. Take for example Match 269 where Johnny Deep and Axel fight in an Easter Special and repeatedly go for each others' eggs. There have been steamy oil matches (like Match 277 or Match 364 or Match 379), strip matches (like Match 322) and jock strap matches (like Match 397). I've bought a number of clips from their site, and most of them feature a couple of nice, dirty nutshots.

But their latest video takes the cake: Match 400 (Ballbuster) features Eli Black and Axel, two hot UCW regulars who have made appearances on other websites as well. Eli has brought young Vincent Stone to help him fight Axel and reclaim the UCW championship belt (or something like that - I have to admit that I was a little distracted during the introduction by Eli's hot, ripped body...).

This match is all about crunching nuts and busting balls. It's more than 30 minutes long, and it starts with a mean nutpunch and ends with a couple of nasty smacks in the balls. In between, Eli and Axel kick, stomp, squeeze, headbutt, punch, slap, knee and bite (!) each others' nuts, and even young Vincent gets in on the action and deals out a couple of nutshots - only to get his just deserts by Axel and Eli. There are so many highlights that it's almost impossible to single out a specific scene. From the prolonged mutual ballsqueeze to the incredibly brutal frontal wedgie on Axel, from the numerous kicks and punches to the playful slaps and smacks, from the fun dialogue and the hot banter between the two fighters to the nut-bashing action - I loved every single minute of this match.

If you enjoy hot guys in speedos bashing each others' balls and having a lot of fun while doing it, this is a clip you don't want to miss! Buy it at for only $14.99.

If you're not convinced yet here are a couple of scenes from the match:

Getting ready for the fight: Eli (middle) and Axel (right), with Vincent on the sidelines.
That's gotta hurt: Eli kicks Axel's nuts.
Eli with a good handful of Axel's big, hot bulge.
Eli counting his possessions: "One.. two... I had two before, right?"
Eli - ready to take a dive into Axel's open crotch.
Double nut squeeze action.
Frontal wedgie!
Vincent kicks nuts!
What's that move called? No idea - but I bet it hurts...
Oh, just in case you're wondering: No, I don't profit in any way from the sales of this or any other UCW clip. But I have to admit that I hope they'll do more ballbusting videos if this clip is a success... :-))

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