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Ballbusting workout (Ibi meets Logan)

Special thanks to our reader Ibi for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who's always fantasized about busting their workout partner's balls in the gym!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Logan (Click for pictures)

“You’re Logan, right?”

Logan turned his head. The 18 year old blond dropped the weights he had been lifting and wiped the sweat off his forehead with his arm. He was wearing light blue shorts and a white tank top, both of which were soaked in sweat after Logan had almost finished his daily workout routine in the gym.

He looked at a bespectacled young man in his early twenties, with black hair and a friendly smile on his face. He wasn’t sweating, his smooth, tan skin didn’t look like he had started his workout yet. In fact, with his skinny body, the young man looked a bit out of place in the gym.

All of the other guests had left, and it was just the two of them in the large room.

“Sorry for interrupting you like this”, the young man smiled and extended his hand. “I’m Ibtisam. My friends call me Ibi.”

Logan shook his hand and smiled. “Logan.” He looked at Ibi for a moment. “I’m sorry, I’m really bad with faces – do we know each other?”

“You probably don’t remember me”, Ibi said, adjusting his glasses. “I’ve seen you wrestle a couple of times. We talked a couple of times.”

Logan looked at him, smiling apologetically.

“Nevermind”, Ibi said with a wave of his hand. “I just wanted to say that I’m a huge fan and I really enjoy watching you wrestle. It was nice to meet you here again.”

“Thanks”, Logan smiled. “Nice to meet you, too, Ibi.”

Ibi turned to go. “Actually”, he said, turning around again and looking at Logan. “I have a little favor I’d like to ask.”

Logan shrugged. “Fire away.”

“I bet you know a lot about muscle building and stuff like that”, Ibi smiled.

Logan chuckled and showed off his biceps. “A bit”, Logan grinned.

Ibi lifted his scrawny arms. His eyes darted from Logan’s arms to his own and back again.

Logan’s biceps were well-defined and glistening with sweat, making Ibi’s almost non-existent muscles look pathetic and almost ridiculous in comparison.

 “Maybe you can show me some stuff I can do?” Ibi said with a hopeful smile.

Logan chuckled. “Sure.” His eyes dropped to the dumbbell he had just placed on the ground. “I guess this one’s too heavy for you.” Logan winked at Ibi. “At least for now.”

He turned around and looked at the rest of the weights, trying to find one that wouldn’t be too much of a challenge for Ibi.

Ibi watched him. The smile on his face had disappeared. His eyes were fixed on Logan’s muscular ass. Ibi’s eyes fell on Logan’s water bottle. He reached into his pocket, producing a little transparent bag filled with a small amount of white powder.

Finally, Logan had found a dumbbell that seemed appropriate. He looked at it and chuckled. “Let’s try this one”, he said, turning around.

Ibi smiled. “Great.”

Logan handed him the dumbbell and showed him how to use it, watching him as he repeated the lift a dozen times.

“I don’t want to take up too much of your precious time”, Ibi smiled, putting down the dumbbell.

“Nonsense”, Logan said. “I’m happy to help.” He reached for his water bottle and drank.

Ibi watched him closely. “Maybe you could show me how to use that bar over there?” He pointed at the pull-up bar at the other end of the room.

“Sure”, Logan said and walked across the room, followed by Ibi.

“Thank you so much for doing this”, Ibi said. “This is really awesome.”

They stood in front of the pull-up bar.

“You haven’t worked out much before, have you?” Logan said.

“No, I haven’t”, Ibi smiled.

“It’s all about self-discipline”, Logan said and looked up at the pull-up bar. “Define your goals and try to achieve them.”

Ibi sighed. “Easier said than done, right?”

Logan laughed. “Yeah, I guess. You could try using some sort of incentive. You know, get yourself something nice if you achieve your goal. Or a penalty if you don’t. My friends and I did that when we started.”

Ibi nodded. “Sounds good. Let’s think of something and do this one together, alright?” He smiled at Logan and added quickly, “If that’s not too much to---“

“Sure”, Logan said. “No problem.” He took another big gulp from his water bottle. “Alright”, he said, clapping his hands. “Let’s do this.”

“What’s our goal?” Ibi said.

“You tell me”, Logan said.

Ibi looked at the bar. “Ten pulls.”

“Whoa”, Logan chuckled. “Okay. That’ll be a challenge for you.”

Ibi smiled. “You have to set your goals high enough.”

Logan nodded. “Okay. We need a prize. Or a penalty.”

Ibi smiled at Logan. “Which works better?”

“A penalty I guess.” Logan said. “Any idea?”

Ibi thought for a moment. “It has to hurt, right?”

Logan chuckled. “Otherwise it doesn’t work…”

Ibi adjusted his glasses. “Do you have an idea? What did you do with your friends?”

Logan chuckled. “I’m not sure you’d want to do that…”

Ibi smiled at him. “Try me.”

Logan scratched his head. He looked at Ibi. Then he laughed. “Nutshots”, he grinned.

“Really”, Ibi said.

“We hit each other in the nuts when we didn’t make it”, Logan chuckled.

Ibi shrugged. “We can do that.”

Logan laughed. “You sure?” He glanced at Ibi’s crotch and winked at him. “Don’t think I’ll hold back…”

Ibi chuckled. “I won’t either.”

Logan smiled. “Ten pulls or a nutshot.” He looked at Ibi. “You really sure?”

“Definitely”, Ibi said.

“Okay”, Logan said. “Let me show you how to do it.” He took off his top, revealing his smooth, muscular chest. “You have to pull yourself up so that your chin is above the bar”, he explained and grabbed the bar. “Like this.”

Ibi watched him.

Logan tried pulling himself up but somehow his muscles didn’t work the way he wanted them to. “Funny”, he mumbled and tried again.

Ibi smiled. “Looks like you get a nutshot.”

Logan laughed nervously. “I’ve done this a thousand times. I don’t know what’s wrong.” He tried once but he just wasn’t able to lift himself up. “Something’s wrong”, he said. “Something’s---“

Ibi’s foot connected with Logan’s crotch, flattening the prominent bulge and ramming his testicles into his body.

Logan’s eyes bulged and he started coughing. “Shit”, he groaned, doubling over and falling to his knees. “You got me good.”

Ibi watched him grimace and groan in pain. “I put something in your water”, he said softly.

Logan looked up at him, a pained expression on his face. “You did what?”

“A drug that makes you weak”, Ibi smiled. “Makes you unable to defend yourself.”

Logan’s eyes grew wide.

“Makes me be able to do this”, Ibi said, bringing his leg back and smashing it into Logan’s hands that were cupping his aching balls. The instep of Ibi’s sneaker collided with Logan’s hands and drove them into his balls, making him yelp in pain.

“But--- Why?” Logan croaked.

“Let’s deal with that question later”, Ibi smiled. “Right now I want you to show me how to use the weight bench.”

Logan groaned. “What?”

“Show me how to use the weight bench”, Ibi repeated softly. “You don’t want me to kick you again, do you?”

Logan grimaced. “But---“

Ibi sighed and planted another hard kick into Logan’s crotch, smashing his nuts and eliciting a anguished wail.

“The weight bench”, Ibi said. “Please.”

Logan groaned and got up, limping towards the bench.

“It’s an interesting drug”, Ibi said, following him. “It works in mysterious ways. You don’t taste it, you don’t smell it. It doesn’t impair your speech or your coordination. But it makes your strength go away.”

Logan tried to make a run for the exit but Ibi tripped him up, causing him to fall flat on his face.

Logan groaned and turned onto his back.

Ibi kicked his legs apart and stood between them.

Logan looked up at him, his eyes filled with fear.

“Don’t try to leave”, Ibi said softly before kicked Logan’s nuts with all the force he could muster. The skinny black-haired boy’s foot sailed into Logan’s crotch and connected with his nuts with a dull thud.

Logan’s body convulsed and he let out a scream.

“The weight bench”, Ibi smiled. “Now.”

Logan groaned and crawled over to the weight bench, lying down on his back, his legs closed.

Ibi stood behind him and chose the lowest weight possible. He lifted the barbell out of its holder.

Logan stared up at him, his face contorted in pain. “No”, he whispered.

“Grab it”, Ibi smiled. “It’s easy.”

“No”, Logan repeated.

Ibi sighed. “You don’t want me to drop this on your chest, do you?”

Logan groaned and lifted his hands, wrapping his finger around the bar.

Ibi let go of the barbell and it immediately dropped down, trapping Logan underneath.

Logan let out a yelp.

Ibi chuckled. “Well, it’s easy for someone in possession of his usual strength…” He walked around Logan and spread his legs wide apart.

Logan tried to keep his legs closed to no avail.

Then Ibi leaned over Logan and raised his knee before sending it crashing in between Logan’s thighs, ramming his juicy babymakers into his body and making Logan scream in pain.

“Why are you doing this?” Logan whimpered.

“We’ll deal with that question later”, Ibi whispered before ramming his knee into Logan’s nuts once more.

Again and again Ibi’s knee collided with Logan’s nuts.

Suddenly, Ibi chuckled. “Now look at that, there’s at least one muscle that isn’t affected”, he grinned and looked down at Logan’s shorts that were tented by a huge erection. “Seems like you’re enjoying this…”

“Fuck”, Logan croaked.

Ibi chuckled and drew his leg back before kicking Logan’s nuts as hard as he could.

Logan screamed from the top of his lungs, his body trapped under the barbell, utterly unable to defend himself.

Another kick found its target and crunched Logan’s nuts, making him squeal in agony.

Suddenly, his dick erupted inside his shorts.

Ibi watched Logan’s boner with a fascinated expression on his face. Its head was pulsing underneath the flimsy fabric of Logan’s training shorts, pumping out batch after batch of creamy cum that soaked the light blue fabric, creating a large, wet stain that grew larger and larger with every twitch of his dick.

Ibi lifted his leg and stomped down hard on Logan’s nuts, squishing them underneath the soles of his sneakers and making Logan yodel in pain as his orgasm continued to rock his body.

Ibi stomped Logan’s nuts inside his wet, sticky shorts again, eliciting an anguished wail and making Logan’s face scrunch up in pain.

Finally, Logan’s orgasm subsided. He was panting heavily, grimacing in pain, his body glistening with sweat.

“What a mess”, Ibi said with a smile. “Let’s get those shorts off of you…” He pulled down Logan’s shorts, exposing his spent, chubby dick that was sticky with his juice.

Logan let out a groan.

Ibi lifted the barbell and put it back into the holder, allowing Logan to curl up in a ball, moaning and groaning in pain. He watched him for a moment.

“Why did you do that?” Logan croaked.

Ibi raised his eyebrows. “You don’t think we’re finished yet, do you?”

Logan stared at him. “But---“

Ibi chuckled and helped Logan up. “There are so many machines in here… Why don’t we try that one next?” He pointed at the thigh adductor machine.

Logan gulped.

A minute later he was sitting on the machine, his thighs spread wide apart, his swollen balls dangling vulnerably between them.

“The point of the machine is to move the weight by closing your legs, right?” Ibi smiled.

Logan groaned.

“Try it”, Ibi said sweetly.

Logan groaned and tried to close his legs, grimacing with effort. “I can’t”, he moaned. “I can’t.”

Ibi sighed. His eyes focused on the two big, swollen orbs that were hanging low inside Logan’s sack.

Logan’s eyes widened. “No, please don’t---“

Ibi’s foot connected with Logan’s spent nuts with a wet splat, smacking them up inside their sack before they tumbled down again and were met with a second kick.

Logan’s screams filled the gym as Ibi kicked Logan’s balls repeatedly with all the force he could muster. Logan’s legs were held apart by the exercise machine and he watched helplessly as his nuts were smashed again and again.

“I never thought I’d enjoy working out”, Ibi quipped before landing another hard, nut-crunching kick to Logan’s bloated valuables.

Logan screamed and shrieked and wailed in pain as his big babymakers were smashed by his handsome, skinny tormentor. Despite having just shot his load, Logan’s dick had risen to full attention again, smacking against his abs with every kick.

“Let’s move on, shall we?” Ibi suggested and freed Logan who collapsed on the ground, clutching his groin and moaning in pain.

“Please, stop”, Logan panted. “I can’t go on anymore. Please stop!”

Ibi looked at him, a disappointed expression on his face. “Oh, come on. There are so many machines I want you to show me.”

“Please”, Logan whimpered. “Please stop.”

Ibi sighed and adjusted his glasses. “Alright.”

Logan blinked. “Really?” he whispered.

Ibi knelt down next to him and smiled. “I don’t want you to think I’m a brute.”

Logan stared at him. “Of course not”, he said hoarsely. “Thank you. Thank you!” He sat up. “Thank you.”

Ibi looked down at Logan’s hard cock and smiled. “There’s one thing we need to do first, though.”

Logan bit his lower lip. “What--- what is it?”

Ibi’s left hand shot forward and he closed his fingers around Logan’s nuts, squeezing hard. At the same time, his right hand found its way between Logan’s thighs, his index finger slipping into his hole.

Logan’s mouth opened and he let out an ear-piercing scream.

Ibi’s index finger found his prostate and massaged it while he was squishing and squashing Logan’s fat, swollen balls with his other hand, digging his fingertips into the soft flesh of Logan’s tender testicles.

Logan was squirming and writhing on the ground, Ibi’s finger lodged deep inside his ass, Ibi’s hand wrapped around his nuts. Logan’s cock was rock hard and twitching as Ibi was milking his prostate for all it was worth while he was kneading Logan’s nuts with his bony fingers.

Ibi was smiling, working Logan’s body with his hands like a baker treated a batch of dough, squeezing his balls and wiggling his finger against Logan’s prostate.

Logan’s breathing quickened and his screams went higher and higher in pitch before his cock let go of a big, thick batch of cum that stot straight up in the air and hit Ibi right in the face. Ibi’s glasses were covered in spunk that dripped down in rich, heavy drops as load after load splashed into his face, covering his hair and his face in Logan’s sticky spunk.

Logan was screaming from the top of his lungs. His orgasm seemed to last an eternity as Ibi made sure to milk him to the last drop.

Finally, Logan’s balls were empty, and the spunk geyser turned into a little sperm rivulet.

Ibi pulled his finger out of Logan’s ass and let go of his balls.

Logan was lying on his back, breathing heavily, his eyes closed, his mouth gaping open, his face contorted in pain.

Ibi got up and grabbed Logan’s feet, spreading his legs wide apart.

Logan let out a whimper.

Ibi placed his foot on Logan’s nuts and started gaspedaling him, squashing his spent, sore, swollen balls into his body.

Logan was groaning hoarsely, exhausted and worn out. “Why?” he whispered in a toneless voice, his face a mask of pain. “Why?”

Ibi’s cum-covered face broke into a wide smile while he was squishing Logan’s balls under his foot. “You’ll never know”, he said softly. “It doesn’t matter anyway, does it?” He watched Logan’s eyes roll back into his head as he passed out.

Ibi dropped Logan’s feet and looked at him lying on the ground, his naked body covered in his own semen. He reached into his pocket and produced a camera to take a couple of pictures, making sure to get close-up shots of Logan’s handsome face, his sticky dick, his swollen, empty balls and his hole.

He put the camera away and licked his lips, tasting Logan’s salty jizz. “Goodbye, Logan”, he said softly. “It was nice to meet you.”


Anonymous said...

Thought about emailing this, but I want everyone to read this - thank you so very much for this amazing story Alex! I am in love with your "Be Our Guest" stories because you have somehow managed to keep exactly what your readers want and yet maintain the integrity of your characters and their personalities. This was brilliant, thank you! - Ibi

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Ibi! Your feedback means a lot to me and I'm glad you enjoyed your story! :-))