Friday, April 24, 2015

#nokidsforhendo (Martin meets Phil and Jordan Henderson)

Special thanks to our reader Martin for the plot idea! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who watches sports matches only for the nutshots!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

This story takes place in England, so the word “football” doesn’t refer to American football but to Association football (= soccer).

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Phil and Jordan Henderson (click for pictures)

Jordan Henderson scratched his head and grimaced. “Here we go again”, he sighed.

A couple of years ago, when Jordan had stepped down as Captain of the England national U21 football team, he had come up with a new and original way to determine the new captain. And somehow – Jordan himself couldn’t quite explain it – it had become a tradition.

So here he was, the successful 24 year old football player, the handsome and attractive blond stud, standing in the middle of the locker room, stark naked, his impressive goods on full display. He sported a big, meaty dick and a pair of plump, low-hanging balls.

Today, his balls hung even lower than usual because they were full to the brim. When the date for today’s competition had been set, Jordan had been asked to stay celibate. It had been hard (quite literally…) but he had made it through the past two weeks without sex and without wanking. He had acquired a serious case of blue balls, and he had been looking forward to today. Finally, he’d release all the pent-up sperm in his balls. It was going to be quite a spectacle…

Jordan smiled and took a selfie before uploading it and posting it on his twitter account. A grimace, accompanied by the caption “Time for a new captain. #nokidsforhendo”.

“Who wants to go first?” he asked, putting the phone away and smiling at the two 18 year old guys who were standing in front of him.

Phil and Martin looked at each other.

Both of them were attractive young men. Jordan had met them on a couple of occasions, had played against them on the field in the Premier League. He liked them both. They were friendly and had a great sense of humor. Physically, they resembled each other, too. Both of them had strawberry blond hair and light skin, both of them were muscular and trained, their torsos defined but not bulky. Both of them had big, strong legs, with Martin’s legs looking almost huge. Martin was a little taller than Phil and sported an abstract tattoo just above his groin.

It was hard to say who was better on the field. They were both fantastic, and they both deserved to be captain of the U21s.

If it had been up to Jordan, he’d have picked Martin. But it was a close call. And it wasn’t up to him. It was up to his balls.

“I’ll go first”, Phil said with a smile.

Jordan nodded. “Remember, the one who kicks them cum out of my bollocks is the new captain. It should be quite easy…” He grimaced comically as he weighed his full, fat balls in his hand.

Phil and Martin chuckled.

Martin grinned. “You’re a great sport!”

Phil nodded. “Yeah, thanks for doing this, mate!”

Jordan smiled. “My pleasure.” He thought for a moment. “Well, maybe not.”

Martin and Phil burst out laughing.

Jordan chuckled. “So, good luck to both of you. May the best man win.” He glanced down at his big low-hangers and smiled at Phil. “Go for it, mate!”

Phil didn’t have to be told twice. He stood in front of Jordan, focusing on his target.

He brought his leg back and kicked the famous footballer’s balls with all the force he could muster. His foot connected with Jordan’s juicy plums, ramming them into his body with a dull smack, knocking the wind out of Jordan’s lungs.

The handsome football player’s eyes widened and he coughed before doubling over.

Phil smiled proudly. “How was that?”

“Not bad”, Jordan said in a strained voice, fondling his balls and grimacing in pain. “Not bad.” He coughed. “But I think you’ll have to do better if you want to become captain of the team.”

Phil chuckled.

Jordan looked at Martin. “Your turn.” Groaning, he straightened and spread his legs again.

Martin rubbed his hands.

Jordan stared at Martin’s huge, muscular legs. “Shit”, he mumbled almost inaudibly.

Martin grinned and fondled his own big, fuzzy balls. He stood in front of Jordan, smiling confidently. He knew how good he was. He was famous for his hard, powerful kicks and his long, precise passes on the field. Once, during practice, he had kicked a football so hard that it deflated – and he was aiming for exactly the same result with Jordan’s big, full balls.

“Brace yourself”, Martin said cheerfully before powering a hard, precise kick between Jordan’s legs.

Jordan’s balls were flattened like pancakes between Martin’s instep and his own body, and a high-pitched squeal escaped his lips.

Martin and Phil burst out laughing.

“Maybe there’s a career in women’s football for you when we’re done here”, Martin suggested to the great amusement of Phil.

Jordan wasn’t able to appreciate the joke as he was busy cupping his crotch, his eyes clenched shut, his mouth wide open, screaming in pain.

Jordan opened his eyes and looked at Martin. “Don’t worry about my career, mate”, he grunted through his clenched teeth. “Worry about yours. If that’s all you got you’ll never be captain!”

Martins smiled sweetly. “I’m going to kick your balls so hard you’ll be coughing up sperm”, he said.

Jordan rolled his eyes. “Well, don’t just talk about it, do it! That’s what we’re here for, right?”

Martin chuckled.

Phil took a couple of steps back and, with a running start, he kicked Jordan’s nuts as if he was trying to score a penalty.

Jordan’s eyes bulged and he screamed from the top of his lungs. “Better”, he whispered after the first wave of pain had subsided.

Phil grinned at Martin. “See? That’s how it’s done.”

Jordan grimaced and assumed his position, putting his hands behind his back.

Martin followed Phil’s example and kicked Jordan’s nuts with a running start, smashing his bare foot in between Jordan’s thighs and compressing his balls to a fraction of their original size.

Jordan squealed in agony.

Martin smiled with a satisfied expression on his face. “Looks like that hurt”, he grinned.

“Come on, let’s take a picture”, Phil suggested. He grabbed his phone and the two young guys bent over, their faces framing Jordan’s genitals and made a cheerful thumbs-up gesture for the camera.

Phil uploaded the picture to twitter along with the caption “Having fun kicking balls #nokidsforhendo”

“This is awesome!” Martin grinned, looking at the tweet. “Hey, do you think we can capture the cumshot on camera?”

The two guys burst out laughing.

“Listen, mates, I don’t think you’re taking this seriously”, Jordan groaned, rubbing his balls. “I know this is a lot of fun – but if do you really want to be captain of the U21 team?” He looked at Phil and Martin expectantly.

The two naked guys nodded sheepishly.

“Then act like it!” Jordan said. “Kick my bloody bollocks as hard as you can! This is not a joke! You have to give everything!” He grabbed his nutsack by the neck and shook his big, plump balls. “Think of these bloody things as a football, and kick them as hard as you can! This is your moment! This is your chance! Seize it, for god’s sake!”

Phil and Martin looked at him.

“Kick the cum out of my bollocks!” Jordan said. He put his hands behind his head. “Phil, your turn.”

Phil kicked Jordan’s balls as hard as he could, eliciting a guttural groan.

“Harder!” Jordan groaned through his gritted teeth.

Martin’s foot collided with the two hefty plums inside Jordan’s nutsack with a dull thud.

Jordan screamed in pain. “Harder!”

Kick after nut-crunching kick found its way between Jordan’s thighs, crunching his nuts with increasing force. Jordan egged the two guys on, yelling at them to go harder and harder after every kick. His voice grew more and more croaky with every shot, and his screams grew louder and louder. Soon, his chubby cock had turned into a full erection, a massive, rock-hard boner that pointed at the ceiling.

The playful banter and the jokes had given way to a fierce competition. Both Phil and Martin gave everything, crunching Jordan’s balls with as much energy and force as they could.

Jordan’s balls had swollen considerably, and the skin of his sack had assumed an angry red color.

“Come on!” Jordan croaked after Martin had landed a particularly hard blow to his tender testicles. “Come on, go harder!”

Phil’s foot smashed into Jordan’s dangling balls with a dull thud.

Jordan gagged. “Oh god”, he whispered as he doubled over, his eyes slowly losing focus.

Both Phil and Martin noticed a slight twitching in Jordan’s dick.

Martin had a determined expression on his face. “This is it”, he announced. “This kick will make you cum.”

Jordan closed his eyes, struggling to keep his hands behind his back.

Martin’s foot slammed into Jordan’s balls.

A dull thud echoed through the room.

A long, wheezing moan escaped Jordan’s lips.

Martin grinned at Phil. “This is it.”

Phil looked at Jordan’s crotch.

Jordan’s dick twitched and his balls pulled up in their sack.

“Let it out!” Martin shouted. “Come on, let it out!”

Jordan’s face was a mask of pain.

“Come on!” Martin yelled, staring at Jordan’s throbbing dick.

But Jordan’s balls retained their precious load, causing Martin to let out a frustrated grunt.

“Sorry”, Jordan whispered in a toneless voice, opening his eyes.

“Damn”, Martin sighed. “So close.”

Phil chuckled and looked at Jordan. “Spread your legs, mate. My turn.”

Jordan grimaced and did as he was told.

“This is the one, I can feel it”, Phil grinned. “My balls are all tingly.” He winked at Jordan. “I bet yours are, too…”

Jordan grimaced.

Martin rolled his eyes.

Phil took a couple of steps back and delivered a picture-perfect nutkick that smashed Jordan’s balls into his body, flattening them like pancakes and eliciting a deep, guttural groan from Jordan’s lips.

The handsome football player’s body froze. His eyelids fluttered, his lips trembled, his nose twitched. Jordan’s eyes rolled back into his head as his dick exploded with a massive jet of spunk that splattered against the ceiling before dripping back down in big, sticky drops.

“Yes!” Phil laughed, balling his fist and jumping up and down with joy.

A second, even bigger spurt of cum erupted from Jordan’s dick, followed by almost a dozen more huge jets of creamy spunk that painted the ceiling with his salty jizz.

Jordan fell to his knees, throwing his head back, his mouth wide open in a silent scream.

Thick drops of cum dripped down on Jordan’s naked body and into his wide open mouth.

Phil was jumping up and down in an almost ridiculous victory dance, his big feet stepping into the puddles of Jordan’s jizz that were quickly forming on the floor. “I’m captain!” Phil shouted. “I’m captain!”

Martin watched Jordan whose dick continued shooting jet after jet of creamy cum.

“I’m captain!” Phil cheered. He reached into his sports bag and produced his phone, posing for a selfie with Jordan behind him, caught in a bizarre mix of pleasure and pain. He uploaded it to twitter with the caption “Whooohooo! New captain! #nokidsforhendo”

Martin bit his lower lip. He liked Phil, he truly did. But it should have been him. It should have been him.

Jordan’s orgasm subsided, and the huge spurts of semen turned into a trickle.

Martin inhaled deeply. It should have been him.

Jordan opened his eyes and stared at Martin. He seemed to read his mind. “I rooted for you, you know?” he whispered in a toneless voice, his face contorted in pain.

Martin’s foot connected with Jordan’s spent, sore nuts and rammed them into his body, making Jordan yodel in pain as a new wave of pain washed through his body.

Phil looked up from his phone and chuckled. “Hey, Martin, it’s over.”

Another kick found its target, and Martin’s instep crunched Jordan’s traumatized testicles with a sick, wet thud. Jordan’s spent dick slapped against his stomach.

Jordan screamed from the top of his lungs.

“Martin”, Phil grinned. “I won. It’s over.”

Martin kicked Jordan’s poor balls once more, making Jordan shriek like a school girl at her first One Direction concert.

Phil chuckled, slowly shaking his head, and concentrated on his phone, scrolling through the tweets on his twitter account. A couple of Hendo’s, Phil’s and Martin’s team mates had sent their congratulations or posted their own pictures. #nokidsforhendo had become quite a popular hashtag. Football players from all around the world retweeted Jordan’s pictures or poked fun at him.

Meanwhile, Martin was wreaking havoc on Jordan’s nuts, kicking them again and again in frustration while Jordan was screaming like banshee. His balls were red, bruised and swollen, and his dick was rock-hard, smacking against his body with every kick.

Phil grinned and took a picture before uploading it and posting it on twitter with the caption “Who’s the sorer loser? #nokidsforhendo”

Finally, Jordan’s dick erupted with a series of spurts that weren’t nearly as big as the ones he shot a couple of minutes ago, but they was impressive nevertheless.

Martin took a step back. He was breathing heavily.

Jordan let out a pitiful whimper and curled up in a ball as his dick continued to shoot what was left in his sore, traumatized testicles.

Half an hour later, the three guys were sitting on the benches. Jordan had a large back of ice on his crotch.

Phil was in the middle, scrolling through the #nokidsforhendo-tweets and reading some of them aloud.

“That bastard!” Jordan chuckled after hearing a particularly mean comment tweeted by his Liverpool team mate Mario Balotelli. “I’m gonna kick him in the balls for that! No kids for Balotelli!”

Phil laughed.

Martin looked at Jordan and grimaced. “Sorry about that”, he said sheepishly, glancing at Jordan’s crotch. “I guess I got a bit carried away…”

“You know, not many people can kick a load of cum out of my balls after I’ve just had an orgasm”, Jordan grinned.

Martin shrugged. “I guess I’m talented.”

Jordan laughed. “Oh yes, you are.”

Martin scratched his head, smiling sheepishly. “You know, maybe I’ll be up for captain again – you never know.”

Jordan grinned. “You’d love that, huh?”

Martin chuckled. “Oh yeah!”


Anonymous said...

İ didnt like this one it was unrealistic.(just an opinion)

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I guess realism is not the strongest quality of my work... ;-)

I do hope there are other stories on this blog that you like better... :-))

Toothpick said...

I thought it was nice and fun
Also I totally watch sports just for the nutshots

Alex said...

Thank you, Toothpick! I'm glad you enjoyed the story!