Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Winning isn't everything (written by Yannis)

This story was written by Yannis, one of our readers from Belgium. It's an awesome story about four hot wrestlers and the aftermath of a wrestling match. The character of Dustin was inspired by Dustin McNeer. I hope you like this story as much as I do! As always, your feedback is highly appreciated! :-))

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

It was over. He had won his last match and frankly he was pumped up about it. And maybe a tad horny as well. He was a healthy college student after all and all that full body contact during wrestling is just asking for a semi hard-on, if not an erection in its full glory on some days.

Dustin made his way to the bathrooms. He needed to take a victory selfie - his semi bulging his singlet and all - to send to his girl, as she hadn't been able to come along. In his euphoria he didn't notice the two rivals stalking him, nor the sadistic grin each of them had on their faces.

He quickly took a piss before standing in front of the mirror to take his selfies. It was after sending those that he finally noticed the other two wrestlers. He turned to them with a smile on his face that would send girls into a squealing mess.

'Sorry, guys!'

'Sorry my ass,' came the reply from another blonde.

'You ain't sorry at all, Dustin,' the second managed to pronounce his name with hate dripping from the two syllables.

'No, really guys, I am! No hard feelings?'

'No hard feelings he says,' the blonde rival muttered, stalking forward invading Dustin's personal space, 'he's got a freaking hard on, the fucking fag,'

He felt a hand squeeze his semi hard on, which he had gotten from taking those selfies for his Instagram and girlfriend. He let out an involuntary moan.

'Keep going, Filip,' the second guy, a brunet who resembled Dustin in a way with his twinkish look, said, 'make that cocksucker beg for our cocks!'

'Sure I could use a good blowjob after losing,' Filip grinned as he applied more pressure on Dustin's manhood, making his squeezing turn a mix of pain and pleasure for the wrestler. Heavy on the pain. Luckily for Dustin, the pain made his semi hard on disappear.

Dustin grunted in response. It seemed like Filip wasn't going to stop busting his manhood any time soon. He mentally cursed. He tried to focus but each squeeze of Filip's hand was more painful than the last. It took a minute of therapeutic kneading on Filip's part to get Dustin on his knees, clutching his abused balls. He wasn't whimpering yet, but the brunet would get him to.

'My turn,' he said.

'His balls are all yours, Grant,'

Grant smirked as he forced Dustin to look at him. The smirk on Grant's handsome face promised pain and humiliation.

'Say, Filip? Did you bring the camera?'

'Of course, Grant. Right here,'

'Good. Now listen up, twink! We are going to film this and if you don't want us to upload this to pornhub, you'll keep your cock sucking mouth shut, comprendé?'

Dustin just glared at his opponent.

'I said comprendé?' Grant stomped Dustin in the balls, flattening the testicles against the tile flooring.

'Yes,' Dustin blurted out, his eyes closed and his hands on his balls.

'Look at me, bitch!' The brunet grabbed Dustin by his blonde locks and forced him to look him once again in the eye. 'Say it again and add master to it,'

Dustin resolved to spit in the eye of his tormentor. He wasn't about to be bullied and sexually humiliated without a fight.

'That's it! This video will go online no matter what! Filip film me first and then get a close up from dear Dustin's bulge before I crush his balls!'

'Aye aye sir!' Filip grinned as he came closer the cam trained on Grant's face.

'I am Grant and this is Dustin. He has been a bad boy and needs to be punished,' Grant spoke to the camera, 'Let's see how long it takes for him to jizz his singlet from ball torture,'

Filip waited 10 seconds before filming a close up of Dustin's scowling face for 10 seconds before the cam slowly went down to the crotch area, where Grant was rubbing Dustin to a semi already while saying: 'Would you look at that bulge. So big and soft. Not to mention so easy to crush!'

Dustin let out a cry of pain when Grant’s grip became incredibly tight, he thought his balls were going to explode from the pressure on them. The brunet didn’t loosen his grip at the cry, if anything he simply added more pressure causing Dustin to squirm trying to get out of the hand.

‘S-stop! Please!’ he begged, ‘my balls…please,’

‘Oh I don’t think so, Dustin,’ Grant smirked as released his grip on the winner’s balls, ‘you’ll be sorry for stealing our glory once again, blondie! And this is only an incentive for our next competition. If you don’t lose on purpose, I’ll let the rest of my club have a go at your twink body,’

Dustin gasped as his balls were released. He looked up into Grant’s blue eyes, hatred showing in them. ‘Like I’ll ever lose on purpose! Maybe you should practice more. Then you wouldn’t loo-’

His rant was cut off as both Filip and Grant kicked him in the nuts, as if trying to kick a football into the goal, in quick succession. He doubled over on the ground with a howl of pain, softly cradling his balls in his hands.

Filip was still filming. ‘Boss-man! What should we do now?’

‘Well, I still want to see him jizz his singlet,’ Grant said, pushing against Dustin’s shoulder, forcing him to lay out flat on his back, ‘Call Nick! He’ll hold him so we can have our fun before we need to go home. Meanwhile I’ll try to get his dick to be completely hard and leaking,’

‘On it, sir!’ Filip went to his camera bag and pulled out a tripod and mounted the camera on it, ‘Have fun, Grant!’

‘Hurry your ass, Fil! We wouldn’t want our guest to get too anxious now, would we?’

Filip didn’t dignify that with an answer and left the bathroom.

Grant turned his attention back to Dustin before grabbing Dustin’s iPhone and unlocking it with a simple swipe. He pressed a foot into Dustin’s chiseled chest.

‘Aww look at you now, at the mercy of my foot,’ Grant smirked before opening Instagram and taking a picture of him and typing the caption Where I belong before uploading it, ‘Exactly where you belong, my dear friend. And the whole world will know!’

Grant dropped to his knees, straddling Dustin’s hips and placed his hands besides the handsome blonde’s face. He leaned in and whispered something in Dustin’s ear. The blonde’s eyes went wide when he heard what Grant was saying. It was clear that he was going to get raped and he was defenseless.

‘Please just let me go,’ Dustin begged, ‘I’ll do anything thing,’

‘Too late, twink-face,’ Grant said before he pulled Dustin’s arms out the arm holes of his singlet, rolling the singlet down until the entire chest was bared. ‘Such a strong chest...’

The brunet drew random patterns all over the pectorals, occasionally brushing over the nipples. Those nipple brushes elicited moans from Dustin and those moans were music to Grant’s sadistic ears. In the end he got bored and he wanted to hear more of those delicious moans, he grabbed the nipples and flicked his forefingers back and forth over them, making them hard. Dustin was squirming underneath in pleasure and humiliation. To up his game, Grant leaned in and sensually licked a nipple. Dustin actually arched his back, needing more of that sinful tongue.

‘More! Please more!’ he moaned while mentally cursing his weak mind as he felt his penis harden.

‘That’s more like it, slut! Beg!’ Grant said with a nipple between in teeth and teasing the other with his thumb.

‘Looks like someone is in need,’ a soft baritone spoke.

‘Ah, Nicky! Welcome! Can you hold him for me and Filip?’ Grant said, righting himself before moving a bit down, ‘Oh! It looks like Dusty is getting excited,’

Dustin blushed and cursed the betrayal of his body. His cock was half way once again and Grant was not helping in getting it back to a limp stage since he started grinding his own bulge against his, making him even harder. He tried moving about but that created just more friction.

‘Grant, you man-whore,’ Nick said rolling his eyes, ‘and you’re even taping it? Kinky,’

‘What can I say! Dusty here is my childhood friend, isn’t that right?’ Grant asked with a sickeningly smile on his face, ‘Not to mention my high school crush but he had to go and fuck the captain of cheerleader squad. What’s that bitch’s name again? Harley? More like harlot if you ask me. Her nickname was the school’s bicycle. After all, everyone had laid with her at least once. But here I am on top of you, Dustin, and where’s your harlot now?’

‘So that’s what this is about?! Revenge because I didn’t return your feelings,’ Dustin asked, getting angry, ‘You’re sick Grant! What happened to the carefree boy with the devil-may-care attitude?’

‘Wouldn’t you like to know, mister captain of the Gymnastics team and the wrestling team,’ Grant said.

‘Stuff is getting interesting,’ Filip commented, ‘Hurry up though. We only have two hours left before we need to report at the bus,’

‘Alright guys,’ Nick said taking matter in his own hands by pulling Grant of Dustin and pulling the latter up by pulling on his hair. ‘Let’s see if you can get out of my grip, Dusty,’

Dustin noticed that Nick was a lanky but well muscled brunet with quicksilver colored eyes. He was wearing a sideless t-shirt and lose fitting gym shorts and a pair of sneakers. The winning wrestler was turned around and forced to look at the camera, while Nick had hooked his arms underneath his armpits and placed his hands at the back of the blonde’s head. His legs had be forced apart and kept that way as Nick leisurely interlocked one leg around one of Dustin’s. The blonde tried to move but he couldn’t as he found Nick’s grip a lot stronger than Grant’s.

‘Fuck…’ Dustin cursed.

‘Don’t swear, Dusty,’ Grant said, ‘That isn’t very polite,’

‘Neither is raping someone who won fair and square,’ the captured young man spat.

‘Alright I was planning on going easy on you Dusty but your foul mouth doesn’t give me much of a choice,’ That said Grant grabbed Dustin by his middle and drove his knee in between his muscled thighs.

The bony knee collided with the nuts held by the singlet, crunching them against his pelvis, eliciting a cry of pain from Dustin. Encouraged by the sound, Grant repeated the action, this time with more force behind it. The trapped blonde felt his nuts climb in his sac before they starter their painful descend. He felt nauseous.

‘Stop,’ he groaned, ‘Please Grant. Have mercy,’

Grant didn’t reply, he simply moved his hands over Dustin’s sculpted torso, finding his nipples before harshly tugging on them. Dustin closed his eyes as pained pleasure course through his body. He gasped. Grant was really enjoying himself, the bulge in his tight, spandex gym shorts was prove of it.

‘You gonna tease his nipples Grant?’ Filip asked, ‘Can I have a go with his nuts again?’

‘Sure Fil, make sure those nuts are crushed,’ Grant said before tugging harshly on the nipples again, causing Dustin to squirm in Nick’s hold, trying to get loose.

Filip made his way and knelt down in front of the bulge in Dustin’s singlet. He took a sniff, enjoying the smell of Dustin’s musk and sweat before licking it, making Dustin moan in pleasure. Grant smirked as he leaned down to lick the winner’s nipples while his arms reached around and began groping the firm butt cheeks. Nick smirked as he felt Grant groping the blonde’s ass, the knuckles of the brunet rubbing against his junk, stimulating it.

Dustin felt humiliated as he looked at the camera, narrowing his eyes hoping it would run out of battery before things got too adult rated, as he knew for sure he was going to get ball tortured and maybe raped afterwards. He felt Filip withdraw his tongue and he dared to look down. Filip looked up and grinned a simply evil grin. Without a warning the blonde placed a well aimed upper cut into Dustin’s junk. The trapped wrestler felt his nut shoot up in is sac, but before they could come down again, they collided heads on with Filip’s fist over and over again. Dust couldn’t help but scream in pain, tears prickling in the corner of his eyes.

‘Please…ugh…stop,’ he managed to moan in between heavy pants when Filip took a break.

‘Oh no,’ the other blonde said, ‘I’m just getting started,’

With that he lightly tapped the swollen genitals but even the light tap hurt like a well placed knee to the groin. Dustin wailed. Grant had meanwhile pushed his hands underneath the singlet, pleased when found his crush wearing a jockstrap underneath. He wasted no time in getting his fingers in between those firm globes and commenced teasing the trapped male’s sweaty ass crack and hairless pucker. Dustin moaned, feeling very violated.

‘That’s a good boy,’ Grant stage whispered in the captive’s ears, ‘moan like the manwhore you are,’

Dustin tried to keep his moans down but Grant simply teased the ring of muscle that was his asshole, eliciting humiliated sounding moans. The brunet pushed two whole finger in at once. They went knuckle deep. The blonde cried out as Grant had found his prostate.

‘What is that?’ Dustin asked in high pitched moan.

‘That’s your prostate, sweetie,’ Grant replied as he began hammering his fingers against aforementioned spot, ‘It’s what the gays call the G-spot,’

Dustin was reduced to moaning and gasping in pleasure as his so called g-spot was worked over. The stimulating of his ass had an effect on his cock. It became fully erect, standing tall at 10 inches long and 1¼ inches thick. Filip whistled at the sheer length of the member before pulling down the singlet and the jockstrap, releasing that monstrosity of a cock.

‘Wow, dude you’re hung as a horse,’ Filip said, letting his finger trail over the erection before grabbing Dustin’s walnut sized balls, squishing them in his hand before tugging on them harshly.

Dustin cried out in pain, his eyes crossed. Filip kept repeating that action while Grant simply kept hammering his prostate and adding more finger until four digits were inside his ass, stretching him painfully. Tears were running down his handsome face.

After what seemed ages Filip ceased his ball tugging but he went back to using his scrotum as a boxing bag. Dustin’s nuts were already turning an angry dark purple from the bruising. The handsome blonde’s face was a mask of intense pain, his mouth open in a silent scream.

Nick had let go of Dustin’s arms. He pushed his gym shorts down and revealed his 9¾ inch boner. His dick was incredibly thick with a width of 2 inches. He didn’t bother lubing himself up, He pulled Grant’s hand out of Dustin’s hole and replaced the four finger with his mushroom shaped dickhead. The blonde captive screamed bloody murder as Nick slammed in his thick cock balls deep.

Nick began thrusting into Dustin’s ass without any sign of mercy. Grant simply joined Filip in busting his balls. Both boys had grabbed one ball and where squeezing the life out of it. Dustin saw stars. He moaned and begged the boys to stop the torture.

‘Let’s make him cum,’ Nick grunted as he picked up the pace to a frantic thrusting.

‘Good plan,’ The other two tormentors agreed and Grant grabbed the erection and started sucking on it.

Filip began sucking on the abused balls, using his tongue to push them between his teeth and he bit down. Hard. Dustin cried out, he felt light in the head from the pain and his legs were trembling. He was on the verge of passing out from the pain brought to his balls and ass.

Grant stopped sucking, not wanting to swallow Dustin’s cum, and harshly jerked the captured wrestler off. Filip had stopped sucking on the balls as well and simply held them so that each time Grant’s hand came down, it crashed on the testicles, pureeing them.

Dustin felt his battered balls tighten painfully. He knew his orgasm was near and so did Nick, for the lanky young man took hold of the base of his cock and squeezed it shut. The brunet thrusted balls deep one last time before he erupted, coating Dustin’s insides with his thick man juice.

Once he was done, he released his grip on the blonde’s cock and Dustin came. The thick ropes of pearly white cum mixed with some blood shot out of Dustin’s huge cock and landed on the tile floor. It was a painful process since his balls were positively battered and crushed.

Nick pulled out of Dustin’s ass once stopped spraying his cum after two minutes. The blonde sagged down, clutching at his abused balls. He groaned in pain. Grant however wasn’t done yet and neither was Filip. They were rock hard and aching for relieve. They pushed Dustin face forward into his pool of cum

‘Nick operate the camera,’ Grant barked as he started jerking himself off.

Nick quickly got behind the camera and moved it so the humiliated Dustin was in plain view. ‘Turn Dustin around,’ He said.

They did, kicking the boy in the ribs, making him lay on his back. Filip grabbed Dustin’s legs and began stomping on his nuts again before gas pedaling them. Dustin screamed and begged for mercy. Letting go of Dustin’s legs, he pushed down his track pants and started jerking himself off. Filip like Grant had a big cock, standing tall at 9.4 inches. Though they were not as thick as Dustin or Nick, having a width of approximately ¾ inches.

Grant went to stand on Dustin’s left while jerking off. Both Filip and Grant leisurely pumped their cocks as they watched Dustin squirm in pain from getting his balls crushed underneath Filip’s sneakers. Grant wanting to hurt the boy he still had a crush on, started stomping on Dustin’s six pack abs. Dustin grunted and tried to shield his abs but to no avail.

It all ended 10 minutes later when Filip came, spraying his cum all over Dustin’s torso. Some of it landing on the chin of the wrestler. Grant seeing Dustin covered in cum like a bukkake porn model, lost it and came as well, aiming for the blonde’s handsome face. His cum landed on the hairline, the bridge of the nose and his mouth.

Once they had come down from their post orgasm high, Grant signaled Nick to film him.

‘My name’s Grant and this dude on the ground who’s covered in not only his own cum but that of Filip over there and myself, is Dustin, winner of the state wrestling championship,’Grant said in the camera.

Nick took one last shot of Dustin laying in a pool of semen, clutching his nuts, thoroughly fucked, humiliated and ball busted. He smirked before he stopped recording.

‘Well Dustin,’ Grant said as he knelt beside the cum covered boy, ‘did you learn your lesson?’

Dustin didn’t answer as he was preoccupied by the pain and humiliation he was feeling. Grant simply pried away his hands from the abused balls before grabbing the balls in a vice like grip, making Dustin squeal like a slaughtered animal.

‘Filip hand me his phone,’

Filip did so and Grant quickly took a Snapchat picture of his grip on Dustin’s balls, before publishing it for all of Dustin’s viewers to see in his Snapchat stories. He took a step back and took a picture of Dustin covered in cum and clutching his balls. He added the caption of State Wrestling Champion Covered in Cum and added it to the Snapchat stories.

‘Dustin. The tape will be uploaded to Tumblr and YouPorn. It’ll be sent to your coach and every member of your wrestling club. So you better lose on purpose next time or there will be a sequel of this video. Have a nice day,’ Grant kissed Dustin’s cheek before he got up, ‘And when you come home, you’d better place some ice on your junk,’

The three boys left. Dustin broke down in tears as soon as he heard the door slam close. It didn’t take long before he succumbed to the pain and passed out.

He was found later by his gym coach who called an 911 and the police at the sight of his star wrestler all battered up, clearly raped and ball busted.


Anonymous said...

Great story! Loved the action and the guys. I feel sorry for poor Dustin though. He should get revenge!!! Any chance for a sequel?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the story. And I agree he should get revenge or at least have his balls busted trying ;-)
I might do a sequel one of these days.

Anonymous said...

awesome revenge story! hope we get a sequel where Dustin also wins the next time around

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking about a few ideas but right now I have a plotbunny for another bb story for another set of dudes.

But any suggestion are welcome. Maybe I'll ask Alex to put up a poll of what you'd like to see in the story.

Personally I'm inching towards Dustin getting revenge on Grant and Filip. Like he gets the upper hand but will lose it as Grant and Filip fight back.
But I don't know yet.