Monday, February 27, 2012

Russian intervention

Warning: This story features m/m and f/m ballbusting.

Note: This story is the start of a new multi-part story called "Erik's road to stardom" and starts right after the end of "The Balls of Others".

Featured in this story: Erik (click for pictures)

The day after the second episode of what was most definitely becoming must-see TV in all of Europe, I walked into the office building of the TV station, the words of the first online reviews still ringing in my head. Sure, there were a few who thought of “The Balls of Others” as tasteless, humiliating, and offensive – and essentially, I agreed with them… - but the overall opinion was that those poor saps who offered up their balls for our entertainment had known what to expect, so why pity them… I had received the ratings via e-mail and I was enthusiastic. The show was definitely going on.

I even got an e-mail from some TV magnate in South America. Apparently, he was interested in adapting our show into some sort of telenovela. At first I was intrigued. Then, as I read on, I realized that they wanted to change pretty much everything and tell the story of a successful TV producer falling in love with his secretary who starts out as an ugly duckling and changes into a beautiful swan by episode 118. Instead of testicles, the show was gonna be about money. I respectfully declined.

As I entered the building, I ran into Erik, the cute stagehand who had done a pretty good job pounding the cum out of one of our contestant’s nuts with a mallet. He was in his late teens or early twenties, with blond hair and a Zac Efron style haircut.

“Hey, Alex”, he said cheerfully.

“Hi, Erik”, I replied, smiling. I continued walking towards my office and noticed that Erik was following me. He had been probably waiting for me to come in. I didn’t slow down and counted the seconds until he spoke.

“Alex”, he said.

I smiled and turned around, facing him.

“I want to talk to you for a minute”, he continued.

I looked at my watch. “Sure.”

“Great show, yesterday”, he said, scratching his head.

I nodded. “Yeah, and the rating went through the roof…”

“Really?” Erik eyes sparkled with joy. “That’s fantastic! I was having so much fun! Did you like the mallet segment?”

“I loved it”, I answered, smiling.

Eric was beaming with pride. “Do you think I was good?”

“You were great, Erik”, I grinned, “nobody could have done it better.”

Erik nodded, smiling. “Yeah, I was great. I rewatched the show a few times last night and I’m sure I would have gotten a second batch of spunk out of those nuts. If the bastard hadn’t collapsed, I really would have emptied those fat danglers of his.”

I looked at my watch again.

“You know, maybe next time we could tie the contestants to the table so they can’t get away”, Eric continued excitedly. “And if they are told not to cum for a couple of days before the show, we could see how many loads we can make them give up. I’m sure I could smash three or four nice, big batches of cum out of a good pair of balls. It’s all a matter of technique. You know, I---“

“Erik”, I interrupted him. “As much as I love to talk to you – I have a lot of work to do…”

“Oh, sure”, Erik said.

“Okay, then”, I smiled. “See y---“

“Wait”, Erik said. “That’s not what I wanted to talk about.”

I smiled at him.

“See”, he said, lowering his voice. “About my show.”

“Your show?” I raised my eyebrows.

Erik blushed. “Yeah, the one we’ve been talking about, you know, ‘Bashing Balls with Erik’ or ‘Erik’s Guide to Crunching Nuts’.”

“Or ‘The Erik Show’”, I added, grinning. “I remember you telling your friends about it…”
Erik nodded, his eyes shining brightly.

“Frankly”, I said. “I don’t see it happening.”

Erik stared at me.

“You know, I don’t think we could get the money for another show that’s similar to ‘The Balls of Others’.”

“But it wouldn’t be similar. It would be entirely different! And I know we could get the money!”
I took a deep breath. “Erik, I don’t think---“

“We could get the money!” Erik insisted. “I know Nikolai. I’m sure he’d agree.”

I chuckled. “You know Nikolai?”

“Sure, we’ve seen him together, remember?”

I remembered vividly. Nikolai, the boss of the TV station, had used poor Erik’s testicles to demonstrate one of his ideas for the show.

“You mean when he smashed your nuts?” I asked.

Erik blushed.

“When he told you your balls weren’t big enough for the show?”

The color of Erik’s face intensified.

I grinned. This was fun. “When he made you shoot the load that was supposed to end up on some TV starlet’s tits?”

He cleared his throat, his face the color of a fresh tomato. “Yeah”, he mumbled.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t see him greenlighting your show, Erik”, I said, smiling apologetically.

Erik looked mortified. Then his face lit up again. “If I can get an appointment with him, will you help me?”

“I haven’t managed to get an appointment with him, and I’ve been, believe me.”

“I will get one”, Erik said. “And if I do, will you help me?”

I shrugged. “Sure.”

Erik balled his fist. “Yes!”

I chuckled. “Tell me when and where and I’ll be there.”

“Yes!” Erik repeated. “Thank you!”

I shook my head and turned around. It was nice to see a boy this enthusiastic – but there was no chance he was getting that appointment…


The next day, I found myself sitting next to Erik and two of his fellow stagehands in Nikolai’s outer office. The secretary’s desk was empty and we were alone in the room.

The three guys were wearing their working clothes: tight fitting black pants and shirts. Erik’s friends were excited like little schoolgirls on their first day of elementary school while Erik himself was acting like a seasoned pro, smiling calmly and patiently answering his friends’ questions.

“This is fantastic”, one of them giggled. He was the same age as Erik, with curly brown hair and and dark eyes. “How did you get us an appointment this quickly?”

“Marc, you know me”, Erik leaned back on his chair. “I know how to get things done…” He glanced at me, smiling.

Marc looked at him as if he was a god worth worshipping.

“Yeah, but how did you do it?” the third guy asked. He was probably the youngest of the trio. His black hair was crew cut and he sported a small nose piercing that seemed to be meant to make him look wild and aggressive. Ironically, it did just the opposite, highlighting his youth and the innocence of his face.

“Look, Julian”, Erik grinned. “The way to a man’s office is through his secretary’s pants.”

Marc and Julian stared at him.

“You mean…” Julian said slowly.

Erik shrugged. “Let me just say that I know what a lady wants.”

Julian’s mouth hang open.

“And she wanted a piece of this”, Erik grabbed his crotch, “down her throat.”

“No way”, Julian whispered.

“Way”, Erik grinned. “I walked into the office yesterday, pulled out my cock and told her I wanted an hour with Nikolai. I hadn’t even finished before she dropped to her knees and let me slide it into her throat. Filled her up with a nice big load and added another one on her face, because she asked me to. And here we are, gentlemen.”

Marc laughed and clapped his hands. “You’re the man, Erik, you’re the man.”

“Yeah, I am, apparently”, Erik grinned. Then he stood and looked at his watch. He turned to his friends and said, “Did you buy the underwear?”

Marc and Julian nodded.

“Andrew Christian Precision briefs, just like you said”, Julian smiled. “I got red ones and Marc’s wearing blue ones.”

Erik nodded. “Good.”

Marc turned to Julian and grinned, “We’re gonna be underwear models, man!”

I looked at Erik. “Uh, what kind of show are you going to propose?”

Erik stared at me for a second. “An underwear show”, he said slowly.

I chuckled. “Well, I thought you were gonna---“

“---pitch Nikolai an underwear show”, Erik interrupted me.

“Man, we’re gonna be a hit!” Julian said excitedly.

Oh my, this was gonna be fun.

Suddenly, the door to Nikolai’s office opened and Nikolai’s secretary Candy walked into our room and sat down behind the desk. She seemed a bit worked up and straightened her ultrablond hair. She took a deep breath and wiped something from her mouth before reaching for her mirror and her lipstick.

“You can go in now”, she said without looking at us.

Julian and Marc looked at Erik.

“Okay, you wait here and strip down to your briefs. Nothing else, just your briefs”, Erik said nervously, grabbing a black tote sack.

The two boys nodded.

“Stroke your cocks a bit. It makes you look better if you are semihard”, Erik continued.

The boys nodded again.

Erik looked at me. “Okay, let’s go.”

I smiled. “Good luck!”

We entered the office and closed the door behind us. Nikolai was sitting behind his desk pouring himself a glass of ice water from a large pitcher. He was a handsome man, the son of a Russian oil magnate who had bought the TV station for him as a plaything. He looked great, 22 years old, with brown hair and a smart haircut, wearing an Armani suit and a tie. He yawned as we entered the office and looked at us, leaning back in his chair.

“Good to see you, Nikolai”, I said.

Nikolai gave a tired smile. “Hello…”

“Alex”, I said. Great. He didn’t even remember the producer of his top-rated show. This was not gonna be easy for Erik…

“Nikolai”, Erik said, smiling brightly.

“Hey, Erik”, Nikolai grinned, reaching over and shaking the boy’s hand. “Good to see you!”

Okay. Maybe it was going to be easier than I thought.

“Thank you for seeing me”, Erik said, sitting down in one of the two chairs in front of Nikolai’s desk and placing the tote sack on the ground.

I sat next to him.

“I really love working for you”, Erik continued. “It’s fantastic opportunity to show my talents. I---“

“Let’s cut to the chase”, Nikolai interrupted him. He had a light Russian accent and a very sexy voice. “You’ve got ten minutes.”

Erik nodded quickly. “I think you agree that while 'The Balls of Others' is pretty successful, a lot of it is deeply flawed.”

I raised my eyebrows.

“That's why”, Erik continued, “I have developed a concept that will work better than Alex' show and that will be a permanent fixture in the Top 5 rated shows in Europe for years.”

“Erik?” I said slowly. “What exactly are you implying?”

Nikolai frowned at me. “Let the boy talk!”

I leaned back in my seat, trying to remain calm. I had known that Erik was a cocky bastard - but this was a bit too much. “Erik, you can't seriously be thinking about replacing me and---”

“For god's sake”, Nikolai barked. “Don't get your panties in a twist! We're gonna find something else for you to do! There's always a slot available in accounting!” He turned to Erik. “Continue.”

I closed my mouth. No need to panic. As soon as this meeting was over, I was going to have a talk with that bastard. Right now, I felt very confident that Erik would mess it up. Of course he would. There was no way he was going to replace me, that lousy bastard. I inhaled deeply and tried to focus.

Erik smiled at Nikolai. “My show is gonna be all about balls. No gimicky games and no big money prizes. I'll keep it very simple: I’m the host and maybe I’m gonna do a few songs and stuff. And there will be celebrity guests just like on Letterman. I will talk to them and then I’m gonna smack their testicles…”

Nikolai yawned.

Erik blinked and started talking faster. “…and there will be some hidden camera stuff where I dress up as a health inspector and visit the set of a porn studio for example and I bust all the male actors’ nuts and ruin their shoot. We could go to Prague, for example, and---“

Nikolai reached for his iPhone.

“---and… and…” Erik looked at me, pleadingly.

“Erik”, I said. “Why don’t you get your friends?”

Nikolai looked at him and put his iPhone away.

“Yeah, right”, Erik said, walking to the door. “I’ve brought two friends to demonstrate my idea.”

Nikolai chuckled. “Do you really think that’s necessary? I mean, I guess I know where this is going…”

“Nonono”, Erik said quickly, opening the door. “It’s very necessary. You’ll see… Marc! Julian!” He rushed back to his chair and reached for the tote sack, producing two long ropes.

Marc and Julian entered the office, wearing just their Andrew Christian briefs. And they had heeded Erik’s advice: Both of their dicks were semi hard. Their briefs were hugging their well-sized equipment, with Marc’s dick pointing to the right and Julian’s cock pointing to the left, their balls bulging below. Both of them had a nice set. Marc’s balls looked a bit bigger than Julian’s, and his cock was a bit bigger. You could clearly see the outline of their genitals, and Julian’s fondness for piercings was on display again, as there seemed to be a little ring on the tip of his cock. Maybe he wasn’t so innocent after all…

The boys tried their best at a “model walk” and stopped, their hands on their hips, their thumbs inside the waistband of their briefs, smiling at Nikolai.

Nikolai smirked.

“Thanks, guys”, Erik said, walking behind them. “Let me just…”

He quickly tied Marc’s hands behind his back, causing Marc to shoot Julian a puzzled look.

Julian shrugged and waited until Erik had tied Marc’s hands and did the same to him.

Erik stood between his buddies and wiped his brow. “So, imagine I have already finished my stand up routine and these are my star guests, let’s say… Nick and Joe from the Jonas Brothers.” He switched into what was supposed to be an entertainer’s voice. “Welcome to our show, Nick and Joe! I guess you are ‘Burnin’ up’ to be on my show!” He reached down and grabbed both of his buddies’ package in a tight grip.

Julian and Marc gasped.

Marc’s eyes widened. “What the f---“

“You wanna ‘Fly with me’ a little bit?” Eric continued, squeezing hard and twisting his hand, causing his buddies to squirm and groan. “Don’t be ‘Paranoid’, fellas, I see that you are already sending ‘SOS’ signals.” His hands tightened, causing his friends’ balls to bulge between his fingers, trying to slip away.

Julian let out a pained howl, his abs tightening, trying to close his legs.

“Don’t worry”, Eric said. “I know what you want ‘When you look me in the eyes’. I’m gonna ‘Hold on’ and ‘Keep it real’ until the ‘Year 3000’.”

He twisted his hands again, causing his buddies to yelp in pain.

“Are you ‘Feeling alive’?” Eric continued his lame shtick. “I bet you don’t feel like the Jonas Brothers but like the Jonas Sisters, now.”

Julian and Marc groaned in pain as Erik kneaded and twisted the precious balls.

Finally, Eric let go and turned to Julian. “Oh, and I see you already ‘Put a ring on it’”, he said as he let his hand sail between Julian’s thighs, catching his meaty nuts and his cock piercing dead on.

Julian screamed in pain and doubled over, while Marc was desperately trying to regain his dignity, squirming and groaning but refusing to bend over.

Erik looked at us expectantly, a smile on his face that made him look like a maniac.

Nikolai was underwhelmed. He sighed and shrugged.

“Okay, now, let’s see”, Erik said, frantically trying to come up with an idea.

I couldn’t believe how he could have ever imagined that this would work. Served him right, that damn moron!

“Yes, see, let’s say this is James Franco.” He pointed at Marc who stared at him.

“No fucking way”, Marc hissed.

Erik ignored him. “Hey, James, good to have you on the show!”

“Fuck you!” Marc yelled.

Erik walked behind him and kicked his legs apart. Before Marc was able to regain his balance, Erik kicked his nuts with his sneaker-clad foot, the tip of his shoe catching both of Marc’s meaty balls dead-on.

“That makes you ‘Howl’, right?” Erik mused as Marc let out an ear-piercing scream. “I’m gonna do this for ‘127 hours’!” Erik kicked Marc’s nuts again, causing his left nut to slip out of his tight briefs.

Marc screamed from the top of his lungs.

“I sure hope tonight isn’t ‘Date night’ with ‘Your highness’ because you’ll have ‘The broken tower’ in your pants and won’t be producing any ‘Milk’ for a while”, Eric said, trying to sound cheerful. “Then again, your girlfriend won’t worry about being ‘Knocked up’ since your ‘Cherry’ will be ‘In the Valley of Elah’ for a few days.”

Another kick found its target, catching Marc’s exposed left nut dead-on and making his eyes flicker. “Fuck, Erik, please stop!”

Erik looked at Nikolai who remained unimpressed. “I’m sorry if you’ve ‘Never been kissed’ but I’ll do ‘What it takes’ to send this fruit basket on a journey with the ‘Pineapple Express’…”

“No”, Marc screamed.

Erik took a step back and powered a devastating kick into Marc’s nuts, crunching both of them and making poor Marc retch and choke.

“How’s that for ‘Finishing the game’?” Erik said, putting on his manic smile again and waiting for applause.

I looked at Nikolai who had a stern expression on his face.

Erik looked at me, his eyes filled with desperation. He turned to Julian who had been too preoccupied with the pain in his own nuts to pay attention to Marc.

“Or let’s say this is Justin Bieber”, Erik said, his voice shaking as he was trying to sound confident and professional.

“No way”, Julian said.

“Welcome to the show, Justin”, Erik continued and stood in front of Justin. “Oh shit, I’m blocking the camera…” He took a step to the side and clenched his fist.

“Don’t do this!” Julian pleaded. “Erik, I’m warning you! If you carry on like this---“

“Good to have you, Justin”, Erik said. “You better ‘Pray’ because I’m not gonna make ‘U smile’…” With that, he sent his fist flying into Julian’s package, his knuckled crunching Julian’s nuts and visibly flattening them inside his briefs.

Julian let out a high-pitched shriek.

“Good to hear your singing voice, Justin”, Erik continued. “I’ll ‘Never let you go’ because I’m ‘Stuck in the moment’ and I’m gonna make you ‘My favourite girl’, ‘Baby’!”

Erik brought back his fist and smashed it into Julian’s groin, once again crunching his precious testicles and bringing a long, sad, painful wail from Julian’s lips as he struggled to remain standing.

Erik turned around and held out his hands. “With weak balls like that he’ll never find ‘Somebody to love’ and---“

Suddenly the door opened and a young woman walked into the room.

“Hey, Kolya, I---“ she stopped to take in the absurd scene. She was beautiful with long, black hair and dark eyes, full red lips and high cheekbones. The lower buttons on her short red leather jacket were closed so her cleavage was highlighted. She was in her late twenties, wearing a black top underneath the jacket that showed off her big breasts, a black mini skirt that ended mid-thigh, and red high heels. Around her neck was a fashionable black scarf that made her breasts stick out even more.

Behind her, Candy opened her mouth. “I tried to stop her but---“

“Kolya”, the dark haired woman said, an amused expression on her face. “Are you up to your old tricks?” She had an accent that was similar to Nikolai’s, a bit thicker maybe. “Back home you always messed with girls…” She pointed at Mark and Julian who stared back at her, momentarily forgetting about the pain in their nuts. “Are you a queer now?” She smiled. “Well, I definitely smell sperm here…”

Candy blushed, closed her mouth, turned around and walked back to her desk.

The woman closed the door behind her and walked over to me. “I’m Katerina, Nikolai’s sister”, she said.

I stood and shook her hand, her sweet perfume making me cough. “Nice to meet you, I’m Alex”, I said.

“These are your sex toys?” Katerina pointed at the three boys.

“Katya!” Nikolai said sharply. “You are early.”

Katerina giggled. “Sorry if I interrupted your little orgy…” She walked over to her brother who remained seated.

She stood next to him and opened her arms. “Kolya, nice to see you.”

He got up from his seat and his trousers fell to his ankles. He was wearing black boxer briefs with some curious white stains on the front.

Katerina slapped her brother junk playfully, making Nikolai groan and sit down again.

“It’s not what you think”, he said, pulling up his trousers and fastening his belt.

Katerina grinned. “Boys in underwear, cum stains – I think it’s exactly what I think…”

“My secretary gave me a blowjob right before these morons came in”, Nikolai mumbled.

“Well, that’s the Kolya I know”, Katerina said. “Ready for lunch?”

“Yeah”, Nikolai said and turned to the rest of us. “Out. Now.”

“But what do you think about my show?” Erik asked pleadingly.

Nikolai rolled his eyes. “You know your way around pop culture but the concept is just ghastly. There’s no way we---”

“But we could make it a kids’ show! Kids love a good nutshot!” Erik interrupted him.

“Out!” Nikolai barked.

“Oh, don’t be so bossy, Kolya”, Katerina smiled, openly enjoying the awkward situation. “You invited him in, didn’t you? He deserves a chance…” She sat down in the chair next to me.

“I didn’t invite him”, Nikolai grunted. “He came into my office yesterday and gave me a blowjob.”

Erik blushed.

“Some things never change”, Katerina laughed. “All you ever think about is sex, right?”

Nikolai shrugged. “He walked into the office yesterday, pulled out my cock and told me he wanted an hour with me. I told him ten minutes today before lunch. I hadn’t even finished before he dropped to his knees and let me slide it into his throat. Filled him up with a nice big load and added another one on his face, because he asked me to. And here we are.”

Erik looked like he’d rather be dead than be in this room now. His friends stared at him. Marc let out a laugh.

“Okay, thanks, but that’s a bit too much information, Kolya.” Katerina turned to Erik. “So you are the cocksucker, right?”

Erik squirmed, his face glowing red.

“Do you do guys exclusively? Or do I have a chance to get to know that mouth of yours, too?” Katerina smiled seductively as she ran her hand over her thigh until her fingers touched the hemline of her mini-skirt.

Erik’s eyes followed her hand and he licked his lips and gulped.

Nikolai rolled his eyes. “Katya. Please.”

His sister laughed and winked at Erik. “Just kidding, sweetie. I’m not into converting queers… And your show is about sucking dick?”

Erik opened his mouth.

“Stop it, Katya”, Nikolai said. “Let’s go have lunch.”

“No, this is getting interesting. A gay blowjob show. Sounds pretty unique”, Katerina said. “They’d never show it in Russia, but here…”

“It’s not that! I’m not gay!” Erik blurted out. “And I’d love to munch your pussy! I would---”

“Sorry, sweetie”, Katerina dismissed Erik’s dream with a smile. “I was just kidding… I’m into manly men, you know…”

Before Erik had a chance to object and convince her of his manliness, Katerina continued, “If your show isn’t about blowing guys – what is it about?”

Erik stared at her, apparently still thinking about the missed opportunity. “It’s about me hitting dudes in the nuts.”

Katerina chuckled. “Oh, I heard about that. The Something of Something.” She turned to Nikolai. “It’s your biggest show, right?”

“No”, Erik said impatiently. “It’s my own show.”

Katerina raised her eyebrows and looked at Julian an Marc whose hands were still tied behind their backs. “So you demonstrated your ballkicking skills on the two, right?”

“My friends, yeah”, Erik said and put his hand around their shoulders.

Julian and Marc squirmed to get out of his grasp.

Katerina nodded.

“Katya”, Nikolai said. “Let’s---“

“No, this is getting interesting”, she grinned. “Maybe I have a few ideas to improve your show.”

Erik’s eyes lit up. “You do?”

Katerina stood and walked over to him. She ran her hand through his hair and smiled. “First of all, there’s too much clothing on you. You should show off your body. I’m sure it looks great…” She ran her hands down his chest, pausing as her long, red fingernails gazed his nipples. “Here, let me help you…” She reached for his belt and opened it.

Erik took a sharp breath.

Katerina laughed and pulled his black trousers down. Looking Erik in the eyes, she ran her hand over the bulge in his tight green speedos. “Get naked for me.”

Erik nodded eagerly and started stripping.

Nikolai sighed and leaned back in his chair.

Katerina walked behind Marc and started to untie his hands. She looked up at Erik who had stripped down speedos. He had a pale skin and a trim and but very muscular body. “You have a great body. You really shouldn’t hide it! Wow, look at all those muscles”, she said gently. “Now take off your underwear.”

“But then I’m naked and the guests aren’t”, Erik said, staring at her.

“Sure”, Katerina smiled. “But the audience will want to have a look at that perfect package of yours. You can’t deny them that, can you?”

Erik thought for a moment. “Well, I guess I can’t”, he grinned and took off his speedos. “Would be cruel not to show them my equipment, right?”

“Absolutely”, Katerina said still fumbling with the rope that held Marc’s hands.

Erik ran his hand over his flat stomach and looked down at his cock. His pubes were neatly trimmed and there were just a few hairs on the sac that held his medium-sized balls. Erik ran the tip of his finger over his dick. It was rock hard, probably because he still thought he might have a chance at spending the night with this Russian beauty.

Katerina looked at him and grinned. “Do you think that’s appropriate?”

“What do you mean”, Erik looked confused.

“Well, that little dicky of yours might be a bit of a problem depending on the time slot you want the show to air…”

Erik nodded slowly. Then he spat into his hand and slowly started stroking his cock. “I guess it’s more of a night time format”, he said huskily.

“I see”, Katerina smiled. “Come here and help me untie your friends! Trust me, you don’t want to be responsible for me breaking my fingernails...”

Erik looked at her long, red nails, exhaling slowly. He walked behind Julian, his cock slapping against his friend’s thigh and leaving a wet stain that dried quickly.

A few moments later, Marc and Julian were untied and they grabbed their crotches, lightly tugging at their balls and moaning softly. Erik stood between them, stark naked, his cock pointing straight ahead, its tip glistening.

Marc looked at Erik, his face filled with anger.

Katerina winked at him and walked in front of the boys. “The show is all about you, Erik, right?”

Erik nodded. “It’s gonna be called ‘Bashing Balls with Erik’ or ‘Erik’s Guide to Crunching Nuts’.”

Katerina thought for a moment. “But it would be much more fun if it was your balls that’d get bashed, don’t you agree?”

Erik stared at her. “Umm. No.”

“Well”, Katerina smiled. “I think it would.”

“But that’s not the concept”, Erik said slowly.

“Then we’ll change the concept.” Katerina looked at Marc and Julian. “Hold him!”

Marc and Julian grinned and nodded, grabbing Erik’s arms.

“Our pleasure, mam”, Julian chuckled.

“Wait”, Erik said. “That’s not the concept.”

“I told you, we’ll change the concept. Trust me, sweetie”, Katerina took a step back and lifted her skirt, letting the three boys catch a glimpse of her honey pot.

All three of them swallowed simultaneously and Eric’s dick jumped a little as he no doubt imagined himself inside her. Katerina smiled and let her skirt drop again.

I looked at Nikolai who was rubbing his eyes. He saw the question in my eyes and said between clenched teeth, “She never wears underwear.” He raised his voice. “Stop this, Katya. Now.”

“Oh Kolya, don’t be a spoilsport. I’m having fun here”, she said without looking at her brother.

“Erik”, Nikolai said sharply, turning to the naked boy. “Get out of my office. You are fired!”

Erik didn’t react.

Katerina cracked her knuckles. Gently, she cupped Erik’s balls in her left hand and ran the fingers of her right hand over the sensitive skin of his sac. Erik’s cock twitched at the contact. Her red fingernails contrasted nicely with Erik’s pale nuts.

I looked at Nikolai who had a stern expression on his face. Maybe he was used to his sister taking the place in the limelight. “Stop this, now, Katya. And Erik, did you hear me? You are fired!”

“I think it would be more entertaining”, Katerina continued without looking at her brother, “if there was a woman doing the nutcracking.”

“Erm, well”, Erik said, looking down at his balls with fear in his eyes. “Actually, I don’t agree with you.”

“Sweetie, it doesn’t matter if you agree with me”, she said, looking Erik in the eyes, smiling at him, and closing her left hand around his balls.

Erik started squirming.

Katerina increased the pressure, digging her fingertips into the soft flesh of Erik’s testicles.

Erik’s mouth opened and he started panting.

Katerina’s fingernails dug into Erik’s meaty balls and she didn’t hold back at all, driving the her sharp nails into his precious orbs, smiling all the time.

Erik gulped. His abs clenched. “Fuck”, he whispered.

Marc and Julian chuckled.

With a swift yank, Katerina pulled down on Erik’s sac, making him let out a howl of pain, before suddenly twisting his balls 180 degrees.

Erik’s eyes bulged as the pain hit his brain. He screamed from the top of his lungs, his body twitching, his cock slapping against his contracting abs.

His buddies laughed and held him tight.

Katerina let go of Erik’s balls before clenching her fist and ramming it up between the poor boy’s thighs, smashing his delicate gonads into his body and making Erik gurgle in pain.

Julian let out a cruel laugh. “Yeah!” he shouted.

“See”, Katerina grinned. “That’s what I call entertainment. Did you get this kind of reaction with your performance?”

“He didn’t”, Marc said eagerly. “He sure didn’t.”

Erik groaned.

Katerina took a step back and pointed down at her red high heels. “See the sharp tip?”

Erik followed her gaze and whimpered.

“Let’s see if I can hit one nut at a time…”

“Good luck”, Julian smirked. “Go for the left one first!”

Nikolai looked at his watch. “Katya…”

His sister ignored him and brought her leg back. With a swift motion, she kicked at Erik’s crotch, the tip of her shoe catching his left nut dead on.

Erik’s body convulsed and he let out an agonized scream.

“Yeah!” Marc cheered.

“Right in the nut!” Julian laughed. “You really hit the sucker!”

“Now go for the right one!” Marc chimed in.

“Alright boys”, Katerina grinned and powered her foot into Erik’s groin with admirable precision. Her aim was perfect. The tip of her shoe connected with Erik’s right testicle, visibly flattening it and causing Erik to retch in pain.

“Stop, please”, Erik whimpered.

“Now it’s getting interesting”, Katerina grinned. She looked at Marc and Julian. “One of you hold his sac tight. I want to see if I can nail both of them.”

“Sure”, Marc chuckled.

“Great idea”, Julian nodded.

Marc took over both of Erik’s hands and Julian grabbed the neck of Erik’s sac, yanking down and trapping the two tortured testicles at the bottom where the bulged obscenely.

Julian nodded at Katerina and she delivered a perfect kick that connected with both of Erik’s balls, ramming them into Julian’s hand.

“Ouch”, Julian shouted, letting go and shaking his hand.

Erik’s reaction was slightly less subdued. His knees buckled and his eyes clenched shut as a wheezing groan escaped his lips that turned into a siren-like scream that filled the room.

Nikolai stood up and walked his desk. “Katya”, he said impatiently. “As much as I like seeing you have fun, I really have a tight schedule and you are going to be in Moscow tomorrow, so…”

“Oh, haven’t you heard?” Katerina said without looking at him. She brought her foot back again and smashed it into Erik’s crotch. Her instep smashed both of Erik’s poor marbles into his pelvis. He screamed from the top of his lungs and Julian rushed to help Marc to keep Erik from collapsing.

“Haven’t I heard what?” Nikolai sighed.

“We’re gonna be colleagues, Kolya – or rivals, depends on how you see it”, Katerina landed another vicious kick into Erik’s nuts, throwing all of her body into it and making Erik wail from the top of his voice. “Phew, this is exhausting. Maybe it would make for a good workout video…”

“What do you mean we’re gonna be rivals?” Nikolai insisted.

His sister turned to him and smiled. “I’m gonna have my own TV station.”

“What?!” Nikolai’s head reddened. “What?!”

Katerina chuckled. “Mom bought me a channel.”

Nikolai looked like he was going to explode. “Fuck you! Get out of my office! You”, he pointed in my direction, ”you stay here. And the rest of you are fired!”

All eyes were on him.

“I mean it!” Nikolai screamed.

“Calm down, Kolya”, his sister said cheerfully.

“I tell you, I mean it!” Nikolai repeated, his head beet red.

“Don’t be such a party pooper!” Katerina took off her scarf and played with it in her hands. She looked at Erik and his buddies. “You know, you could always come with me and have your show on my channel.”

Marc and Julian grinned. “Sure!”

Erik whimpered, “You mean we’re gonna get ‘Bashing Balls with Erik’ made after all?”

Katerina chuckled. “We’ll have to think about the title, I guess, I’m thinking ‘Bashing Erik’s Balls’ would be more accurate…”

“That’s what I said”, I chimed in.

Nikolai glared at me and let the back of his hand sail into my groin, crunching my nuts inside my jeans and making me shut up and seriously ponder the thought of throwing up.

“Get out, now, all of you!” Nikolai’s voice cracked.

Katerina looked at him with a pitiful smile.

“Fuck you, bitch!” Nikolai roared. “It’s always the same with you – once I get a toy you want to play with it!”

Katerina laughed. “Boohoo, Kolya. Boohoo. You should welcome the competition!”

“Fuck you! I’m calling security”, Nikolai screamed.

“Erm, they are on a company outing”, I said, making sure I was protecting my testicles.

Nikolai let out another roar and stormed out the office. “Candy!!”

His sister chuckled. “Now, where were we?” She looked at the scarf in her hand and for the pitcher of ice water on Nikolai’s desk. She dipped the scarf in it and threw it around a bit, water flying everywhere.

She turned her attention to Erik again who seemed to have thought that she was done with. He was wrong. With a swift motion, she whipped the cold, wet scarf at Erik’s nuts, cracking into his balls and making him scream from the top of his lungs.

“Wow”, Julian cheered, “I’m glad I didn’t share a locker room with you in highschool…”

Marc chuckled.

“You are enjoying this, aren’t you?” Kateria looked at the two boys.

Marc and Julian grinned.

“Oh yeah!” Marc laughed.

“I don’t”, Erik whimpered.

“Oh, I really don’t care if you do, sweetie”, Katerina said, running her hand through Erik’s hair. “I really don’t…”

Erik groaned.

“Okay, we need something to wrap things up”, Katerina said.

“Oh, just kick him again”, Marc chuckled.

“Yeah, kick his balls in!” Julian nodded.

“I was thinking about something a bit more spectacular”, Katerina said, walking back and forth in front of poor Erik who was eyeing her with fear in his face.

“Wait, I have an idea”, Katerina grinned and reached for her handbag. “Now that his balls are nice and wet…” She produced a taser, making Julian and Marc chuckle.

Marc grimaced. “Well, that is gonna be spectacular…”

“I keep this for special occasions”, she winked at Erik whose eyes widened.

“That’s gonna ruin him”, Julian chuckled. “He’s never gonna have kids…”

Katerina held the taser up and pressed the button, producing a flash of electricity.

“No, please don’t”, Erik whimpered. “My poor nuts.”

“Oh yeah, do it, fry his meatballs!” Marc laughed.

“Consider this the signature on our contract”, Katerina grinned and held the taser between Erik’s thighs. The two contacts connected with one nut each. “Your show is a go.”

Erik’s face lit up. “Really? You---“

Katerina pressed the button, and the cracking sound of electricity echoed through the room. Bolts of lightning ran through Eric’s testicles as the hair on his wet sac burnt away and his poor, mangled testicles danced up and down.

His body convulsed and he shook violently.

After just a few seconds – that sure must have seemed like an eternity to Erik –, Katerina stopped and withdrew the torturous instrument.

Marc and Julian quickly let go of Erik and he collapsed on the ground, his body shaking as he tried to curl up in the fetal position. His voice filled the room as he screamed in pain.

Marc and Julian watched their buddy on the ground, torn between sympathy and glee. In the end, they settled for glee and grinned at Katerina.

She placed the taser back into her handbag and rummaged around until she found her lipstick. She knelt down next to Erik and started writing something on his ass cheeks.

Erik’s body was glistening with sweat and he was sobbing in pain.

“That’s my phone number”, Katerina said when she had finished. “Call me. I’m sure we’re gonna come up with a fantastic show…”

She waved at us and said, “See you guys, this was really fun. Now I’m gonna go before Kolya comes back… ”

We stared at her as she left the office, Marc and Julian devouring her ass with their eyes.

I looked at the two boys. “Can you help him get dressed?” I pointed at Erik.

“Sure, but I’ll get my own clothes first”, Julian said. “Man, that taser really did a number on his nuts. I guess he’ll feel that for a couple of days…”

Marc chuckled. “No sex for him for a week, that’s for sure…”

“Well, he can always suck cock”, Julian grinned. “Apparently he is very good at it…”

I knelt down next to Erik as his two buddies walked out to get their clothes.

“Everything okay?” I said slowly.

“Look, I didn't really want to replace you”, Erik whispered.

I shrugged. “Water under the bridge. I really don't envy you. Now you'll have to work with Katerina...”

Erik looked at me, his face lighting up. “I have my own show!” he whispered, smiling.

I chuckled. “Yes, you do. Congratulations.”


bbmal said...

Oh boy, I can't wait to see where Erik's story takes him. Wherever that is, it's sure to include a whole boat-load of BB goodness... The cultural references are great, and my favorite part remains to be when Katya knocks her big, powerful brother down a peg by slapping him in his nuts... Man, I guess it's easy to tell truth to power if you nail them in the nuts beforehand ;-)

Alex said...

Hey bbmal, thanks for your comment! I'm glad you like the story (and Katya...) and I'm sure that Erik's road to stardom has a lot of pain in store for him, both f/m and m/m... :-))