Saturday, February 25, 2012

Brandnew blog: Man down!

Maybe you noticed that I have been pretty thrilled with the fantastic male/male ballbusting videos that Lance Hart has produced for his clips4sale studio Man Up! Guys Ballbusting Guys... I really think that his work is extraordinary, and I love his approach: no face masks, hot guys, original plots - and fantastic action. It's almost like he lives my dream, filming videos with superhot models and publishing new stuff at rapid speed...

My friend bbmal (of Ball Busting Tales) shares my enthusiasm and we both are so excited by his work that we decided to start a new blog, celebrating Lance and his clip store. We have worked day and night for the past week to set up the blog and write reviews for the clips he has made so far, and here it is:

In addition to the clip reviews we have set up a page for suggestions that we'll pass on to Lance, and we're currently thinking of a lot of fun things we can do with the blog. So check it out and give some feedback (for Lance or for us, however you like), and support Lance and his awesome clip store!

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