Friday, February 17, 2012

Best clip ever!

Okay, maybe that sounds a bit too enthusiastic, but I've just bought the clip "Wanna Come Play With Man Up?" from Lance Hart's clip store "Man up! Guys ballbusting guys" and - it's as simple as that - it just is the best clip I've ever seen. In it Lance explains what he seeks in a model, all the while kicking, squeezing, slapping, and kneeing the nuts of hot (hot!) new recruit Derek. The kicks are hard, the mood is light and funny, Lance shows his naked nuts along the way, and Derek collapses several times only to come back for more. It's just perfect. Seriously, it reminded me of one of the very first stories I wrote ("The menu - Intro to" - without the cum and the cheesiness...) and it is right up my alley.

If you are anything like me you'll enjoy the clip. For me, those 8,99$ were very well spent...

Oh, and in case you are wondering: I don't profit in any way from Lances sales. It's just that I think his clips are fantastic - and this one in particular is the best clip ever (but I think I said that already... :-))

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