Thursday, July 8, 2010


The fake diamonds reflected around the “Andrews, Murdock and Silverstein” sign hanging proudly in the Lobby.

Bobby looked up from his magazine, “What the hell takes lawyers so long? Why couldn’t we go in?”

Joey responded, “Well, it seems that Alex, Jimmy and Salvatore are the only three they need beside Mr. Mallone.”

“Maybe we should ask to get in.”


“Dude --"

“No, I, myself, am just going to sit here and read magazines…even if it be Golf Digest.”

“That has to be worse than the All-Golf Channel.”

“No, better. This way, you don’t have to listen to the commentators make comments on how the ball just ‘sits on the sand like a beached whale.’ You know, no stupid comments like that.”

“Oh, I see.”

The doors to the main Conference Room flew open. Mr. Mallone and Alex were the first out the doors. They shook hands and exchanged pleasantries, then Mr. Mallone approached the boys in the Lobby.

“Hey guys. What’s up?”

“Nothing,” they both responded simultaneously.

“Well, stay out of trouble. OK?”

“Sure,” again in simultaneous response.

As Jimmy and Sally walked out of the Conference Room, Mr. Mallone said, “Boys, don’t fuck up. Got it?”

“Sure,” Jimmy said.

“Yeah, Dad,” Sally quickly responded.

Jimmy turned to Alex, “Want to see your new studio?”


Sally waved them on, “Let’s go.”

Watching the clouds, Jimmy said as everyone got in his Merc, “I hope everyone brought their umbrellas.”

Alex’s head was whirling. New studio…possible new models…the money may not be the greatest, but I can rebuild ballbusting boys in a new way…all because of an eighteen-year-old boy…just a kid…with more friends and, I’d bet, people in his pocket than I may ever have…He looked over at Jimmy, happily driving. I think I sold my soul to the Devil, finally. He received an elbow nudge from Joey. He came to and found the car pulling in the parking space.

Joey said, “Dude, my fucking balls are caught between my thighs; and they are a bit squashed. Do you think you could get out?”

“Sure,” Alex said, opening the back door. Looking around, Alex saw a partially open door. “Hey Jimmy, is that our studio?” Jimmy didn’t hear him; so he walked over to the door and pushed it in. He saw a man well-dressed with a shoulder holster; and a girl giving him head in the hallway.

Looking over, the guy said, “Hey!”

Alex bolted, and ran to Jimmy. “I think I’m dead!”

Before Jimmy could answer, the man from the hallway came out with his gun drawn. He stopped where he was when he saw Jimmy. “Hey Jimmy!”

“What Niccolo?”

Pointing at Alex, “This fucking dickhead here opened the door. The fucking bitch got scared and ran away. I still have a fucking hard-on. Is he going to finish it?” Everyone looked at Jimmy.

“No. Call 555-4312. Tell them you want a girl for the night and to put it on Jimmy’s tab.”

“I don’t know. You didn’t fuck it up.”

“Just put the gun away and call the number.”

“You fucking Irish Micks ain’t that bad after all.”

“Just remember, I am partially Sicilian as well.”

“Sometimes, I’d swear you’re all Sicilian.”

“Well, just get the fuck out of here.” Pointing to Alex, “And leave him alone on the street. You and your people.”

“Alright.” He shot a dirty look to Alex, then holstered his gun and left.

“Alex, your new studio is at 628 Main St. I suggest, after today, you use the front door and park on the street. You know, to avoid any bullshit.”


“Now, you’re on the second floor --"

Alex interrupted, “Park what?”

“You’ll see.”

Now, Alex was thoroughly shocked and bewildered simultaneously. A car? A second floor studio as before? A new beginning…He couldn’t get past it: A car? As Jimmy unlocked the door, Alex took in his surroundings.

Turning on the lights, Jimmy said, “Welcome to Ballbustingboys Buffalo Studio.”


Alex jumped.

Jimmy smiled, “The whole fucking gang’s here to welcome you to Buffalo, Alex.”

“I’m not dressed for a party.”

“It’s casual. Come on, man.” Grabbing Alex by the arm, he brought him in to the crowd. “I’m going to introduce you to everyone.”

Standing with Alex in front of the throng, he said, “Everybody, this is Alex. He is a friend of mine; and he is moving here to Buffalo in the near future to produce films. Now, let’s introduce ourselves.”

“Hi, I’m Carol.”

“I’m Denise. Nice to meet you.”


“Chuckie. What’s up?”

“Hey, man, I’m Mikey.”

“I think he knows the rest of us,” Sally said.

“Now, Alex is looking for male models. Each guy at this party is going to have a ten-minute meeting with Alex to evaluate their model potential. But first,” he turned to Alex, “follow me.”

Jimmy opened a door leading into a full office complete with a desk and chair, computer, Xerox machine, fax machine, and a window overlooking Main St. “What do you think?”

“I like it.”

“This is your office,” Jimmy said as they departed the office. Alex followed Jimmy across the loft.

Jimmy opened up a thick wooden door. “Here are your living quarters.” Opening a second wooden door, he said, “Here is your bedroom.” Pointing to another open door, he said, “That’s your bathroom with a shower. There’s a kitchen to the right. You like?”

Alex felt like a wife given a dream home by her husband. “What more could I want?”

“Well, now you have a taste of the perks in corporate America. You get a studio and a suite.”

Smiling, Alex said, “All I can say is…cool, man.”

“Now, go attend your business meetings,” Jimmy said to Alex as he departed the suite.

Alex took one more look before he closed the door. A suite? Perks? He couldn’t help but to smile. He crossed the loft and leaned against the doorframe to his office.

“OK, boys,” Jimmy said. “Sally, you’re first.”

Sally walked past Alex into his office. Alex smiled and winked at Jimmy, then closed the door.

Turning to Sally, he said, “I swear I knew nothing of these meetings. Honestly, I want to go out there and party.”

”Jimmy’s a sick fucker. Bobby tells me you model for ballbusting. So, I am in here to drop my pants.”


Playfully, Sally said, “Well, you better sit down, Doc.”

Sitting down, Alex felt the comfort of his new office chair. Smiling, he said, “Come here.”

Sally stood in front of him and winked, “Ready?” Alex nodded. Sally undid his pants and let them fall, revealing goldenrod yellow briefs. Alex knew he was a stallion looking at the crotch.

Alex slid his briefs down and his dick bounced up, revealing two of the biggest testicles he ever saw. Alex looked up at him. “I think you could be a model.”

“Nah. Mine are big, but Jimmy’s are like two eggs you buy in the store.”

“I’ll get to his, but I am going to cast you as well.”

Sally’s face brightened up. “Really?”

“Shit, yeah, we’re going to get some good shots with balls like yours.”

“My dick, so you know, is nine inches. Want to see it hard?”

Looking at his dick, Alex replied, “You’re half way there.”

“Watch this,” Sally said as he jerked it all the way hard.

“That’s some dick.”

“I don’t know. I am the smallest among the guys at nine inches.”

“The smallest?”


“What, did you guys all get the big dick gene?”

“We must have.”

“Now, I have something else to look forward to with you all.”

“You know, since I met you, I have been wanting to do something.”


Sally picked Alex up and kissed him passionately and tenderly. Alex broke the kiss when the door was knocked upon, yet both were panting. Sally pulled up his briefs and winked at Alex. Pulling up his pants, he said, “I guess you have another client.”

“I guess,” Alex said sitting down.

“Thanks, Alex.”

Sally held the door open for Bobby.

“Hey, Alex.”

“Hey Bobby.”

“I have to tell you. When I first met you, I wasn’t sure about you.”


“All that fetish shit.”

“Well, what do you think now?”

”Eh, you’re OK. I just take a while to get to know people or trust them.”

“You’ve only known me for five days. Jimmy is quite a character.”

“If you knew what he had been through, you’d understand. However, I have a feeling that I am not in here to be a psychologist.”

“Well, if you don’t feel comfortable --"

“No, it’s OK.” Bobby approached Alex. He undid his jeans and let them drop, revealing white Tommy Hilfiger boxers. He unbuttoned the fly and pulled his balls out. “What do you think of them?”

Taking them into his hands and fondling them, Alex noticed his growing boner. “Can I see that, too?”

“Sure.” Smiling, Bobby pulled his cock out. Watching it erect more, Bobby said, “It’s nine-and-a-half inches certified.”


“And tape measure.” They laughed.

“Are they balls of steel?”

“I don’t know.”

Before he could say anything, Alex pummeled them with his fist. Bobby’s eyes slightly crossed; and he hit his knees. “Shit,” he whimpered.

“Not of steel, eh?”

“I-I guess n-not.”

Bobby picked himself up slowly. He tenderly replaced his cock and nuts in his shorts.

“Consider yourself a model.”

“Oh-oh yeah?”

“Yeah, man. You took that better than some of my former models.”

Finally able to stand erect, he said, “Can we m-meet some of th-those guys?”

“In time, I am sure we could all hang out.”

“Cool. Thanks.” Just then, the knock came again. “Another dude for you.”

Bobby held the door open for Chuckie.

“Hey, man, again, nice to meet you.”

“Same here.”

“Are you ready?”

“Sure.” Chuckie walked over to Alex. “Go easy. I have a date tonight.”

Alex laughed. “Sure.”

Letting his jeans fall, he pulled out his ample genitals from his boxers. “Here you go.”

Alex took his thick cock in his hand and lifted it, looking at the nicely shaped orbs dangling below it.

“I’m a certified pussywrecker.”


“Nine-and-one-quarter inches of pure all-American meat.”

Taking Chuckie’s balls in his hand, Alex replied, “I am more concerned about these. Are you open to being a model for me?”


“Really? You’ll be getting pussy only in your dreams on filming days.”

“Well, I can work around that.”

“I see.”

“How much do you get as a model?”

“Well, the movie scenes will be short. I would say, two-hundred and fifty dollars.”

“Per scene?”

“Per film. That is, until we get off the ground. Then, everybody gets increased salaries.”

“Cool. Count me in, man.”

“OK.” The knock came to the door. “Thank you, Chuckie.”

“Anytime,” he replied as he opened the door for Mikey.

“Hey, Alex, nice to meet you.”

“Same here, Mikey,” Alex smiled.

“You know, your nickname and every other guy’s is diminutive. You know what I mean?”

“Well, our nicknames have not changed since we were growing up in the ‘Hood.”

“Oh. Do you like Mikey?”


“OK, Mikey, why don't you…uh…show me what you got?”

Mikey took his pants off by the door and smiled as he approached Alex. Standing in front of him in his FTLs, he put his hands on his hips and said, “Well?”

“Um, well, I would like to see your package.”

“Oh, sorry,” Mikey said as he pulled his briefs down. “It’s about nine-and-an-eighth inches. Jimmy measured it.”

“Umm, well, I would like to see just your balls for right now.”

“OK,” Mikey said, as he lifted up his dick.

“Very nice, Mikey. Do you want to model for ballbusting?”

“Yeah, but not too much. I need to get pussy sometime.”

“Sure, man, we’ll only bust you during the week.”

They laughed.

“Thanks, Mikey. I am expecting the knock at any moment. Don’t forget your pants.”

“I won’t. Thanks, Alex.”

“No problem.”

As Mikey left, Alex sat back and closed his eyes. These guys have humungous genitals compared to many I have seen. Shit, I am sitting on a gold mine. His thoughts were interrupted by a tap on his shoulder. Right in front of him, at eye level, was what looked like a foot-long dick with egg-size balls hanging under it. He looked up into Jimmy’s eyes. “Joey left; so I’m last.”

“That’s a gigantic cock, man,” Alex said, still somewhat in shock.

“I read about the other model Zach you had. I guess his was pretty big as well.”

“Yeah, he had a large package, but not like this.” Alex held that long veiny dong in his hand.

“I’d like to see some video or pictures of him.”

“Maybe, in time; but I have to check in with the guys over at the studio first. I can’t interrupt their filming or that.”

“Are they filming? We heard that they are somewhat broke; and there is nothing for the models to do.”

“Well, they have the Ballbusting Olympics. So, it’s a wonder Zach has any balls left.” They laughed.

Taking Jimmy’s eggs in his other hand, Alex said, “These were made for busting.”


“I can tell.”


“Jimmy, your balls could make millions.”

“We’ll see.”

“Even one scene.”

“I’ll see.”

“Would you be a model for me?”

Jimmy said, “Show me a script.”


“Get up,” Jimmy said as he pulled up his CK boxers.


“We’re switching places,” Jimmy said as he pulled up his pants.


“Come on, man.”

Alex got up and Jimmy sat down. Looking up at him while undoing Alex’s jeans, he said, “Let’s see how you stack up.” Pulling down Alex’s boxer briefs, he lifted his dick to see Alex’s family jewels. “Not a bad pair, Alex.”


“If those other guys are going to get their balls broken, so are you. Got it?”

“You’re the boss.”

“You’re damn right. What is this, a board meeting?” Jimmy sprang up. “Let’s go out there and have some fun.”

“Alright, man,” Alex said as he pulled up his underwear and pants.

They departed the office, each with a smile.


Chris said...

Promising! All those big balls! I want to read about your big balls being busted, Jimmy!

Jimmy said...

Everyone will be busted, that's for sure. As to when or how, that remains to be seen.

Anonymous said...

I hope you wreck the pussywrecker *lol*

Anonymous said...

I like it.

Jimmy said...

As with a novel, things must unfold, even if it be painfully slowly. But don't worry, everyone will get a piece of the action.

Anonymous said...

hey, I saw your weblog and site. I like busting balls. but I havent found a dating internet site dedicated for ball busters/bustee. can u suggest one to me? thanks.