Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Jimmy stood and looked with pride on the new music studio. Bobby walked up to Jimmy with his hands on his hips.

“Alex is due here any minute. How do you think he is going to react to this new music studio in his big loft?”

“We’ll see.”

“You didn’t ask him.”

“Well, he wants theme songs and that, doesn’t he?”

“I would think so, but --"

“We need recording space, then. Mr. Mallone doesn’t have the money to be spending on studios.”

“Jimmy, it would have been nice to at least inform Alex. You two are colleagues.”

“I don’t exactly call all the shots. Mr. Mallone decided to put the studio here.”

“Evidently. By the way, you’ll be gaining two new musicians.”


“Well, Alex called and mentioned that he is bringing with him two models from the former studio: Zach and Sammy.”

Jimmy looked up. “I have heard of their work at the old studio. I am very excited to have them here.”

“Well, get ready because they are coming here any minute with Alex.”

“Cool.” He bent down and picked up a record. “Here, put this on.” He mellowed some as the record played.

Meanwhile, down on Main St., the Cadillac pulled up with Alex, Sammy and Zach.

“You two look very nice,” commented Alex on the boys’ button-down shirts and nicely pressed jeans.

“Thank you,” said Sammy with a grin.

“You have to make a good impression. Jimmy can’t wait to finally meet you two in person. If you want work in this new studio, we have to go by what he says.”

”Awe, come on, Alex,” said Zach. “I want to do it like the old days with you in charge and deciding what to do.”

”I do, for the most part. Jimmy just supervises, really, but that’s enough to make life hell.”

“Then, why the hell would you want to work for him?”

“Hey, be fair! He gave us this opportunity. We can at least hear him out. He has had some good ideas.”

“You told us yourself that he is a little wacky,” Sammy said as the Caddy pulled up to the curb.

“I won’t let him get too weird on you.”

“Fair enough.”

The chauffeur opened the curb-side door. Alex, Sammy and Zach got out and looked around, taking in their new home.

“Are you sure we can live with you?” asked Zach.

“How many times do I have to say, ‘Yes’?”


Walking up the stairs, Sammy asked, “Is this office like the old one?”

“Better. I even have a suite.”

“A suite?”

“Wow,” said Zach.

Alex opened the door and saw the new construction. Unsure what to think, he brought the boys into his office. Business was at hand. The boys sat down in the comfortable chairs by his desk.

“Wow, Alex,” continued Zach. “This is like a corporate office. These chairs are too comfortable for just a ballbusting studio.”

“I know,” said Alex, as he sunk into his comfortable office chair. “Sign here, boys,” he said showing them each the place to sign.

“What are these?”

“Well, Jimmy wants you two under contract.”

Sammy looked up. “A contract?”

“This protects you. It guarantees you a salary. There is, however, one stipulation. Sammy, to begin with you, I recalled how you once told me on the side about your guitar and how you like playing.”

As Alex handed him a pen, Sammy shrugged, “Yeah. And?”

“Well, Jimmy is looking for someone to play guitar to round out his band.”

“So, as part of my salary, he wants me to be a musician?”


Zach looked over at him laughing. “It may be the only way to get your dick sucked at a nightclub.”

Sammy looked down at the contract and signed. He handed Zach the pen.

“Now Zach,” Alex began. “I know you don’t necessarily play an instrument. So, I got you a part in Jimmy’s percussion.”

Zach looked worried, “Drums?”

“No, he has a drummer. You’ll probably end up playing maraca or the castanets or something like that.”

“Oh.” Happily, Zach signed the contract.

“Good, now you boys are models for Ballbusting Boys Buffalo.”

Jimmy walked in Zach’s office. “Good morning, Alex.”

“Hey, Jimmy,” Alex said as the two boys looked at each other then turned around in their chairs. “Boys, this is Jimmy. He’s the guy watches over everything.”

Sammy looked up and thought, Holy shit! A guy in sunglasses giving the orders? I mean, he has a great body, but…

Zach looked him up and down and thought, I can’t wait to see this guy, Mr. Boss Man, get busted…that bulge…wow…

Looking at Sammy, Jimmy said, “Stand up, please.” Sammy looked back at Alex and stood up with a little reluctance. “Strip.”

Sammy turned to look at Alex. “Do what he says. You’re under contract now. A breach means no job, no money and then, of course, no pussy.”

He turned his eyes back on Jimmy as he began stripping. He stripped to his boxers, and stood with his hands behind his back, thinking, This should be enough. “Well, why do you --"

Jimmy walked up to him. “Is this what they call stripping where you’re from?”

“I don’t --"

“Drop your boxers.” Sammy hesitantly complied and kicked them off his foot. “Good boy. You know, there are some bootlegs from your old studio where Zach was nude but not you. So, I want to see you in your glory.” Sammy forced a smile. “Are you scared of me?”

“Well, this is the first time I have met you; and I had to drop my drawers.”

Alex interjected, “I told you that he’s the supervisor. He just wants to know what you guys look like.” Zach looked at Alex then Sammy.

“Now, get it up.” Realizing he had little other choice, Sammy started jerking. Jimmy watched him jerk, as Zach watched Alex looking at Jimmy. “It’s nice. How big is it?”

“Almost nine inches.”

“Lift it up.” Sammy complied. Taking his nuts in his hand, Jimmy said, “Yes, you have some nice balls, too, man.”


“Now, sit down.” Sammy happily and immediately complied. Looking at Zach, Jimmy said, “Your turn.”


“Get up and strip.”

“But you saw me naked.”

“Not up close.”

Taking down his boxers, Zach began, “I don’t know why --"

“Get it up,” Jimmy interrupted matter-of-factly.

“Ah, so you want to see the monster up close.”

Alex looked up, “Zach, I wouldn’t –"

Happily, Zach was jerking. He thought, He must be a fan because it’s bigger than his. Why else would he want to see it? Getting it to the maximum erection, Zach looked at Jimmy and said, “I’ll bet it’s bigger than yours.”

“What is the wager?”

“Anything you want.”

“OK. The loser has to wear a jockstrap and serve the winner all day.”

“Why a jock?”

“Easy access.”

Catching on to the subliminal messages, Sammy looked up and said, “Zach, dude, I wouldn’t --"

“Deal,” Zach said.

Sammy looked at Alex, who buried his head in his hands, thinking, This kid has no idea who or what he’s messing with. Oh God, why do bigger dick boys think their automatic studs and automatically the biggest in the room? By then, Jimmy had it out and was stroking his meat. Alex thought, I can’t believe how big it is…and it is all real! I’d like that for a weenie heater some time when it’s cold. Sammy turned his attention to Jimmy’s growing dick, thinking, This thing is obscene…it’s gone beyond cock, it’s a…a…thing. His eyes grew a little with every inch. Sammy looked at Alex, “Is it a foot?”

“Something like that.”

“I think it needs a leash.”

As Sammy looked over at him, Zach turned white. Smiling, Sammy said, “What’s the matter?”

“Ummmm…it’s --"

“Bigger than yours?”


“Sorry, dude.”

Looking at Zach’s still-erect dick, Jimmy said, “Well, your dick looks like ten-and-a-half inches, which is still pretty big. Those are some hefty nads, as well.”

“I know,” said Zach, trying to inflate his ego again.

Alex looked up at Zach, “I warned you about trying to be the stud of the studio.”

Jimmy proceeded, “Back to business, you two will be residing here with Alex.”

Sammy looked up. “Cool.” Regaining some color, Zach smiled.

“One last thing. Sammy, get up and stand in front of Zach, here.” Sammy complied. “Now, see those nice juicy plums dangling there?”


“I want you to make your best attempt to drive those back through the opening of his sack into his pelvis.”


Zach’s eyes got real big as Sammy smiled evilly pulling his leg back. He thought, But Sammy, you’re my dude. The crunch heard ‘round the studio followed momentarily as Sammy’s foot caught both plums head on. It was even heard by Mrs. Birch, who thought it was a percussion instrument as she paused in front of Alex’s door. Zach, amazingly on his feet still, heaved through his gaping mouth while blinking his crossed eyes, thinking, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck…. Sammy walked over and pushed on his chest with his finger; and down Zach went.

Walking out of the office, Jimmy looked at Alex, “Get his jock. That’s not all he’s in for today.”

Sammy picked Zach up and laid him on Alex’s desk. “He’s going to need ice.”

“Yeah.” Alex darted out to get ice.

Looking down at Zach, Sammy said, “It’s alright, dude.” Zach went to say something, but Sammy said, “Shhhhh. I didn’t mean to kick you that hard.” Still panting, Zach again went to speak, but Sammy said, “Shhhhh, just rest a while here.” Zach closed his eyes and thought, Just rest? My balls are swollen like a tennis ball…he just kicked me…I have to wear that jock strap and endure God knows what abuse…

Returning with the ice and the strap, Alex said, “Here. Put this on him.” Sammy took the ice and applied it to Zach’s nutsack. Zach groaned, Great, tonight’s supposed search for pussy is now pussy in my dreams…

Sammy looked up. “Can you hear music?”

“Yeah. I have to tell you that the busting was hot.”

Smiling, Sammy said, “I know.” Zach winced; and Sammy caught it out of the corner of his eye. Looking at him, Sammy said, “It was.”

Alex stood up. “Take care of him.” He knew in his heart he shouldn’t leave Zach’s side, but there was business.

He walked toward the new studio. He encountered a string of people wearing sunglasses. Seeing Mrs. Birch, he seized on the opportunity to find Jimmy.

“Hi, Mrs. Birch.”

“Hello, Alexander.”

Pointing to the little girl she was holding, “Is she your granddaughter?”

“No, she’s Jimmy’s daughter.”

“He reproduced?”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“Well, he’s a little out there.”


“Well….anyway, where is he?”

“In the booth.”

The nearer he got to the booth, the louder the music got. It was blaring. Alex thought, He must be deaf. Seeing Alex, he turned down the music. “Do you like it?”

“It’s good.”

“I based the hook partially on Spector.”

“Well, it’s still very good.” He looked out the booth window and saw the musicians relaxing. “What is it for?” He waved to Bobby as he walked in the Booth and sat down.

“It’s the theme to the new Zach the Cheater.”

“I see.” Looking at Jimmy, he continued, “It’s nice. When will Sammy be brought in?”

“Next session.”


“Next session. They’re naked.”

Bobby looked up, “Don’t you think it would be nice for Zach to play on his own theme?”

“Well, I’ll rerecord it in a few days. I did have some things I wanted to add.”

Alex smiled. “Thank you.”

“Anyway, about Zach the Cheater, I want to do an episode with Sandy.”

Bobby rolled his eyes. “I thought she was dating a suburban kid.”

“I can put an end to that.”

Alex raised his eyebrows. He went to ask how, but relented. Instead, he asked, “Wait, which one is Sandy?”

“The redhead.”

“The singer?”


Bobby chuckled. “What is she singing?”

“The ditty from the Honeys; and she’s doing a Ronettes record.”

Alex looked at Jimmy. “Back to Zach, how does this play out?”

“You’ll have a script tomorrow morning.”

“What about Sammy?”

“Next week, we’ll have a new script for Sammy the Ball Doctor.” Looking at Bobby, he said, “It’s Alex’s turn.” Alex gulped. Looking back at Alex, he continued, “The reason we’re waiting for next week is so I can record the theme.”

“Oh, I see,” said Alex, thanking God that his nuts don’t have to go on the line until the following week. “In the mean time, does Sammy get to treat Bobby?”

Bobby looked up, “You first.”

“Fuck,” Alex said to himself, leaving the booth.

He encountered Zach in his kitchen, girded in that tight jock strap. He stood silently watching him cook from behind. Hmmm, thought Alex, look at that body…that ass…those muscles…every finger-licking and dick-dripping piece of this wonderful boy…Oh, what I want him to do to me…Oh, what I’d let him do to me…That jock strap is so unfair to physiology like that…

Zach turned around. “Alex…” Alex continued thinking with closed eyes, To feel his muscular arms around me…his hands holding me…Those muscles gently flexing as he lays down next to me…Watching him stroke that cock of his…that veiny piece of paradise God gave him…

Zach once again addressed him, “Oh, Alex…” This time, Alex’s thought was broken. Coming to, he said, “Huh? Who?” Realizing where he was again, he said, “Oh, hi, Zach. What are you doing in my kitchen?”

“I am making Jimmy and you lunch.”


“Yes, Jimmy wants to have lunch with you. I am making polish sausage and sauerkraut along with mashed potatoes.”

“Oh, quite a menu.”

“Well, considering I don’t cook often, I am kind of winging it.”

“But those are easy dishes to make.”

“Now, I know. I almost had a panic attack when he told me what to make.”

Alex walked over to the radio and turned it on. Recognizing the song, he told Zach, “Jimmy played this for me. It is one of those Spector songs. It’s slow, though. Would you dance with me?”

“Dance with you?” Pointing toward the studio, “With that sick fucker? He’d probably see us dancing and lay his belt across my ass.” He turned around, “See, I have no ass covering. I got the belt before; it is not a good thing.” Turning back to face Alex, he continued, “Sorry, I don’t want to give that guy a reason to punish me.”

“You really think he would?”

“That guy? Yeah.”

“You’re not scared; are you?”

“Well, no…but --"

Sammy walked in the kitchen, but Alex didn’t notice. “You and Sammy are not really being fair to Jimmy. He’s a little weird, wacky and out there; but he does have genuine care and concern for all of you models. Zach, this is a gag punishment. You did, after all, make a deal with him, so…”

“Yeah, it’s like making a deal with the Devil,” Zach said as he spotted Sammy behind Alex.

Sammy, unable to contain himself, said, “Yeah, some demonic pact. Woooooooooooooooooooooooh, someone’s soul has been traded for a jock strap and a swollen sack.” Sammy started laughing. “Do you know how ridiculous you sound, dude? I don’t know too much about the Devil, but I would hope he made some better deals,” Sammy said with a final chuckle.

Alex turned to Sammy. “Well, how did you feel dropping your drawers?”

“Yeah, how did you feel?” Zach said.

“At first, a bit uneasy. But then I thought, hey, we skated naked. Zach, you and I even jerked each other off. I made you cum in the stirrups. So, after reality set in, I was ok with it. Zach, I think you’re being uptight because Alex isn’t running things.”


“I think you’re having performance anxiety. It is not easy having your ass and balls on a line that another person you’re unfamiliar with holds.”

“I can get it up.”

”That’s sexual performance anxiety. This is professional performance anxiety.”

“Professional?” Alex asked.

“Yes, ballbusting is, for all intensive purposes, our profession.”

Looking in Sammy’s green eyes, Zach responded, “Maybe. It’s just Jimmy is…well…he’s…”

Sammy interrupted, “You mean, Jimmy is the boss; and, to you, he has issues that you’re afraid will put a premature end to your career.”

“Yeah, but --"

Alex interrupted this time, pointing to the jock strap and the still-bulging swollen scrotum, “You know, Jimmy admires your genitals, even though his are much bigger. He says that they are a very good size.” He put his hands on his hips and continued, “You know, he couldn’t wait to have you here. He loved your stuff that we did. He felt that the Ballbusting Olympics were not the creative outlet in which you would thrive. He just recorded a demo of your theme. Did you ever say, ‘Thank you’? Did you even listen to it? The guy is trying to make your series we had better and to bring it back with more thunder than before. You’re contracted here, now; so make the best of it.”

Zach looked down for a moment, then back at Alex, “I know. It’s just, he has this…weird…kind of, ‘big man in town’ vibe…it makes me uncomfortable sometimes.”

“Trust him. Give him some leeway.”

No one heard Jimmy come up behind them. “How’s lunch coming?” The guys jumped. “And…trust who?”

Alex turned to Jimmy with a sheepish smile, “We’re just talking about Sammy here treating Zach again.”

“Oh, yeah, that reminds me, Sammy,” Jimmy said, “Your series is back under way next week. We have some new plots and scripts and that for it.”

“Really?” Sammy inquired, shocked.

“Yes. Zach, this week, you’ll be doing a scene with Sandy.”

Zach stopped and his dick began to erect. “Sandy the singer?”

“No, Sandy Nelson.”

Zach turned around, “Who?”

“Never mind. Yes, Sandy the singer.”


“I know. How are your balls?”

“OK, I guess.”

”Show me.” Zach looked at everyone, then back at Jimmy. He dipped the pouch behind his balls. “They look better. Do they hurt less?”



“Zach, before I eat lunch, I like to work up an appetite.”

“It’s ready.”

“It can wait. Come over here by me.” Zach slowly went over to Jimmy. “Now, I know I had your balls busted before. Also, I heard you’re as good on top as on the bottom. Personally, I want to get off. But I want your friends here to get off, too. Hell, I even want you to get off. Do you want to get off, Zach?”

“Who doesn’t?”

“Then, bend over the table.” Zach looked at Alex. “Do you want to cum or what?” Zach complied. As he bent over, hormone overcame him. He was thoroughly turned on yet scared to death.

By now, Jimmy’s pants and boxers were down to his ankles. Looking back one time at that monster cock as Jimmy put on a rubber, Zach grabbed on to the table legs and closed his eyes. As Jimmy entered him, his eyes popped open and got really big. Jimmy motioned Alex and Sammy over in front of Zach. “Get your cocks out. I have a feeling he can polish your knobs quite nicely.”

Sammy got his out first, and put it up to Zach’s lips. “Come on, old buddy. Open up…come on…” Zach opened his lips and took Sammy’s cock. “Would you deep throat me?” Zach looked up. “Come on…take it all…” Sammy thrust forward slowly.

By now, Alex was so hot; he could sizzle. Stroking his dick with his underwear half way down, Alex watched Sammy. If he let himself, he’d be drooling. Then, he watched Jimmy’s hips thrust that overgrown scepter into Zach’s ass over and over and over again. He heard Jimmy’s soft moans and Sammy’s sensual inhales. He just had to get in on the action. He looked at Sammy, “May I?”

Sammy smiled and pulled out. Alex pushed his cock in past Zach’s luscious lips and face-fucked the young stud carried on by hormone and lust. Sammy conceived an idea. Sammy got down and crawled under the table. He saw Zach’s ample genitals…his full hard on and huge balls jiggling a bit. He then saw Jimmy’s eggs swinging and still hitting Zach’s balls despite that long dick. Sammy thought, Gosh, those are hanging like halfway down his thighs! Those belong on a monkey or a bull, but not a boy! Shit!

Sammy took Zach’s cock in his hand and began to jerk him off. Before long, Alex noticed Zach’s lips tremble as he sucked and his eyes get big. He saw his muscles begin a twitch. He knew what was coming. Alex began to thrust quicker and quicker, slapping his balls against Zach’s chin. Alex’s eyes crossed a bit as he shot his seed into the teen’s mouth. Zach’s muscles began to twitch more. His pecker began to twitch violently; and then, under the table, Zach began to shoot out ropes of cum. He got it on the floor, all over Sammy, the underside of the table, and everywhere else it hit.

Jimmy finally came in Zach’s ass. Jimmy’s muscles shook and flexed as he filled that condom with enough seed for a bull. Jimmy bent over a little for a minute before pulling out. Zach was spent; Alex was sweaty and Sammy was definitely sticky.

Regaining his breath and composure, Jimmy said, “Lunch, anyone?”


Anonymous said...

Good story! It's nice that Sammy the ball doctor will be back!

Jimmy said...

Yes. Sammy and Zach will have joint and individual projects with new plots and themes. I think you'll like it.

Anonymous said...

I don't care for the gay sex, but the rest was good. Zack is a great guy.