Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Ballbusting Olympics 2010: Planning


Over the days Kev and I had been planning out the details of the 2010 version of the Ballbusting Olympics. Out of the 3 guys who decided to help Alex take over, I decided I would pick up on the last project Alex left off on. We had decided that there would be six events – Nutball, Roshambo, Squash, Ball Punch, a new event that involved one-on-one fights, and the only group event: tug-o-nuts. Nutball and Roshambo are pretty well known and self-explanatory. Squash involved placing your opponents nuts and squeezing. Ball Punch is what the title implies. The new event, yet to be named, involved two competitors entering the ring and fighting, with balls as the main target; although they had a partner waiting outside the ring that could be tagged in, where they would switch places. Tug-o-nuts were like tug-of-war, but the ropes would be tied to the nuts. Each even would judged by our Umpire Phil.

We managed to organize 8 teams to compete, each with 3 members, each team having to compete once. This is a significantly bigger number than last time. The jocks: Kev, Collin, Ben. The gymnasts: The twins and Parker. The skaters: Leo, Tristan, and Sammy. The frat guys: Zach, AJ, and Reese. These were the same 4 teams as last time, all reprising their roles. The new four were the High School Students, the Swimmers, the Nerds, and the Actors. The Actors are comprised of Danny, George, and Lance. The Swimmers were Cal, Brandon, and Bill. The Nerds were Simon and two of his buddies. The Students were our new addition Logan, his red-headed friend, and Speedy.

I was sitting in my studio with the rest of my crew, Vince and Chad. I was still getting to know them, since I had replaced their old boss Alex, they were a bit cautious with me, but I think I was gaining their trust. We were waiting for the 8 teams to come together, as well as our umpire for the events, Phil.

“So who’s supposed to get here first?” Chad asked.

“Um, I’m not sure, probably Kev since it’s his idea,” I replied.

“Well he better hurry,” Chad said looking at his watch. “I don’t have all day.”

“Hot date?” I asked with a smirk.

“Something like that,” said Chad.

“Who’s gonna tell Kev about our little twist?” asked Vince

“I will, hopefully he and his buds will take it well,” I replied.

We waited another several minutes for the first group to arrive, it was actually the frats. Zach entered the studio and plopped himself on the sofa. AJ and Reese followed him.

“Hey, you’re the new boss, right? Nice to meet you,” Zach said, extending his hand. After I gave him a handshake, he introduced me to his buddies.

“So I know I’m new here, but hopefully we can kick off my new job with a nicely planned Olympics ceremony. What do you guys think?”

“Sounds good,” said AJ. “So is this going to be like last time?”

“Ya, but with a few changes, and twice as many people, we’ll discuss it more when the others arrive.”

Everyone else arrived within a few minutes. The next to arrive were the swimmers, who sat down and made themselves comfortable. Then in came the skaters, followed by the actors. Next were the gymnasts. Each group started conversing with friends as soon as they entered, I had remained a bit quiet. I figured I’d introduce myself when everyone was here. Next Kev showed up with Ben and Collin, I was bit surprised he wasn’t the first to arrive.

“He’s usually a bit late,” Chad said to me, with a soft chuckle. Vince was in the corner, fiddling with his hi-tec phone.

“He usually this shy?” I asked, gesturing to Vince.

“Ya, I really haven’t known him long,” said Chad. “He works behind the computer mainly, editing mainly, and will occasionally pick up the second camera. Every now and then he comes up with some wacky invention to hit people’s nuts. In fact, I really only see him get enthusiastic when he has a new invention. So what, we’re only waiting on Logan and Simon’s groups?”

Almost as soon as he said that, Logan, the red-head, and Speedy entered. “All right, we can catch up Simon and the rest later, I think it’s time we get started,” I said to Chad, who nodded in agreement. “Um, listen up guys,” I said slightly loud, so I could be heard over the clatter. “I’m going to go ahead and start. Now I know a lot of you miss Alex, and I’m not trying to replace him, but the show must go on, so Alex entrusted me to help run his site. Now, I chatted with Kev and most of you on the phone, and I’m basically going to pick up where Alex left and continue the Ballbusting Olympics 2010. Just a little about me so we can get to know each other, my name is Ray Ramirez, I’m from Texas, and-“

“sorry I’m late,” said a familiar red-head face, entering through the door. It was Phil, our Ump.

“No, not at all, just in time,” I said. “Now, Alex has told me a lot about you, and I did follow the site for a while, so I’ve seen most of you in action. Why don’t we get started?”

The guys nodded in agreement, as Kev approached me. “Hey new guy. What’s up?” he said, extending his palm out asking for a high-five. As I lifted my hand, he brought his other down in a quick slap to my groin. I was wearing blue jeans, and his hand landed perfectly, I was able to grit my teeth and bear most the pain, as everyone laughed. “Sorry, just my little initiation. Now seeing as how I’m the BOC leader, I think I should continue this…” Me, Vince, Chad and Phil shifted uncomfortably.

“Actually Kev, we decided that having a competing team acting as leader of events would give you an unfair edge. This year, me, Phil, Chad and Vince are they new BOC,” I said, trying not to sound like I was shunning him.

Kev’s face turned red with anger. “WHAT? Man that’s bullshit, Alex would never have approved of that!”Kev returned to his seat, fuming, while the guys laughed. “K, so as you can see, this year, we will be having twice as many competitors, which just means competitors, will have to work twice as hard.” There was some cheering from the guys. “Alright, let’s introduce the teams. The four veterans are the frats, Zach, AJ, and Reese,” the three stood up and took a bow to some light applause. “The skaters, Leo, Tristan, and Sammy,” Tristan was the only one who stood to take a bow, which was when Sammy slapped his nuts. Tristan groaned as Sammy’s hand made perfect contact with his baby makers. Tristan grabbed his crotch and sat down. After everyone had a good laugh, I continued. “The Gymnasts: Michael, Will, and Parker,” Will grabbed Michaels and Parkers crotches, one with each hand, and gave a wave, as his brother and Parker began grabbing their crotches. “And of course, the Jocks: Kev, Ben, and Collin,” Ben and Collin gave a wave, while Kev still seemed upset that he wasn’t the BOC leader.

“The four new teams are the High School Students: Logan, Speedy, and…..I’m sorry, I forget if Alex said your name was Cody or Jeremy…” I said, embarrassed.

“It’s both,” said the red-head boy. He was average height with flat red hair, and a ring piercing on his right nostril. From what Alex told me, he was a sexual deviant. “Cody is my first name, and Jeremy is my middle name. People call me both, although some people just call me CJ,” said CJ.

“Great, let’s go with that,” I said. “So Logan, Speedy, and CJ are our High School team. All of them are 18, so don’t worry.”

“Actually,” said Speedy, a blond boy with a long face and hair gelled into eccentric spikes, “I’m 19!”

“Yes, well, moving on,” I said with a smile, “Our swimmers, Cal, Brandon, and Bill. Bill is I think the most new to us, be he’s a long time friend of Cal.” Bill, a blond swimmer who looked about 23 and was very attractive, stood up and introduced himself.

“Our last team that’s here is the Actors, Danny, George, and Lance.” George was the shortest, Lance was the tallest, and Danny was in the middle. “And the ‘Nerd’ team is not here yet, we’ll catch them up. Now, let’s just go over the events. Nutball is pretty basic, two people sit across from each other and throw a projectile at each other gonads. Roshambo is when two players exchange kicks. Squash is where each opponent grabs each others sac and squeezes. Ball punch is when two players exchange punches to the balls. All of these events will be played completely in the nude, and will be watched over by Phil. “

The boys seemed to nod in agreement. Some looked like they were pretty excited, and looking forward to the events. “Now the last two events may seem a bit unfamiliar. The 5th event, Ball Fight, will be a fighting one, where-“

“You mean like the one-on-one fights?” asked Parker from the audience.

“A lot similar,” I said. “But with one major difference, you will have a partner when you fight. The fight will take place in an arena, and your partner will stand outside the ring, and at any time you can make your way to the edge of the ring and slap your teammate’s hand, and he will replace you. The main fighter will be who starts each fight, and he must be the same person. The secondary fighter, the one who can be called in to be the substitute, can be different each round, assuming you advance to the next round. The first teams to have both fighters give up or pass out losses. Any questions?”

“Ya,” said Will, “why would I give up if I could just tag my partner in when I’m losing?”

“Well, in order to tag someone in, you’d have to make your way to the edge of the ring and slap your friends hands, which will be very hard to do if your opponent is holding you down by the balls,” I said with a smile. “Once someone gives up, they will be automatically replaced by their partner, and once their partner gives up, that team loses the round."

“So it’s sort of like those old arcade fighting games?” asked AJ. Some people laughed.

“Yes, I suppose that is a fair comparison,” I said, holding back a laugh. “Also, this is the first event that will be played clothed. Each contestant will start off in their underwear; however, it is not a rule violation to remove your opponent’s clothes. Alright, so the sixth and final event will be a twisted version of tug of war, called tug-o-nuts. It will be just like tug o war, but each end of the rope will be split into three smaller lines, and each line will be tied around the nuts of a group member. After that, it’s pretty similar, a red flag will be placed in the center of the rope, and the first team to move the flag to their side wins. That’s all the events, any questions?” It appeared that everyone got the gist of the events.

“All right, a few more general rules, each member must enter in at least one event, but no more than two, so you can’t have one member enter half of your events for you. Each event has different penalties, and for each penalty someone gets, you get a penalty kick from our Ump Phil at the closing ceremonies. If you don’t accept the kick, you cannot receive a medal. And if anyone is caught cheating, for instance wearing a cup, they will be immediately disqualified and have all medals stripped. Now we will be writing down who is going to compete in what event. You can discuss it amongst yourselves, and when you’re ready, come tell me and Chad who your entries are.”

There was much clatter among the future Olympic competitors as they discussed who would do what. Some people argued over the placement. The first people to go up to me and Chad were the Students.

“Hiya Ray, nice to meet you,” said Logan extending his hand. After we exchanged pleasantries Logan got down to business. “So Speedy will do Nutball, CJ will be doing Roshambo and Squash, and I will be in Ball Punch and Ball Fight.”

“Sounds like a plan,” said Chad, as he wrote down who would be doing what on his clipboard.

As the Students left, the Frats approached. “Hey new guy,” said Zach. “I hope you know you and thoose other guys have some pretty big shoes to fill, Alex was a pretty cool dude. Anyway, I’ll be doing Squash and Ball Punch-“

“Try not to get your balls bashed too badly,” interrupted AJ. Zach shot him an annoyed look.

“AJ will be doing Nutball and Ball Fight, and Reese will do Roshambo.” Chad jotted all that down, as the Frats walked off. The Swimmers were the next to come up to us.

“Hey Ray,” chimed Cal, “Bill will do Nutball, Brandon will do Roshambo and Squash, and I’ll do Ball Punch and Ball Fight,” he finished saying, as he shook my hand and welcomed me to the site. After the three Swimmers left, the Actors came up to us.

“Hey, listen, said Danny, with a somewhat worried tone, “I was Alex’s first model, and we were kind of close. I’m not sure how I feel about this, but as long as you’re not trying to replace him, I suppose the site must go on one way or another. You seem like a good guy, and I'm sure the other two are also, and Alex trusted you guys, so it shouldn’t be that hard to gain our trust. Anyway, I’ll be in Roshambo and Squash, George will be in Ball Punch and Nutball, and Lance will be our Fighter.”

“Sounds good, and I hope we can run this site efficiently together,” I said with a smile. Danny walked off, and his Actors followed. The Gymnasts came up next.

“Hey,” said Will, “You seem like a fun addition. Sad about Alex though. Anyway, I’ll be in Ball Punch and Squash, Parker will be in Ball Fight and Nutball, hopefully his training sessions will pay off, and my brother Mikey will be in Roshambo.” As Chad wrote all that down, the three left, and were replaced by the Skaters.

“What’s up Ray?” said Leo, slapping my hand. “K, I’ll be in Nutball and Ball Fight, Sammy will be in Squash and Ball Punch, hopefully his sessions as the “Ball Doctor” will help, and Tristan is in Roshambo.” Leo left after welcoming me to the site. After that, Kev, Ben, and Collin approached me, Kev still seemed a bit angry over the BOC incident.

“Listen, I don’t trust you, and you better do a good job with this. I'm sure the other two guys will be better than you are,” Kev said with a bitter tone.

“Oh your just mad you’re not head of the BOC anymore"said Collin.

“Whatever,” said Kev, “anyway, I’ll be in Nutball and Ball Fight, Collin will be in Roshambo, and Ben will be in Ball Punch and Squash.” As Chad wrote down this last bit of information, the Jocks returned to the crowd, and once Chad finished, he went to have a coffee break with Vince.

“All right guys, we got all your events down, and remember, tug-o-nuts will be played by everyone. Now before we end things, I just want to tell you guys that I hope you accept me as one of your new bosses.”

“You know,” Said Kev with a smirk, “There is one thing you can do to make yourself better liked.”

“Sure,” I said, “Anything, what do you have in mind?”

“Well a little initiation, each group sends up a member to hit you in the nuts any way we want,” Kev said with a smile.

“Um,” I said, “didn’t you already do that?”

“That was just a light slap. Come on, you want to be accepted, right?” Kev’s comment was met by cheers from the crowd.

“Oh, o.k. I guess. Why doesn’t everyone line up?” I asked nervously. Before I knew it, there was a line if 7 guys in front of me. In order, it was Logan, Cal, Zach, Danny, Will, Leo, and Kev. Apparently my crew wanted to accept me too, because Chad, Vince, and even Phil joined the line. This made 10 strikes to the nuts for me. I was pretty anxious about it. Logan came up first, he gave me a bright smile, apologized for what he was about to do, and delivered a wicked uppercut into my groin. His fist connected perfectly into my soft package through my jeans. I clutched my balls and rolled over as Cal waited patiently for me to recover. When I did, he looked at me pleasantly and said “I’d prefer if you lost the pants.” I groaned, still in pain, but I complied, and I unzipped my jeans, leaving me in my black boxers. Cal then planted his foot straight into my crotch. The pain was instant and nauseating. The hurt spread from my balls to my stomach. Before I really had a chance to recover Zach rushed forward, and smashed his fist into my groin. His fist slammed into my plums and my balls felt like they were on fire, and I clutched my balls and fell over from the pain. I rolled around while nursing my balls, which were in extreme pain. My balls felt like they were on fire, but after a minute or two of recovery I managed to stand up and meet Danny.

“Just so you know, this is a great way to get us to trust you,” said Danny. “And would you mind taking off your shirt?” I complied and removed my shirt so I was only in my underwear. “I hope you understand that for this to work, none of us can show mercy,” and with that, Danny delivered a ruthless kick into my groin. I doubled over with pain, unable to move. Will took it upon himself to prop me up, move my hands, and grab my crotch. He got a hold of balls and squeezed. His hand was like a vice grip on my balls as he clenched his hand and twisted. Once he finally let go, Leo wasted no time in jamming his bony knee into my privates. The pain shot up through me, I was amazed by how such a bony knee could pack a serious wallop. I sat on the couch to gain some time to recuperate. Kev was next. "I think I'm entitled to a bit more than one hit," he said, as he grabbed me by the legs and dragged me off the sofa. I fell flat on my butt as he spread my legs open an slammed his foot between my thighs. I groaned in pain as Kev gave me one of the worse gas pedals of my life. He twisted his shoe into my nuts, only the soft fabric of my boxers protecting me. He let go after a few seconds, puled my legs up, grabbed my underwear, and yanked it off. My slightly more than average dick and somewhat larger than average balls flopped out. Kev sent one final stomp into my balls. I clutched my gonads and rolled over in pain. Kev bent down to my level, "you know, now that I've had some time to think about it, I really don't not being BOC chairman. All that planning was a real hassle anyway. Good luck to you, and sorry for busting your nuts. But just you know, anyone who can take that, is cool with me. I'm sure you'll be a great edition to the site," Kev said as he patted my back.

Chad was next, and after about 5 minutes of recovery I managed to stand up. "You'll probably be seeing more of me than any other model, so we should get this out of the way," said Chad. He then delivered a viscous uppercut to my tender testicles. I crouched down but somehow managed to stay standing, even though the pain was unbearable.

Vince approached me next. "Hey, I don't usually do this sorta thing, not without some sort of machine anyway," Vince said shyly. He then grabbed my bare balls and gave a vice-like squeze. My eyes nearly bulged out of my head. I fell to the ground when he let go and I began massaging my balls. "Wow," said Vince, "I feel better. I think I'll warm up to you soon enough," he said, slightly more confident.

Phil bent down to my level. "I'm not really involved with this site as much as them, but we'll be working together a bit during these Olympic games. Plus, we can't let the boys watching down." Phil propped me up and backed away. I stood in front of him buck naked and woozy. Phil then delivered a powerful kick between my legs. I didn't know something could hurt that bad. His shoe-clad foot connected perfectly with my delicate balls. As someone who kicked things for a living, Phil knew how to make it hurt. I collapsed in agony after this final bust That was the last bit of pain I could take, I knew I would not be getting up for sometime. There was no way I was going to be a regular bustee here. As I stayed on the ground, each guy patted me on the back and welcomed me to the site before exited the studio. After all the competitors left, Phil said he had somewhere to be and left. Vince took off after him. Then everyone was gone except me and Chad, and I was still on the ground in pain. Chad went out the door and bid me a goodbye and reminded me to lock up. Eventually I gained the strength to get dressed, lock up, and leave, all while still holding my balls. As I turned off the light, I wondered who would win the most medals.


Anonymous said...

Great to see that the site is alive again. I am working on a story that I think is fairly original and hope it will be ready in the next days. Keep you posted and thanks for keeping the sit going.

FireCrotchRox said...

Awesome, we're starting again. I never lost hope about this site :)
Anyway, I did notice that the first story Logan's red-head friend was named in they called him Jeremy, and then all of a sudden switched to Cody. Quite a blunder on Alex's part, but I like your solution. Also, I have one suggestion, maybe this year you can change Nutball a bit. Instead of one on one, how about you did something, (and maybe only do this for the first round) but have all 8 guys sit in a circle and play Nutball like that. Again, very happy to see the site.

guy787970 said...

@FireCrotchRox: Ya, the Jeremy-Cody thing seemed strange to me, I figured no one would notice, but I decided to go with CJ anyway. And as for your group Nutball suggestion, I like it. It's a good way to brush off the 4 losers in the preliminaries.

Alex said...

First of all: Congratulations, Ray, that's a fantastic set-up for the Olympics! Your new ideas sound very exciting!

And about the Jeremy-Cody thing: I really didn't notice until you wrote it in this story today... Thanks for bailing me out with the wonderful CJ solution... I owe you... :-))

Anonymous said...

The ending was great - what a painful way to earn the trust of the group! Nice work.