Friday, February 26, 2010

My Arrival


I entered the studio. I was a bit in shock. I had been a fan of Alex's ever since the site was founded, and watched all the videos and read all the blogs. More recently I began to befriend Alex. When I got the new he was leaving, I was initially crushed, but when he asked to help take over, I was considerably excited. I found I would be 1 of 3 new guys called to help run the site in Alex's absence. I was a bit nervous, considering what I had to live up to. I knew I could never be as good as Alex, but I hoped I could still be a new addition. I was worried if the models would like me or not to be honest. As I entered the studio, I saw Chad, grabbing a beer from the fridge. I walked over to him and introduced myself.

"Hi, I'm Ray Ramirez," I said, offering my hand. Chad shook it.

"Well welcome to the site Ray. I'm pretty sure Alex told you about everything and how things are done, so no need for that right?"

"Ya," I replied. I walked over to Vince. "Hi," I said as we shook hands. "I thought I noticed two camera angles in the recent videos." Vince greeted me, but seemed a bit shy.

"So what's the last thing Alex was working on?" I asked Chad.

"Oh, that would be the Ballbusting Olympics. We never really got past basic planning. You might want to call Kev and get things sorted out. There's an index of the guy's numbers on your desk that Alex left."

"Alright then, thanks. No rest for the wicked I guess," I said with a smile. I head over to my new desk and phoned Kev. He was a bit surprised to be hearing from the new guy. But we did talk a while, mostly business. We discussed the major changes that would be happening in terms of events. After I cleared it with him, I called Will, Leo, and Zach. They were all a bit shocked to be hearing from me, but all said that they would be competing again. Next I called Danny, to set up his interview section, but was a bit surprised by what I got instead. Although Danny seemed the most crestfallen about Alex leaving, after his initial sadness he said something I did not expect.

"Actually, I was talking to my acting buddies, George and Lance, and we were thinking about entering the a team."

I was taken aback. "But I thought you were all about the camera, being an actor I mean. Wouldn't you rather interview?"

"Ya, but people only care about the main events, not the post-game interview. If I really wanna be noticed, I have to enter."

"Well, that sounds good, but we can't have an odd number of teams."

"You can always call some of the other guys, I'm sure you can find 3 more teams."

"I'll try, but I won't make promises."


After that, I called Kev. He seemed ecstatic to have more teams, as long as there was an even number. So I got to calling people. I called Cal first, he said he, his Asian friend Brandon, and his other friend Bill could enter under the title "Swimmers." Next I called Simon, who said him and his friends Jeff and Larry would enter under "Nerds." I was a bit stuck, and couldn't figure out who to call next. Chad suggested I call Logan, the new addition. So I did. Logan said he new him and some friends would be willing to enter under the title "Students."

That made 8, and I called Kev to discuss it. It all seemed like it would go over smoothly. The Olympics seemed like a great way for me to introduce myself to the site. Things were looking up.


Fan88 said...

Welcome! Nice start! The original Olympics are one of my favorite stories. I'm pretty excited to see you start a sequel!

guy787970 said...

thank you :) I'm looking forward to it too.