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The Slammer: The Ballbusting Boys to the Rescue written by Jimmy


The Slammer:

The Ballbusting Boys to the Rescue



By Jimmy





“Finish off Jayden, I’ve got to greet our guests.” Zagan Keller gets to his feet, his adrenaline running high, as Jayden watches his pulse visibly increase before his very eyes.


Before Zagan turns to go, he looks down a sneer on his face as he boots Jayden right between the legs. The sound of the smack echoes loudly around the gym, and in Jayden’s ears as he howls grabbing his boyhood in both hands. The constant thrum of pain, pulsing between his fingers as the guys chuckle around him and Bennet drops to Jayden’s side one hand resting on his belly, feeling his tense muscles as they strain under his hand.


“Allow me to take care of Jayden.”


Bennet is almost pleading with Zagan, the desire in his eyes as the red head looks down at Jayden and he rolls him to the side. Jayden’s gaping, his body shuddering upon not just initial impact, but the built-up agony that radiates from his crotch; he’s taken a beating today. Sweating, and bare Jayden holds his naked genitals trying to shield them away from anyone else but Bennet’s hand on his navel swivels southward and running his fingers along his small patch of short hairs just above his cock. Jayden’s dick is still hard, and the presence of Bennet’s hand makes it jump, which does not go unnoticed by Bennet’s smile that escalates up his cheeks.




Zagan Keller’s anger comes out in the single phrase, clearly wishing it was him about to make Jayden crack.


“I’ve got work to do,” Zagan says as he takes off towards the door, followed by the rest of the wrestlers on the Hazard’s team.


Zagan is aiming for Logan Kruger at the center, but Andy sprints in front of him to meet the now wrestling coach of the Bartlet Team. Andy still has cum on his right shoulder and it drips down his side, which Andy seemed to have missed as he tried his best to escape the Bukkake from earlier.


“Allow me captain, I’ll get rid of this riffraff from our gym!” Andy pounces, throwing himself right at Logan, trying to spear him in the middle in a quick take down. Andy manages to get caught in the chest by Logan’s strong grip, holding him still and unable to charge any further, he’s staring down at the ground like a charging bull unable to get ahead of his tamer but he keeps on trying to run anyway. Andy’s feet scrap at the floor, and he’s breathing hard as he keeps on trying to charge. Logan keeps up the hold, and his wolfish grin still in place lifts up his leg like a fly’s swatter nailing Andy with a toe kick to the gut.


Andy groans, falls prone to his knees grabbing his middle, and Jayden spots the look of utter delight on Zach’s face “Nice one!”


Logan follows up with another snapkick, this one to Andy’s groin. Thunk!


Andy howls, keeling over to his side. Same position as Jayden and he hates that Andy seems to be running in place, tucked in his protective fetal position just like him.


Jayden is about to sit-up, but Bennet’s hand snakes around and grabs him roughly at the base of his cock and stills Jayden’s movement. The hand slides all the way up to his tip, grabbing the bell-end of his bonner and Jayden loses his breath. A whimper runs through him, and Bennet coaxes him, “That’s it, Jayden. It’s past time that you fucking let go and nut.”


A shiver runs down Jayden’s spine, and Bennet’s other hand snakes up his thighs, rubbing the hardened swimmers legs. The heat coming from Jayden’s groin spreads to his cupped hands holding onto his nuts but it leaks into Bennet’s that cups the outside of his fingers and squeezes. Jayden’s eyes open wider and he moans “No…man…don’t!” Jayden is shaking his head hating his own voice as it cracks on his plea “My balls…I can’t take any…anymore!…Uuuughhh!”


Bennet is using Jayden’s own hand trying to protect his family jewels to clamp tighter around his scrotum, the nutmeat pressing further between his own fingers as Bennet forces him to squeeze his own nuts.


”We can watch the show.” The suggestion repulses Jayden, but Bennet’s other hand is slick now with his own juices and moving steadily up and down his cock, he’s fully exposed now. The head is pointing to the action as Logan steps over Andy’s fallen body and gets right into Zagan Keller’s face and Jayden hates that his friend had to come to his rescue and that he again needed to be saved like a damsel in a castle.


“Is that one your boyfriend?” Bennet teases, his body is pressed right up against Jayden’s on the floor, half laying on top of him. Bennet is bigger than Jayden, forcing him to feel like the little spoon as he drapes his upper half over Jayden, his voice in his ear “The blonde stud. Fuck your ass must get wrecked by that big dick, he’s got.”


“He’s not…” Jayden says, momentarily distracted and peers over his shoulder at Bennet, the emerald gaze of his alight with mischief as he seizes on Jayden’s distraction and slips his hand beneath Jayden’s protective one and grabs him by his naked balls. Both of them sense it at the same time, the shock in Jayden’s muddy brown eyes delights Bennet and he smiles wide.


“You’re in trouble now. I would even say, deep shit.”


Bennet squeezes, and Jayden’s body jerks against the intrusion, his body stilling moments after and his head falls back against his own bicep as Bennet’s fingers capture Jayden’s boynuts in hand, fully enclosing around the worked over, slightly bloated orbs. Jayden simply lays still for a moment feeling his situation, Bennet is crushing his nuts now, and he grits his teeth trying to maintain some kind of composure in this impossible situation and Bennet’s other hand jacks him off with wild thrusts along his fully erect erection.


“OOOooooooo….ah….ahh….ahhhh….ahhhhh!” Jayden moans, his need in his loins is growing. His voice meets that need and increases in volume mounting in intensity the longer that Bennet squishes his boynuts. Jayden’s sure that he is about to scream as he glances up, Logan is met with Zagan the two are fully squared off now, one-on-one shoving against each other. The blonde stud is fully in his element, and he forces Zagan backwards and Jayden catches a glimpse of Zagan’s spread legs. The prominent bulge facing him looks odd and it’s not until Logan swings up his thigh nailing Zagan between his spread cheeks that he gets why he looks bigger.


Chuckling Zagan briefly holds himself, both hands like he’s in pain but he can’t help the laugh that comes from his chest.


“I have the best cup known to man, I barely felt that.” Zagan sneers and lifts his own foot, the speed of it as his foot soars up between Logan’s muscled thighs is almost a blur. “Unlike you, this you will feel Kruger!”


Logan’s legs clamp together, catching Zagan’s foot, but only after the initial impact jostles his nestled balls. The red singlet pouch scrunches up, bulging in ways that it’s simply not supposed to, the front end seems to protrude with one of Logan’s nuts clearly caught burrowed between Zagan’s foot and his own pelvis. Logan loses a bit of his bravado as he backs up, reaching down to cup his nuts but Andy from the floor shoots up his foot nailing Logan, this time with a straight up kick that stomps his balls up from below.


Andy’s leg is fully extended and Logan’s feet briefly come up off the floor, he can’t even quite reach the floor on tippy toes so Logan just hangs there his full weight on his balls that are being crushed between his own body and Andy’s well placed foot.


“That’s for…kicking my balls!” Andy shouts and Jayden winces at the look of hopelessness on Logan’s face as his sparkling blue eyes cross, his bottom jaw relaxes and trembles as a gust of air leaves his coach’s lungs.


Logan gasps and before he can slip off, Zagan comes strutting up grabbing his singlet straps and holds him in place leering at his face.


“I wanted to see the despair in your eyes for myself, Kruger.”


Logan grimaces, his body trembling around his groin.


“No…Logan.” The whimper comes from deep within Jayden’s belly, and Bennet laughs behind him his hand now going to the bottom of his sack and gripping him at that hand hold, causing the top half’s of his nuts to be fully exposed and swelling up as Bennet squeezes him from the bottom.


“This is where Logan’s pain is stemming from…right, Jayden?” Bennet asks cruelly squishing the bottom sections of his nuts. The hold is interesting, and it almost slices Jayden’s nuts down the middle as Bennet’s fingernails dig down into his scrotum.


Tensing up, Jayden let’s out a long hard scream of pure anguish, and he and Logan’s eyes meet both filled with the same testicular pain.


“Hear that sound?” Zagan is loving this, and his cup is pressed further outward by his growing erection. “Jayden is about to make a mess all over the gymnasium floor. Your little rescues attempt, is for nothing.” Turning to look at Bennet and Jayden, Zagan adds “Let me know when he is about to jizz…I want to see the look of defeat for myself!”


“You…fucker!” Logan growls.


Jayden gasps, he’s starting to get the really good feeling and there is no hiding the fact. His balls are tight against his cock, nestled at the base and pulsing with his continuous, throbbing pain from Bennet’s jabbing fingers into the softer bits. Jayden’s cock is leaking fluid, the tip wet every time that Bennet swipes it with his thumb but the stock is so rigid now in Bennet’s jerking grip. Jayden’s dark eyes are latched onto Logan and the inner desire is so crisp and clear as he gets closer to that edge, which if he is being honest about Jayden has been at for some time now.


Zagan laughs again, as Logan’s nuts make an audible crunch against his pelvis, and he yells “We are going to need a clean-up on aisle…” but Zach tosses one of his two combatants at them knocking with hard shove dislocating Andy’s foot and Zagan’s hold. Logan is on all fours, one hand on his big bulge feeling his junk but Zagan growls saying “Watch it!” as he spins to meet the larger, more beefier version of Logan.


Zach taller, and stronger than any of the wrestlers around him showcases his massive strength by lifting one of the wrestlers up in the air by the neck. Jayden’s quietly does not remember that one’s name but when he slams him down on the mat in a choke slam that rocks the gymnasium he grins as Bennet’s mouth falls open at the raw power of the move.


Turning to this new threat Zagan charges at him letting out a warriors call to his fellow wrestlers as he engages with Zach, locking arms and trying to somersault him over his head. Zagan seems to have miscalculated his running start because when he attempts the move, Zach’s placement of his feet prevent the move from the start. Zagan’s eyes widen in alarm, at Zach’s power and he tries to change tactics but its Zach’s turn to attack from the opening and he does with a wicked knee lift into Zagan’s guts, rearranging his insides in a massive thrust of his thigh.


"You thought that would work?” Zach laughs, as he grinds his keen deep into Zagan’s abdomen. “You’re a fool, boy.”


Zagan grunts, and Zach knees him again and again, working over his middle and keeping Zagan’s arms locked in and unable to pull back. While this move is illegal in all wrestling matches, there is no referee here to tell him to stop. By the tenth knee, Zagan is heaving air, red in the face and loose in Zach’s grip. He finishes Zagan with a solid kick between the legs and allows him to fall to the floor.


He does so, landing on his knees before Zach but the telltale thunk of the cup makes Zach’s eyes narrow.


“Cup huh?” Zach asks. “Well I’ll take that. Only I am allowed to protect the biggest nuts in the room…which are not yours.”


Zach reaches down, one hand grabbing the hair on Zagan’s head, the other grabbing at his crotch, feeling the hard plastic ridge and begins to pull.


“Can’t have you use that as a crutch, now can I? Not very fai…rrRRRRRARRRGHHHH!”


Zagan’s uppercut is trapped between Zach’s thigh, and his eyes widen in shock at the sheer size of Zach’s package.


“Holy fuck! You have a monster between these legs!”


“My baaawwllls!” Zach screams as Zagan pulls his arm out, and follows up with a hard slap across his face for good measure watching him spin on the spot and land on his back grabbing his massive gonads protectively.


Zagan sneers “You’re big balls are made out if glass, I see. No wonder why you need a cup…those balls must hurt fiercely when they are hit!”


Zagan is standing up smiling at his handiwork and does not see Logan nailing him with a kick between the legs from behind, the cup shoved up, and into his lower belly exposing the bottom of Zagan’s nuts which Logan’s toe kick smashes into his ass crack.


No longer smiling, Zagan grabs himself following to one knee. Eyes widening in horror he looks back at the smug Logan.


“Cups a little looser now…such a shame.” Logan’s eyes feast on Zagan’s pain, and the wrestling coach of the Bartlet team comes to his full height gearing up to finish Zagan once and for all.


Andy runs at him but Logan does not react until the last second, he throws out his arm catching the guy in the chest and knocking the wind out of him as he falls on his back, prone and gasping at Logan’s feet. Logan steps on top of his balls as he comes at Zagan. Andy shrieks, his nuts squished flat and hollers “UUUUUUUUUgggggggggghhhhhhh my booooys!” Logan stands on Andy’s spuds a moment longer, his foot twisting and crushing Andy’s nuts into flattened stones before lifting his foot up and bringing it back down. The howl that comes out of Andy is so animalistic that it would make a holler monkey jealous.




Ignoring Andy’s screams, Logan rushes forward and jumps on Zagan. Logan is upon Zagan before he can react, pinning him to the floor and slipping a hand easily between his legs and up the leg hole of his singlet and grabbing the plastic cup meanly in one hand. Zagan is shaking his head as Logan pulls it out, roughly scrapping his nutsack in the process. The agony is vivid on Zagan’s face and he screams, his voice piercing as Logan takes his protection from him.


Tossing the cup across the gymnasium it lands with a thunk and Logan turns back to Zagan saying, “Now that’s better, isn’t it? No one likes it when the nuts get all sweaty…they need room to breathe.”


Zagan shakes his head, face crimson and eyes furious growls “I am going to beat you, and your whole entourage Kruger, singlehandedly.”


“Nawww bro, not gonna happen.”


Logan smacks Zagan’s nuts with his knuckles, wrapping on the bulge between his legs, the obvious globes making an inviting target.


“You sick fuck…get off my nuts!”


Logan smacks Zagan’s trapped nuts again with a swift backhand, his smack causing Zagan’s nuts to flatten, but just for a moment. Zagan scrambles on the mat underneath Logan trying to pull out, but finds that he is indeed trapped from every angle. Logan has him in a classic spladle, leaving him fully open, his crotch facing out and groin very vulnerable each man part fully exposed by the thin singlet and the jock that he wears underneath.


Zach getting to his feet casts a wide shadow over Logan and Zagan and grins at the opportunity presenting itself to him.


“Logan, you wouldn’t mind if I did this would you?” Zach asks already launching his foot as hard as he can into Zagan’s bulge. Logan just gets his hand out of the way before Zach strikes Zagan. The hard smack of his instep collides with Zagan’s prominent lumps, crushing the contents within with a horrid but defining Squish!!! That nails Zagan’s bulge with a Splat!


Zagan goes to scream, but Logan covers his mouth saying “Shhhhh, it’s time to be quiet and take what’s coming to you.”


Grunting Zagan yells into Logan’s palm, but Logan ignores him saying “Yeah man, kick him again. I don’t think he really felt the full power that you can wield. Do a running start.”


“Well, if you insist!” Zach says with an evil smile.


Zach runs at Zagan, his thunderous footsteps pounding on the floor and Zagan desperately struggles to get freed now, his eyes wild and bulging as he yells profanities most of which are lost in between Logan’s fingers. The hard crack of Zach’s foot hitting Zagan’s bullseye balls carries around the gymnasium and Zagan gags but Logan firmly holds his hand over his mouth as Zach lifts up his foot after and meanly shoots it back down, stomping Zagan’s nuts, and crushing him dick and testicles both in between his thighs. The move is devastating, and Logan holds him still, allowing Zach to fully emasculate leader of the Hazard’s with his foot.


“This is for fucking with my boy, Jayden” Logan whispers into Zagan’s ears. He is not sure if Zagan can hear him over the pounding of his nuts by Zach from above, his foot seems to have a mind of it’s on and keeps grinding down the nuts until a self-satisfied smile plays out on the jocks face.


“I think he’s finished.”


Logan reaches for Zagan’s balls, and feels the intense heat from between his legs, and the bulbous swelling from Zach’s blows. Logan cups the pair, causing Zagan to whimper into his hand.


“Man…you really worked him over good. He’s not going to be walking for a week!” Logan chuckles, “Too bad Alex was not taping this guy’s destruction…he deserves it after all. And I wouldn’t mind re-watching his destruction.”


Bennet pauses just as Jayden is about to shoot, he’s throbbing now in Bennet’s hand. Jayden can’t hold it back for a moment longer, he’s about to spill all over himself and he arches his back, his breathing raged and uneven. Jayden’s staring up at the lights above, Zagan’s screams just barely entering into his system and he blinks not seeing the harsh fluorescents above as he blinks rapidly a long grunt coming from him as his stomach tightens. Jayden is quivering all over, and Bennet squeezes his nuts one last time and Jayden holds his breath, his heart crashing like waves on a beach so loud in his own ears that he barely hears Bennet announce “Cum Jayden, it’s time.”


“Uggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Jayden gasps in a groan, and his balls twist in Bennet’s grasp, churning as Bennet flicks his thumb and forefinger like a ring around Jayden’s cock head, which is so angry red while he jerks it in Bennet’s tight grasp. Bennet holds his hand, and Jayden feels himself straining against Bennet’s tight embrace and his eyes cross. Jayden goes to plead once more but his words are lost as the first volley of cum shoots straight up and over his head. The splat on the floor goes amiss to Jayden, as spurt after spurt land on his chest and he cries out in pleasure and pain, both feeling fighting for dominance as more semen splatter his singlet and bare abdomen from the rip exposing his belly. His cum pools in his navel and Jayden rolls his head back moaning as Bennet furious pumps his cock, his hand never slowing as he drains his balls of every last drop.


Defeated and emptied, Jayden drops his ass to the mat gasping and exhausted.


Bennet stares at the fallen stud and cruelly twists his sack making a tiny jerk of clear goo seep from Jayden’s cockhead. Jayden barely moans but Bennet is so hard, that he pulls his own cock out grabbing some of Jayden’s pooled jism and jerks his cock steadily, and quickly.


“Fuck…that was…so hot, Jayden. I’m gonna….paint you now…loser!”


Bennet hums as he starts shooting on Jayden, and he grins wide as he splurts all over Jayden’s chest and stomach and aims at Jayden’s naked gentiles and covering them in his own semen.


Dropping down between Jayden’s legs he grabs Jayden’s balls, feeling the difference in his size after draining them. Jayden’s balls feel harder and he squeezes them in both hands making Jayden gasp, his fingers curling at his sides as he whines low in his throat.


“Fucking hell…I did it, I drained you kid. You couldn’t stop me!” Bennet is so oblivious to everything around him, to the Ballbusting Boys beating Zagan Keller, and the tide that is turning as the Ballbusting Boy stars are slowing dropping the Hazards to the floor, one by one.


“You fucking tried Jayden Gomez, but in the end…I got you!” Bennet squeezes him harder, and Jayden scratches at the mat.


“No…more! My….balls….oh god…stop…my balls! … boynuts…my….oh no…you have to…uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh…stttoooopppp!”


The pleads are music to Bennet’s ears as he continues to squeeze Jayden’s nuggets in hand loving the noises and moans coming from him. “Sounds like it hurts even more after you shoot…let’s see how bad it can get if I make you cum again.”




Jayden’s eyes widen, and he locks them onto Bennet as his other hand slowly strokes Jayden’s cock, the slippery semen making a perfect lubricant. Jayden’s appendage is loose, but not all together limp and as Bennet holds the stock he can feel Jayden starting to respond. Jayden’s cock starts to stiffen as Bennet works him over, again and Jayden’s throat goes dry and he shakes his head.


“No man…I have…nothing left!”


“Hot. Shoot those blanks. Let me see.” Bennet encourages, and holds Jayden’s balls more gently as he works over his meat, fattening him up with every solid stroke of his fist.


Jayden’s dark eyes plead with Bennet, and he groans as his cock responds, lengthening and curling up towards his face.


“Oooooo….shit…Bennet…no…you got…stop…my god.”


“That’s it Jayden…your hard again. Now I can have my fun.”


Isolating one of Jayden’s balls, Bennet squeezes the smaller one, making Jayden moan pitifully, and his fists beating weakly at the mat. His muscles feel useless and Jayden’s neck cranes as he tries to find someone to help him, someone to stop Bennet from coaxing another batch of his seed from his loins. Everyone is engaged in a battle from Logan who has fully captured Zagan, to Zach who now has Andy’s legs spread open as he holds his ankles and stomps away to the twins Michael and Will that are taking turns sucker punching some poor smuck in the nuts, and to Ben gloating over another.


Jayden goes to call out, but suddenly Bennet grabs his bigger nut and his voice dies in his throat as Bennet violently, picked up his ball and squishes it in his clenched hand. Bennet’s fingers sink into place, jabbing at his trapped boynut and Jayden moans grasping the end of the blue wrestling mat while Bennet holds onto Jayden’s favored teste, crushing it like a vice. The tendons in Bennet’s forearm stand out as he works over Jayden’s bigger left ball, before scooping up the left and pressing the testicles roughly together and feeling them warp around in his clenched fist as he squeezes harder, increasing the pressure.


“Oh…oh no!” Jayden manages to gasp between breathes and the sinking pain of the Bennet’s crushing hold sinks in, and the grabs to his balls floods his system with cataclysmic throbbing pain.


Bennet has him by the balls…again, and he’s not letting go.


Jayden pants, his body trying to work through it as pain detonates in his twin cores, flooding his system and overtaking everything else. A cool sweet dimples Jayden’s forehead, his lips curled back, and his body rigid as Bennet works him over, his fingers like knives sinking deep into Jayden’s secret soft spots his balls warping as Bennet smashes the nuts together.


Delighting in Jayden’s sickening agony Bennet furthers the moment stating “While your friends dominate their opponents everyone has forgotten about you Jayden, no one cares what I do to your boynuts.” Bennet squeezes long and hard until, Jayden unable to take it cries out like a wounded lion brought down by a pack of jackals feasting on his vulnerable assets. Jayden’s cock jerks up off his belly, hovering like a missile about to takeoff above his navel potent and demanding of attention as he leaks onto himself. Pre-cum slithers down his knob and Jayden moans as Bennet takes it in hand giving him a familiar slow and steady jerk of from his hilt to his scabbard.


“Please…man…stop….you have to…my ballsyou will ruin my boynuts…ughhh…ugh…ugh….ughhhh!” Jayden pleads, his hoarse voice growing desperate the longer Bennet crushes his balls. His sack is red, angrily so and his balls pound and throb in Bennet’s nasty nutclaw.


“Not until I drain these nuggets, I want to see you cum dry!”




Jayden’s heart quickens, and fear dazzles his vision as images of himself unable to produce a drop of semen flood his mind like an angry sea beating at the shoreline of a rocky beach unable to find even a speck of sand.


The gymnasium seems to spotlight the pair as Jayden cries out again, this time his voice is piercing as it breaks “My Baallssssssssss!” cut short, Jayden falls back grabbing at his skull as Bennet mercilessly continues to crush his nuts, the heart of them starting to mush in Bennet’s hand.


“I can feel it now, Jayden.”


Bennet leers down, hovering over Jayden his shadow casting him into temporary darkness but his white sharp toothy grin is all that Jayden can see. “I’m gonna own you, now cum goddamit!”


AAAAaaaaaahhhh no!” Jayden screams his nuts smooshing so hard against the other that when they pound in pain, in time with his every quickening heart Jayden feels it down to his toes. Bennet beats his meat, hard and fast the sloppy fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap never ceases and it drives Jayden right to the edge.


Bennet can feel it again, Jayden’s mouth goes dry and he gasps once his body still but his hips rising and falling to Bennet’s constant steadiness and Jayden tries to plead once more but he’s shooting again. This time, the first splatters in the center of his chest, it’s not as far and that might be because Bennet is twisting his sack and yanking down his balls. Jayden’s vision darkens and also he feels is the vicious twisting squeeze, the built up pressure in his loins and the throbbing pulse as his cock spouts more jism onto his stomach mixing with the now dry remnants of his previous ejaculation.


When he stops cumming, Jayden comes back to it. His sore cock wilters in and goes soft. Still Bennet beats on his oversensitive appendage only amplifying the retchedness of the moment. Jayden’s nuts, empty once more are squeezed still trapped in Bennet’s never ending nutclaw.


“Fuck man…that was so hot.”


Bennet grins down at Jayden, and he presses his own erection now into Jayden’s nutbag. The mushroomed head poking into his sore nuts causes a quiver down Bennet’s spin.


“You might be empty…but only one way to be…certain.”


Jayden shakes his head, he is so out of it that all he does is whimper.




Bennet does not hear him as he jerks himself into Jayden’s nuts, his cock pounding into the squished orbs that Bennet clutches at tightly as he writhes against him, his back arching and butt flowing back and forth like an overeager wave crashing against stones. Jayden’s nut squeal as the pressure of Bennet’s erection digs into his bloated scrotum on every upwards thrust.


“Yeah…I’m going to cum on you, Jayden.” Bennet sly smile comes over his face as he closes his eyes, rocking hard into Jayden and grinding away his hardon pressed deep between Jayden’s nuts his full head and almost half his cock slide between. Bennet thinks of it like “So tight…like the first time I fucked a…uuuuuuughhhh! Yeah…bitch…I’m gonna nut on you!” Bennet squishes Jayden’s nuts further holding his cockhead in between the crevices of Jayden’s scrotum, the nutbag almost hugging his tip as he feels himself throb. Bennet’s ears perk up to the suctioning breath of Jayden as he winces, as Bennet rams his cockhead like a battering ram into his balls. The squish and squash of Jayden’s nuts flattening around his erection pushes Bennet over and he moans as he squirts in between Jayden’s nuts the liquid spilling over and dribbling down Jayden’s tightly squeezed ballbag.


“Uggghhh!” Bennet grunts, as a few more volleys come out of him, each time he thrusts up against Jayden Bennet rams himself into Jayden’s nuts pressing them both against Jayden’s hard bony hip. Bennet smiles in the afterglow and collapses onto Jayden huffing hard.


Bennet breathes in and out half hugging Jayden as his cock throbs once more, jerking against Jayden’s massive member even in its limp state it’s bigger than his own. This does not seem to bother Bennet and he closes his eyes delirious in his post orgasm on Jayden’s hard pec.


“I fucked you up so good.”


Reaching down between their bodies Bennet grabs Jayden’s cock and gives it a squeeze, he’s limp to the touch but still a small pulse goes down the stock and Bennet grins. “I could make you cum again I think.” Bennet is thinking out loud and Jayden feels Bennet’s lips upon his pec lifting into a smile. He gently kisses Jayden’s skin and says “Fuck…I have to give this one last go.”


“No more, bro…fuck…come on…you’ve” Jayden’s eyes widen as Bennet brings up his knee slamming it right into his massively swollen ballbag. The squelch causes Jayden to blink rapidly for a moment before a wave of nausea floods his system. He gags for a moment, Bennet staring at him smugly.


"UUUUUuuuuughhhhhhhhhhh .... ooooooo….fuuuck!


“I’ve got your attention. Good. One more time, Jayden. Make it hard.”


Jayden shudders, and bites his bottom lip as he moans “No man…I ….I…can’t!”


“Then that’s exactly what I want to see,” Bennet answers back smartly, masturbating him again with his own jisim. He slicks him up from base to tip, smiling and laughing as Jayden moans louder. Unbelievably Jayden is starting to thicken and as he dips his cockhead into the small pool of cum in his navel Jayden groans with desire once more. “That’s it, I can see it in your eyes.” Bennet leans over so that the two are nose to nose, and Jayden can smell his breath as he says “You like it. You want me to make you cum again, hahaha!” Bennet is laughing now as he owns Jayden.


“No!” Jayden moans, his fingers digging into the mat as his hips rise up on their own and his cock digs against Bennet’s abdomen leaving a smear of pre-cum, like a small trail along his stomach.


“I think”


Bennet hits Jayden with another knee.


“That you”


The again.


“Like it!”


The third knee goes straight into Jayden’s nuts ramming them so hard that his teeth rattle in his skull and his arms grab feebly onto Bennet’s upper back wrapping him in a hug.


“Nooooooo!” Jayden screams. “UUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuugghhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooo…ooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAHHHHH!”


Jayden’s eyes are closed, squeezed shut as Bennet rubs his bony kneecap into his nutbag while rubbing his cockhead furiously. Jayden is so hard in his grasp that Bennet thinks he might pop at any moment.


Jayden opens his mouth to scream again but Bennet drops his kneecap down, dragging it along his scrotum until it hammers his boynuts against the mat. Digging it in Bennet says in triumph out loud “I got him, he’s gonna nut….again!”


It’s then that Bennet notices his teammates littering the floor in fetal positions, moaning and groaning. Bennet squeezes Jayden’s cockhead accidently and he cries out in a feverish screaming moan just as Ben grabs him by the shoulders and lifts him off of Jayden.


Ben spins him around just as Logan comes up between Jayden’s legs looking intently at his wounded nutbag and grimacing as he touches Jayden’s tender, throbbing testes. “Jayden” he murmurs. “Oh man…your balls.”


Bennet is looking back over his shoulder wanting to see the conclusion and Jayden cumming dry, if that could even happen but Ben is shaking him and he turns back to look at him.


“You dickhead.”


Ben kicks him right in the nuts, and he didn’t see it coming or the kick from behind from Zach. The two feet meet in the middle crushing Bennet’s spuds and the redhead screeches “Oh god! My fucking nuts!” Bennet had just cum not too long ago and his nuts scream in raw agony as he is being held up by Ben his muscles in his upper arms taut and veins visible.


"Not fair, you got to him first.” Zach gives his shoulder a quick up and down shrug, “So I had to kick him too.”


“Sorry Jayden, it took me too long to get to you” Logan whispers, dropping down between the young teens legs. Logan’s fingers carefully touch Jayden’s nuts keeping his eyes on Jayden’s. The movements are soft as Logan gently fingers the scrotum searching for damages, but sighing in relief at his findings. “You will be in rough shape for a while, but your famous boynuts will pull through, Jayden. You have a tough pair of nuts there Jayden.” Logan’s blue eyes are intense as he picks up Jayden’s cock. He moans, and his eyes lock onto Logan’s, a quiver runs down his rigid rod and Logan nods his head. “I’ll go quick.”


Jayden moans desperate “I don’t think…I can.”


Logan grabs him, holding him steady and running his hand down his length “We will see about that. We have an expert here.”


“Hey, Michael…come here for a quick—second.”


Interrupting him Jayden says, “No.” Croaking Jayden motions down. “You.” Jayden weakly pats him arm.


“You sure? I would hate to leave you blue balled too…that combination…well, wouldn’t be good.”




“Please. Just…do it.” Jayden’s voice is light, but his dark intense eyes are pleading.


Jayden’s heart skips a beat, but he does not have to wait long as Logan lowers his mouth and takes Jayden in. Logan’s mouth is hot, and he swirls his tongue over Jayden’s head sucking at the tip. Jayden groans in desire and the two blonde twins snicker and he push at each other. Michael and Will start cheering Logan on as he goes up and down Jayden’s cock. Jayden had no idea that he was going to do, that. Max would be so jealous, Jayden thinks that he will keep this part to himself.


Zach shakes his head and smirks at Ben who is busy stomping on Bennet’s nutsack. “He’s not gonna last long.”


Ben looks back and wiggles his eyebrows “Would you?”


Zach does not seem to have a good enough answer to this, but just as he thinks of something to say Jayden tenses, his muscles straining and grunting like crazy and pounding the mat.


Logan is loving sucking on his pole, polishing his head while his fingers tug and rub on his nuts ever so gently. Zach sighs and looks at his watch, and decides to make this go… just a bit quicker and moves his foot over and between the hot action happening on the end and steps on Jayden’s nuts. Logan just manages to pull his fingers away as Zach’s foot crushes his boy spuds to the mat, flattening them out.


Jayden’s eyes widen in horror and he opens his mouth to scream as he spasms and Logan sucks harder feeling the urgency in Jayden, the tensing of his muscle as he shudders, cumming once again. Jayden feels himself jerk and shoot into Logan’s throat but nothing seems to be released as his throbbing testicles throb beneath Zach’s big shoe.


Zach see’s this playing out and he can’t help but grind his foot further into the mat a little harder but Ben finished with Bennet sack taps him hard, and it turns out to be more of a punch, then a nut tap and knocks Zach off.


Zach yells out “Awww fuck, my nuts!”


Jayden closes his eyes in relief as he spasms into Logan’s mouth, it’s not much but he’s not dry like Bennet surmised he would be. Logan is already pulling Jayden’s rapidly shrinking dick free, a small smile on his mouth as his captain says “Not bad, little buddy and the taste…I see why Chase likes it so much.”


“Let’s get you home” adds Ben, patting Zach’s back as he clutches as his big balls. “We came to rescue the kid, jackass.”


Jayden blushes, and Logan winks at him.


“Don’t tell…”


“Never.” Logan mimes locking his lips with a key and grabs Jayden lifting him up as if he weighed nothing and carries him in his arms to the door. Jayden wraps his arms around Logan’s chest, burying his head there and making sure to cover up his nakedness from the Ballbusting Boys…he does not want anymore people looking at him.


Logan gives him a red wrestling sweatshirt which Jayden quickly puts on when they get to his car, the guys are piling into the backseat, but Jayden rides shotgun next to Logan who gives his knee a squeeze.


“So…what happens now?” Jayden asks.


Logan grins “Chase got you and your brother off. We weren’t sure where you were when Zagan was video tapping you. Chase took juvenile hall and we came here. Chase will be getting your brother out. The plan was to meet back at my place.”


Jayden smiles, but winces as the car turns on and he grabs his sore nuts and turns to look out the window putting his head on the glass.


“I’m gonna…rest my eyes for a bit.


“You do that, Jayden.”


Zach pats his back from the backseat, “We got you, Jayden. And will bring you home safe and sound.”


Jayden’s eyes are closed and as the engine purrs down the road he starts to drift off exhausted from the day, and this whole retched experience. Finally he is going home.






~To be continued


Anonymous said...

You brought back the ballbusting balls, just to have Zack and Logan have a few kicks and the rest is in the background. A perfect examples of shitty writing.

Anonymous said...

Bennetts a badass. Jayden got fucking wrecked, man! Hot

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Jimmy, listen, I lived the story and what not, especially how hard they milked Jayden all throught the story


I will have to agree with the first comment, last story, you teased us with the Grand Return! Of the Original Ballbusting Boys cast! Everyone except for Parker, David and the skater bros, which was fine, we haven't seen Ben or Kev in action for a while now, especially the twins! I expected to have the story give them a small highlight or something, like, their own spotlight as they battle each goon but... We didn't get that, we only got Logan, some Zach sprinkled in and then just the implication that the rest were also busting balls but not much else

And I love Logan! Zach is my favorite ballbusting boy! But c'mon, you should've just brought the two of them if you didn't know what to do with the rest, maybe bring back Jayden's friends or something.

Ben and Kev have the toughest nuts in the cast, they could've been real heavy hitters, the tanks of the team, would've love to see them power through the blows, but I guess there's always next time...

Anonymous said...

Hot story and as always very well written 😊

As for the plot here’s my brutally honest assessment :
(1) i really enjoyed Jayden being dominated by Bennet. We’re quite used to seeing Jayden fight back from the brink of defeat so it was fun to see him getting thoroughly owned haha.

(2) I was really hoping that Zagan Keller might prove to be a real nemesis for Jayden. The tattoos, muscles and attitude are totally HOT but in the end he was all show and no go. Even Zach has sturdier nuts than Zagan…IMHO Sam Hell and Silas Dark made better “villains”. Both can handle a few hard kicks between the legs and both, on their day, have beaten Jayden in a no-rules fight

(3) The ballbusting boys : i have to agree with other comments here. I was dying to know what was going on in the background.
How would Logan + 5 ‘amateur’ ballbusters fair against 13 trained wrestlers ? State finalists no less! Horrible odds!
Would Ben get too cocky as usual and have to be rescued by Kev?

And imagine the mighty muscles of Lucas squaring up against Zach…or Ben…that would be awesome!

I honestly think this one deserves a parallel story from the perspective of the ballbustingboys.

I know first hand how hard it is to write a fight story with 20 protagonists! So what about splitting into a few short stories from different perspectives ? Ben + Kev, The twins, Logan + Zach ?
I wonder if other guest writers are interested to contribute.

Let us know your thoughts Jimmy? Or maybe you have other plans for the ballbusting boys?

If you’re interested, I could even write (or collaborate) on a Ben & Kev story - 2 of my faves!

Your biggest fan,

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi everyone,

Like usual we have the extreme likes and the extreme dislikes.

I usually write my stories from one persons point of view (Jayden), and what he is observing. At one point the blows that he had taken became too much for him and could only focus on one thing: Bennet busting his balls.

Reg, after reading your comments it actually made a lot of sense of how I could tell the stories from the Ballbusting Boys perspective. Jayden, along with the gang are all in Logan's car and they can recount their experiences fighting of the Hazard Team and what they went through and the guys can be listening, adding in, and of course busting each other as they talk.

I'll see what I can do.


Anonymous said...

Tired of these stories about Jayden and these people surrounding him. So boring! I loved the random stories. Cool stories. The website is very boring! Monotonous.

Anonymous said...

Why can't jayden have NORMAL rivals? Why must they always besuper evil and twisted in the head or look like dracula or something along those lines?

Why can't we have a normal looking guy, maybe a little handsome, Jayden's age, that he's got a healthy rivalry over, like sure they can still bust each other's balls, heck, it would be interesting to see jayden dealing with another boy that's JUST as hung as he is, how would Jayden even react to it? Would he just not care or would he actually feel... Jealousy that he isn't the biggest in his friend group/wrestling team?

Anonymous said...

I quite like the idea of a „normal” rival for Jayden. It was a bit like that in the „old days” when Chase was his main rival. They were similar age and size and both pretty hung!
Doug is another example but his brutal fighting style is no match for Jayden’s classy moves.
Maybe Doug can improve his technique a bit a become a real rival for Jayden? I’m just not sure if Doug’s manly bollocks will ever become as resilient as Jayden’s boy balls.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hey guys,

This sounds really interesting. A normal rival could be fun. Same age, similiar build, and equally filled out where it counts the most. What else do you envision about this potential new character? I'm intrigued!


Anonymous said...

Personally i rather like the idea of a „beta” version of Doug. He’s already a bit bulkier and stronger and really hates Jayden’s guts. Maybe Doug can sharpen up his wrestling moves and even engage his team-mates to help toughen up his manly bollocks.
Doug may not be quite as hung as Jayden but he has no doubt his big hairy nuts make him more of a man where it counts!
Of course i would also love to see a new character come along that can really rival Jayden. It would be so much fun to see Jayden lose to an „equal”…al least until he gets his revenge.