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The Slammer: The Unfair Rematch of Jayden VS. Zagan written by Jimmy


The Slammer:

   The Unfair Rematch 

Jayden VS. Zagan



By Jimmy






Upon re-entry into the gymnasium, Jayden hangs his head in shame and despair. Moments before he had failed in his escape, and was brought back after failing to get away from Bennet and the chasing pack. Thirteen enemy wrestlers chasing down one Jayden left him in a precarious situation and one unfortunate slip was enough to snuff out his bold escape attempt.


Hands bound behind his back, Jayden shuffles his feet forward moving slowly. Step by step he brings himself closer to the unavoidable conflict as his shoes along with the others surrounding him squeak and slosh on the wooden floors when they get back inside. The rain, thunder and storm have not let up and Jayden is forced to squint as the rain splashes his face and dribbles down his body soaking him to the core. Getting inside is a welcome reprieve for Jayden, as he drips muddy water onto the gymnasium floor and gives himself a shake. Goose bumps cover his flesh, and Jayden shakes with bone cold as he is led further into the gym his teeth rattling in his jaws.


Jayden’s socks are filled with water and every time he lifts his foot up the squish of his toes in his wet socks makes him anxious as he peers around the gym looking for another possible exit strategy before it’s too late to do so.


The door swings shut, blocking out the wind, rain and thunder. It should be peaceful and quiet, but the wrestlers joke and jostle as they gaze at their bound captain Zagan Keller grinning meanly next to a wretched Jayden Gomez.


Jayden is well built for his age but finds himself overshadowed by the jacked seventeen year old Zagan Keller, also tied up at the wrists his hunky muscles glimmering under the florescent lights of the gym. Jayden blinks to clear the splatters of mud and his eyes focus in on a very familiar package suspended between his enemy’s tree trunk like thighs. The rain has gripped Zagan’s singlet even tighter, and his tattoos once hidden are now outlined in clearer details swirling around his abdomen, his groin, and his chest that he could not see before. The ferocious black dragon snarls above Zagan’s bulging genitals, fiercely protecting his eggs, smoke fuming from its nostrils warning off any assailant that might dare to mess with his prized processions. Jayden spots Zagan’s semi rigid cock pointing down and running down his left leg, just like his own except tip of Zagan’s member is covered in a long foreskin that tapers to a point. It’s uncanny to Jayden how closely matched they are between the legs. ‘The same length, same girth, dang…even the balls!…what are the odds?’ Jayden thinks.


Pulled from his thoughts he spots a tripod being set-up with an iPhone cradled in the holster. 


“What are you doing?” Jayden’s voice is soft, a little squeaky and he clears his throat as the guys laugh around him.


“Jayden, Jayden…you didn’t think we were the only ones going to witness your downfall did you?” Zagan smiles, leers at him and gets so close to his face Jayden thinks that he might kiss him as he lowers his upper body to stare directly into his muddy brown eyes.


Jayden gulps and tries to step back but he is held in place by Bennet, as he comes at him from the other side.


“We are going to make you a star.”


Dread fills Jayden and he dry swallow, his voice seems to be gone as he tries to speak and nothing comes out.


“I think he is a little nervous…let’s warm him up. He looks cold.”


Bennet’s hand reaches down grabbing his still half-cocked erection, it’s dwindled and drooped but Bennet’s warm fingers prod the resting appendage. The grip is firm and the wet singlet pouch makes it easy for Bennet to hold onto his dick as he jerks him, and Zagan still so close that his hot breath tickles his left ear says “Don’t forget about my monster.”


“Never Zagan.”


Zagan shudders next to Jayden, the vibrations tickle Jayden’s shoulder and finds himself growing harder. He chances a look down and spots both his own erection, and Zagan’s in Bennet’s very capable hands looking sheer in the singlet’s and possibly leaking. He knows that he is, but in the wet singlets it is difficult to discern if Zagan is dripping pre-cum with him or not.


“Now that are cocks are out of the way, our balls will have no protection from the kicking…get ready to be a movie star, Jayden.”


Bennet releases the hardened cocks and both slap against the lower abdomens at the same time.


“It’s really crazy…it’s like he’s a younger you…between the legs.” Bennet shakes his head.


“Bullshit…I know I’m bigger” Zagan mutters under his breath but Bennet doesn’t seem to hear as he turns excitedly to the iPhone grinning.


“We’re ready.”


Bennet runs a hand through his wet fiery hair and clenches his buttcheeks before he begins. Lucas does a slow countdown with his fingers and when he pulls back the last digit Bennet jumps right in.


“Live on Instagram, I bring you the rematch you have all been waiting on…our very own Zagan Keller, Captain of the Hazard’s and Jayden Gomez, Captain of the Bartlet wresting team. Both have agreed to a most unusual battle… a grueling battle of steel wills and steel balls to find out who can outlast the other. Thirteen men stand at attention ready to do our calling…bust their balls! That’s right, you heard me. This is a last man standing match of kicks between the legs. It is like nothing you have seen before. To spice things up, each captain is permitted to drop twice to his knees, on the third drop he loses and the match is over. It’s going to be wild!”


Bennet’s speech ends as he twists out of view and the wrestlers start to line up, ready to deal out some major punishment.


“This is your swan song, Jayden Gomez,” whispers Zagan as his voice tickles his left earlobe. The hot breath fills him and Jayden shakes and turns so that the two are nose-to-nose.


“Let’s find out…without a cup you don’t stand a chance Zagan! My boy-balls don’t go down easy…I’m going to win this and beat you all over again, dickhead!” Jayden’s heart is still thumping wildly but he narrows his dark eyes to slits and pushes up on his tippy toes and presses against Zagan to add “You don’t know who you are messing with, but you will when I win.”


Zagan Keller pulls back, a huge grin on his face and barks with laughter “This is going to be fun kid, I’m going to paint loser right across your forehead.”


The first guy stands up, it’s Bennet and he says loudly “I am proud to go first.” Stepping up he rushes forward and sends a hard kick right between Jayden’s thighs. The redhead doesn’t state who gets kicked first, but Jayden is hardly shocked to be handed the immediate disadvantage. The blow is brutal. Bennet’s foot smashes his nuts right underneath a critical toe kick that hits both boynuts with a terrible wet sounding SPLAT! The sympathetic looks from the lined up wrestlers, and the jeering don’t seem to reach Jayden’s ears as his eyes widen in shock. The first kick always seems to be the worst and his sorry balls have been worked over already today, so he really feels the accumulated blows take their tolls.


Jayden rocks backwards and away from Bennet’s foot, as the red head smiles a knowing grin at him.


“I nailed him so good…right in the balls!” Bennet pumps his fist and winks at the camera his sparkling green eyes full of wild mischief as he pursues his lips and steps up to grasp Jayden’s nuts. Jayden shudders at the touch, his boynuts throbbing with pain.


“On your knees, Gomez!” Bennet snarls, rolling the traumatized testicles around his sack.


“Fuck you! Ugh! My…nuts” Jayden groans in despair, trying to peel the offending fingers that are still squeezing his boyhood as he rocks to ease the pain.


“Damn, they still feel intact” Bennet shrugs towards the iPhone “I softened them up, he’ll go down with the next kick!”


The guys all crack up at that, and Bennet turns to face his captain.


“Looks like you’re next, boss”


Bennet gives Jayden’s nuts a rather tender squeeze before letting go but Jayden’s relief is short lived as the same hand grabs his rigid cock for leverage and leans back, squeezing the bulbous spongey head while he kicks out at Zagan. The kick hits Zagan low and equally hard, but there’s a clear difference. Bennet’s instep is aimed deeper, smacking solidly right between his captain’s pert muscular ass-cheeks, his shin barely rattling the big hefty balls which jiggle potently in his singlet pouch.


 “Ughhhh, right in the balls!” Zagan winces and moans theatrically “Fuck, dude you got ‘em good! Will you massage mine too, like you did to Jayden?”


Bennet’s eyes light up as he steps forward and lustfully gropes the hunky stud’s manhood, his hands slipping into the fabric to fondle the naked virile jewels within. With a cheeky grin Bennet plucks the I-phone from its stand and pans in closer stretching the fabric aside to give a close up of Zagan’s dragon tattoo and the smooth plump eggs cradled below.


Seeing the outrage in Jayden’s eyes, Zagan grins and puffs himself up to his full height grinning down proudly.


“Looks like my dragon balls are out of your league, boy!”


Bennet jerks Jayden’s cock once and releases him, “Well still they stand! Who’s up next? It’s going to be a long afternoon!”


Jayden is fuming, but before he can complain about Bennet’s cheating the next kick hits him, a vicious in-step form the side that he did not see coming. The crippling pain obliterates Jayden’s thought process as the boot laces crunch into the undersides of his testicles, smooshing them with such lethal force that all his muscles give up, his knees collapsing inwards and with a furious cry he slumps to his knees.


Blinking dully he can hear the cruel roars and cheers around the gym and Bennet’s excitedly yelling “Yeah! He went down HARD! I guess he never faced a kick-boxer before!” slapping the rock-hard ass of the athletic brown-haired eighteen year old that just floored him.


Jayden gags and clenches his abdomen miserably on the floor, stunned by the devastating power and accuracy of the last kick as Bennet steps up to him and grabs his singlet as he leers down at the fallen teen “Now stay down, Jayden…if you know what’s good for you.” The green in Bennet’s eyes reminds Jayden of poison, fueling his rage.


“You’ll…fucking…pay for this” Jayden gasps up, blinking back tears but determined to endure the awful pain as he grits his teeth and somehow forces himself back up to his feet, still doubles over and wheezing.


As he looks up he catches sight of the expert kick-boxer that just floored him. The striated muscles of the boy’s devastating legs quiver like piano wires as he trains his sights on the ripe plums bulging invitingly between Zagan’s thighs. He feels a glimmer of hope, quickly snuffed out as the pro-kicker inexplicably misses, firing his kick into Zagan’s inner thigh and nothing more.


“Cowards” Jayden croaks out in protest, but only Bennet hears him over the crowd.


“Damn, that dragon does a fine job guarding those eggs, right?” Bennet chuckles across at him “Come on Jayden, you didn’t really think you could win this did you?” Bennet smile turns suddenly cold and mean as he shakes his head. “Your glory days are over Jayden. You will not steal our championship next year.”


Seeing the camera trained on Zagan’s, Bennet steps up and grips Jayden by the balls once again, squeezing hard and Jayden squeals in agony as Bennet tightens his handhold and makes his fingers turn white. “Welcome to the men’s league, Jayden. You’re not a boy anymore.”


Zagan meanwhile is making a big show of recovering from his imaginary low blow. 


 “Ooooh! My fucking balls! Uggghhhhh…you kick boxer’s fucking suck!” he rolls his head back whining flakily, before stamping his feet and flexing his rippling pecs.


“Who is next? Step right up!” Bennet calls out.


If Jayden was not in so much gut-wrenching pain, he would yell out in protest at this charade. But now all he can do is stand there, and let his tough Gomez balls do the talking.  


The third guy does not get the drop on Jayden. He’s slim with a lean hard body, his dark blonde hair is carefully styled pushed forward to cover his forehead. The mean looking lad struts in front of the camera winking at the unseen viewers.


“My name’s Emerson…and this is gonna be fun!”


Jayden cocks his head back and manages a small smile, “Well it would be if you weren’t a bunch of cheats!” This time his voice doesn’t crack, and the momentary silence carries his biting words across the room and into the tiny microphone to the live stream viewers.


“Cry baby!” Emerson snaps back then grins meanly “Oooh do your boy-balls hurt, Jayden? I knew it, you’re too weak to take on real man like our captain!”


The tall lean wrestler looks across at Zagan to back him up but Jayden cuts in.


“Real men don’t cheat! You’re all just cowards…you busted my balls before we even began, then you gave the first kick to me. I took two hard kicks to the nuts already and none of you have even landed a kick to Zagan’s puny balls yet!”


“Shut up brat! Kick him!” Zagan bellows, his face red and furious.


“Oh shit!” Emerson is quickly pulled out of his stupor and throws up a kick, but it misses Jayden’s nuts completely and slams into his rigid dick. Still it stings and Jayden yelps as Emerson grumbles “Fuck, I missed!” and kicks out again, this time his wicked instep finds its target hitting Jayden low with a heavy, dull THUD. Jayden gulps his cheeks bulging, trying to hold it in, but can’t and groans

“UUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGhhhhhhh my b…boynuts!” Jayden’s eyes are crossed as he keels forward retching and the guys begin cheering again.


“Now me!” Zagan shouts.


Emerson jumps at his captain’s voice and seems to forget how he was supposed to miss. The THUD is just as loud as Jayden’s kick, nailing the tattooed thug right in his beloved bulging balls and Zagan looks down and screams out “Awwwww! Ooooh Fuuuuck!”


Jayden barely hears him as his own knees clash against each other, and he stumbles backwards his young balls pounding even faster and harder than his own heartbeat.


Briefly the suffering warriors stare into each other’s tortured eyes, hands strung up glistening muscles flexing as they writhe under their ropes unable to nurse their mangled gonads.


“Ugh…my balls!” Zagan gasps, tossing his head wildly as the crescendo of pain drops his to his knees, which makes Jayden grit his teeth harder to stay on his feet and he spots Zagan wild eyed, haggard look of sheer horror mixed with a pain as he scrunches up his face groaning loudly.


It’s a look that can’t be faked.


Emerson stares down blinking, like a deer trapped in headlights and covers his mouth with a look of guilt and disgrace.


 “S…sorry captain…your balls…oh God, I didn’t mean to…!” the apology ends in a shameful whimper and he gulps barely able to believe he’s just put his mighty captain on his knees  “It’s just….your nuts are so damn big, boss, how could I miss? You are so hung….just like Jayden. God it feels amazing to kick a guy with such big nuts!” Emerson’s big reveal only seems to make Zagan angrier as he looks up at him with pure spite draining away any joy in Emerson’s heart and he quickly jumps back and scuttles back to the shelter of his gathered team-mates.


Bennet steps in quickly and tries to pull Zagan back to his feet, whispering to him as he nurses his captain’s big balls.


“Man up, boss…it’s only one hit. You…can take it.” Bennet rubs his stem as he talks, trying to give him a hearty pick me up speech.


“I fucking slipped…It doesn’t…count!” Zagan gasps and tries to clamber to his feet but crashes heavily on his butt with a pained grunt.


“Yeah, I know!” Bennet empathizes grabbing him under the arms and hauling him upright “You are our captain, Zagan Keller and we all know how this is going to end…with Jayden Gomez squealing on the floor!”


Zagan nods, but he looks pale. The color has drained from his face leaving him ashen like a white trunk of a birch.


“Kick number four!”


It’s Lucas’ turn this time, and the hard thug steps eagerly up to Jayden Gomez grabbing his singlet in both hands dragging him to effortlessly upwards until his feet dangle beneath him and pulls him closer to the iPhone camera so that everyone can get a close up as he dominates the smaller boy. Lucas’s beefy biceps seem bigger than Jayden’s head bulge upwards like cannon balls as he curls him like a barbell. The dirty blonde hulking wrestler whips back his head, shaking out his form so that the camera gets a full view of his impressively developed chest. Lucas grins making his slab-like pecs bounce and smirks gleefully.


“You fell once already! Now I’m going to drop you again…you’re gonna pay for kicking my big manly balls earlier, get on your knees brat!”


Lucas grunts as his high thigh powers upwards, but it’s more of a knee than a kick that plows deep into Jayden’s undercarriage smashing his boynuts so hard that Jayden can feel his testicles collapse into mush until they are completely flattened. Holding his knee between Jayden’s forced widely spread thighs, Lucas jostles the fourteen year old enjoying the pitiful wails and shrieks and barks as his precious balls bounce and crunch against the wrestler’s tree-trunk thigh.


“Down you go boy” commands Lucas as he drops him unceremoniously onto his feet.


Jayden’s whole body is quivering and shaking like jelly, but somehow he finds the will to stays upright as he moans “OOOOOOOOooooooooo ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh!” Jayden blinks back in agony as his poor balls slowly return to their original shape.


“No…no fucking way!” Lucas gapes and falls silent for a moment “Goddamn it, his balls must be made of rocks!”


“Bullshit! Even rocks crumble into dust.”


Zagan’s snarls as his foot nails Jayden perfectly from behind, smashing the teenager’s beefy nuts skywards, the loose orbs swinging up on their stretched nut-cords only to ricochet off the solid wall of his abs and plunge back down to be met with a second perfectly-times punt that repeats the brutal process until the bruised and battered orbs come to rest on Zagan’s foot.


Jayden is looking straight at the camera, he is so close that his spittle covers the lens as puffs and gags and retches while his broken nuts shoot white hot spasms of pain through his scrotum, and with a final strangled groan he collapses once more to his knees. Unable to curl into a ball or cradle his testicles he stays there gasping hands held aloft listens to the cruel laughter echoing around the gymnasium as the wrestlers form a circle of hatred around him.


Bennet is cleaning the lens and says “The Bartlet Wrestling Captain is down…once again. Clearly he has weaker balls…he’s just a boy after all, nothing like the man that we have for a captain. Zagan is a true leader and warrior and made of stronger stuff.”


Zagan flexes his peaked biceps, pulling the ropes so taut he raises himself easily off the ground. His striking inked frame is not as massive as Lucas’ but the crowd are entranced by the magnificence of his trained muscles. 


“I’m a warrior, and now I will take my forth kick. Watch as I stay upright, while this puny boy cries about his pathetic boy-nuts kneeling where he belongs…at my feet!”


Lucas comes back and pats his captain on the shoulders saying “Sorry about this!”


Lucas kicks straight up and the huge kick hits Zagan Keller so hard that he spins on the ropes, but just as Jayden looks back in hopeful wonder he sees the small smile on the captains face and he’s sure he’s been duped again as Zagan yells out.


“OOOooo right in the nuts…again!” Zagan struggles to keep a straight face through his theatrics as he makes a big show of doubling over and thrashing, testing the bonds behind him.


“I thought Jayden was tough….but boss your balls are incredible! But don’t try escaping my bonds, I have a lot of practice with tying knots in…” Lucas suddenly stops himself from revealing too much. He clears his throat and quickly follows it with “In the scouts! I…I learnt to tie knots…in the scouts. Not anywhere else…um...scouts honor.”


Both Zagan and Jayden look at him with eyebrows raised, and the looks are almost identical.


Bennet tisks at Lucas. “Lucas…you cretin…you were supposed to kick Jayden in the balls, not knee him. You better fix it.”


A wide grin spreads on Lucas’s face as he comes back to Jayden and grabs him by the back of his short hairs and holds him still from behind.


“Alright Gomez…you want to know how my manly nuts felt when you kicked me earlier?” The kick soars between Jayden Gomez’s spread thighs and moments before the telltale crunch, the air rushes up between his legs and he gets a moment to feel the quiver run down his legs. Jayden looks up into the camera lens the moment that Lucas’s foot connects and crushes his balls. Jayden gasps, the thundering toes of Lucas’s boot annihilating his scrotum and crushing his balls completely against his pelvic bone.


“Just like that!” Lucas chuckles, yanking his foot out and releasing Jayden’s hair.


Jayden’s bottom lip trembles and his legs lock together, he’s about to go down when Bennet reaches out and grabs him by the singlet straps holding him upright. “It’s only been four kicks Jayden…can’t you handle it?”


He shakes his head, and finally lets out an agonized wail of misery that’s so deep, that Jayden can only hear himself over the laughter around him. His testicles are pounding furiously, and feel like they went through the meat grinder or were pounded away with a wooden mallet. Everything hurts and is sore below the waist and Jayden gulps in air as his nuts throb in a constant steady motion barely containable in his young body.


“My balls” Jayden whispers. The croak of his voice is barely audible but when Bennet releases him he is able to stand, but barely. Shouldering up to him Zagan bumps his shoulder making his balls slap against the other and his thighs and he winces trying not to cry out. Angrily he fixes his gaze at Zagan who smiles at him.


“Made you look.”


Realization hits him as another kick takes him from the front and the back at the same time.


Two wrestlers, smaller than the rest so far stand opposite of one another their timing almost perfect as the boot Jayden’s bag from the front, then the back. Jayden’s nuts crunched together by the double kick that pulse with nerve shattering pain and Jayden’s mouth falls open. He is still staring at Zagan who grins meanly at him saying “Five, six Jayden’s going to lose his nuts.”


Jayden dry swallows, his gulp followed by another gasp is all that he can manage as he drops to his knees. He blinks rapidly, trying to remember how to breathe while his nuts blaze with such intensity that he thinks he might puke. Jayden coughs and gags and leans down his body wracked with waves of nausea and concentrated rippling misery from his boynuts outward. Even his clenching abdomen feels to Jayden as if it too has been sucker punched and he squeezes his eyes shut blocking out the smiling faces but still hearing the roars of laughter.


From behind Jayden feels at foot gently prodding his nut bag and he freezes as the foot explores the outside of his scrotum. When he opens his eyes Jayden spots the foot slipping up and down his balls and hears a deep voice say “Well I’ll be damned…His big balls are still there, and in one piece.” A hand falls on his head, and gently pets his hair. It’s the only way to describe it. Jayden’s head is slowly being kneaded as this guy behind him runs his foot around his sack getting a good measure of his genitals. “You are one tough mother fucker, Gomez. Most guys would be crying by now over their ruined manhood…but not you. Impressive.”


Jayden tries to look back but the hand petting his head holds him still.


“Shhhh baby, it’s more fun for me if you don’t know when it’s coming.”


“Not my nuts…” Jayden shakes as the foot slides upwards and slides around his erection, knocking it back and forth like a ping-pong ball gently, and sweetly. Jayden feels the secretions seeping into his singlet as the unknown wrestler toys with his fat cockhead and he looks up, the iPhone catching his moment of lust. Jayden moans, just as Bennet declares.


“We just got a warning on Instagram!” Bennet laughs, and adds “Says, pornography is not allowed. But we have not even striped Jayden yet…such prudes.”


‘Yet?’ Jayden thinks as the boot pulls back, his heavy sack sways and Jayden grits his teeth.


“Oh no…don’t! Not again, not my…BALLS!”


The upwards kick hits Jayden like a Mack Truck, and he groans “UUUUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuugggggggggghhhhhhhhh!” and falls prone to the floor curling up in the fetal position. Jayden is still groaning long and loudly as he realizes that the two wrestlers that double kicked him didn’t even bother to do the same to Zagan. The pretense of the moment is gone. Not like they even really cared about the game. It was clear what their intent was…to bust Jayden Gomez as much and as hard as possible.


The shadow falls over Jayden, and he blinks rapidly as his nuts take most of his attention but he barely spots his latest kicker standing over him arms crossed, folded lazily over his chest laughing at him. He has curly black hair, medium height and build and deep sea green blue eyes.


Bennet slaps him on the back saying “Nice one Andy, Jayden’s feeling it now!”


Andy keeps on chuckling, but adds after a moment. “When I kicked him I swear, his ‘boynuts’ cracked like acorns in fall, man.” Andy grabs his groin in mock sympathy. “The Bartlet team must be so ashamed of their fallen, beaten captain. I know I would be, but Zagan is a man. He’s just a little boy.”


The comment does something to Jayden. He can feel the switch go off in his brain, and before he knows what’s happening Jayden is back on his feet. He fights the swelling, and the pounding of his balls as he plants his feet on the floor in front of Andy who stops laughing at him momentarily disarmed by the intensity of Jayden’s fearsome cold hard glare.


“You are a fucking coward…all of you and…”




The kick strikes Jayden mid-sentence and all thoughts leave him, as his thighs trap the foot that’s in between his legs as his head swims and gasps “OOOOOOOOOOhhhhhh god….my boynuts!!! Not…again!!! Nooooooo!”


All that fire that was just inside of Jayden goes out as he falls back to the floor but on his way down another wrestler rushes up and boots him on his way down, the foot crunching his nuts flat as he was dropping and his body crashes moments afterwards. He hangs in the air for just a second, his own body squishing his nuts as he slides of landing on his backside and staring up at the lights gasping and gaping as everything screams in pain.


The wrestlers come in closer now, the small semicircle led by Zagan. He is standing right in between Jayden’s legs now, and kicks his thighs apart and slowly steps on Jayden’s nuts pinning them to the floor.


“I WIN!” Zagan roars “Now untie me, boys!”


“Yes, sir!” Lucas says coming next to his captain and doing the honors.


Zagan peels rubs his wrists, the red lines of the tight rope are etched into the groves of his skin.


“Now then men, let’s end this by showing the youngest wrestling High School captain how we treat our enemies,” Zagan’s smile is wicked, as he starts to peel down his singlet.


Jayden’s heart is hammering as he tries to imagine what fresh hell might be next for him as Zagan’s body is naked above him, the hard red stem coming off of Zagan throbs and as Jayden looks around the circle all of the wrestlers follow suit until cocks everywhere are pointing directly at Jayden.


“What…what are you doing?” Jayden asks, his voice betraying him as he already knows what is about to happen.


“We call this Gomez, the Bukkake” Zagan grips himself and grins down as he starts to jack off. “The loser gets a nice bath…in cum.”


Jayden’s eyes widen and he tries to stand up but two feet land on him, one on his chest and the other his stomach holding him still. Zagan’s foot lowers, and Jayden’s nuts squish slowly as he brings his foot closer to the floor.


“No…you…filthy assholes!”


Surprised by his own inner fire, Jayden Gomez grunts as Zagan Keller’s foot as he rolls his nuts underneath his shoe. He can’t submit, and won’t give any of Zagan’s wrestlers the satisfaction of giving up. No matter what.


The room is filled with the wrestlers jacking off, surrounding Jayden.


Bennet finally drops his phone, and tucks it into the side of his singlet. “Apparently nakedness of us all on livestream caused my account to be locked…who knew!” Bennet grins, but then grabs his hardened five incher and starts to rub his tip when next to him Andy starts shooting onto his leg.


“You idiot…you missed! Also, you have no stamina, man!”


Andy is grunting and breathing hard and says “Not…my fault…so fucking hot! Besides my dick curves to the ….ugh, ugh, ughoh fuck…right!”


The guys chuckle and shake their heads.


“Isn’t that always your excuse?” teases Lucas.


“Fuck off!” Andy pulls up his singlet, but only to cover his shrinking cock. It still pokes out, but barely.


“Be of some use…and make sure that the young Gomez also gets his rocks off,” Zagan Keller says, as he leans back a smile tugging at his lips as he slides his foreskin up and down his hardened steel rod, the group of wrestlers all taking turns to peek at their formative captain as he pumps away.


“No one better cum on me!” Andy says as he gets down on his knees and places his hands on either side of Jayden’s pelvis. Jayden turns his head, cheeks flushed and forehead creasing as his nuts are still being slowly nut tapped by Zagan’s steady tapping foot.


Andy slides his hands back and forth warming up the area around Jayden’s groin, but he’s so sticky from sweat and the rain water that the hands easily float around the taut hardened abdomen. “Man Jayden, for a freshman you are ripped!”


Jayden moans as Andy grips him with both hands, holding the erection and pulling it up and away from his clenching stomach. Andy runs his hands together down his full length before one settles at the top and the under lower near the base and he slowly starts to double fist Jayden’s hard cock.


“So big…impressive…I wish mine was…well, anyways…I’ll get you off.”


Shaking his head, Jayden fights him trying to roll and maneuver away.


“The kid’s shy” Zagan points out as his cock head grips. He moves it over until a glob of it falls on Jayden’s stomach missing the cock by inches as Jayden squirms. “Too bad for him, milk him.”


Jayden feels the taste of warmth seep into him, as Andy pleasures him. Andy is riding his cock up and down, speeding up as he notices the guys around him starting to get close.


“Captain, Jayden’s fighting this pretty hard I don’t think I can get him to cum with all of you” admits Andy, his dark locks falling into his eyes as he works over Jayden trying to speed up.


Bennet moans a little lost in the moment beside Lucas who has his eyes closed a smile on his face as he pounds away on his fat dong. “He’s…right about that. Won’t last…huh…uh…longer.”


“Yeah…” Lucas moans.


Emerson opposite him grits his teeth “I’m trying to hold back…but….fuck it! Andy suck on it…do something!”


The guys murmur and grunt in agreement and Zagan Keller says “You have not even opened his singlet yet!”


“I…I mean, fine!” Andy grabs the material, and pulls. A ripping sound comes from Jayden’s crotch and he opens his eyes, pleading now.




It’s far too late. His cock springs up and when his mighty erection slaps his now bare abdomen the hush around the gym stops the guys from masturbating and its Emerson that points out “Wow check out that girth! You sure, that they were tied Bennet?” Emerson dares to ask as he ogles Jayden’s cock.


“Wow…impressive!” Lucas adds. “I would enjoy tying that thing up!”


“I’m bigger!” Zagan yells, his voice cutting off his fellow teammates as he points his cock at them all stating, his only looks big because he’s fourteen, he’s not a real man like me!”


The argument does not seem to wow his teammates but Andy picks up the big appendage off of Jayden’s abs, the head is covered in pre-cum and it glistens as he lowers his mouth. Jayden is shaking his head saying “No, I don’t want…” but Andy dives down taking in his tip and sucking on it.




Jayden’s accent, his acknowledgement in his moan starts up the wanking around him again, the guys starting to pick up and go faster. Jayden clenches his muscles and still struggles to get up, but Andy is holding his cock in both hands as he moves his mouth up and down his hardened stock, while the foot on his stomach and chest move with him pinning him down. Then there is Zagan whose foot lowers down even further as he too starts to breathe faster.


“Yes…it’s almost time for the dragons…mighty breath!” Zagan’s muscles are taut, but his dragon tattoo seems to writhe on his skin as Zagan’s fist blurs as he pink cockhead fully pulled back and retracted shines the eye of it pointed straight at Jayden.


Moans and groans fill the room, and Jayden moans with them some part of him giving in to the hot warm embrace of Andy’s mouth sucking his cock so thoroughly. Andy seemed so reluctant before but now he presses his face into Jayden’s small patch of pubes, and grinds his nose into his short hairs and Jayden can’t help it, he is feeling good.


“Ugh!” Jayden moans out, and the others seem to do the same.


“Yes…!” Zagan grunts. “Yessss!” Zagan is writhing faster, and the Bennet near him is locked in position practically pulsing on his feet.


“I can’t…I have to…!”


“Captain!” yells Lucas “I’m gonna….!”


All around the circle similar phrases are being uttered, and it’s Emerson who finally screams out “For the Hazard’s!”


A jet of cum, white and long stretches out in the air from Emerson’s red tip and across from him Lucas’s jet meets his in the air and just as the two streams begin to descend downward others join in.


Cum shoots all around the circle as the wrestlers let loose, hot sprays of cum splatter on Jayden’s face, chest, abdomen and on Andy.


Andy jumps back releasing Jayden’s cock which hovers almost in the air before it slaps his hard abs with a splat.


“I told you not to!” Andy is furious and trying to pull cum from his hair as the guys shoot all over Jayden.


In the midst of their streams Zagan Keller shouts, “Jayden…open wide!”


Jayden turns his face, mouth firmly closed in abstinent denial.


Zagan cannot hold back his beast, and he shoots. A powerful jet of white cum blasted from his cock goes the furthest of all the lads, and up lengthwise of Jayden’s body. His first volley hits Jayden’s face, while the rest paint his pecs until the after affects drip on his defiantly hardened cockhead. Zagan is grunting, and he smiles despite Jayden not cumming with the group as he spasms out the last of his cum.


Going down to his knees he watches the rest of his teammates finishing up, their grins wide and self-satisfied looks and after glows on all the men around him seem to pump him up enough to grab Jayden’s stiff penis.


Seeing Jayden Gomez so hard, cut and dripping in his own cum causes Zagan Keller to say “Fighting until the end? I expected nothing less of you Gomez.” The grit in his speech makes Jayden turn and finally open his eyes to look at Zagan holding him by the dick. “I will not be denied.”


Zagan slicks up his hard with his own jizz and rides Jayden up, the sensitive underside of his cock throbs and Jayden moans, this time he can tell that won’t be able to hold back. Not again.


Bennet drops down next to him, giving Zagan a grim nod and grabs Jayden’s nuts, one in each hand. Jayden freezes up at the familiar tug of his boynuts and opens his mouth to plead for him not to, but already Bennet’s fingers are locked in place and squeezing. Jayden clenches his abs and grunts, head falling back.


“No….dammit…I won’t!”


“Yes, you will Gomez. You have already lost, this time to all of us.”


Jayden’s cock throbs, as Zagan jacks him. Zagan’s big hand covers the top half of his dick and slides up and down his quivering sword as Jayden moans, his eyes rolling in his skull.


“That’s it” encourages Zagan.


Bennet squeezes harder, and the orbs warping in his fists as Jayden’s separated nuggets are being crushed in hand. Jayden grunts, his body freezing up as his balls are smooshed and turning into pliable mushed dough balls. Shooting pain stems from his nut cores and Jayden yells out “Baaaallllsss! You…crushing…! OOooo no….you’ve got to….st…stoooop!”


The guys cheer, and the sounds of laughter ring out around the gym as Jayden’s back arches his cock so hard that he is ready to burst. Jayden squeezes his eyes shut ready to release, to let go when the doors of the gym are slammed open.


The thunder from the storm silences the laughing wrestlers, as the rain pelts the floor coming inside and heads turn towards the exit. Jayden is blinking trying to hold back as relief runs through him.


Logan stands at the front of a small group, Zach on one side and Kev on the other. The twins Michael and Will stand behind Kev and Ben to Zach’s right.


The Ballbusting Boys are here.


“You!” Logan Kruger’s voice booms across the room as he points directly at Zagan Keller and he holds his hand on his phone in the other “Are about to have your asses handed to them, now get the hell off of my boy!”


The gym is so quiet but for the rain that pelts the group of Ballbusting Boys, but slowly Zagan Keller stands up, his feet rooted to the floor between Jayden’s thighs.


“Come to save, Gomez? You saw our little live stream. The best is about to follow, because there is a lot of space on this floor for you fall next to him,” Zagan challenges, as he opens his arms out wide. “You dare to come to my home, you losers will leave broken. Just like Gomez!”


Jayden spits, it arches upwards and hits Zagan on the thigh.


Bennett has stopped squeezing his balls, and in a moment of pure clarity Jayden says “It’s you…that’s about to be fucked over.”


Logan Krueger smiles, his wolfish grin spreading over his face as he pulls off his jacket. He is in his red singlet and as he tosses the jacket to the side, his Ballbusting Boy’s following him into the gym. The swinging doors slam, and the storm is cut off.


“Jayden is right, it’s time to show them what the All Stars cast of Ballbusting Boys are made of, and rescue our friend. You are about to be in a world of pain that you never even dreamed of. Come on boys, let’s make them sing soprano, and wish that they have never challenged a Bartlet wrestler ever again!”


The stakes are clear, and Zagan point’s at the group stating. “We outnumber you two to one, you are the ones that are about to suffer in this royal rumble. The Hazard’s will show these Bartlet fools how we take out the trash!”





To be continued…


Anonymous said...

This story rocks! Those Gomez balls deserve a good pounding from time to time!
Can’t wait to find out what happens next.
I kinda hope Zagan Keller’s nuts turn out to be a bit tougher than we’ve seen so far.
Either way, our ballbustingboys will have a tough time against 13 hardened wrestlers.
i have to wonder what Chase and the swimteam are up to…i guess we will find out soon enough.
And Gino is still locked up alongside a very angry and vengeful Silas Dark!
It’s a bad time for my fingernails

owen said...

my, god! jimmy. So fucking hot!
zagan and the wrestler's are in trouble now. Those ballbusting boys are brutal when it comes to cracking nuts. Though logan, zach and the others are in for a fight. Don't let them get away with out crushed nuts. And i think that jaydem needs a few more stomps on his squishy nuts.

Anonymous said...

This site as really gone downhill. It’s pretty sad. The stories suck.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Reg!

Thanks for writing in!

This little series has been fun to write, and I’m excited to have Logan and some choice Ballbusting Boys characters enter the fray. There have been a lot of requests for the BB boys to have have some lime light and this is certainly going to be the time for it! Although they have an up hill battle for sure. Jayden is by far not out of the woods either.

Chase’s absence here is a little telling, because if he is not with Logan than where is he? Hmm.

Zagan will not want to lose on his home court, so he is going to have to do some major adjustments to his strategy to make sure that his team wins.

I’m trying to have it finished by Friday. We will see how it goes!


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Owen,

Rest assured, there will be plenty of busted nuts! And with the Ball Busting Boys outnumbered they are for sure going to be taking on their fair share of the action! Jayden Gomez is still in the middle of the other team and his nuts are not in the best condition. Poor Jayden will inevitably be taking more hits to the sack. Thanks for writing in I am shooting for next Friday!