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Menacing Revenge: An Andy and Chucky Story written by Jimmy


Menacing Revenge:

An Andy and Chucky Story


Written by Jimmy (The First Story)

Dear Ballbusting Boys Community,

I never thought that I would revist this story, but an anonymous reader had a great idea. I hope that he, and the rest of you enjoy this.


The doll was found broken and tossed into the garbage.

Once pristine, with shiny bright red buttons on the overalls and a colorful blue overalls and a striped shirt the Good Guy Doll looks worse for wear. Stripped of its clothes, half its body gone and stuffing coming out the sides the toy looks ready to sit in a landfill for the rest of its sorry days. But it was saved and placed in a crafts bin at the dumps small shop of left behinds.

The store, or shack in this case holds many used items and the Good Guy Doll was found in a small brown box labelled CRAFTS in big black marker letters.

The teen that picked it up smirked at the ugly doll, an idea forming in his small mind. “This will fuck up Andy’s life for sure,” he whispers at the mangled and beat-up toy. Rolling his eyes at the ugly bugger the teen shoves it in his backpack and goes to head out of the shack.

“Fifty cents” the old woman says behind the register. She points to a glass jar, a quarter filled with change and a few wrinkled one dollar bills.

Eyebrows raising he shoves one hand in his pocket and thinks very carefully as he watches her knitting a sweater. Reading her name tag he makes a quick calculation and takes the Good Guy Doll from his backpack and places it next to the jar along with a crisp twenty.

She stops her needle work, finally glancing up at him.

“Make him look new again and I’ll give you another twenty when I come back with the garbage on Thursday.”

She nods “Well, alright then. Who is it for?”

“My dear little foster brother, Andy. Can you make it look cooler…maybe a leather jacket and…” he trails off thinking of the name that Andy sometimes screams in the middle of the night from his nightmares. “Chucky. Can you put that name on his overalls, Gertrude?” He elongated her name, and gave her his very best smile.

Gertrude beamed at him. “Aren’t you a nice young man! I will make him look like he came right out of the box.”

The teen continues smiling and fingers the twenty on the table before dropping it into her jar.

“Anything for my foster brother.”

Leaving, he pulls up his hoodie sweat shirt and stepping into the fine mist of the morning and heading to the truck. He can’t wait to see the look on Andy Barclay’s face when he wakes up from his latest nightmare and sees the doll sitting in a chair watching him.

The following week he came into the shop and she greeted him with an almost unrecognizable doll. The Good Guy doll was painstakingly restitched back together, and her careful needlework showed the attention to details. The clothes were new, and soft to the touch and expertly washed. The red hair on top was combed and shampooed and styled to the side. The scuffs were bulled out and it looked like new paint was applied to the face. And it wore the leather jacket, and little black combat boots to go with it. It was stunning. The twenty went right into the glass jar along with his mumble of “Thanks.”

“My pleasure, I hope that Andy likes it.”

“It will make his world spin,” the teen answers.

He’s gone a few moments later, ready to get Andy Barclay to finally leave his house…once and for all.

Andy Barclay awoke drenched in sweat again.

He was bare chested, and gripping the sheets and clenching his jaws as images of blood and death filled his awakening world.

Breathing fast, Andy tries to count to twenty but can’t. His heart won’t stop thumping wildly.

This is not the first time that this happened, and Andy is already getting up rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Grabbing the first clothes he finds, Andy pulls on running shorts and a t-shirt, and yanking on his sneakers feeling slightly annoyed as his brown locks fall in front of his eyes preventing him from seeing his laces. Tying them from memory, rather than sight Andy reminds himself to ask again for a haircut. The joys of being a foster, nothing is his, and no one cares about him. The only thing his foster father likes about him is the monthly cheek.

He’s out the door in moments, running hard into the night the air clearing his mind of the death images, the red blood that always goes everywhere, and the ever present fear that tickles the back of his neck when he thinks about the haunting killer doll names Charles Lee Ray; otherwise known to him as Chucky.

Andy always gets this way when he knows that Chucky is going to come back. He’s runaround the block five times, and finally collapses onto the front lawn near his window on his back. His chest heaves, and feels like fire but it does the trick and dulls his sense of dread.

Staring up at the starless inky black sky, Andy’s eyes travel to the yellow moon. The vastness above him calms him down and he runs fingers through the grass counting to twenty and its only then that he sneaks back inside his bedroom. He leaves it quietly and goes to the bathroom to do a quick wash. Nothing fancy, it’s the middle of the night and he knows what will happen if he makes too much noise. Or god forbid, uses the shower. A gas station like cleaning with a warm rag to his face, arms and pits is the best that he is going to get.

He loses the underwear, it’s drenched and walks out in just a towel. His clothes hang under one arm but from the bathroom mirror that he tried to ignore a flash of his pale image haunts him and terrified eyes. Andy knows that Chucky is back.

In his bedroom he begins to pack a bag, ready to depart before the doll finds him and it’s only when he turns around and hears an unfamiliar sound that the hairs begin to prick at the back of his neck.

Slowly Andy turns around, still dressed in only a towel.

The bedroom appears empty. The door to his bedroom is closed, and there are no lights outside in the hallway. Andy appears to be alone, but he gulps as he takes a careful step towards the closet just in case. The door is ajar like he left it and as he slowly peers inside holding onto the handle Andy’s rich brown eyes roam through the small space but find nothing out of place.

Biting his lip in thought he slowly turns around looking over the room.

There is not much here. His twin bed is in the center, with one window facing it and a single lone desk on the other wall. Most of the storage is in the drawers of the plastic shelving in the closet.

Under the bed is the only place that Chucky could be hiding…if he is here.

Andy’s heartbeat quickens as he strides the mattress, gathering his strength as he is about to look under the bed when he feels a quick tug the towel and before he can stop it, the small knot at his waist comes undone and falls to the floor.

Naked like the day he was born, Andy sighs and reaches for the towel but a hard knock to his right foot from the baseball bat he keeps stored just under the mattress sends him down the messy floor with a small crash.

Disoriented from hitting his head on the hard floor Andy sucks at his teeth as a familiar feeling of rope sliding over one foot, and pulled tight.

Looking down his bare and vulnerable teenage body Andy sees him.

It’s Chucky.

He’s back…again.

The cruel smile is on his face as a second loop is applied to his other foot trapping him to the foot of the bed.

“No” Andy groans, trying to pull away, but the cords only dig into his skin as the crazy red headed doll stands up between Andy’s legs grinning. The cool confident smile as clutches a knife gleams in the semidarkness of the room catching the light from the pale moon outside sending a trembling ricochet of steely silver light across the walls as Chucky takes a step forward. He’s between Andy’s knees and he reaches down to cup his naked genitals.

The move makes Chucky laugh.

“Nothing I haven’t seen before, Andy. Although, I was hoping that they would be a bit bigger. I plan on using them unlike you have been when I take over your body.”

“I killed you!” Andy hisses, sitting up and tossing his dirty shorts at Chucky.

Chucky knocks them aside and he leaps up landing on Andy’s stomach blade held high.

Andy drops back to the floor holding his hands up in surrender.

“Don’t hurt me.”

“Oh Andy, have I ever hurt you?” Chucky asks chuckling, while his blue eyes twinkle.

Andy gulps, his eyes locked on the knife it’s so close to his face as Chucky points it right at his heart, his cold hard eyes never leaving his own.

“Yes, all the time.”

He finally answers, his voice soft and kidlike. Andy is afraid, but some part of him that has escaped this monster so many times before knows that deep down he can do it again. But there will be a cost, there always is.

“That’s right, Andy. So don’t make me angry.”

Chucky kicks him right in the chin, and that’s when he notices that Chucky’s wearing black boots perfectly styled to fit his little feet. The book knocks Andy’s head back to the floor and Andy tastes wetness and iron as he bites something in his mouth.

In an instant, Chucky is off of him and another tied loop is around Andy’s dominant hand yanking it back to the closet and hooking it on the doorknob. When closed, Andy’s body stretches taut across the floor but Andy is reaching for the knife that Chucky had dropped, his fingers so close to the edge that the blade wiggles against the tips of his nail-bitten finger nubs.

“So close…but not close enough!”

Chucky loops Andy’s hand, the last one and Andy feels a sickening doom come across him and he opens his mouth having to spit the glob of blood that bubbles from between his mouth as he inhales to scream.

The blow to his abdomen catches Andy off guard and he grunts and turns back to Chucky who places on finger on his red bloody lips.

“No snitching!”

Chucky sits down next to Andy’s head, running one hand across his cheek. “Miss me, Andy?”

“No,” Andy blurts out, trying to muster something within him but Charles Lee Ray only laughs, trapped in the doll of a Good Guy.

“Honesty is always appreciated especially to your good pal, Chucky. I’m here to the end, my friend and now before I take over your body with my little voodoo ritual I think I owe you some payback. After all you nutted me the last time, and while I have new ones…I was literally attached to my balls that you stole from me.” Chucky unbuttons one side of his overalls and reaches in and down until he smiles. “Yup…good as new!”

“You’re a sick twisted fuck, Chucky.”

Chucky laughs as reaches out slowly stroking Andy’s side up to his left nipple and gave it a little tweak in his dirty fingers.

“How…did you find me?” Andy asks, trying to distract himself as Chucky rubs his thumb over the sensitive pink nub as it hardens in his still plasticky fingers.

“Your foster brother thought that I would be a real treat and scare the life out of you. He got me all fixed-up, new shoes and jacket and all,” Chucky holds out his arms and shrugs off the jacket, it falls to the floor. “Not really my style.”

Climbing up on top of Andy’s chest Chucky scooches his way southward, crawling down Andy’s flank until he rests comfortably on Andy’s lower belly. 

Andy gulps and Chucky looks back smiling again, the evil glint back in his eyes as he takes one tiny fist and slams it right into Andy’s nutbag.

“Ugh!” Andy grunts feeling his nuts smashing against his thigh. “Don’t do that again!” Andy demands.

“You mean this?” Chucky asks, slamming another fist into Andy bare bag, squashing his walnut shaped testicles into his other leg with a sideways swing.

“OOOoooooo” Andy hisses as his stomach clenches, and Chucky glances down at the tightening abs.

“You drained them recently?” Chucky probes grabbing Andy’s scrotum and weighing them in his hands. “I think they could be emptied. Want me to make you squirt…again?”

“No…you…ohmyfuckinggod!” Andy throws his head back as Chucky squeezes his bare nuts in hand watching Andy struggle against his binds as his short and stumpy digits squish and crush Andy’s nuts. Chucky relishes this, the moment of control and working over a victim and he starts cackling as he rolls Andy’s plump nuts between his fingers, pinching and squishing the contents of his scrotum. He’s almost methodical how he centers on one area of Andy’s nuts and then works his way across, while Andy sings his tune of grunts and moans of anguish.

“I’ve got you now, Andy. You’re all mine!”

Andy’s face is all scrunched up, as his body squirms and rides Chucky up off the floor, his back curved like a bow as he trembles with Chucky’s boots slightly lifted. A moan of defeat comes out as Andy howls “My baaaallllllsss!” It’s loud and Chucky twists his head around while he hears Andy’s suffering wail, his voice rising in octave; the teenager’s voice breaking.

Chucky simply opens his hands and watch Andy’s balls drop back between his legs, the boy’s knees curving in as Andy breathes hard in a momentarily reprieve but Chucky is already grabbing the bigger appendage and standing up with Andy’s cock in hand. Andy’s fattening dong is between Chucky’s legs almost to his knees, and Chucky’s rubs the tip watching Andy’s reaction.


“My nuts….ooo…my fucking…ughhh….nnnnggg! Oh god.”

Chucky’s not even touching the squirrely little fellas but Andy keeps bitching, which only makes Chucky giggle as he pumps the stem between his boots.

“You’re getting nice and hard now” Chucky observes as the hardened tool pulls out of his grasp and smacks Andy on his abdomen with a quick thunk.

He’s wet at the tip and Andy barely lifts his head, spotting the pearly clear pre-cum at the tip as it slowly rolls down to his belly. Andy fights back a moan as Chucky reaches down picking up his cock again and opens his mouth.

“Oh no, no. No…nnnnnnnnnngggg!”

Chucky takes in the crown of Andy’s flared head and gives a gentle suckling suck, his mouth almost forming around the glands as his tongue flicks along the sensitive underside.

Andy’s mouth falls open as Chucky takes in another inch, his stalk slowly being swallowed down to the base. As Chucky backs up his boots land on the sensitive, squishy orbs and Chucky hears a chuckle as the doll bounces, his full weight now pressing down and into his trapped balls.

Chucky comes off of Andy dick, allowing it to slip between his lip licking the top of Andy’s direction before it whacks his stomach again and then slightly comes off his skin hovering slightly.

Grasping the cock in both hands, Chucky starts to workover Andy’s balls like a Stairmaster, stepping up and down as he holds on tightly to the erection with both hands. Andy’s nuts start to squish underneath Chucky’s hard rubber soles, the imprint of the lines on the heels imprinting of Andy’s scrotum as Chucky stomps on Andy’s swelling bag.

Andy writhes on the floor, yanking and pulling on the loops as he tries to find some give to Chucky’s handiwork to escape and rescue his genitals before Chucky leaves his with nothing but mush.

“Hahahahah!” Chucky cackles and gripping Andy’s cock hard, bends his knees and jumps up with both feet. Andy’s eyes widen as alarm bells swirl in his brain. The descent seems to take forever as Chucky’s plows both boots straight down crushing Andy’s nuts flatter than pancakes.

Andy’s cock spasms in Chucky’s hands, and he can feel a violent tug as Andy’s cock begins to throb.

Leaping off, Chucky jumps between Andy’s legs examining his findings and loving how beat-up Andy’s nuts appear. The bruising along the middle, and the dark shade of angry red tell Chucky that he is doing a great job of punishing his teenage friend-to-the-end. Slipping the testicles back and forth Chucky grins at each wince and tremor that runs through Andy as he has to watch, and endure.

“I always come back Andy, and I came back tonight to finish what I started with you…all those long years ago.”

Gulping Andy hisses out between a moan as Chucky fondles his scrotum, as he manhandles his pouch effortlessly.

“You…can never win.”

Chucky raises one eyebrow, “How so, champ?”

“Because you died…and you keep fucking dying,” Andy’s says, his cold stare boring into the demon doll. Tilting his chin Andy smiles, more of a grimace through the pain as Chucky continues to play slip-and-slide with his nuggets, rolling them back-and-forth in between his palms. “You couldn’t beat me then when I was six, and you can’t win now. I always win, Chucky.”

Chucky’s grin slides off his face, and he grips Andy’s nuts hard in both hands until the boy cries out.

“You little shit, I need to teach you a lesson that you are never going to forget!” Chucky bares down, harder than before using his thumbs to drill deep into Andy’s nut cores. Andy’s virile organs are punctured deep and his eyes cross as he gasps his cock losing rigidity as Chucky annihilates his balls.

The pain is incredible. It’s deep within Andy’s guts and spreading. He feels both nauseas and frozen as pulsing shooting twisting throbs from his testicles and into his lower abdomen. The intense pain caused Andy to focus on nothing else but his balls stuck in Chucky’s tiny hands. The grip of each fist, and the mechanical metal underneath Chucky’s skin held Andy’s orbs in absolute finality causing Andy’s nuts to never even have a slim chance of slipping away.

Andy opens his mouth to scream again but Chucky takes that moment to ball Andy’s nuts into one hand and just hold them, pressing the orbs together in a tight mound drawing back his arm and making a fist.

The sight almost makes Andy puke.

“D…don’t Chucky…” Andy pleads, his bright eyes blinking at Chucky. “Oooo my nuts…they hurt…so freaking bad.”

Chucky chuckles “I don’t do mercy.”

The punch hits Andy square, his nuts smooshing into Chucky’s other hand. The two nuts squished like dough balls and Andy’s body rigidifies like a board and all the air in Andy’s lungs gushes out. Andy’s stomach tightens, every ab defined and straining as the pulse from his nut cores spreads throughout, the jolting pain intensifying as Chucky’s knuckles wracked against the skin of scrotum.

When Andy finally breathed again he almost screamed but it sat frozen on his open mouth, his bottom lip trembling as the first wave of pain hit him.


“Haha Andy, this is too fun. But I suppose that I should leave something left after I take over your body.”

Andy agreed, but he still couldn’t speak.

That didn’t stop Chucky from punching Andy’s nut bag three more times in quick succession, the fapping sound reverberating throughout his tightly packed nutsack. The pounding in Andy’s balls was so fierce that just Chucky’s hand clutching his nuts was intolerable.

Andy lay still and panting, sweat dripping down his brow and a sheen covering his chest and body. He no longer struggled with the loops, his body giving up finally. He felt defeated, and beaten as Chucky now examines Andy’s nuts closely.

Chucky takes Andy’s half-hard cock in one hand and gives it a few quick tugs, trying to get a sense of how quickly he can make it erect again. It does not take too long, but Andy closes his eyes, hating that the heat in his groin starts to intensify and his meat tube lengthens and thickens unwillingly in Chucky’s grasp.

“I won’t cum…” Andy promises, more to himself not even reckoning that he whispers the words out loud.

“Yeah, you will buddy.”

Chucky tugs his erection a few more times until he is certain that Andy could not get any harder, and indeed the wincing on his face and the ragged breathing tell him all he needs to know that Andy is horny once more. Chucky eyes the penis, it’s perfectly shaped the head pink and the mushroom tip fully expanded the scar from the incision perfect and he runs his finger down the sensitive membrane along the frenulum feeling the tightness of the skin. A tremor runs down Andy’s stock, and he sucks a breath a moan deep and long spouting as Chucky licks his hand and tickles his tightly pulled up reddened ballsack.

Andy groans, his hips buck and Chucky licks Andy’s pole from the base to the top only stopping to tease the ridges of Andy’s penis with his wet, hot tongue.

Andy’s eyes widen and his toes curl.

“I won’t…

Chucky repeats the move and licks him from base to the top again but this time he restricts his lips just around the tip and sucks…hard.

Andy freezes and grunts, his legs trembling.

Chucky starts bobbing his head, keeping his lips hard against Andy’s shaft as he grips Andy’s cock with both hands at the base and keeps him steady. Standing up he takes one foot back and aims it carefully as he gives Andy head and just when it seems to him that the teen might cum, Chucky brings his boot forward with all his might and kicks Andy in the balls.

Andy on the brink of his orgasm gets a wicked knock from down below and he jolts in his binds, his head lolling to the side as his fingernails dig into the floor board and screaming “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkk you!”

Laughing as he sucks Andy’s almost five incher down his gullet he hums, sending tiny vibrations through the thick little stalk causing Andy’s balls to throb as he pulls back his foot. The nuts hanging from Andy’s swelling sack throb and sway as Chucky aims again ready to make Andy really squeal when he feels him getting close again. He plans on allowing him to ejaculate…but it will be as painful as he can make it. The though makes him hard in his overalls and he grimaces that he can barely see his own tiny pecker. Soon though he will have his own, Andy’s.

“…pleas….p…please…I don’t want…to…you…ughhhhh uh uh uh…uugh….nnnnnggg! Ooooo…uh…uh.uh….uh….ughhhh!” Andy can’t stop groaning and he yanks at his binds, trying to stop the doll and he feels the catch. Andy barely able to focus looks up at the doorknob to his closet where Chucky tied the loop around his left hand. The small white doorknob is pulled awkwardly down, the shift in the inner workings of the door are visible and the metal rod is tilted towards him, with the screw at the side almost popping out.

Andy tries to focus on that, but Chucky buries his face into Andy’s pubis and the warm gust of air over his sparse brown pubes causes Andy to gasp. His cock throbs, and he can feel the build-up once more. He’s not going to be able to prevent himself from cumming…not this time.

That does not stop Chucky from trying to make him though.

Chucky’s knee rears back, while he double fists Andy’s cock, the head of which bangs against his tonsils and aims for the two orbs that dangle just below his slobbering mouth. Bringing it forward, he gently prods the spuds and makes sure that he aims for the dead center of the scrotum where Andy’s left nut hangs just a smidgen lower than the right. Andy is tensing ready to burst, and Chucky takes his knee just as he feels the cock lengthening down his throat with a silent shiver. Then he rushes his knee forward slamming in it home into Andy’s ballsack and slapping the balls right against his taint.

Andy gasps, and his eyes water but his hardened steel rod jerks and he presses his cock in and out of Chucky’s jaws as his building orgasm can no longer be held back and he thrusts up one last time.

Bobbing away Chucky tastes the salty liquid shooting out of Andy, as the boy hammers his dick upwards grunting and moaning as he finally releases his seed. Chucky takes it down slurping at the hot liquid and restricting his throat mechanically and Andy freezes feeling like his cock is literally being hovered and the cum drained from him. He can barely speak but chopped, clipped sounds emanate from between his lips as Chucky reaches down and tickles his balls. The gentle prodding of his bag sends Andy over the edge and a second more powerful orgasm overtakes him and he spews out another loud losing himself completely to the moment and groans long and hard as continues to fuck Chucky’s face until everything becomes so sensitive that he drops back to the floor finished.

Chucky does a few more bobs of his head, but Andy’s cock is starting to lose the steel like quality of his earlier erection and he knows that the teenager needs a bit of a rest before producing another sample.

He comes up and wipes his mouth, as he gazes Andy. Andy’s eyes are half closed and he is still breathing hard and starting to shiver with the cool sweat on his skin. Chucky stands up and grins at his undoing of the teen and unbuttons the other half of his overalls and drops them around his ankles and spits out a glob of Andy’s cum and coats his own tiny cock with it before bringing it to Andy’s backdoor entrance and rubbing his small nub against Andy’s ass trying to push himself in.

Andy glances down at the doll and his struggles as he tries to make it past his buttcheeks but the tiny 1 incher on the Good Guy doll is just not long enough to find it’s way past the mounds.

Growing frustrated Chucky tries moving Andy’s cheeks apart with his hands and trying to curve and wedge it past to get inside of Andy’s butthole. The effort makes Andy laugh, but the movement even slightly makes his balls ache and he freezes. Wincing Andy stops but Chucky hears him and looks up.

“What are you laughing at?” Chucky demands.

“You…and that tiny pecker of yours. Can’t get it in?”

“Your ass is too big!”

Chucky’s face flushes and Andy smirks “Naw, you just got a stump for cock. Can’t do anything with that used up, nub of a crayon that passes for your dick.”

The left eye on Chucky’s face twitches and he climbs up the boy, and begins to walk up his chest until he stands directly in front of Andy’s face.

“Maybe I should it in your filthy little mouth,” Chucky says.

Andy shrugs his shoulders, or as much as he can in his current position tied down.

“I’ll just bite it off, won’t be much of a chomp though.”

Chucky slaps Andy across the face, just as Andy yanks the door knob off the closet door. The doorknob flies off the hinge and swings towards them and slams into Chucky knocking him off of Andy and sending him hurtling across the wall where he rolls until he lands with a thud.

Andy breathes in and out as he reaches for his other hand and starts to work at the loop, he won’t have long until Chucky is attacking him again. His balls feel like mush rolled over twice, but Andy tries not to concentrate on that, but the task at hand. He has to get away from Chucky.

Chucky sits up giving his head a shake.

“Fucking brat.”

Standing up, Chucky rushes back to Andy who still has not managed to get that loop off until Chucky gets to him. Andy barely raises up his hands to block a blow but Chucky’s fist nails him in between the eyes and he drops back to the floor with a thump, the back of his head smarting where it stuck the wooden panels.

Chucky leers over Andy and grabs his left hand picking it up to re-loop the hand and bind him back-up.

“No!” Andy yells swinging his free hand and punching Chucky in his face, clocking him good and causing him to stumble backwards dropping Andy’s hand.

Andy grabs Chucky, wrapping both hands around his neck bloodlust in his brown eyes as he squeezes hard with both hands.

“I got you now you…Ooooooo…nooo!”

Chucky stomps down between Andy’s legs, his boot crushing Andy’s nards under the rough toe of his black rubber sole. Andy’s nuts flatten instantly and his fingers loosen around Chucky’s neck as the manic grins evilly at him.

Taking a breath Chucky says through a hoarse whisper “All I need to do is knock your nuggets around and suddenly you become more agreeable. Now knock it off kid!” Chucky stresses deepening his instep on Andy’s bulge, feeling the smooshed flatten organ squish down further as he grabs Andy’s head dragging him close so he can stare deeply into his wounded chestnut brown eyes.

“I’m going to enjoy breaking your soul.”

Andy tries to lean back, to get away but at the moment when Chucky said soul, something in him snaps and starts fighting back.

As Chucky draws out the knife from his overalls he raises the blade high in the air aiming for Andy’s throat, but Andy has other ideas and punches him hard in the face sending him skittering between his legs until he reaches the edge of his bed between his tied ankles. The knife disappears underneath the bed and Chucky curses, sitting up and wiping a drop of red blood that congeals in his right nostril. He looks down at the bright red and back at Andy realization coming to him.

“You hurt me!”

He stands and rushes forward ready to strike, but Andy stands up and the doll is at crotch level swinging his fist towards Andy’s vulnerable nutsack. The sound of his fist as he uppercuts Andy dead-on between his splayed legs knocks the air from Andy as he grunts.


Andy’s eyes cross and he stumbles to the bed, one hand on the mattress and the other grabbing his stinging ballsack. He winces at his own touch and feels how bloated his testicles have become. They feel squishy, and Andy almost pukes up his supper.

“You bitch! I’ll kill you!”

Chucky jumps on Andy’s back, wrapping one hand around his throat and punching him in the head aiming for eyes.

Andy’s eyes bulge and he falls to the bed, with Chucky on top of him. The crazy doll is spitting with rage and Andy tries to roll away but Chucky’s hand grips his neck so damn hard, that he only manages to make him slide across his bare back. Finally Andy reaches up and he can’t quite get to Chucky’s face but his fingers find the small bag of marbles pouch. Andy latches onto the scrotum and Chucky stops screaming obscenities as Andy’s fingers poke and prod the small sack until his fingers curl around the sensitive orbs.

“An…Andy you don’t know what you are doing” Chucky growls into his ear.

Chucky can’t see his face, but if he could he would see Andy’s smile against the mattress.

The hold tightens and Chucky’s mouth falls open and his eyes swirl in his head.

“Don’t you dare copy my moves!” Chucky grunts taking his other hand and wrapping it too around Andy’s neck trying to choke the life out of him, and most importantly get that kid off his balls.

Andy grunts in the mattress, but he twists and yanks Chucky’s balls down causing the doll to scream in agony.

“You fuuuuucker!” Chucky

Chucky opens his mouth to bite Andy just as Andy rolls over and pins him against the wall and smooshing his head against it.

“You started this” Andy pants and pulls free from Chucky’s grasp as he slams the doll against the wall.

Chucky drops to his knees as grabs his small bulge.

“My nuts…I’ll get you for that.”

Andy grins and reaches for the next loop undoing his left, and then right foot. Finally freed he stands up pulling on his shorts and running towards the exit.

“No you don’t!” Chucky calls after him and forcing himself up. He gives his head a shake, and gently rubs his small pouch cursing the brat once more before Chucky takes off across the bed rushing towards Andy’s retreating back. Chucky is about to leap at Andy again as the teen turns and slams him with his rucksack underneath his chin and sending him flopping back onto the bed with a dull thunk.

“Ugggh!” Chucky grunts.

Andy grasps the ropes and loops the dolls feet in one knotted circle and pulls it tight.

Chucky sits up as he reaches for his left hand, and bats the kids hand away and gets up only to trip and fall back down much to Andy’s amusement. His laughter sobers Chucky up and he reaches up the kids shorts his fingers just touching the furthest wrinkle of his sack when Andy grabs his arm and pins it down.

“Not again.”

Andy’s voice is cool, but the threat is there.

Chucky narrows his eyes at Andy, and kicks at his shins.

“You dick!” Andy yells letting the doll go and grabbing his smarting shin and falling on his butt on the bed.

Chucky leaps at him again with a sliding foot sailing between his legs and when Chucky’s boot nails him in his bulge sickening squelch causes Andy’s eyes to bulge. He groans and falls back reach to grab and protect his balls but Chucky grabbing his thighs brings back his knee and sends it deep into his groin. Andy moans, his fingers trembling in air as the impact radiates pain throughout his teenage frame. He bites his lip to stop himself from screaming and Chucky’s smile makes him gulp.

“OOoooooo fuck” Andy moans. His eyes widen and Andy tries to plead but Chucky starts wailing on his balls with his tiny fists. Andy tries to catch and stop the rain of fury but far too many strikes hit home as his nuts get pummeled, each strike leaving him a bit weaker as Chucky hits his tender and puffy scrotum right against his pelvis with every sneaky punch.

The defining moment is when Chucky sinks both fists past Andy’s defenses each one nailing his testicles to pubic mound, the stomach-turning squish of his boys and sperm count making Andy’s vision darken he falls back head swimming to bed. Chucky is still nailing him, every thud causing Andy to wince but his eyes are closing and soon he blacks out.

Chucky sees it and grins, he’s won.

Andy Barclay is unconscious on the bed, not moving.

Chucky can barely speak, he’s breathing hard but he knows just what to do. He extends a hand outwards and begins the voodoo curse “Ade due Damballa! Give me the power, I Beg of You.”

Chucky’s words ring out into the darkened bedroom. He gets through one verse, and then finishes the second. He’s halfway through the third and final incantation of the voodoo curse when the clouds crack in the sky. He hears it through the closed window and spots the brightness of the crack of lightening before he hears the boom.

The final words are on his lips as Chucky chants the last sentence “Give me the power, I…”

Andy Barclay lays perfectly still he is not going to wake. This time, Chucky can feel it. Victory is about to be his. The boy is finally his. Victory at last.

“…beg of…”





BBfan said...

Chucky's back!

I never thought that I would see a sequel to this story that you wrote over three years ago. Chucky is still just as evil and poor Andy takes some punishment. But that ending, you can't leave the story like that! I need to know what happens next. Thank you Jimmy for coming back to this.


Matty said...

Fucking brutal. Chucky’s one tough coming a bitch. Hope Andy is okay. This was one hell of a sequel.

Anonymous said...

Damn that was good

ChuckyLover6969 said...

Chucky’s fucking evil. I love to hate him, and you did so well portraying how utterly evil he truly is. No holding back.

Can you make another sequel? I know that this was just posted but I want more Chucky.

Chucky Lover6969

Anonymous said...

This story is fucking hot!

It gets me crazy excited to fantasize that Andy might have had a sexy girlfriend that he had sex with sometimes. But then Chucky appeared in his life, who not only destroyed his balls, but also enslaved his body at the end of the story..

What also sounds very exciting is how Chucky continued to beat Andy’s manhood after he passed out and could no longer resist. I bet his gonads turned to mush.

Would like to discuss something like this with someone chatting :)
(maybe Telegram or e-mail)

Anonymous said...

The story of revenge is everything I wanted but…I want more. I want to see Chucky’s downfall to Andy again. I want to see those good guy nuts take a beating.

Come on Andy, it is time to fight back!

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Aww thank you! I am glad that you liked it. I just published a sequel. I was in the doll killer kinda mood!


GinoJaydenAuthor said...


You can find out if Andy is okay in the sequel. It’s out now!


GinoJaydenAuthor said...


Happy to make you happy!


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Chucky lover huh?

Want another sequel? Can’t get enough of that killer doll…scroll up!


GinoJaydenAuthor said...


That does sound hot! Maybe I can include a scene like that in the next one.

But if you are looking for more And and Chucky…look up!

I posted a third story.


GinoJaydenAuthor said...


You may be disappointed as this one is called: Chucky Wins. But you won’t get any spoilers from me, scroll up to the next story to see what happens next!