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Watch This Epilgue 2: Aldo and Gino written by Jimmy


Watch This!

Epilogue 2

Gino and Aldo (link to the previous parts if you need to catch-up or need a refresher)

In Gino’s car, he has dropped off his younger brother and has taken Aldo out to a secluded wooden area near the camping grounds in Bartlet.


It’s at the far end of town and he pauses as he turns off the vehicle.


Aldo is still dressed only in his speedos, but he wears his seat belt looking content.


“I’m ready to have some fun, Gino.” Aldo whispers tugging at Gino’s shirt. “But I want to see you naked first.”


Gino growls as he knocks Aldo’s seat backwards and mounts him.


Aldo feels the weight of him as he positions him the way he likes on his lap, so that his cock presses against Gino’s backside.


“I want to put it inside of you,” Aldo tells him.


Gino can’t stop touching Aldo. There is something about him. Instantly, Gino thinks of Jayden. He’s a bit darker in skin tone, his eyes are just as dark with the irises barely visible with his earthy lustful, hungry gaze. But the differences from him and his younger brother are what pulls Gino in. 


Gino wants him.


He’s confident, something Gino has rarely seen in younger brother. He’s alive underneath him, writhing. Aldo wants him, and his smell drives Gino over the edge with lust as his hard cock is pressed deep within the swimmers abdomen. 


Gino has to ask Aldo repeat his statement he is not sure what he said as he bends down taking his lips and steals a kiss. Aldo grabs the back of his head, sending just the tip of his tongue along his teeth and murmurs a sound, he can only call it a purr. 


The truck is stifling, this was not the right place. But fuck, Gino is not going to stop now. 


“What did you say?” Gino pants, his mouth diving in again for another kiss. He’s desperate for more. The images of the boys falling around him, their groans of agony as they grab their sacks hollowing are a harmony that cascades in Gino’s mind, falling like a waterfall. He can barely think straight. 


“I want you. I want to fuck you, Gino.”


Gino hears him this time, and pulls back their lips still touching as he answers him finally. 


“I’ll be doing the fucking.”


Aldo’s dark eyes linger on his own and he grabs Gino’s hardness. “Baby, baby…” Aldo leans up, tempting him with a smile. “You let me handle all the driving,” his other hand goes lower grabbing the fullness of his pouch his eyes going a bit wider. “I’ll take it easy on you, since it will be your first time.”


Gino chuckles “It would not be,” he growls as Aldo’s hand sliding down his hard, thick cock, gripping tight at the end until Gino hisses in pleasure. 


“It would be with me then, and trust me I can make your dreams come true” Aldo presses the tip of his hot tongue along Gino’s earlobe as the grip down below gets harder. Aldo is squeezing Gino nuts, his manhood bulges outward around his fingers. Aldo can barely hold onto it. 


“You are a charmer” Gino admits, his eyelids growing heavy as Aldo works him over, like the pro he is. 


“My closet friends call me prince, prince of…pleasure” Aldo growls squeezing both hands tight and Gino groans his cock and balls squishing inside of his tight embrace. 


Aldo licks down his neck and bites the clavicle, his teeth just grazing the skin. 


“You’re so tense, Gino…I’ll take care of you Papi…just give me the chance,” Aldo pushes him against the windshield briefly dropping Gino’s sex organs. 


Gino growls at the denial, but it does not last for long. 


Aldo is climbing in the backseat stretching out, his big thick cock stretches the speedos to their limits and he wiggles his eyebrows. 


“Come on back if you can handle my cock, Papi.” Aldo rubs it once, looking down as his full length throbs under his touch.


Aldo lowers his speedos, even trimmed black pubes showing as he stretches the speedos back until his hardened steel rod pops out, quivering. It smacks against his abs, and Aldo feints pain, until he smiles. 


“I’ll be gentle…unless you want it rough.”


Gino is so taken in that he rips off his clothes, tossing them behind him with wild recklessness as he climbs Aldo still in underwear only reaching down to remove it. 


“No…no…no let me Gino, I’ve got you. Chill and allow me” his voice is so soft like velvet, and coaxing as Aldo stops Gino’s hands. “Put them behind your head, I want to feast on your nipples.”




Gino might just cum from all the dirty talk. 


“That’s it baby, trust me. Let me take care of you, Papi. I’ll be good.”


Gino nods his head, submitting to him. Aldo’s dark eyes twinkle and he reaches up taking his wrists and pressing him backwards until the hit the safety handle. “Leave them… right there.”


Gino nods, and Aldo reaches back grabbing a pair of cuffs. Where he got them, when he came in with just a pair of speedos is throwing Gino for a loop. Until he spots it. 


Aldo is about to hook his hand, when Gino’s eyes flash up and spots him in the rear view mirror. It’s Bill, standing by the truck bed. Rope is in his hands and he is smiling.


A click of the cuff is head but it’s not on his hands it’s Aldo’s. 




Gino twists the cuffs hard until he is sure that Aldo cannot escape. 


“Tell me right now” Gino growls, reaching down and plucking up each of Aldo’s bare nuggets in one hand, and clamping his fingers shut like a vice. 


Aldo’s eyes open wide “Mi..!”


“Shush!” Gino turns his head so that Bills frame is caught in the rear view mirror and Aldo’s eyes widen. 


“Bill…why’s he here?” Gino demands, his dark eyes borring into Aldo.


Aldo turns back to face him, and he genuinely looks shocked. It’s enough to convince Gino. 


“Wait here.”


“Not like I have a choice, Papi.” Aldo smirks, giving his tackle a shake.


Aldo clinks the cuffs, and shrugs. His arms are overhead, he’s naked and trapped in the truck. 


Gino smiles. 


“To be continued.”


The door slams and he is outside, it has started to rain. Bill is frozen with rope in hand looking wide eyed at Gino. 


“This from the punch earlier? I wonder where you went,” Gino says moving forward to grab him.


Bill dashes back and Gino steps up, and his foot is snagged on something. Gino looks down at a loop of rope around one ankle. Bill pulls hard and lets the rope go. 


Gino swings upside down, and hangs his fingers barely touching the ground. 


“Got you.”


Gino swings back and forth, before he grabs the top of his car. He’s staring at Bill with surprise. 


“What the fuck kid, let me down.”


“Not yet. Not until I’m done with you.”


The threat is clear, and Gino swallows hard trying to pull his foot free but, even he recognizes that from this position he can’t undo the knot…not by himself. 


Bill strides forward, he’s wearing his swimmers blue letterman jacket and his speedos, no shirt. Not that Bill notices or acknowledges the rain as he stops Gino from swinging with his foot on his chest.


“There we are, wouldn’t want you to turn away. I’ve got a game that I want to play.”


“Not today Bill, I am in no mood.”


It’s Aldo. The cuffs are off and he swirls them around his fist. 


“That’s my date, go get your own.” Aldo comes forward and grabs Bill lifting him up by the jacket, his feet are off the ground and he dangles in his grip. 


Aldo is buck naked, and the rain falls down his bare body. His grip is tight as Aldo pulls him in close. 


Bills leg swings up and hits home. Aldo’s family jewels are caught in between Bills bony shin and his pelvis with nowhere to go. Aldo moans slowly lowering Bill to the ground, his upper body quivering from the leg that’s still lodged within the gap in between Aldo’s smooth spread thighs. 


“How they hanging, Aldo?” Bill says laughing, rather cruelly. 




Aldo moves to grab his balls but Bill gets there first, and both are easily accessible as he is not wearing a shred of clothes. 


Bill looks over his shoulder at Gino, and says “He remind you of a certain younger brother?” Bill asks. “I knew that once you saw Aldo, you would have to play with him. I just didn’t know that Aldo would reciprocate and be so into it.” He laughs meanly, as he twists Aldo’s nuts in their bag pulling Aldo to the side so Gino can watch. 


“Now you have a perfect view!”


“Yeah, he does.”


Jayden Gomez drops his bike to the wet Earth, climbing off of it with fists raised. 


“Jayden!” Bill yells.




Jayden pops Bill right in the kisser, and Bill drops Aldo’s balls. The Latino swimmer grabs himself and drops to his knees before Bill whose head bangs off the car door. 


“What the hell, are you doing here?!” Bill shouts, as he spits out mouthful of blood and spit.


“I followed you. You drove your bike past my house, and I saw you following Gino’s truck. I was a bit weak from all the…blows handed to me earlier so riding the bike was not easy, but I knew that I would find you here, you insufferable brat!”


Anger flows from Jayden, and his clenched fists are raised to strike Bill again. He’s angrier than he’s been in a long time. 


A roar of thunder blasts overhead and Jayden yells into the storm “Why can’t you just stop being an asshole!”


Jayden comes forward, swinging. Bill ducks and swirls as Jayden whiffs and spins back to face Bill. Bill’s lightening electric blue eyes seem to grow brighter as burst of bright light flashes overhead again. Just as Jayden is getting his footing back Bill comes in close with a punch of his own hitting Jayden on the cheek, rocking him back into the truck. 


Jayden hits it hard, stars blast covering his vision. He’s had head traumas in the past and he stumbles forward into Bill who grapples him in a hug and rockets up a knee, straight and true into his nutsack. 


“Ugh!” Jayden moans, the pain in his groin coming back into sharp focus but at the very least clearing his vision. 


Bill shoves him back but Jayden pulls Bill with him and the two land in the mud with Bill on top. 


They struggle, the lightening cracks the sky and the rainfall increases drenching them all as Bill rears back his fist to hit Jayden again. 


From his position hanging from the tree he sees Bill ready to pummel his younger brother and he swings both hands grabbing Bills fist, clasping it and holding Bill still. 


“What?” Bill spins to see what has happened, leaving his body open and vulnerable. 


Jayden strikes slamming his palm into Bills face with a hand full of mud covering his eyes, nose and mouth. 


“Ahhhh!” Bill shrieks falling backwards off of Jayden. Bill slips from Gino’s back but Jayden grabs Bills ankles, a determined look in his eyes as he shoves his foot deep into Bills bulge. The small lumps in his bathing suit flatten and he hollers a miserable shriek, as Jayden yanks on his ankles with extra force.


“Got you now, dickhead!” Jayden says but the thunder drowns out his words. 


Looking over at Aldo on the ground covered in mud from the ground Jayden says “Get my brother down!”


Also moans “I don’t know…how.”


Jayden rolls his eyes. 


“Take over from me then.”




Aldo crawls over and takes Bills ankles standing up and looking down at Bill muddy on the floor and remembers back to the pool “Remember you said that Jayden deserved the losers reward? Well, so do you now!”


Aldo is merciless as he pounds his bare foot between Bills legs. It takes him a moment of pressing his foot around until he locates the nuts, but after that Aldo does lower his heel until the tiny grapes smoosh into the mud. Aldo is reminded of little squishy gushers, the fruit snack that he had as a kid and it brings a warm smile to his face as he feels Bill’s nuts squishing down into the soft Earthy mud.


Bill cries out, it’s long and whiny as his chest comes up gasping and Aldo feels the slithery worm, at least that’s what he originally thought it was; he is very muddy after all. But then he recognizes it. This is Bill’s little boy dick. Aldo is so disappointed in it but still he grasps it within his toes and prods the tiny thing wondering if it will any affect at all, if such a penis can even get hard.


Aldo thinks not.


Jayden is climbing the truck, trying to get to his brother and he pulls him in close telling him “Hold onto the truck while I cut you down.”


“My hero” Gino grins at him, the rain in his eyes makes them appear almost misty. “You always save me.”


He blushes. Jayden ignores the heat in his face as he works at the knots. Bill was always a master at knots due to his Eagle scouts training, and he really shows it off here.


“This may take a while.”


“I guess I’ll just hang around then.”


“Hardy, har, har,” Jayden snickers his fingers cramping already. But he does not slow.

Meanwhile Aldo’s gentle strokes along Bill’s shaft cause the tiny pecker to harden and he examines if between his toes.


“It’s small” Aldo admits “But I heard from the twins that milking you causes quite the eruption. I have to say, amigo. I am going to enjoy making you cum.”


“Don’t you…dare!” Bill says through a groan as Aldo takes him, tickling the frenulum, Bill’s shaft is as white as he is, ghost like in the semidarkness. Aldo’s toes slide the speedo down and he grips the bare knob. It’s almost luminescent in the dark. Aldo easily guides his foot up the tiny shaft, squishing the head on the upstroke and falling back down to the root with his heel crushing his acorns on the downward thrust. It’s easy work, not much movement at all due to Bill’s size but Bill is starting to breath heavier, his groans taking on a new meaning, and Aldo’s dark eyes seem lost in his face as he jives his foot up and down Bill’s boystick, never slowing or tiring as he holds it firmly.


Bill moans, his Leatherman’s jacket hanging off his shoulder, head cocked back as Aldo works over his slim jim. Aldo is relentless, sending shivers up Bill’s bare thighs as Aldo’s tight grip shoots back and squeezes the pink tip. A tiny clear drop of pre-cum pokes out, before the rain take it away as if it was never there.


*Huff huff* Bill breathes catching as his blue watery eyes widen. “Aldo…man…you…stop it… my balls…my…oh god!” A shiver runs down his tiny stock, and Aldo feels it, his little trooper is gathering itself up ready for discharge.


“No mi amigo, you need this. Deserve it really,” Aldo corrects as his bare foot mashing Bill’s nuts into the cold muddy dirt below.


Bill shudders and keens, gasping in his lament feeling utterly defeated.


Aldo’s foot never tires and moves up and down Bill’s knobby hardened staff working him easily over, it’s not much longer until Bill is writhing beneath him. Bill moans continuously now as his tiny marbles continue to be squished into little circular flap jacks beneath Aldo’s calloused heel from the pool.


When Aldo’s foot comes up one more time and grips Bill’s tip, he loses it completely and shoots straight up into the storm, his wildly spraying sprinkler shooting up higher than Aldo thought possible before the semen is lost into the rain and falls back down barely noticeable all around him. Bill huffs, and moans as he cums over and over, the orgasm seems to last forever but it takes no more than thirty seconds until Bill is down and his little worm shrinks down to no more than a broken crayon nub.


Aldo pokes it with his big toe, almost sending Bill’s spent cock back inside his body.


Bill cries out in utter despair, and Aldo drops Bill’s ankles in disgust.


“Shouldn’t have come out here tonight, and ruin my fun.”


Aldo spits on Bill’s bare back turning back to face the Gomez boys.


Gino is freed and leaning against Jayden heavily, the ropes gnawed at his skin and it burns.


“How about we try this another night?” Gino suggests.


Aldo shrugs “You know where I live.” He winks and climbs into the truck’s front seat leaving Jayden doing the heavy lifting of bringing his bike, brother, and Bill inside the cab. Bill is quiet against the window on the ride to his house and Jayden does with him to the front door knocking on the knocker before Bill can get to it.


“It’s my house,” Bill says dumfounded.


“I know.”


Jayden eyes Bill warily, until the door opens.


Sam Hell leans against the door frame staring at the pair of them, and Bill goes to speak but Jayden hushes him with a look.


“He’s up to him old tricks again Sam, he’s lucky my brother didn’t beat the living shit out of him. I convinced him not to…because well,” at this Jayden is not sure how to quite explain why to the infamous Devilboy. Sam Hell and Jayden recently buried the hatchet between them, and he’s not sure how to finish his thought but Sam cuts in.


“I’ll take it from here, Gomez.”


Sam’s words are gruff and Bill looks up at him soaked like a rat, and shivering in his speedos and fully buttoned up swim team light blue Leatherman’s jacket.


“Sam?” Bill asks.


“We will talk about later, inside with you.” Sam gruffly pulls him in, putting him in a headlock, and smirking at Jayden. “Hope he wasn’t too bad.”


“Nothing I could not handle,” Jayden bravely tells him before turning on his heel and heading out into the night.


“Night Sam Hell.”


Jayden can just hear Sam Hell laugh behind him, before Bill squeals bringing a delighted smile to his face.


As he nears the truck, Jayden spots Gino and Aldo kissing deeply and hands moving in secret areas, he pauses and rolls his eyes before climbing into the back of the truck.


“Take me home first, then you two can play.”


Gino pulls off of Aldo, who growls in his denial. He was not finished, not by a long shot.


“Your timing is awful little brother.”


Jayden smiles, and puts his hands behind his head.


“It always is, now take me home!”


Gino rolls his eyes, and he turns to look pleadingly at Aldo.


“I won’t be denied!”


Gino gasps as Aldo’s head takes him fully into his mouth, suckling down his big cock in one fell swoop.


“Better drive fast bro, or you’ll come before we make it home,” Jayden laughs.


Gino kicks it into gear and peels off, thankful that he only lives a few blocks away.






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