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The Boy Wonder by Jimmy

 The Boy Wonder by Jimmy


            I remember the clock. It still looks the same just like the first time that I found it in the mansion, and I took it upon myself to investigate it. It was not surprising to me that it ended up leading down into a cave. That was my first time going down there and I will always remember the clock that way. That old fashioned clock was built to last with an oak frame centered on the glass center with the golden swinging dong that sounded off at every hour. I remember that I always thought that the clock was out of place on the wall. And when I pulled the dong down it opened up into a whole new world. Batman did not accept me at first, but he almost needed me. Batman needs a partner, even if he would never admit it. Especially after Jason Todd died still warm in Batman’s arms. Batman always needed a Robin like a person needs air to breath.

            In six short months I became the third Robin. I never thought that he would choose me, but I was so honored when he did. I still thought that Batman and Robin were always meant to be Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson. I guess I still believe in that. I could never take Dick Grayson’s place. Or even Jason Todd’s. I had to make my own. I have been fighting next to Batman for two years now, and it was not until last night when I had a talk about Dick Grayson, who now goes by the alias Nightwing; I realized that Batman did still need Dick, but he Batman had grown to need me too.

            “Nightwing needs more training,” Batman says to me as we watch a drug deal in progress.

            “What,” my voice trembles at even the thought of Dick needing to have more training, because if he does, then so do I.

            As if Batman could read my thoughts he says, “This has nothing to do with you, Nightwing got in some trouble last night in Gotham city.”

            “Is he okay?!” I ask now scared something terrible has happened.

            “His testicles are a little swollen but he’ll be alright,” Batman says.

            I almost burst out laughing at the fact of Dick getting hit in his testicles. I try and keep myself composed and say, “I hope he’s at home icing them.”

            “Its worse than what you think, this is the third time in a row that this has happen by the same criminal and each time he has gotten away.”

            “Should we go after this guy?” I say not really wanting to; I have not been hit in the nuts, I’m too fast for anyone to do that to me. It looks like Dick is not that lucky.

            “I want Nightwing to buddy up with you for some training sessions in the manner,” says Batman.

            I look at Batman with a quizzical look on my face. I mean Dick is a better fighter than me any day of the week, even on his bad ones when he has been shot two or three times. I do not think that Dick would actually let me kick him in the balls. And besides that point, does Batman really realize that when I do kick Dick in the nuts, it will be instant pain! Plus he could get revenge on me like really bad. Batman looks back at me and I think he actually smiles as he says, “Don’t worry I told Dick that this session is only for him and his vulnerabilities. You will be the only one doing the hitting. Now get out of here. I can handle these thugs,” says Batman as he jumps off the building holding his cape as it turns into a glider as he rushes down to the unsuspecting drug dealers on silent wings.

            Driving away in my Redbird I pick up my radio and try to contact Dick, I hope that he is not too angry with Batman. He could take those frustrations out on me! “Nightwing, come in Nightwing, you there?”

             A second later the radio buzzes as Dick comes through, “I swear I did not do it Officer Robin, sir! I’m not guilty!” We both laugh as he continues, “Gee Robin I did not know how formal you are on the radio, you should think of becoming a cop like me.”

            “No thanks buddy, one donut eater in our group is plenty. You go and take a bite out of crime yourself, or the next available donut! Whichever has most creamy glaze on it of course,” I laugh.

            “So how fast is it gonna take you to get to the cave little Robin, Alfred is faster than you in that thing,” teases Nightwing.

            “I’ll be there in another minute. Hey Dick are you sure that you really want me to umm, have his session with me?”

             A silence is heard over the radio as I wait for Nightwing to respond, without even thinking I hold my breath and step on the gas peddle as my nerves getting the better of me. “Well I don’t really want the sessions Robin, not too many guys would open up their legs freely for some nut kicking, but Batman and I agree that I need this. I mean I went down Robin… every time that I was hit in the old twig and berries. The guy could have killed me for three different nights in a row now. I need to toughen up my little guys downstairs and well, Batman says that you’re good at it.  And I would much rather have your boot between my legs than his. So bring it on I guess,” Nightwing says and I can almost hear him shrug through the radio.

            I could hardly believe this. It is so much fun to hit a guy in the nuts and to see their reaction as they fall to the floor. Hitting Nightwing in the nuts, I can’t even imagine how much fun this is going to be. And he to top it off he requested me I think as I drive my Redbird into the cave and park the sport red vehicle in its usual place. As I get out of the car I see Dick in his costume but only the bottom half of it. It’s obvious that he has been working out in here for a while I guess as I see him doing push-ups on the cave floor. I walk over to him and unclip my cape and throw it to the side and drop to
the floor joining Dick in rhythm of his push-ups. “Hey buddy,” says Nightwing as he moves into a sitting position watching me doing my push-ups.

            “Ready to show me how to take a nut kick?” Nightwing asks as he taps my package with his left hand. I quiver as Nightwing’s fingers graze softly on my tightly packed equipment managing the place his fingers exactly on my nut sack.

            “I’m sorry about this,” I say trying to avoid the fact the Dick has not taken his hand away from my balls and this fact is starting to worry me, as I continue to push myself up and down not even knowing how many pushups Dick has done.

            “Hey Tim, your just trying to help me…. I know that,” Nightwing says, as an afterthought removing his hand from my crotch. “Now let’s just get this over with.”

             I start to get up and face Dick in my Robin outfit that he once wore. I can see the sweat all over his face and chest from the work that he was doing and I look down at his black gear tights and matching black boots as he spreads his legs open for me to get a good shot at his nuts. I move closer to him and grab his arms with my gloved hands and move my knee in-between his legs and tap his nuts once ever so gently to get a feel of where they are. My knee bone touches his huge balls and I can tell that because of the gear that Nightwing is wearing that his balls are going to stay in place.

            No matter what happens they cannot move in the stretched tights that he is wearing. I tap Dick’s nuts again with a little more force just to see if it’s true and not a dream. I can feel his nuts press harder against my knee bone as Dick takes in another hard breath and coughs at the slightly harder tap. I hold my knee against his groin pressing my knee forward against his junk just to make them a little more uncomfortable. As my knee holds up I can feel Dicks body shaking around his soon to be aching groin as I apply more pressure increasing the uncomfortable feeling. I move my hands from Dicks muscled arms to under Dicks armpits and pull his back closer to my body, which makes my knee press up against his nuts even harder. I can feel Dicks body tighten against my knee as I continue to pull Dick closer to me forcing Dicks balls against his own body squashing his testicles with my knee.

            “Ungh,” Dick moans at the pain that his testicles are beginning to feel as his face begins to contort in a grimace. I lock my hands together around his back and pull Dick as hard as I can to force his body to lift into the air with my knee holding him. Dick’s mouth falls open in an almost O shape as he realizes that he is being completely elevated by my knee that is crushing his nuts by his own body weight. I can feel Dick’s body rising up on top of my knee higher and higher as I raise my knee up as high as it can go so that Dicks feet are off the floor and all of his weight is now on his balls that are being crushed against the bone in my knee cap that he sits precariously on. “Oh Good God Tim, I give! I GIVE!” Dick screams as the weight of his own body decimates his huge testicles.

            Fearing for Dick’s testicles and that I might actually have broken them I let my knee down and release my hands from around his back and let him fall to the floor holding his nuts as he lands flat on his back, laying still on his back moaning. “Ugh Ugh Ugh” I listen as his grip on his swollen testicles tightens to release the pain he must be feeling. Still in fear of what I might have done to his nuts I run over to the computer and grab the radio headset and quickly turn on the radio to contact Bruce. “Batman, come in Batman!”

            “Robin is the training over already, I really wanted you to give Nightwing a good long work out,” says Batman disappointed in his voice.

            “No it’s not that, Batman I think I might have really hurt him,” I say fearing what Bruce might actually do to me if I did hurt Dick. I mean Dick is like his son.

            “He’ll be fine Tim, if you want to you can check his testicles but like I said he can’t take much pain. Just remember that the testicles are like any other muscle you have to work at it to tighten it and make it stronger. I am counting on you Tim to do that for Dick since he cannot on his own. If you can’t do this Robin I will have to take over…tell that to Dick…that might change things.”

            “I…okay Batman. I will,” I say trying to breathe, feeling relief of not destroying Dick’s manhood. I walk back over to Dick who is still on the ground clutching his testicles. Dicks eyes are shut, hands between his legs with his knees in the air. God look what I did to him! I am really getting better at this crime fighting thing I think as I get down on my knees and pull one of my green gloves off and place it on Dicks hands and look up at Dicks disoriented face in pain and explain to him, “I am just going to check your testicles out Dick to see if their okay, alright?”

            Dick just nods his head and moans as Dick shifts his hands and leaves them on both sides of his crotch leaving me able to investigate. I place my hand on his rock hard abs and slide my hand down slowly touching his black gear tights and shift my fingers under his tights and under his white underwear. Dicks hand seize my fingers against his stomach which makes me turn my head from his groin to looking into Dicks eyes and asks, “What are you doing Tim?”

            “I’m just checking out your testicles to see if their okay,” I blurt out as my eyes move quickly back and forth under my green domino mask. “I have to make sure that they are not broken, okay?” Dick continues to look into the masks white eyes searching for the truth and he nods again as he releases my hand and positions his hands right next to mine ready to grab my hand again if anything happens that he dislikes under tights. My fingers again begin their descent further down Dick’s trunks and come across his penis. My hand slowly pauses on Dicks, well… dick. Dick’s large warm penis lays soft at a very long length as my hand glides across Dick’s penis tightens and grows slightly erect.

            I look up at Dick seeing Dick’s eyes turn away from mine. Not knowing what this must mean or not wanting to know I glide my hand further as I reach below to his nuts. I grasp his testicles, closing my fingers and slowly roll his inflamed nuts around their sac. I feel each of his testicles all over checking for punctures while my arm slides back and forth across Dick’s hardening penis feeling it throb against the soft skin of my arm. I notice that Dick moaning more softly, in gentle breathes as his chest rises and falls and I don’t think that his moans were from pain. “Dick I am going to have to palpate your testicles to finish my tests on them okay?”

            Dick looks at me again and since he is not wearing his usual black domino mask I can look into his clear blue eyes and tell that he is feeling better (probably because he is hard and enjoying this treatment) and Dick nods his head in agreement to my palpations and says with no humor, “Just be gentle.” I smile as I begin to slowly squeeze his nuts in my hand.

            And then release them just as they begin to ache under my fingers as the pain on Dicks face resurfaces. A sigh of relief crosses Dicks face as I release his testicles but is quickly changed when I squeeze them harder then the last time and he gasps in pain as I release them again. Dick breathes are hard and fast now waiting in anticipation for the worst as I continue to make his worst fears come to life as I palpate, which is really squeezing his tender testicles.

            “Ah Ah Ah Ahhhh!” Dick groans from my fingers grasping his now swollen ball sack.  I keep the hold on Dick’s nuts for a little while longer until he sits up and bangs his head against my chest from the pain that he is feeling now from his aching nuts. I release them finally and smile at the pain I have inflicted upon poor Nightwing.

            “Don’t you dare enjoy this,” Dick barks as he raises his head from my
chest to look me in the eye.

            “Okay, I promise,” I say with a larger smile on my face as I palpate his testicles in my hand for a fourth time.

            “Oooo ah ah Ahhhaha FUCK!” Dick swears, his voice echoing around the cave. Dick grasps onto my hands as he looks into my blank white eyes of the mask and pleads with me, “No more Tim, no more please, ugh I can’t take the ugh pain,” I can feel Dick’s ragged breath as he shakes with tremors from beneath my grasp.

            “I’m sorry about this, really I am but I have my orders,” I say as I palpate Dick’s testicles one last time digging my fingers into both of his throbbing nuts, crushing them within my fist. I squeeze Dick’s huge testicles one hard long time and I press my thumb into his right testicle with a jab that forces the right testicle into the left one damaging them even more as Dick hollers in pain. Dick lets my hand go and grabs my shoulders and bawls out, “My nuts!!! My Fucking Nuts!!”

            I finally release Dick’s nuts as he falls back again to the floor moaning. I slowly slid my hand out of his black gear tights but stop again at Dick’s penis and without thinking I hold his penis and slither my fingers around it as I pull my hand free from his trunks but not before my hand comes in contact with the head. I feel around the crown and take note on the wetness at the tip and grin.

            As soon as I let go off Dick’s testicles his hands quickly move over to clutch them to protect them from me. And I realize that by me touching Dick’s penis my hand excites him so much that his penis did not go down even after I palpated his testicles. My finger manipulations made Dick’s penis even harder. “You’ll be happy to hear Dick that you have not ruptured a testicle during our session and that I am ready to continue when you are,” I say as Dick now curls up in the fetal position away from me and I see his fingers from between his thighs popping out.

         “Tim…you have completely busted my nuts. I can’t even get up,” Dicks

          “Well you do not have to buddy I can hurt your testicles on the
floor,” I say.

            He looks up at me from the floor and gives me a nasty look.

             I start to loosen the yellow strings at the top of my shirt as we are
talking, who knew that busting Dick was such hard work. “Look Dick you
even told me yourself that we put our lives on the line out there,
you can’t have any weaknesses. As soon as your nuts are hurt your
gonna be on the pavement. Now let me do my job and help you.” I counter.

           “Okay…okay. Just make it quick.” Dick says, defeated.

           I smile again at him and let him know that I am proud of him. I take off my mask and toss it on top of my glove and cape. I walk over to him and offer my hand so I can help him up. He takes it graciously with both of his hands as I pull him up upright.

             “All right get in the position,” I say. “We are now going to try a kick. He looks up at me with a worried look but quickly looks away.”

              I know that he is sorry about his weakness. Truth is it could be mine to. I am not sure. Never been hit down there. I measure the short distance between my foot and his testicles and I let the toe of my boot rest against his testicles for a second and bring my foot back
and kick my foot as hard as I can in-between Dick’s legs.

            “Here we go! I yell as my foot connects with his left testicle, my aim a little off from a direct target of both of them.

             “Oh Shit! Dick hollers as his hands fly towards his testicles to protect them but I catch his hands before they grab his nuts.

             “Sorry Dick,” I tisked. “But we are not finished yet, I say as I bring my foot back for another kick. I feel Dick trying desperately trying to get to his balls to protect them but my foot is faster as it catches his left nut again.

             “OOOH GOD!” he screams as he falls to his knees.

             “Dick I can’t hit both testicles with you struggling like this. Now get control of the pain!” I yell at him. 

            “I can’t Tim, I can’t oooohoooohohoh God I can’t,” Dick mutters in pain as I imagine that I can see Dicks left testicles pulsing in pain from two direct shots.

            “But you have to Dick, you have to. Imagine if it was my life on the line. Would you get up then?” I ask.

           “Tim ungh oh. Ungh! Shit it hurts so much,” Dick mumbles. His left nut must be pulsating in his ballsack, I imagine trying to spot any movements in Dick’s tights stretched tighter over his groin. Dick rubs his fingers over his package that continues to throb beside his best efforts to relieve the pain.
“Just do it, one more time. For me. I plead with him. Dick looks at me and this time, since I am not wearing the mask he can look into my eyes.” 

           That is when he and I realize that he has to get up because thiss could happen. So Dick gathers up all of his strength and becomes Nightwing, not Dick Grayson. He slowly raises himself up to a standing position, as I do am what must be done: his final kick. I am my last kick to poor Dicks pulsing left nut.

          “Last one I promise,” I say.

           “No! Do as many as I can take,” he moans while his eyes become hard and he looks down at my foot and opens his leg a little wider ready and willing todo what it takes. I raise my leg back and without measuring this time I kick my hardest straight kick holding my foot against his Dicks bulging package. Dick does not even moan from the pain thathe must be erupting in his tender testis. His testicles bounce back against my foot and he nods at me to do it again. I look at him with
the same quizzical look that I gave Batman and he nods again and gives me a forced hard smile.

           I bite my bottom lip as I pull my foot away from his junk and pull my foot behind me as far as it will go behind my back and kick again a dangerously hard swift kick. Dick’s body fly’s into the air with my hard toe kick crushing both of his nuts at the same time.

          Dick curses, “Fuck! AH shit. ughugh.” His hands are ripped from mine as they fall upon his knees clutching them as Dick moans at me and nods again. And so this time I give him a little bit of honor as I jump into the air and give him a flying spin kick that hits the left first and then the right and in a twirl as I fly back to the ground he does too to his knees.

          “Shiiiiiit ahhh. Shit fucking son-of-bitchy my goddam nuts!” His hands hit the ground, with both feet on the ground and his butt in the air. I had to take this moment, as Dick would have wanted me to I actually think he might have even been suggesting it to me to by not clutching his nuts but by staying in a push-up position. I came around to the side of him and looked at him in his complete state of
pain. I started to think that maybe he has had enough but how many times will I ever really get an opportunity like this? I think.

           Dick moaned out loud again and lifted his head to look at me and that is when I
saw his testicles as clear as day and in his push-up position I did the only thing that I could do, I yelled a “Keeyah,” and kick him in the his vulnerable testicles one more time.

          My toes even felt them squish up against his body as Nightwing rolls away clutching his
package saying, “OH GOD, oh god oh god, over and over again.”

          That is when the intercom gave a warning signal that someone was in the cave with us.

           I look at Nightwing completely helpless clutching his balls once in the fetal position and realize that he is not going to help me. So instead I ran over to the computer and the computer screen lights up showing me different angles of the Batcave. Movement of an unidentified costumed man in the cave from an unknown origin is plastered on the screen, somehow whoever is in the cave with us is able to blur the batcomputers sensors.

         I spun around and realized that our identities were at risk. I quickly ran over to my cape, glove, and my mask on the cave floor and rushidly pulled them on in place and grabbed Dicks mask near mine. Swiftly I bend down to Dicks side placing his mask on his painful expression face and whisper in his ear, “We not alone.”

          He looks up at me and at the blinking computer and quickly adjusts the mask on his face. I turn away from him to split up and search the cave when I hear Dick quickly fall back to the floor moaning, “Ah my nuts.”

          I turn back to Dick and see him still clutching his balls. I guess after five kicks to his nuts Dick cannot get up, and what perfect timing if I do say so to myself.

         I head back to the computer terminal and place the headphones back on my head as a clang sounds throughout the cave. I look over my shoulder but see nothing but an empty cave that I know is not empty.

        “Batman,” I whisper through the earpiece, “It’s me Robin. Were not alone.” The computer blinks at me and shuts off as a metal club bashes me in the head and I fall to the floor.

         I can feel myself losing conciseness as a wild fire in thrown at me from an exploding
bomb that causes me to be thrown through the air! The force of the exploding bomb causes my whole costume to catch aflame as my head is slammed into one of the rocks on the cave floor. I start to lose consciousness as my Robin suit burns on my body.

        When I come to I realize that I am still alive. My eyes begin to take in the cave again as I try to move and notice that my cape and shirt have been removed. Through the darkness I see them laying on the floor still burning, and I know that I must not have been out long. That knowledge is refreshing until I notice my predicament. I feel my wrists cuffed down to one of our examination stations where we examine dead bodies.

       God I hope that Alfred has cleaned it lately I think. I want to scream out to Dick but I do not want to give up the fact that he is here. A hand came around the examining table and grabs a hold of my neck with a body that slid around the table that ended up sitting on top
of me staring at me in the face. And I could not believe my eyes it was…who the hell is this guy?!

       He wears a strange jumpsuit that was bright orange with a colorful mask that match and a huge cape that flowed over my legs like a blanket. There was a name written across his chest The Ball Buster…oh shit I was in trouble.

       “Hello there my little friend. My aren’t you looking delicious,” says the Ball Buster. “I must say that I have always been an admirer of you Robins since Nightwing was in those cute little green short pants. Haven’t I boy? He points to Nightwing who is hanging from a swinging bat rope that his arms and legs are tied to as he dangles in the air.

        “I have always wanted a cute little guy like you to have as a partner but your partner here has gotten so much older but you, well, you’re so young and firm,” The Ball Buster seductively says as he reaches his hands behind him and gets a hold of my loose testicles in my rigid tights. I feel his fingers pressing into my round testicles around their sac as the Ball Buster gets a good hold on them.

        “I have to wonder boy if you have ever been busted. I can’t feel any bruises on your tender balls but I am quite sure that I can change that,” laughs the Ball Buster. “Ungh let go of him you son-of-a-bitch it’s me that you want. I am the real deal. Let him go,” Dick said pleading with him.

             “I do not think that you’re in any position to bargain boyo. It seems to me that your just gonna hang around for a while,” laughs the Ball Buster again at what he thinks is funny. “You see I am planning on busting you both and then of course I will kill you both,” laughs the Ball Buster. “But first I am going to break in the new Robin and kill him just to torture you Nightwing a little bit more,” says the snickering Ball Buster. “Here comes the pain little Robin,” and with that I feel his rough fingers squeeze my testicles for the first time in my life. Pain overwhelms me almost instantly as he crushes my balls in the palm of his hand.

            “Ahhh,” I cry out as he smacks my balls against the unforgiving table
as he grinds them with his bare knuckles.

            “You seem to be in a little bit of pain lad, don’t worry the fun has just begun. There will be a lot more pain for your young balls before you die. So just relax and enjoy your last five minutes of life,” says the Ball Buster as he demolishes my poor balls with his

             I have to do something. I can hear Dick screaming at the Ballbuster to stop but he does not. The overwhelming pain is causing me to start to black out. I try and stay awake as he gets a hold of my balls again and pinches them together compressing my unfortunate balls into one.

            “Please ahhhhhhhh have ..ughnugh mercy on my ahhh balls I,” I say crying out as he crushes my nuts together with tiny compressions. “Dick save me!” I plead as the darkness takes over and I slip unconscionably away


           The darkness of the cave floods into my eyes once more as does the pain in my testicles which I try desperately to grasp in my two hands that are tied down still to the table. I hear fighting and quickly look over to see Dick and the Ball Buster fighting. Dick came through for me. He must have sucked up the pain and came to my rescue before the Ball Buster killed me. Well I guess that, that is obvious since I am still here. I look back at the fight to see Dick taking an upper cut to his nuts as he falls to the floor with his left hand clutching his huge balls. I see the Ball Buster with a bloody face and some kind of wooden clamp in his hands that reads The Ball Crusher in tiny black letters.

          “UGGHNN my balls!” I hear Dick from the ground as the Ball Buster kicks dick in the head which sends him airborne from the ground to land a couple feet further on his back.

          “Hey Ball Buster,” I scream at him which makes him turn his head away from Dick. “I thought you were going to finish me first,” I say bravely through the dull pain that I can still feel in both of my testicles. “You couldn’t crush my nuts even if you tried because you squeeze like a little girl!” I shout.
This seemed to really piss him off. 

            The Ball Buster bolted right at me and looked at me tied to that board and smiled, “Well, I guess I did go a little easy on you. I guess I will have to try harder to hurt a tough kid like you!” He snaps at me as he reaches this time under my tights and roughly gathers all of my junk in the palm of his hand. “Get ready for the worst nut-pain that you will ever feel,” he cried as he dug his fingers into my whole package!!!

          A new wave of pain came over me as the tips of his fingers dug deep into both of my balls. I feel his finger tips pound my already tender balls in their sac. I start to moan, “Awwww crap,” as the pain starts to become almost unbearable again.

         But suddenly he lets go of my nuts that cause them to pound and ache even more in my tight sac. I look over from my swelling nuts to Dick standing over the Ball Buster and really busting his face. Then Dick quickly flipped over the guy onto his stomach and cuffed his hands together.

         “Ugh, Dick ugh you did it ugh. Now untie me,” I moan. Dick turns back to me and quickly comes over slicing the binds holding my feet and arms down with a batarang.

         I quickly sit up but before I can get to my nuts Dick grab them and says, “First time?

         “Unfortunately,” I moan at him feeling vulnerable.

          Dick smiles at me with that same smile that I used on him when I was busting his balls. “Don’t you dare smile or enjoy this!” I say repeating his words back at him.

         “Don’t worry I already have,” says Dick still smiling at me handing me my wrecked shirt. I quickly pull my shirt over my head, seeing all the places where the fire damaged it. My nipples poke out and large holes show off my abdomen and when I look back up the Ball Buster is standing next to Dick with the handcuffs off of his hands!

         “Good job Dick,” says the Ball Buster as he pulls off the mask and reveals to us that he is really Batman!

          “What?!” Both Dick and I say at the same time.

           “It was all part of the exercise to make sure that you could handle yourself if this problem ever did arise,” says Batman. Both of our mouths just hung open not believing that this could be true.

            Dick turned from looking at Bruce and then to me and said, “Where you in on this?” demands Dick.

            “No.” Batman answers for me. “I did not think that Robin could know about this. I thought that he might let on that this was all a ruse to help you Dick,” explains Batman.

            “So you did all this just to help me out?” asks Dick.

            “For right now I knew that it was your problem but from the exercise I realize that it is not only your problem but Tim’s as well.

            “What, but, but I…” I try to defend myself but come up with nothing.

            “Looks like it’s my turn to help you out Tim. Now get off this table and spread your legs, Dick laughs with a huge smile.

            “Well I better leave you to it Dick and Tim, good luck,” says Batman with what I am sure was almost a smile at me. I shake my head and realize how much this is going to stink and hop off of the table and spread my legs waiting for Dick to start my
torture session.

            I grit my teeth, and spread my legs to give Dick better access, and gulp. “Ready.”

           Dick smirks, his black hair a sweaty mess above his shiny bright blue eyes, the mischief has returned to them as he strides forward reaching to cup mu balls. I allow him and his smile widens as he gets a good solid grip.

          I dry swallow, but Dick notices his smirk now showing the whites of his teeth.

          “I’m going to get a good feel for what I am working with…then the fun can begin.”


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I wrote this story years ago. I had to edit it (I was so young when I wrote this). Anyways enjoy everyone!



Anonymous said...

I had no idea younger Jimmy wrote this, I remember finding it on Scaffies years ago with almost unreadable grammar haha. Glad you fixed it up!

I'd love more busting with the Robins in the future too, there's so little of it out there but they always seemed perfect for it, especially with Tim now that he has a canonical boyfriend.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Anonymous,

You remember the great and wonderful Kramtoad Website? Man that was a great little place. Yeah, my writing has gotten better since then and I was happy to polish this up (still not perfect with my editing skills, I could use an editor).

Potentially I could pick up on some Robin action in the future, as they are a bunch of fun. I also have some fun Robin art that I have collected over the years. I'll see what I can do!



GinoJaydenAuthor said...


I am so happy to hear from you!

It’s wonderful to read your kind notes about my Robin story. I wrote that like 15-17 years ago or more. I edited it before I posted it because it super needed it.

I never thought of going back to it. I’m so deep in the Gino and Jayden universe that I created. I have so many stories still to tell, to finish, and have planned. I’m going to be writing them for awhile. But it could be really fun to go back for another Robin super hero story.

If you don’t mind I can post what you wrote in the email on the website. I don’t know why it won’t work. I’m sorry.

I don’t know if you know this but I took over Alex’s website Ballbusting Boys. I’m trying the best that I can but I’m no Alex. I’m just keeping it going until he returns.

I’m so happy to hear from you! Have you been reading my other work? How are you liking the Gino and Jayden series? I’m super curious to find out!