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Snapshot: Wedgied Again Written by Jimmy


Snapshot: Wedgied Again

By Jimmy


wedgie boy on Instagram: “🤤”

Dear Alex,

Please forgive me. My snapshot is way longer than intended. The story required it. I hope that you, and everyone else digs it!




“Hey Max?”

Max reading a dog-eared novel, does not look up. He is fully engaged in reading and appears not to have heard his twin brother call his name.

Rolling his amber eye, Rex loudly clears his throat. “Ahem. Hey, Max!” Rex calls, louder this time.

Max’s un-focusing eye glance up at his twin. “Huh?” Then back down to finish the sentence he was on.

“I want to try something.”

“Go for it,” Max says his eyes flicking back to his book.

Rex harrumphs, and inches closer to his brother. “I need you for it.”

“Sure go ahead, I’m sure it will be great.” Max says distractedly, not contemplating his words at all as his eyes traveling across the page of his book.

Realizing that Max is just, yessing him to death Rex strides forward and grabs the front of Max’s underwear, the lip of it poking above his grey sweat pants.

Max sitting comfortably on the chair looks up in surprise saying, “Hey! What the?! Are you…?”

But that’s when Rex tugs, his grip on the front of Max’s underwear firm and using as much force as he can. Rex smugly drags Max’s baby blue underwear up deep into his crotch, feeling the tug and resistance as the fabric gets stuck in places that make Max wince.

Max’s eyes bulge open, and a quick flashback of the last time Rex did this floats across his vision before the pain and embarrassment sinks in.

“Shiiiiit!” Max groans, as he is forced to standing to trying in vain to alleviate his genitals.

Rex’s grin grows, and he pulls upwards forcing his twin to his tippy toes, loving the scrunched up grimace on his face. ‘I wonder if that’s how I look when I get hit in the junk,’ ponders Rex. Rex’s thoughts were pulled back to the present as Max gasps and grasps onto Rex’s shoulders tightly squealing “My nuts!” his fingertips digging into the hard planes on his shoulder blades.

Chuckling, Rex spies a look down, his amber eyes seeing the blue stretched fabric of Max’s underwear and the tops of the leg holes that are usually covered by pants pulled and twisted upwards. “How does this feel, did I get your newly formed big balls good Max?”

Max shakes his head, groaning and his bottom lip trembles “It…fucking hurts, Rex. Oh god.”

Still grinning, Rex drags Max towards the bathroom wondering if he can get him back on the hook again on the back of the bathroom door, this time by the front of his underwear.

Shaking his head, Max whines “No…no…not again!” Max pleads, his toe nails digging into the floor uselessly as he tries to stop the inevitable.

Max’s pleases go unanswered as Rex’s forehead creases with concentrated effort dragging his twin across the wooden floor ignoring all protests, groans, and brotherly appeals.

Using all of his strength that he can muster when he gets to the hook, Rex’s shoulders shake and he takes a big breath as he lifts Max into the air even as he pleads for him not to, with laborious shakes of his head.

Rex immediately identifies a problem. The situation is that lifting Max from the front is harder, and not as easier. Rex struggled the first time, and now he is not so sure if he can accomplish his goal. Max’s struggles combined with him able to grip onto the front of Rex’s shirt makes this more challenging.  Even with Max’s underwear ripping into Max’s ass crack, Rex still struggles. Rex sighs and does the only thing he can think of he lifts a knee hard and true in between Max’s dangling legs. Max freezes, feeling the impact and moans low in his throat his eyes turning into amber saucers on his face.

“Now be good, or you’ll get a few more of these!” Rex jokes lifting his knee up again and connecting with his brother’s balls. Rex loves the way his thigh sinks deep in between the crevice of Max’s groin, and loving the way Max’s balls squish like two walnuts in vice. Rex gets a satisfying smirk as he gazes at his twin with wonder seeing Max wave his arms comically in the air trying to grasp with the sudden second blow to the nut sack.

“You ready to be good?” Rex asks.

Max gasps, and nods with a low moan sounding like a dying animal.

Chuckling Rex redoubles his efforts and with a good hand hold lifts Max up in the air, the boy no longer fighting as he deposits him on the hook successfully. Rex stands back to fully take in the sad sorry sight as Max’s leg’s dangle midair several inches off of the floor. Rex’s shoulders shake, and he gives them a good shake to get the feeling back in them as he watches Max look down then up at the hook in slight horror. Then Max reaches up, this time able to grab the hook, as it’s not behind him but in front.

‘Oh no you don’t!’ thinks Rex after all of his hard work! Rex steps up and with full force lifts his right dominant arm up in between Max’s hanging legs with his shoulder and slams Max as hard as he can with a massive uppercut, his arm hammering deep in between the gap in Max’s legs. Rex shouts, “Gotcha!”

“My balls!” Max shouts, his voice arching up in a higher pitch as he spins dramatically by his underwear his arms out gripping the air rigidly with outstretched arms feeling the waves of aching ball pain running up and down his abdomen, his two balls throbbing like pain indicators in some video game.

Rex laughs and says, “Cool.” Running one hand around his brother’s ball sack tightly squeezed by his underwear rubbing the tight sack and feeling each ball. “So back to what I need you for…which one is worse handing by the front or back of your underwear?” Max asks eyeing his brother carefully as he squeals when Rex squeezes Rex’s ballsac for added emphasis.

“This!” Max gasps his amber eyes clouding over. “Oh god…my balls.”

Rex agrees that this was worse and he squeezes Max’s balls some more loving how they feel warping in his fist as he squeezes his brother’s nuts. Rex can’t get the best grip so he yanks down Max’s grey sweats, watching as they tumble to the ground before he regrabs Max’s gonads so easily seen in the pulled tight baby blue underwear that he wears. Rex briefly wonders why Max buys the same underwear as he does, ‘Maybe to gloat that he looks better me,’ he thinks before he puts Max’s scrotum in a tight nutclaw, loving the power of owning his twin brother with one hand.

Max’s eyes start to cross and he reaches up for one last attempt grabbing the coat hook above him and trying to lift his body up and out of the hold, but then fresh pain washes over him now that Rex has separated his nuts one in each of his hands making two fists and plunges his thumbs deep inside aiming for dead center, changing the nutclaw to two.

“Not my…”

“Balls?” Rex finishes for his squishing and squashing his twins gonads seeing the fight go out in Max as he pulls uselessly above him, his torso straining with effort, his arms trembling Max let’s go and drops his arms by his sides. “You done?”

Max nods. “My balls…oh my balls, Rex.”

Rex takes in one final look at his bro and says, “I won’t let you hang this time.”

“Thank you Rex,” Max gasps, his bodying shuddering as he reaches up for the hook, his hairless smooth armpits on display. “Give me a….what are you doing?”

“Helping,” Rex says grabbing both of Max’s thighs and yanking down stretching Max’s underwear to the limits.

Max’s cheeks puff out, “Ugh, ugh, ugh!”

“If I keep pulling like this,” Rex informs Max giving his brother’s legs another huge tug, and a tiny ripping sound is heard as the underwear scissors Max’s ass and nutsack. “Your underwear will rip apart!”

“No!” Max pants, trying to shake his brother off, but that only emphasizes the tight embrace of his groin and he stops, unsure of what to do. Max’s eyes roll back, and he squeezes them shut as another ripping sound invades the twin’s bedroom and Rex sees the underwear start to give way.

Rex pulls once more with all his might and a huge snap rips from Max and everything happens at once. Max is pulled by his legs, and barely clinging to the hook above let’s go and the two boys tumble, as Rex trips moving backwards trying to accommodate for the new weight and Max lands on top of Rex taking the two of them down to the floor with a hard thump.

All the air is pulled out of them both as Max lands on top of Rex laughing, even as his head bangs off the floor.

“You okay?” Rex asks.


Rex chuckles his stomach rumbling with laughter as Max lays on top of him, groaning trying to process all the blows that he just took to his growing boys downstairs.

“You are the worst,” Max moans, closing his eyes, one hand clutching his balls that sting in his sack.

Rex wraps his arms around his brother’s waist, hugging him close. “Love you bro, thanks for helping me figure this out and sorry about your underwear.”

It’s Max’s turn to laugh as he says, “They aren’t mine, and on top of that they’re yours Rex!”

Happy to get the last laugh Max rolls off of him curling into a ball naked, but for the thin strap of underwear wrapped around his middle, most of the fabric hanging by mere threads a large a portion of the fabric covers part of his back as he groans.

Rex sits up slightly annoyed, “You wear my underwear?” The disgust and indignation in his voice only makes Max laugh louder, until the pain of his belly laughs moves his testicles and he gasps and stops, another wave of ball pain washing over him.

“I thought you knew!” Max says, shrugging.

Rex stands, fists clenched thinking ‘I’m not done with you yet.’

“How long has this been going on?” Rex says icily.

“Always. I thought you knew,” Max is grinning at him, even with his balls pulsing between his thighs Rex can’t top this.

“I’m going to…”

“I thought that you would notice,” Max says slowly climbing to his feet, one hand cupping his naked balls. “That I stretched yours out, with my bigger equipment. I thought you would realize how much roomer they were.”

Rexes eyes narrow to slits, and he brushes back his copper hair from his eyes, “You are so going to regret doing that.”

Max grins “No matter what you do, your shorts are always going to be baggy. No wonder why you are so curious about wedgies. You always must have one! Ha!”

Rex rushes forward, unable to take another insult and just as he moves to takes a swing at his naked brother, Max sidesteps him giving push for all his efforts. Rex tumbles onto the bed landing in a huff on all fours, his face turning red with embarrassment. He is not down long and spins back around only for Max to get there before him giving him a solid uppercut into his guts.

“Ugh!” Rex groans, doubling up as Max shoves him back against the mattress again.

Falling back on his butt, Rex looks up with fury in his eyes but it’s too late as Max punches him again in his abs. The second punch is even stronger than the last one nailing him right in the middle his abs caving inwards. Rex feels his abs caving in around Max’s fist, and he lets out a grunt of surprise anguish. Rex grunts and tries to shove Max back, but Max punches again, and again. Soon Max is  doing a flurry of abdominal blows until Rex falls back against the mattress gasping holding out his hands in supplication his abs a mess of redden skin. “I give,” he manages to croak out as Max takes both fists together raising it above his head and slamming them down in Rex’s middle deep in his guts.

Rex folds back up around Max’s double fist groaning into the fetal position on the bed, Max manages to have turned the night around in his favor. “Bet you wished that you didn’t go for my balls huh?” Max quips, relishing the turn of the tables on his twin.

Max puts his hands on hips enjoying the show of Rex’s bugged out eyes, his sweaty brow, and low constant groaning. Licking his lips, Max sees the perfect way to end the evening, and his revenge. Max grabs Rex’s ankles and spying the bedpost, ‘Man this is going to be fun,’ he thinks. Slowly Max pulls his brothers slowly down the bed inching him to his final position and ultimate demise.

“Now you will regret it…” Max states getting Rex in the perfect spot where his tiny bulge rests against the post of their bunk bed. Just as Max is about to pull Rex’s ankles and slaughter his puny nuts, Rex’s right arm shoots out and grabs Max’s dangling naked balls, his fingers twisting them into a tight ball.

“Nnno!” Max gasps in surprise and concern, his forehead creasing. “You…can’t! Not again!”

“Can’t what?” rasps Rex, his voice gruff and wheezy after so many gut punches. “Squeeze your balls?”

Max starts to nod “Yes, that!” Rex can see the anxiety in his brother so he takes a moment to roll Max’s nuts gently, teasing him one finger flicking Max’s droopy dong out of the way.

Rex let’s his fist do all the talking as he attempts to crush everything within. Max’s eyes go wild and for one moment Rex imagines Max pleading to let him go but instead, Max pulls on Rex’s ankles. Rex forgetting how vulnerable he is regrets that decision as the unforgiving wooden post sinks into his groin both of his nuggets caught off guard get squished right up against the hard wood as Max crotches him.

Rex gasps, but does not let go of his strangle hold on his twin and the two become locked in an epic battle of whose nuts are tougher. On any given day, Rex knows that he would lose but Max’s nuts have taken such a beating that he banks everything on Max’s resolve caving and him becoming victorious. Rex hangs on, even with his balls pulsating against the wooden post shooting bursts of agony from his loins into his sore abdomen.

Max is so fueled by the desire to come out on top, that he tries to bottle his nut pain up. Rex squeezes, squashes, and crushes his balls as he yanks on Rex’s ankles and for one horrible moment he thinks that Rex’s balls must hurt less as they are so much smaller than his own but he pushes that notation aside and places one bare foot on the wooden post as leverage and gives it everything he has and yanks.

Rex gasps and his hand loosens. Max almost cries for relief but Rex manages to hold on, but only to Max’s lowest hanging left nut, righty going free suspended in the middle of the ball sac next to Rex’s fist.

 “Nooo!” Rex cries out trying to recapture the other testicle but Max uses this to his advantage and let’s up his groin pulls enough to send a punch straight into Rex’s red raw abomination. Rex’s abs burst with fresh pain and he grabs his guts, releasing Max’ left ball. Max sinks back into his previous hold this time sinking to the floor so his balls are out of reach and takes Rex’s ankles with him trying to crack his small nuggets and make a wish.

Now Rex is in deep trouble. With no way to get to Max, he just has to endure as Max takes his time to slam his crotch into the post again and again, before he uses both feet pressed firmly into the post and says, “Now, I win.”

Then pulls.

Rex thought it was bad before, but this is so much worse. Rex pounds on the mattress tirelessly, trying to grab on and pull himself away, but soon he recognizes his fruitless efforts and lays back against the mattress crying out, “Okay, uncle! Uncle! I give!” Rex’s balls throb worse than ever, and each new hit against the wooden post seems to give his poor boys another dent.

Max stops pulling, but keeps the pressure just in case.

“Please let me go?”

“Yeah…sure after you cum.”

“What?” Rex rasps. “I’m so not turned on!”

“Not my problem. We could go back to what we were doing before…”

“No!” Rex interrupts him. “No way! I’ll do it.”

Rex sits up putting his hands up in surrender. “I do need a little room to get my dick out.”

“Not that much room,” digs Max with a smirk.

“Hardy, har har.” Rex says, waving his hand back and forth in a scooch over motion, trying to ignore his throbbing testicles that sting worse than ever.

Max does, with a chuckle and Rex moves back his shorts, starting to lower them before asking “Hey, can I get a little lube? Doing it dry ain’t fun bro.”

Rolling his eyes, Max stands up walking over to his desk to grab the lube on top. Max’s hand is about to close around the bottle as Rex’s foot kicks up between his legs nailing his dangling bits perfectly.

Max stares dumfounded at the toes digging into his fleshly bare balls, which are red and swollen and turns his head to see his brother’s smug expression before he drops to his knees.

When his back was turned Rex must have snuck behind him…

“Aw shit…” Max swears grabbing his balls.

Rex coming up behind him is all smiles now swiping the lube from the desk and squirting a generous amount onto his palm. “This should end in cum…but not mine.” Rex puts Max in a head lock pulling his brother back against his chest sitting on the floor so he can wrap his legs around Max’s waist. “You ready, bro?” Rex teases one hand reaching down to touch Max.

Max tries to fight him off, but Rex’s arm wrapped around his windpipe prevents him from putting up much defense as Rex pulls it tight against his brother’s throat. Rex easily hits Max’s hand away after that and he grabs his brother’s hanging cock. The limp noodle is putty in Rex’s hand but with a few strokes to the soft pliable skin, Max’s instincts and age takeover. Max starts to plump up and he sighs contentedly as Rex rubs him the way he likes. One of the beauties of having a twin is that they know your body as well as their own and Rex knows exactly what Max enjoys as he tickles the head, concentrating on the exact grip and pressure around his penis that he knows Max enjoys. The head of Max’s dick starting to poke out from the skin as if saying ‘Hello.’

“Oh,” Max moans in pleasure and he stops fighting all together.

“Feeling good?” Rex asks starting to pick up the pace on Max’s dick, his hand gliding more quickly up and down, picking up tempo.

“Uhuh,” Max grunts, starting to gyrate against Rex’s fist, his slick penis moving quickly in and out of Rex’s grip.

Rex creeps his feet around Max’s waist while he jacks off his brother, who lays like putty in his hands until his toes find the valuable family jewels that hang beneath his rigid cock, exactly what Rex has been looking for. Max freezes for a moment as Rex’s bare feet meet in the middle with his balls sandwiched in between them, and he immediately starts to struggle.

“What’s the matter?” Rex whispers in his ear his lips grazing Max’s soft skin of his earlobe. “Worried about your big balls?”

Max struggles some more, while Rex laughs his own cocklet starting to plump as he teases Max’s balls with his bare feet, while his other hand pumps his brother’s sword which has hardened so much that it throbs each time his fist reaches the top to polish the tip.

“I’m just playing with your balls, that’s all,” Rex explains, his warm breath filling Max’s ear.

“Nnnn,”Max starts to say but gasps in pleasure instead as Rex’s fingers dance along his frenulum. His wriggly body writhes beneath Rex’s touches, his heart pounding in his chest while Rex toys with his cock and slowly starts to squish his bare testicles between the soles of his feet. Rex grins in amazement as Max’s balls squash between his feet the nuts feeling more like pancakes as he applies more pressure. Max’s vulnerable balls have zero protection and no ways to escape as Rex gains more confidence in squishing Max’s nuts, rolling them between his sweaty feet.

Max gasps, his body shuddering, his cock pumping hard in Rex’s fist all the while his balls are being owned by his twin and there is nothing now that he can do to fix that. Max opens his mouth to try and reason with his sadistic twin, when a building pressure in his loins calls his attention instead, and he moans deep and long feeling his upcoming orgasm getting closer.

“That’s it bro, let it cum!” Rex encourages pumping faster, his fist a blur on Max’s erection that pulses and throbs in his tightly closed fist.

“Ngggggggg!” grunts Max just as Rex starts to squeeze his feet together making sure this time that Max’s fat nuggets are between just his toes so he can pierce Max’s nuts from multiple angles jabbing deep to into the cores of Max’s boyhood. Max gawks at the newest method for threatening his precious nuts and he trembles as a single drop of sweat rolls down his brow while his body grows taunt, his limbs locking into place, and he shudders gasping once and grits his teeth. He’s on the very edge and Max’s whole body trembles, while his balls throb painfully in their ball sack and his mighty throbbing dick pulsates inside of his brother’s fist.

Max tries to give a warning, but his efforts are feeble because as soon as his cherry lips part he knows that he is far too late. With a final gasp, Max loses all control. Max’s dick throbs his cockhead fully exposed now, pink and glistening, as Rex rubs one finger down his frenulum ending with a full handed jack with his expert hand and Max let’s go. Max’s throbbing dick fires a burst of hot white cum straight into the air, his churning balls stuck in between Rex’s feet twist in their ball sack and throb excruciatingly as his boyseed twists through his balltubes coming up and out of his erection which Rex dutifully jacks off as fast as he can pump his hand up and down.

Max sucks in a breath to scream and Rex feels his brother’s lungs filling with air against his chest and covers his mouth just in time as Max hollers into his hand, the full power of it making his hand wet and shake. Max thrashes in Rex’s grip, his cum still shooting from his dickhead. Rex can’t believe how much Max is producing and thinks that this might be his longest orgasm Max has ever had. Then Max’s whole body strains upwards locking in place, his back so straight as he hangs in the air on the balls of his feet for five…ten seconds or more still cumming and finally drops back down against Rex completely spent and empty.

Rex still continues to masturbate Max as he coos and his dick still throbs, but he loosens his ball sandwich to a slow and methodic rub, as he helps any last emissions release and dribble down Max’s fading erection. The wooden floor of their bedroom is covered in boy spunk, the white ropes crisscrossing and decorating the wooden slats.

“There you go, almost done,” Rex says smiling as he whispers in his brother’s ear. His own leaking cock is so wet against his brother’s bare back and throbs almost painfully in his underwear. But still Rex stays here to enjoy the afterglow with his twin, he will finish himself soon but this…this is more important.

“You outdone yourself,” Rex says warmly giving his brother a lazy squeeze with his feet.

Max shudders, but says nothing. His breathing has slowed and Rex thinks that he is almost asleep.

“Max?” Rex asks quietly, his voice but a whisper.

“Ugh,” Max moans just as quiet his cock finally faltering and lowering, his cock head sheathed once again. Rex rubs it with his thumb using the wetness to pull back the skin. Max does not react but stays still and limp, giving a tiny yawn and curling into Rex closing his eyes. “Love you, bro.”

The tenderness in Max’s voice warms Rex’s soul and he gently releases his hand holds on Max’s dick and balls and wraps his body around his twin. Rex sighs into Max’s neck, his hands clutching Max’s chest gently his erection still throbbing but he ignores it. ‘Maybe it will go away if we just lay here for a bit,’ he thinks as he feels Max drifting off into sleep; his quiet breathing changing.

Rex bites his bottom lip and ever so gently rocks his hips against Max’s back, his erection so hard that the simple touch almost makes him gasp. ‘I’m so close,’ Rex thinks. And he takes one hand off of Max’s chest to free his throbbing cock from his underwear prison which sticks straight up and out completely free. Rex exhales happily as he moves to touch himself his pre-cum covered cocklet comes into contact first with Max’s smooth bottom, his tiny erection slipping easily in between Max’s cheeks and resting in his brother’s warmth.

Rex gasps at the tightness there, feeling his cocklet slip deep inside between his brother’s cheeks poking him at his brother’s entrance. Rex groans and clutches Max’s chest tightly not sure if he dares to continue as his other hand now, not needed runs his lithe fingers up and down his brother’s torso feeling the valleys of Max’s taut abdomen and tight pecs. Rex sucks at his cheeks and feels his cock tremble between Max’s ass cheeks and wants to do more but is unsure.

“Go on,” Max says beneath him, clearly not asleep. Rex almost screams in delight as he thrusts his hips and his cock pressed against Max’s entrance slides inside. Rex is not big, barely a three incher his puny dick barely seems to make it inside and Rex is unsure of exactly what he is supposed to do but Max surprises him and thrusts to meet Rex’s tempo and Rex gasps almost cumming. ‘Have to hold on a bit,’ he thinks.

“Keep going,” Max encourages, his voice still sleepy as Max’s insides seems to suck Rex’s cock in his butt and Rex’s body trembles and he bites Max’s shoulder to keep himself from crying out.

Rex grips Max painfully and starts to hump him faster and he feels himself hitting something that makes Max gasps and Rex feels Max unbelievably harden again next to his hand that he was using to grip Max’s lower abs. Rex wraps his hand around Max’s erection and tries to time his thrusting with his jacking of Max’s erection and the two boys lose it. Both are huffing, hearts beating, erections throbbing and Max feels a feeling he has never felt before in his butt and it makes his cock so hard that he thinks he is going to burst.

“I’m!” Max manages to get out as he erupts again and squeezes his ass, feeling Rex’s cock pulse inside of his him as Rex cums too.

The twins discharge their boyseed together, while both Max and Rex gasp and groan their orgasms rocking their frames as they experience sex for the first time.

Rex sucks at Max’s shoulder his whole body trembling as his dick throbs and releases his semen inside of his twin. After his sixth pulsation he feels his dick pop out of Max’s butt.

The two lay against each other, until Max rolls over to face his twin, dislodging Rex’s mouth from his shoulder.

“Holy shit…that was…” Max starts to say.

Rex grins and nips at Max’s nose. “Yeah, yeah it was.” He notices his teeth marks then on Max’s shoulder and winces. “Sorry about that.”

“No big deal, but I need a shower.”

“I’ll help you.”

Max grins, “Okay, but first this.”

Max lifts up his knee in between Rex’s legs nailing his brother in his bare ballsack the blow completely flattens Rex’s nuggets and he cries out so that Max has to cover his mouth with his hand. The Earthshattering move was so sudden and fierce, Rex had no time to contemplate what was happening until it did. Stars burst in his vision and his jaw drops open as his body spasms, not from a happily afterglow but from the intrusion of someone ending his tender after affects of his orgasm.

“Shush!” Max threatens, his knee still lodges in between his brother’s thighs as he digs it in deeper. “You deserved that, and you know it.” Max says pulling out, and standing up watching Rex’s wide eyed stare as he curls into a ball, moaning.

Rex’s euphoria of having sex for the first time ends with that knee, and it leaves him wrecked on the floor panting, with balls throbbing so painful that he can barely stand to touch them.

“You…” Rex says, before composing himself. “I’ll get you for that.” He manages to spit out, his mouth wet, drool falling down his cheek as he groans in utter agony, not even wanting to think about his poor empty tender balls.

“Not if I get you first,” Max says laughing as he strides across the room, and pulls open their adjourning bathroom door stepping inside his quiet chuckles are still heard as the door closes.

Rex closes his eyes and kicks his feet holding his recently emptied balls and moans again. “My nuts,” Rex says to no one as he holds himself feeling stupid. ‘I’ll get Max for that.’ Rex dreams as he stays in the fetal position hearing the water turn on and contemplating what he is going to do next to his twin to get even.







Anonymous said...

Awesome story, Jimmy.
I really love these naughty twins.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Reg,

So happy that you liked it! The twins are so fun to write! They are quite a pair (oh god I'll never forgive myself for making that joke!) The first teaser was begging for a sequel and I am pretty happy with how it turned out.



Anonymous said...

I can't believe the twins had sex before Chase and Jayden did, I thought for sure they would be the first ones to do it

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous,

I hear you. The story really pulled me in that direction, and I just went for it. Chase and Jayden might actually be one of the last couples to have sex. Gino and Francisco beat them, Aldo and Leroy have, and now the twins. I will have to write a story about them being the last ones to finally go all the way! Great idea, thanks for bringing this up!