Thursday, January 31, 2019

These boots are made for ballbusting: Your opinion

Two naked guys and a pair of brand new boots - I can't tell you how much I love the latest outing in our series of Original Videos.

Starring Toby Springs and Fluffy
Length: 15 min
Price: $13.99
WMV coming soon!
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But this post is not about me - it's about you and your opinion! As you probably know we - my partners Toby Springs and Fluffy and I - strive to give you the best m/m ballbusting content out there. If you purchased the clip: What did you like about it? Where did we fail to meet your expectations? If you haven't purchased the clip yet: Why not?

Your opinion matters a lot to us. Naturally, we can't make everybody happy, and some disappointments are inevitable (if you don't like boots you probably won't like this clip, and if you are exclusively into mutual ballbusting our clips likely won't tickle your fancy) - but we try very hard to listen to your voices and incorporate your ideas into our clips. So don't hesitate and tell us what you think! :-))

Thanks for your feedback!


Anonymous said...

I liked this one better as i felt Fluffy was getting a real punishment, it had a darker tone than the other videos. It was good to see a slightly more serious Toby and even better to see him naked.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! :-))

Kickran said...

I bought the clip twice to support the cause, although the whole naked thing isn't my cup of tea at all.

What I liked:

- The kicks. Toby has real good kicking technique... I feel bad for Fluffy. Are there no other actors willing to give him break? Lol. Anyway, I promoted the clip to the foot/shoe fetish guys on Instagram with the first 3 kicks and they loved it.

Maybe you could try getting Toby to do some kicks in long white socks... apparently a lot of dudes on insta like the whole white sock thing.

- Sack taps. Perfect connections every time, painful to watch (as it should be).

- Change of scenery. It was long overdue and it was great.

What I didn't like:

- The knees. Unlike his kicks, Toby's knees are garbage. He's gotta stop picking Fluffy up because it makes the knees look fake, which kinda takes away from the whole scene. Would be great if he took note of how the chicks at Ballbusting Legends do it.

- Nudity. If these clips absolutely HAVE to be nude, could we at least get more time with them clothed or in underwear at the beginning? Half the vid could be clothed or in underwear, and the other half can be nude.

Same with the bondage scenes, when you guys did the kicks and knees vid, he tied him up straight away and that kinda ruined it a bit (for me at least).

If you're sticking with long clips, I would be conscious of making people pay for 13 minutes of things they're not interested in, just for 1 or 2 minutes of what they are interested in.

What I want to see:

- Shorter and more focused clips. Take notes from 'Man Up', they film a bunch of scenes all at once, then release as separate clips. Save the longer clips for when you've got a theme.

- Fluffy resisting. Would be nice to see Fluffy be more defiant. Talking back, covering his balls, all that stuff makes it more satisfying when Toby busts him.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, kickran! It‘s very valuable to us and I will discuss your points with Toby and Fluffy. Thank you very much for taking the time to share your opinion! :-))

Anonymous said...

I feel like anything I could say would be repeating my comments I made previously. Obviously, I'm a huge fan of your work and think these vids are great—these two are great and I just love the overall collaboration.

That being said, kicking and flicking and mere swatting is boring to me. I'm still holding out, hoping for something more squeeze or story focused, or something. Still, I almost put down the cash for this one, because I the change of scenery and the overall tone between the two (as seen through clips) seems to have gotten even hotter.

So take my comment with a grain of salt: I know most folks go nuts over the kicking and swatting stuff.

BBJake said...

I think I agree with pretty much everything Kickran said.
Toby is great at kicking but not so good at kneeing, he probably just needs a bit more practice.
I appreciate that filming space is not exactly easy to come across for this kind of thing so I didn't mind too much that the previous clips all had the same setting. That said I did appreciated the change of scenery, even if the garage was a bit more space constrained. You could even just play around with moving furniture to make things look a little different.

As the first commenter said the change in tone was also nice. I liked the more friendly, jokey still in some of the previous videos, like sacktapping 101, but it's nice to change it up sometimes.

Like Kickran, while I appreciate that a lot of people probably do want to see both Toby and Fluffy nude (as the first commenter evidently did), I would like it if they spent longer with their clothes on, Toby in particular. Toby does have a great body, but for me there is more power in him busting Fluffy while still clothed, maybe just shirtless as a midway point. Me and Kickran may be a minority there though.

I would also like to see Fluffy being a little bit less easily cowed. Toby is of course in charge and I know we are not going to get Fluffy busting him, but it would be nice if Fluffy was at least initially resistant. Similarly to the clothed vs. nude bit, if Fluffy was a bit more resistant at the start and then that resistance eroded away part way through under Toby's merciless busting that would allow you to get both sides in.

I think Kickran's suggestion of shorter, more focussed clips might also be a good idea, rather than trying to have one video please everyone you could have shorter segments with slightly different appeal. I'm not sure whether you'd make more or less money that way (obviously a concern), on one hand obviously some people would not buy the whole session, but on the other hand you could reasonably charge more for two 7 minute clips than one 14 minute one. I guess you'd probably have to try it and see.

Overall I did like the clip (I'm a massive boot fan so how could I not!) but there are a few things I would have changed if it was entirely up to me.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, guys! We are working on our next clip, and we are trying to give you something a little different every time. Thank you so much for sharing your opinion! It means a lot to me! :-))