Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Video links: Wrestling low blows (3)

Looks like you really love wrestling low blows, huh?

Here is another batch of my favorite sack scrambling moves from amateur and pro wrestling.

Do you know Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW)? It's a Scottish wrestling promotion that takes wrestling to a whole new level. Here is Paul London and his Flying Teabag. (Yes, it's exactly what you think it is. He pulls out his ball bag at 0:40)

Here is a video from a member of the audience. The quality is bad - but I love the shouts of "Teabag! Teabag! Teabag!" - so very British! :-))

Indeed, the teabag seems to be very popular. Here is another instance.

And here's another one. This time Kid Fite teabags a fan. Aww, what a nice guy!

You gotta love the next two videos. The quality of the film might not be the best - but the quality of the nutshots is superb! And there are a lot more awesome wrestling low blows on the same channel.

Now here is a particularly vicious video: The Young Bucks put thumbtacks inside Joey Ryan's pants (or "on Joey Ryan's penis" as the video title eloquently puts it) and superkick him in the crotch. Ouchie!

This is a perfectly executed low blow, timed to inflict maximum pain and celebrated by some mad pelvic thrusts (skip to 0:20). Well done, sir!

Finally, here are 19 low blows that will ruin your day if the official WWE youtube account is to be believed. Maybe they ruined the affected wrestlers' days (and probably their wives' and girlfriends') - but they certainly made mine! Hooray for wrestling nutshots set to upbeat music!

Readers' picks:

I don't think I have ever received so many video links after a single post... That's awesome, thank you so much! :-))

After seeing the amazing penis flip video in last month's post, an anonymous reader sent us the following video, saying "Here is another one on the same theme, looks like it's becoming popular. LOL". Oh yeah!

Another anonymous reader sent us the following video (skip to 5:30) showing AJ Styles making fun of Randy Orton after Shinsuke Nakamura punched him in the nuts. Talk about insults and injuries...

And another anonmous reader sent us this video. "Also another good one: Goldust propping Tye Dillinger in the corner and giving him a soccer kick to the nuts! RIP Tye's perfect pair of 10s" I love it!

What's your favorite wrestling nutshot? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (!


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