Monday, November 5, 2018

Poll results: Jerking habits

Poll results (version 1) - artwork created by Champ
Last month I asked you a very personal question (yes, I know I am nosy): Do you jerk off to the content of this blog?

More than 350 people have taken part in the poll. Thanks to everybody who participated!

Here are the results:
- Oh yes, frequently!   69%
- Sometimes.   26%
- Rarely.   3%
- Never.   2%

There is a saying in German: “Der Applaus ist das Brot des K√ľnstlers” which could be translated as “An artist doesn’t get paid in dollars, he gets paid in applause.”  Staying in that analogy (and ignoring the obviously condescending approach to arts that this proverb suggests) I guess I get paid in your cumshots – and you have been very, very generous with me, drowning me in jizz just like I love it. :-))

Thank you very much for choosing me as a masturbation inspiration, believe it or not: Your boners mean a lot to me! Keep jerking! :-))


Anonymous said...

Legit I jerk off to this blog more than just about anything. Gorgeous hung young men getting their balls fucked up is so crazy sexy. Idk why but it is.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! Your jerking mesns a lot to me! :-))