Friday, July 14, 2017

Man vs. nature (part 3)

This is the third part of a collaboration with OMB Stories. It's a little different from the stuff I usually write, and I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it!

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Part 1
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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

The next morning, the mood was down. The guys were sitting around the fireplace, shirtless, the morning sun warming their skin.

Thom had spent most of the night awake, trying to cope with his horniness by stuffing his hole with a variety of dildos – to no avail. The athletic blond stud looked tired and edgy, tugging at his crotch every couple of seconds. His balls were churning with cum inside his short sweat pants – but without a dick there was no relief.

Thom let out a miserable sigh. “Let’s go home, guys.”

Jorge looked up. His passionate brown eyes darted to Thom and he ran his hand through his curly brown hair. Then he nodded slowly and reached inside his boxer shorts, fondling his junk. The cute young man liked to call himself “The Puerto Rican Fuck Machine” – but after losing a testicle in a weird encounter with a woodpecker his machine had started stuttering…

“Yeah, that’s right”, he said. “Let’s go home.”

Thom and Jorge turned to their friend Rich.

Rich was going through a rough patch. On their first day here in the woods, a cute little squirrel had taken his nuts. They hadn’t been very big – but still, it was a very bad way to start a holiday. And just when he thought that things couldn’t get any worse, he had lost his meaty cock to the woodpecker. Now he was seriously bummed out. His cargo shorts looked pretty ridiculous, completely flat in the crotch.

Rich ran his hand through his short blond hair and shrugged his shoulders. “Fine by me.”

“Guys, guys, guys”, Greg chuckled, playfully smacking Jorge in the groin, nailing his single nut dead-on and making him double over and groan in pain. “Look at you! You’re a bunch of wimps!”

Greg was the leader of the pack, a handsome stud with a fantastic body, muscular and tanned, with jet black hair and a pair of beautiful eyes that made girls spread their legs and guys bend over on a whim.

“You lost a few balls and a couple of dicks – that’s all it takes for you to run home to your mommies?” Greg laughed. With a mean grin, he imitated his friends’ voices as he mocked them, rubbing his eyes as if he was crying. “Bwah bwah bwah, I miss my little dick. Bwah bwah bwah, one of my nuts is gone, what am I gonna do? Bwah bwah bwah, no dick, no balls, I hate my life. Bwah bwah fucking bwah!”

His friends looked at him, shifting uncomfortably.

“It’s easy for you to talk”, Thom mumbled, tugging at his ballsack.

Greg looked at him and laughed. “What?! Are you serious?!”

“Of course I am”, Thom said defiantly. “You’ve still got your dick and both of your nuts!”

Jorge and Rich nodded their heads in agreement.

Greg let out a sigh. “Which means, of course, that I have most to lose!” He pulled down his sweat pants, exposing his huge, meaty cock and his mammoth pair of low-hanging balls. “Look at that prime meat!” he said, jerking his dick a couple of times until it was rock-hard. He smacked it with the palm of his hand, making the bulbous head slap against his perfect abs. “That would be a feast for all those wild beasts out there!” He grabbed his nutsack by the neck and weighed his plump, heavy nuts in his hand. “Look at those juicy fucking nuts. I bet somewhere there’s a squirrel or a woodpecker licking their lips in anticipation of snitching those tasty treats.”

Jorge, Rich and Thom stared at Greg’s junk with awe.

“And do you think I’m scared?!” Greg smiled. “Do you think I wanna go home?!”

There was a moment of silence.

“No?” Rich asked.

“No. of course not!” Greg laughed, smacking Rich in the face with his dick. “This is our holiday!” He walked up to Jorge and rubbed his nutsack in his face. “Let’s enjoy it, motherfuckers!” He smiled Thom, grabbed him by the nose and shoved his dick down his throat, making him choke as it tickled his tonsils. “Let’s have some fucking fun!”

Rich and Jorge burst out laughing, and as soon as Greg had pulled his dick out of Thom’s mouth, Thom joined in the laughter, coughing and spitting.

“Are you ready to have some fun?” Greg yelled, thumping his chest.

“Yeah!” his buddies roared, getting up and raising their hands in the air.

“Are we gonna go home today?” Greg screamed.

“No!” his buddies hollered.

“Fucking right!” Greg yelled, jumping up and down, his pants around his ankles, his dick dripping with Thom’s spit.

With that matter settled, Greg pointed at a tree stump a few feet away from the fire place. “See that hole in that tree stump over there?” he grinned. “I dare everyone of you who still has a dick to stick it in there and leave it in for a full minute.”

Thom and Rich blinked.

“That means you, my friend!” Greg laughed, pointing at Jorge. “The Puerto Rican Fuck Machine – are you man enough?”

Jorge chuckled nervously. “You go first?”

Greg grinned and walked over to the tree stump, followed by his buddies. He knelt in front of the tree stump and lined his dick up with the hole. The fat mushroom head of Greg’s enormous schlong looked almost too big to fit into the hole.

Smiling confidently, Greg thrust his dick balls-deep into the hole. “Ohhhhhh, feels just like a pussy!” he moaned, humping the tree stump. “Oh, yeah, take my fucking dick!”

His friends were roaring with laughter as Greg fucked the hole, hamming it up with exaggerated moaning and groaning. “Fuck, yeah! That’s it! Take it all, baby!”

Suddenly, after about half a minute, Greg froze. “Shit!” he whispered.

His buddies stopped laughing, staring at him, their eyes open wide in terror.

“What’s up?” Jorge said, a worried expression on his face.

“I think there’s something--- Aaaarrrgh!” Greg let out an ear-piercing scream, his face contorted in agony. “My cock! My fucking cock!”

His friends watched him, panicking, as his body twitched and he screamed from the top of his lungs.

“My fucking cock! My beautiful fucking cock!” Greg roared, his face a mask of pain. His hips were moving, thrusting, as if he was still humping the tree stump. But the look on Greg’s face made it very clear that his pleasure had turned to pain and he was desperately trying to pull his dick out of the damp, dark trap that the hole in the tree stump had become all of a sudden.

“What’s going on?!” Thom yelled, grabbing his best friend’s hips, frantically trying to pull him out back and help him free his huge dick.

But Greg was just screaming in pain. “My cock! fucking cock!”

“Oh my fucking god!” Rich yelled.

“What can we do?!” Jorge shouted.

By now, everybody was screaming along with Greg.

Jorge’s eyes fell onto Greg’s hunting knife that was sitting in the grass near the fireplace. He rushed over, grabbed it, and pulled it out of its holster.

It was as good as new, its razor-sharp blade glistening in the sun.

Greg’s handsome face was beet red and he was screaming from the top of his lungs. “My cooooock!”

“Here!” Jorge yelled, lining up the knife with the base of Greg’s cock.

One clean swipe and he’d be free. It’d be a shame to cut off a beautiful piece of meat like that – but it was obvious that there was no other way.

“Quick! Cut it off!” Rich yelled.

“Cut it off!” Thom chimed in.

There was no time to think twice. Just when Jorge was about to slice through the thick, meaty shaft, Greg raised his hands. “Wait! Is the time up?”


“The 60 seconds – are they up?” Rich screamed.

Thom looked at his watch. “Yes, but---“

“Ha!” Greg yelled and burst out laughing, pulling his completely unharmed dick out of the hole.

It was rock hard, throbbing and dripping with precum.

“Got ya, motherfuckers!” Greg laughed, jerking his impressive fuckstick and pointing it at Jorge whose jaw had dropped in surprise.

A moment later, a huge spurt of spunk splattered out of Greg’s humungous cock, splashing right into Jorge’s baffled face.

“Got ya!” Greg roared with laughter as jet after jet of creamy cum hit Jorge in the face, in the mouth and in the eyes, coating the Puerto Rican Fuck Machine’s handsome features in sticky goo that dripped to the ground in thick, fat blotches.

Unlike Jorge who was gasping for breath, blinking through the flood of jizz that sloshed against his face, Thom and Rich quickly recovered from the shock and started laughing boisterously at the sight of their flabbergasted friend.

Greg was pointing his dick up at Jorge like a fire hose, laughing and cheering as he covered Jorge’s face in his spunk.

When the flood subsided, Jorge looked as if someone had emptied a bucket of goo over his head. His hair was drenched, his face was covered in slime that ran down his naked chest.

“That’s not funny”, Jorge mumbled humorlessly. He rubbed his burning eyes, trying to wipe away the salty spunk.

“Yes, it is!” Greg roared, turning to Thom and Rich. “Isn’t it?”

Thom and Rich were gasping for breath, holding their aching bellies, their bodies shaking with laughter.

“You really thought my dick was a goner, huh?” Greg chuckled, smacking his fat, spent dick into the palm of his hand. “Don’t worry, this throat-choker isn’t done, yet…”

Thom and Rich guffawed at Jorge’s dumbfounded expression.

“Your turn, buddy”, Greg chuckled and pointed at the tree stump. “60 seconds.”

Jorge grimaced, jizz dripping from his jaw. “I dunno.” He bit his lower lip, his face contorting as he tasted Greg’s cum on his tongue.

“You’re not gonna chicken out, are you?” Greg chuckled and playfully kicked Jorge’s crotch, catching his single nut dead-on and making him groan in pain.

He doubled over, rubbing his crotch, as his buddies burst out laughing.

“Alright”, Jorge mumbled, eyeing the hole in the tree stump while dropping his pants and revealing his fat, semi-hard cock. His nut was dangling low in his sack all by itself, looking a little lonely.

“I’ll take the time”, Greg grinned. “Make sure you get it in there balls-deep…”

Jorge inhaled deeply and shoved his dick into the hole. He looked far less confident than Greg had, and the drying cum on his face didn’t help. Greg’s spunky jizz was burning in his sore eyes and he blinked nervously.

“How does it feel?” Greg grinned.

Jorge mumbled something unintelligible.

“Think of all the little animals in there”, Greg chuckled, placing his hand on his buddy’s shoulder. “I mean, they were probably intimidated by the size of my dick but now that they see yours they might develop a little appetite…” A mean grin spread on his face as he whipped his dick against Jorge’s naked thighs.

Suddenly, Jorge tensed. “Shit”, he whispered. “I think there’s something crawling over my cock.”

Greg laughed and looked at his watch. “Forty seconds left. You gonna chicken out?”

Thom and Rich started making clucking noises, causing Jorge to frown.

“Fuck you”, Jorge mumbled, shifting uncomfortably. Suddenly, his face contorted in pain and he let out a grunt that made his buddies laugh out loud. “I think something bit me”, he groaned.

“Thirty seconds left”, Greg grinned.

Jorge gritted his teeth. “Damn, that felt like a sting from a bee or something.”

Greg laughed. “A bee?! You think your jizz tastes like honey, huh?”

Thom and Rich roared with laughter.

“Shit”, Jorge grunted. “It’s hurting.”

“Twenty seconds left”, Greg grinned, patting his buddy’s shoulder.

Jorge grimaced and groaned. “Fuck! I think it’s going numb.”

“Fifteen seconds left”, Greg said casually, patting Jorge’s back. “How does your dick feel, buddy?”

Jorge’s face was contorted in pain. “It’s fucking hurting!”

The time remaining seemed to last forever, partly due to the fact that Greg’s timing was a little off.

“How much longer?” Jorge groaned.

“Fifteen seconds”, Greg grinned.

Jorge raised his eyebrows. “You already said fifteen seconds!”

“Ooops”, Greg chuckled. “Looks like the timer stopped.” He pressed a button and grinned. “Now it’s working again.”

His buddies roared with laughter.

Finally, Greg announced that the time was up.

“Okay, buddy, you can pull your dick out, now”, Greg grinned, winking at Jorge. “Let’s see the bee sting…”

Jorge groaned and tried to free his dick but it was stuck.

“What the fuck?!” Jorge moaned, yanking on his cock.

Greg laughed. “Looks like it has swollen up already…”

“Fuck!” Jorge grunted, frantically yanking on his cock.

Suddenly, a little scorpion crawled out of the tree stump. It wiggled its sharp, pointy tail and looked at Jorge for a brief moment as if to say, “Surprise!”

Jorge froze.

“Well, apparently it wasn’t a bee after all”, Thom cackled.

Greg and Rich burst out laughing.

“Fuck!” Jorge screamed as the scorpion leisurely crawled away. Sweat was pouring down his naked body and he yanked and tugged on his trapped dick but it was too swollen to fit through the hole.

Jorge spent the better part of an hour trying desperately to free himself to no avail and his buddies watched on helplessly.

“I guess there’s only one option”, Greg eventually said with a shrug and grabbed the hunting knife.

“No!” Jorge said, his eyes widening with terror.

Greg turned to Rich and Thom. “Do you see any other option?”

Thom and Rich shook their heads grimly.

“Sorry, Jorge, looks like your cock has to go”, Greg grinned, not looking sorry at all. “Say bye-bye to your dick.”

“Bye-bye!” Thom and Rich sing-songed as Greg brought the knife down, severing Jorge’s precious piece of fuckmeat with a swift and precise cut.

Greg looked down at his crotch in disbelief. “What have you done?” he whispered, his eyes wide open.

Greg laughed and pocketed the knife. “Look at it this way, buddy: That damp, dark cavity is a fitting gravesite for your cock, isn’t it?”

Thom and Rich laughed.

Jorge didn’t seem in the mood for jokes. He was on all fours in front of the hole, peeking inside, trying to catch a glimpse of his detached dick.

With his dick and one of his nuts gone, Jorge’s one testicle was all that remained of his proud, perfect manhood. It dangled between his legs invitingly, and Greg decided to take the invitation.

He winked at his buddies and brought his leg back before kicking Jorge in the crotch from behind, lifting him off the ground and making him squeal from the top of his lungs.

Thom, Rich and Greg cried with laughter as they watched Jorge roll back and forth, clutching what was left of his equipment for dear life, shrieking like a banshee.

After Jorge had recovered from the blow to his severely reduced junk the four studs decided to hold a little memorial service for the Puerto Rican Sex Machine’s most vital piece of gadgetry that quickly turned into a booze and beer fueled roasting session when Greg decided to set the tree stump on fire, burning Jorge’s thick meatstick after delivering a heartfelt, moving eulogy. It was a tongue-in-cheek speech celebrating Jorge’s legendary libido and the untimely end of Jorge’s sex life, and it brought tears to the mourner’s eyes.

“Rest in peace”, Greg chuckled, watching the tree stump and Jorge’s wonderful dong go up in flames. “You’ve made a lot of girls and a couple of guys very happy.”

Jorge nodded, slowly coming to the realisation that this was real. But the others didn’t seem quite as upset.

“Alright”, Greg said, clapping his hands. “I’m gonna go swimming in the lake. Who’s with me?”

After yesterday’s unfortunate encounter with the beavers, Thom stayed out of the water, eyeing his surroundings suspiciously and cupping his balls with both of his hands. There was no way he was going to lose his balls as well.

Greg, Rich and Jorge were frolicking in the water, laughing and cheering as they splashed each other with water and tried dunking each other.

Thom watched them from the shore, a little jealous. His friends looked like they were having a lot of fun. Maybe he should get in, too?

A second later, he was very glad about the decision when he saw a sudden movement in the water.

Rich noticed it first, a large group of fish that appeared swimming back and forth between his legs, and for the first time he was glad that there was nothing valuable dangling between his thighs any more. He didn’t see any reason to warn his friends, either, and a grin spread on his face when he noticed the hungry piranhas moving on to Greg and Jorge.

“Shit!” Jorge yelled, terrified, when he saw the swarm of fish swimming back and forth between his legs.

“Don’t move!” Greg said with a grin. He was standing in the middle of the lake, his legs spread wide, his fat, meaty dick and his huge balls swaying gently in the water.

Jorge froze. His body was shaking and his eyes were wide open as he watched the fish circle around his last remaining ball.

His final testicle.

It looked so lonely and lost.

“Oh, fuck”, Jorge whispered through his gritted teeth.

“Don’t move”, Greg said matter-of-factly, staring down at the fish who kept their distance from his valuable possessions. They looked as if they were impressed by Greg’s wonderful tool and his sperm-packed balls.

Apparently, they were less impressed with Jorge’s single testicle.

Jorge let out an ear-piercing scream as the fish started beating his nut with their fins.

Rich and Greg roared with laughter as the fish pummeled Jorge’s ball again and again and again, making the handsome Latino scream from the top of his lungs.

“What’s going on?” Thom yelled from the shore.

“Just some fucking fish!” Greg laughed. “They’re beating up Jorge’s nut!”

Thom burst out laughing. “Seriously?”

Jorge was squealing and shrieking, his handsome face contorted in agony.

“Seriously!” Greg shouted laughing.

It took only a couple of minutes until the swarm had beaten Jorge’s nut into submission.

Then there was a new kind of pain, a sharp, white, hot kind of pain that made Jorge’s stomach churn.

One of the fish had bitten his sack.

“Don’t move!” Greg chuckled.

Jorge blinked, his eyes fixed on his crotch, watching the fish open his sack and squish out his testicle.

“Oh my god!” Jorge whispered in a toneless voice. “My nut.”

Once their work was done, the school of fish disappeared as fast as they had came.

Jorge’s testicle was floating on the surface of the water.

“Huh”, Greg said, scratching his chin. He reached for the floating nut and grabbed it. A mean grin spread on his face. “I don’t think you need this anymore, do you?”

“Noooo!” Jorge yelled.

“Catch it!” Greg quipped before throwing the big meatball in the other direction. It landed on the surface of the water, gently floating as if it was mocking Jorge.

“Nooooo!” Jorge swam towards his testicle as his buddies were laughing their asses off.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t a very good swimmer, and his buddies were crying with laughter.

Just when he was in reach of his severed nut, a beautiful swan appeared out of nowhere, flapping its wings as it descended onto the water, picked up Jorge’s testicle and flew away, Jorge’s precious nut in its beak.

“Noooooooooooo!” Jorge watched the swan fly away.

His buddies were roaring with laughter as the last piece of Jorge’s manhood disappeared into the sunset.

Jorge turned to his buddies and let out a miserable sigh.

“Wow, now you’re both out of nuts”, Greg quipped, reaching between his legs and giving his own set of gonads a reassuring squeeze.

Rich and Jorge looked at each other and sighed.

“How come they didn’t attack your junk?” Jorge mumbled.

Greg laughed. “It’s survival of the fittest, idiot. Those fucking animals know better than to attack me. Do you think I would have stood still and watched those fucking beasts steal my jewels?”

Jorge blinked. “But you told me not to move.”

Greg roared with laughter. “Hell, if I had some dumb animals attack my junk I’d fucking show them who’s boss!”

Jorge stared at him, seething with rage.

Greg chuckled. “Okay, who’s up for a beer?”


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Can't wait to see what happens to Greg!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! We're working on the final part right now. :-))

Anonymous said...

Greg's huge balls are doomed! If the animals won't do it, well there's one hot dog and two marshmallows for the other campers

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! Your comment made me laugh out loud! That would be fitting end for Greg's manhood. :-))