Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Video links: Comedy gems (3)

Welcome to the world of pain and laughter, of boys learning what it means to be a man, and of men suddenly wishing they were women... Here are a couple of my favorite ballbusting clips from scripted TV shows, movies and web shows. And since the end of the year is right around the corner, and we have a couple of testicles that will probably expire by December 31st, each of today's clips features multiple nutshots! Yay!

The first clip (appropriately called "Nut Job" on the official Disney Movie Trailers youtube channel) features one of my favorite actors, Seth Green, who delivers an award worthy performance of a guy getting hit in the nuts. Seriously, I love the reaction. It's Oscar material! I guess the rest of the movie "Old Dogs" didn't live up to the sensational quality of this scene so Seth was snubbed. Well, have a look at it yourself, and enjoy the wonderful facial expression and the sound he makes when the pain hits him. Make sure you watch it to the end for a second nutshot and a reprise of Seth's nut pain...

And now it's time for "Scrote Squad", a fun little game of testicular mayhem that gets slightly out of hand in an episode of US sitcom "The League". The dialogue is hot and funny, so make sure to watch it with sound. The following clip is a wonderful compilation of all the "Scrote Squad" related scenes from the episode.

Sack tapping is pretty fun but a nice, hard kick in the plums is fine, too, right? In the (otherwise forgettable) movie "I Spy" Owen Wilson is the recipient of quite a few kicks to the jewels. Most of them are f/m (courtesy of Famke Janssen) if I remember correctly, but here's a scene with Eddie Murphy that features not two but four crushed nuts.

In the next clip, we have another four crushed nuts, and one pair gets double-crunched. The episode "The Time Jerker" from children's TV series "Henry Danger" revolves around the phenomenon known as the Butterfly Effect. Our hero Henry goes back in time and changes something that results in an undesired change later on. I know, I know. It has been done before. But it has never been done with a nut-crunching avocado in a crucial role!

Crushed avocados #1 at 5:38
Avocado protection at 16:40
Crushed avocados #2 at 16:54
Crushed avocados #3 at 22:40

Update 12/30/2015: Unfortunately, the Henry Danger clip has since been taken down. Our reader OMB Stories has found a link to the first nutshot:

Crushed avocados at 5:20

Special Thanks to OMB Stories!

And finally, here's a little featurette from the set of the movie "Adventureland". One of the characters has the habit of hitting the main character, his friend, in the nuts at every opportunity. The featurette (title: "Got balls?") shows actor Matt Bush shows us the most fun ways to punch people in the nuts. The moves are called "Whac-a-Ball", "Bowling Ball" or "Drive-by". Wonderful!

Reader's picks:

Carter sent us this wonderful little clip featuring UFC announcer Bruce Buffer offering very helpful advice on "How to take a nutshot". Watch and learn, everybody! :-)

Danielle Smith sent us a very funny nutshot from an animation movie via facebook. The look on the pirate's face when the wooden beam smacks him in the groin is just hilarious!

Skip to 29:20

Special thanks to Carter and Danielle for sharing those clips with us!

Let me know about your favorite ballbusting comedy scenes by leaving a comment here or sending me an email (alex@ballbustingboys.org). Thanks!


OMB Stories said...

Great! Loved these clips. Couldn't access the Henry Danger one due to copyright but found one of the nut crunches here: https://www.youtube.com/embed/CLW1Jck95e4?autoplay=1&FORM=VIRE7&PC=SMSM at 5:20

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! Too bad the original clip was taken down. Thank you very much for sharing the new link! I have added it to the post! :-))