Monday, December 21, 2015

What's the story? (2)

Christmas is approaching fast, and on my search for ornaments, decoration and festive trinkets I found the following picture:

Now over to you: What do you think is the story behind this picture? Who is the guy whose balls are so wonderfully decorated? Has he done it himself? If not, who has? And why? And what's going to happen next?

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Thank you! :-))


Anonymous said...

I'd like either a Christmas present for his mom or his sister. :)

Alex said...

I'm sure his mom and sister will love their present, Bigballs1! Maybe they'll wait until his brother comes home to crack his nuts. It's gonna be the best Christmas party ever! :-))

Anonymous said...

Now that sounds like an amazing story!!!!! I'd love to read it! I'd get off like no tomorrow!

Alex said...

Maybe some day it will get written down. But whether it'll be a written story or not - I'm sure it will become a wonderful Christmas tradition in the family... :-))

Carter said...

Honestly this seems like something a straight person would do for a woman, maybe his girlfriend?
I just don't get many m/m vibes from this

Maybe I'll think of something later

Anonymous said...

Parker for David

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys!

Maybe you are right and he has done it for his girlfriend. He wants to surprise her so he's naked on the bed on all fours. But the surprise is on him when his girlfriend's husband arrives and decides to spoil his wife's Christmas by breaking her present... :-))

David is gonna be so thrilled! I'm sure he'll show his gratitude by giving Parker a beautiful pair of black and blue balls! :-))

Anonymous said...

I'd love to read a story with two brothers and dad. Christmas tradition, cracked nuts, squeezed plums and jingle balls :-)
I loved particularly that scene in Cody's story when he's on the ground and gives two uppercuts to his friends...
Whatever will be the story, please insert a lot of crossed eyes, knees and high voices!!! I love the way you describe it.
Thank you so much for this entertainment you provide, Happy Xmas !!! <3

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Danielle! I'm sure the brothers and their dad won't stop until they are all cross-eyed and limping - and then it's time for the traditional soprano choir performance... :-))



Alex said...

Thank you, Luke!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that this is not related to the picture but I have an idea for a story. Maybe you can have a pro wrestling storyline. With all the ringposts,the ropes and the heavy equipment, you can imagine all the ballbusting techniques! There are plenty of wrestling ballbusting videos on Youtube. Anyway, it's just an idea. Have a nice holiday!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I like your idea and I'll see what I can do. Maybe one of the boys starts a career in pro wrestling? I'll think about it... :-))

Carter said...

It's hard remembering which names you've already used, cause I don't want to reuse any by mistake.

The guy is named Jimmy Hogarth.
In high school his older brother Bruce was really popular. Captain of the football team. Dating head cheerleader. Sleeping with lots of girls. Bruce, Jimmy, and their friend Ted all knew they were popular.

They loved teasing other dudes. Busting balls. Making fun of guys with small dicks. Stealing their girlfriends.
There was a nerd named Andy and they loved messing with him.

Andy was scrawny. Wore glasses. Small cock.

They sack tapped him in the halls. Smothered his jockstrap in icy hot before pe. Made fun of his dick in the bathroom. All sorts of things.

All three ended up in the same college, as luck would have it. And the busting continued.

Now graduated, Andy has a lot of money from a job making video games. He also has a girlfriend named Quinn. She likes his money. Andy fully understands he cannot keep her satisfied and is okay with her sleeping around.

Quinn seduced Jimmy, slept with him, and is now threatening to tell Jimmy's wife. Jimmy doesn't want to get divorced and lose all his money so he agreed to do anything.

To start off, Quinn has wrapped up Jimmy's nuts for her boyfriend Andy. Andy is going to enjoy his revenge. When that's done, Ted and Bruce are next.

Alex said...

Thanks for your story, Carter! I love it - and I'm sure Andy does, too! I bet he lines up Jimmy, Ted and Bruce (with different bells hanging from their balls) and plays a Christmassy tune by punching their nuts! :-))

(And don't worry about the names too much - there are so many that I have to check every time I introduce a new character... :-))