Sunday, July 26, 2015

One on one: Ben vs. Logan – the rematch

Special thanks to Reg for coming up with some hot ideas for the plot! 

This is a sequel to One on one: Ben vs. Logan.

Featured in this story: Logan and Ben (click for pictures)

Ben smiled. The muscular 20 year old was shirtless and barefoot, wearing nothing but a pair of boxer briefs. He ran his hand through his black and winked at the camera.“Welcome to another exciting episode of the Ben Show! I know you love to see me kick some ass – and you’ll get exactly what you wish for…”

“Here he goes again”, Logan grinned, shaking his head in disbelief. He turned to me and chuckled. “Feels like a déjà-vu, doesn’t it?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “You know Ben”, I said. “What did you expect?”

Logan let out a laugh. “Yeah, you might have a point…”

Logan was 18 year old, a talented young high school wrestler with blond hair, a handsome face and an irresistible smile. With muscles in all the right places and a considerable bulge in his compression shorts, Logan was one of our hottest models.

A little while ago, he had defeated Ben in a fierce, nut-crunching fight that had left Ben serious pain. Instead of admitting defeat however, Ben had told Logan that he had let him win on purpose.

I chuckled, thinking back to the fight. Logan had trashed poor Ben’s big balls, kicking, stomping and punching them until Ben had given up. It had been nothing less than a clear, unequivocal victory for Logan.

When Ben had insisted that he had let Logan win, Logan had challenged him to a rematch. And, of course, Ben had agreed. I was pretty sure that he would regret his decision…

I looked at Logan. He had a confident grin on his face, and I was pretty sure that his dick inside his compression shorts was at least semi-hard.

“Excited?” I said with a smile, nodding at his groin.

Logan laughed and adjusted his crotch. “It’s showing, huh?”

I chuckled.

Ben had finished his shtick in front of the camera, and it was Logan’s turn now.

Logan smiled into the camera. “Hi there”, Logan said with a cocky grin. “I hope you enjoyed the last match between me and Ben. It was so fucking easy to bust Ben’s ‘balls of steel’ that I wanted a second go at his manhood.” He laughed. “Balls of steel my ass! I can beat him anytime, anywhere, and today I’m gonna prove it to you. Believe me, when I’m done with him, he’ll be walking funny for weeks.” He turned to Ben who shrugged at Logan’s trash talk with an undeterred grin. “Kiss your sex life goodbye, handsome. You’ll be shooting blanks for a while!”

Ben grabbed the bulging package in his briefs. “I told you”, Ben grinned. “Many have tried to trash these fuckers – but I’m still undefeated.”

Logan let out a laugh.

“Undefeated”, Ben insisted. “Never lost, never will.”

Logan rolled his eyes. “Oh, come on. Get real, man!”

Ben chuckled. “You want me to get real?” He flexed the biceps of his right arm. “This, buddy, this is real.” He raised his left arm and did the same. “And this is real, too.” He looked at Logan. “Look at these guns and compare them to your puny muscles!”

Logan laughed.

“You lose, buddy. You lose!” Ben grinned, posing for the camera.

Logan rolled his eyes again and, with a sigh, he struck the same pose as Ben, flexing his biceps.

The two guys stood side by side, comparing their muscles.

“You don’t stand a chance, kid!” Ben laughed.

In fact, I couldn’t see much of a difference between Ben and Logan. They were both athletic and strong, with muscles in all the right places, and not an ounce of fat on their bodies.

“Well”, Logan grinned cheekily. “I'm still more of a man than you! Especially after I trashed your babymakers last time. How are your little balls doing, by the way? Still hurting, I suppose. I hope I didn’t do any permanent damage…”

Ben stared at him. He reached inside his briefs and pulled out his fat, flaccid dick and his plump, meaty balls, letting them dangle over the waistband. “Come here kid and I'll show you who’s more of a man!” He balled his fists and slammed them against his chest. “Whoohoo! Biggest balls in the room!”

Logan grinned, slowly shaking his head. He pulled down his compression shorts, exposing his junk. His dick was half-hard and his juicy, young balls were hanging low in their sack.

The two guys stood next to each other, comparing their equipment.

“Fuck yeah! Biggest balls in the room!” Ben yelled.

Logan shook his head. “Wait a minute, buddy, are you squinting or something? You’re smaller than me. No doubt about it.”

They went back and forth for a while, each one insisting that their manhood was bigger than their opponent’s.

Finally, Logan turned to me. “Come on”, he said. “We need an outside opinion.”

They looked at me expectantly.

I shrugged and got down on one knee, their bare bits and pieces dangling right in front of my face.

I grabbed both sacks and weighed them in my hands. Ben and Logan were smiling down at me, eager to hear my judgment, as I gave their most valuable possessions a playful squeeze.

“Well?” Ben grinned.

I looked at the two pairs of testicles. Both were big. Two fat, meaty nuggets. It was impossible to tell which ones were bigger.

I looked up again. Ben’s eyes were wide open and a hopeful, heart-wrenchingly innocent smile played around the corners of his mouth.

“We have a winner”, I declared in a festive voice. “Congratulations, Ben, you have the biggest balls in the room!”

Ben started jumping up and down, cheering wildly while his junk was happily bouncing and smacking against his thighs. “Yeah! Fuck yeah!” Ben yelled. “Biggest balls in the room! Fuck yeah!”

Logan looked at me, his eyebrows raised.

I shrugged. “Biggest balls in the room”, I smiled.

Logan rolled his eyes. “Alright, let’s fight.”

After Ben had calmed down and both of them had pulled up their pants again, the two boys locked their hands in a test of strength. Soon, they were both grunting with effort, trying to bring the other guy to his knees.

Logan jerked his foot forward, causing Ben to yelp and move his hips, trying to bring his precious genitalia to safety.

Logan laughed.

Ben let out a grunt.

Logan pretended to launch another kick at Ben’s groin. Ben winced again and lifted his knee protectively, prompting Logan to burst out laughing.

“Why are you so jumpy?” Logan chuckled. “Worried about your big balls?”

Another kick attempt elicited a similar reaction from Ben, and Logan laughed, “I thought your balls were made of steel – I’m sure they can take a kick or tw---“

Suddenly, Ben let out a sharp grunt, startling Logan. That was just what Ben needed to overpower his young opponent and bring him down to his knees.

Logan landed flat on his back, with Ben crashing down on him, ramming his knee into Logan’s groin.

Logan let out an anguished wail as his jewels were crushed to diamond dust.

Ben pinned Logan’s arms to the ground and brought his knee up between Logan’s thighs, flattening his fat nuts into his body. “Who’s laughing now?” Ben grinned, following up with another hard knee to the nuts that made Logan scream in agony.

“Who’s laughing now, huh?” Ben repeated, crushing Logan’s nuts once more with a devastating knee strike.

Ben got up and put his hands on his hips, smiling down Logan who curled up in a ball, groaning in pain. “Ooooh, are your puny little balls hurting, kid?” Ben grinned. “Has the big bad guy crushed your tiny little peanuts?” He roared with laughter. “I’ve taught you a valuable lesson, kid: Don’t mess with me or your balls will pay the price!” Ben put his hand behind his head and started thrusting his hips back and forth. “Never lost, never will! Biggest balls in the roo---“

Logan’s fist shot up between Ben’s spread legs, smashing into his poor nuts into his body.

“---ooom!” Ben squealed in a soprano voice before falling to his knees.

Logan looked at him, his face contorted in pain. “More like weakest balls in the room”, he grunted.

They were both on their knees, clutching their aching balls.

Ben was groaning in pain.

Logan crawled over and reached between Ben’s thighs, prying his hands away and closing his fingers around Ben’s meaty nuts through the thin fabric of his boxers.

Ben screamed from the top of his lungs as Logan started squeezing. His eyes bulged obscenely and he gasped for air, his nuts getting crushed in Logan’s vise-like grip.

With his hands wrapped around Ben’s babymakers, Logan left his own crotch unprotected, and Ben seized the chance, grabbing a good handful of Logan’s genitalia and squeezing hard.

Both of them were grunting and groaning, screaming and moaning as they attempted to crush the life out of each others’ balls, squishing and squashing their opponent’s tender orbs with their bare hands.

The two hot boys’ bodies were glistening with sweat as they squished and squashed each others’ nuts.

Finally, Ben managed to twist out of Logan’s grip and let go of Logan’s balls in the process.

Their faces were contorted in pain as they clutched their goods, eyeing their opponent suspiciously.

Logan got up, groaning and rubbing his crotch. He smiled weakly. “Wanna give up before I turn your nuts into peanut butter?”

Ben scoffed. “You’ll never break those balls of steel!” he grunted, lightly tapping the big package in his boxer briefs. Apparently, that was more painful than Ben had imagined, and his face went pale. He looked like he was going to puke any moment.

Logan burst out laughing. “Balls of steel?! Balls of glass more likely”, he chuckled before launching a well-aimed kick at Ben’s crotch. Logan’s bare foot connected with the Ben’s swollen nuts and rammed them into his body.

Ben’s eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head. He stared down at his crotch, a look of shocked disbelief on his face.

“Oh, have I shattered them?” Logan said innocently, raising his eyebrows and covering his mouth with his hands. “Ooops. I’m sorry!”

Ben let out a angry grunt and lunged at Logan, but Logan jumped out of the way, causing Ben to crash into the wall. Logan seized his chance and kicked Ben’s balls from behind.

Ben let out an anguished wail as his nuts were rammed into his body. He turned around, his face contorted in pain, his hands clutching his battered balls.

Like a wounded giant, Ben stumbled forward and lashed out, trying to land a punch at Logan’s face.

Logan ducked and punched Ben’s balls, making him squeal from the top of his lungs.

Ben doubled over and staggered forwards, whimpering in pain.

Logan laughed.

He continued playing with Ben, evading his punches and kicks, and landing a couple of hard shots to Ben’s balls himself instead.

Each blow made Ben weaker, and made it easier for Logan to hurt him.

Shot after painful shot smashed into Ben’s poor balls. Soon, even light taps were making Ben wail in pain.

Logan was making fun of him, mocking his grimaces and his grunts, and teasing him about his alleged ‘balls of steel’.

Watching them, I started to feel pity for Ben. It was like watching a bullfight with a decidedly superior matador and a rapidly weakening bull. And I was starting to root for the poor bull…

“You call these balls of steel?” Logan laughed, landing another light nut-tap that made Ben scream in pain. “Come on, big balls, is that all you got?”

Ben let out a grunt and lunged at Logan again.

Repeating his earlier trick, Logan fell to his knees again and delivered a hard, relentless uppercut to Ben’s balls.

Ben’s mouth opened and he let out a wheezing groan.

Logan laughed and got up, standing back to admire the result of his attack.

Ben gasped for breath, his eyes watering, his body shaking. “Oh my fucking balls”, he groaned hoarsely before slumping to his knees, coughing.

Logan watched him, laughing.

Grimacing in pain, Ben pulled down his shorts and examined his manhood. His nuts were severely swollen and red. He tentatively lifted them up, letting them rest in his palm. “My fucking balls”, he groaned.

“Come on, we’re not finished, yet!” Logan grinned. “You can’t let me win again!”

Ben looked up at him, his face a mask of pain. “Fuck you!”

“Get up”, Logan said with a grin, ruffling Ben’s hair. “Let’s finish this like real men.” He grabbed a handful of Ben’s hair, pulling him painfully to his feel.

Ben screamed. His hands shot up to his head, closing around Logan’s wrist. His boxer briefs fell to his ankles, leaving his impressive junk completely unprotected and vulnerable.

Logan chuckled and smacked Ben’s bare balls with the back of his hand, making the big, meaty orbs dance in their sack. He let go of Ben’s hair and stepped back, allowing the muscular stud to double over, clutching his crotch.

“How do those big balls of yours feel?” Logan grinned.

Ben didn’t answer.

Logan chuckled. “Wanna see a real man’s balls?” He took off his own shorts and grinned, flexing his muscles in victory. His nuts looked slightly battered but nowhere near as bad as Ben’s bruised organs. “Come on, look at them!”

Ben kept his head down, doubled over in agony.

“I said look at them!” Logan repeated, a huge smile on his lips. When Ben didn’t react, he stepped forward, grabbed Ben’s head with both of his hands and forced him to look up.

Ben’s eyes were filled with pain and humiliation.

Logan laughed. He playfully slapped his dangling junk against Ben’s face with a wet smack.

Ben gritted his teeth.

Logan chuckled and repeated his move, smacking his semi-hard dick and low-hanging balls into Ben’s face repeatedly.

Ben let out frustrated, angry grunts, but he was not able to defend himself against Logan’s humiliating antics.

“Okay”, Logan finally said, chuckling as he let go of Ben’s face. “Let’s bring this to an end.” He put his hands on his hips and spread his legs. “Now you give me your best shot, then I’ll give you mine. Let’s see who’s got balls of steel…”

Ben clenched his teeth. His eyes were fixed on Logan’s crotch. Like a dying bull staring at the red rag in the hands of the torero.

I grimaced in sympathy as I watched Ben prepare for his shot. It was obvious that he had no strength left. He’d probably miss his big targets completely.

My eyes fell on Logan’s cute bubble butt, and his big balls that were dangling between his thighs.

I bit my lower lip, stepped closer and brought my leg back.

Neither Logan nor Ben noticed me. Ben was focusing on Logan’s balls, and Logan was busy humiliating Ben.

“Come on, take your best shot”, Logan chuckled. “Let’s see whose nuts are tougher!”

I brought my foot up between Logan’s thighs from behind, catching both of Logan’s nuts dead-on. My sneaker-clad foot connected with Logan’s meaty nuggets, and a loud, wet smack echoed through the room. My kick was so hard that I thought I could feel Logan’s nuts flatten through my shoe.

Logan let out a shocked grunt.

A huge smile appeared on Ben’s face.

“Sorry”, I mumbled, quickly stepping back to my position behind the camera.

“My nuts”, Logan whispered breathlessly. Then he let out an ear-curdling scream and slumped to the floor.

Ben cleared his throat. He limped over to Logan and looked down at him. With a cocky grin, he dropped his knee between Logan’s thighs, landing square on Logan’s nuts.

Logan’s voice cracked and turned up an octave as his nuts were crunched flat between Ben’s knee and the cold, hard floor. “Fuuuuuck!” he wailed in a high-pitched voice.

Ben got up and looked down at Logan. “Give up?” he mumbled, fondling his own aching balls.

Logan nodded his head, whimpering in pain.

On Ben’s face, I could see what was going on in his head. At first, he looked like he didn’t know what to do. Should he cheer? Should he just walk away quietly?

Then, suddenly, his face lit up.

“Another win for the biggest balls in the room!” he yelled, raising his arms up into the air. “Yes! Fuck yes!” He leaned down and smacked Logan’s bare butt with the palm of his hand. “Eat that, kid! Still undefeated! Whoohoo!”

Logan was whimpering in pain.

Ben did a little victory dance, shaking his hips wildly and making his dick and balls swing about. Judging from the look on his face, he realized pretty quickly that it was a bad idea to let his battered balls smack against his thighs. He stopped instantly, swallowed hard, and whispered “Whoohoo!” without much conviction.

Funnily enough, Ben left the studio in a hurry, avoiding eye contact with me.

Logan stayed a little longer, curled up on the floor, whimpering in pain.

Feeling bad, I fetched him a beer and we sat down on the couch.

Logan threw his head back, sighing as he held the cold beer can against his aching nuts between his spread thighs.

I looked at him and opened my mouth.

“Okay, I probably deserved it”, Logan groaned.

I closed my mouth again.

“It felt awesome, you know”, Logan said, turning to me. “Before you kicked me, I mean.” He chuckled. “That didn’t feel awesome at all.”

We both laughed.

“Has anybody ever told you that you have a mean kick?” Logan grinned, rubbing his sore nuts before raising his beer can and holding it in my direction.

I shrugged. “I guess it’s in my genes. Germany is soccer world champion for a reason, you know?”

We clinked our beer cans and laughed.

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Anonymous said...

The story is awesome.
Thanks for acknowledging my contribution to the płot but all the credit goes to you for turning it into a great read.

You're the best,

Alex said...

Thank you, Reg! I'm glad you like the way the story turned out! :-))

Anonymous said...

Loving these Ben vs Logan stories, they make a good match.

You could have a third and final installment of this with Ben boasting to Kev about how he can beat Logan any time. Kev knows this to be utter nonsense and goads Ben into betting that the loser of this third round will get their balls worked over by Kev, Zack and the winner the following day. Logan knows the truth and knows that all things being equal he could win a third time.

But the unthinkable happens. Ben wins. (this could be completely fairly, or it could be the result of Logan being milked the previous night or fooling around with Ashley and injuring himself that way) But this pushes Ben's ego up to maximum having come full circle from losing outright, then losing with an obvious handicap, to winning completely.

Kev is pissed at missing out on an opportunity to make meat-paste out of Ben's balls, so he, Ben and Zach really do the works to Logan's nuts. (Maybe have Zach enact a few of the things to Logan that Kev and Simon did to him when he was tied up at the end of "The Ace of Spades".

Looking forward to your future stories regardless of whether you like this idea :)


Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, ScotLad! Your suggestion is hot! I'll see what I can do... :-))

Anonymous said...

Oh my God ScotLad, that sounds awesome! Alex, please, please, please keep that on your list of possible stories! :D

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! It's on the list. :-))

Anonymous said...

Hey hey! Any news on when we might be seeing the rematch and Logan's balls getting ruined again? ;)

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I haven't started writing the third part yet but I'll move it up on my list. :-))

Anonymous said...

I had completely forgotten about my part 3 suggestion.
I really was mean 5 years ago....
Then again, I still think Ben deserves a real win, Zach deserves to do some real busting, and Logan getting trashed is always fun.

Looking forward to seeing this sometime, but with the massive lists I know it’ll likely still be some way off.


Alex said...

Thanks for drawing my attention to your suggestion again. So many ideas - so little time... I'll see what I can do, though. :-))