Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Video links: Hypnosis makes your nuts hurt

Thanks to our reader Brady for his suggestion to devote a post to stage hypnotist Tony Lee!

Usually, when I share videos on this blog, the clips show guys getting their nuts crunched by other guys. This post is different - or is it?

Tony Lee is a Canadian stage hypnotist. He calls himself an "X-Rated Hypnotist", and he makes nice, innocent people do naughty things during his live shows.

I have mixed feelings about stage hypnosis - especially the kind that Tony Lee engages in. For one, I think setting people up and making them do things they'd never do voluntarily is a very cheap way to get laughs. But more importantly there's a certain undercurrent when Lee makes straight college guys touch each other or eat whipped cream off each others' bodies, and the audience roars with laughter.

On the other hand making straight college guys touch each other or eat whipped cream off each others' bodies can be pretty hot, so--- Yeah, I have mixed feelings about stage hypnosis...

But I digress.

In one of Lee's signature pieces, he asks for a male volunteer from the audience: "You have to be really tough, you have to have a high tolerance for pain, and - I'll be honest with you - you may break something."

What follows is a "self defense class" with Lee acting as an instructor, showing the hypnotised girls on stage how to properly kick a man's balls before making them take turns smashing his poor nuts, usually telling them some ridiculous story about why the guy can't feel pain ("He had a terrible accident as a child. He doesn't have balls - that's why he's the perfect target!") so they don't feel pity for him.

There's something very hot about a guy getting on stage to get his nuts crunched, even if he can protect them with his hands. In some of the clips Lee does a demonstration kick himself - and he doesn't hold back... Some of the guys featured in the following clips are pretty hot, and Lee's running commentary is just awesome.

So - is this f/m ballbusting? Technically, yes. But is it the girls who do the kicking? Or is it Evil Tony Lee controlling the girls' minds? Well, judge for yourselves...

(skip to 1:35)

(skip to 13:10)

If you know of a stage hypnotist that makes guys crunch each others' nuts on stage let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (


Update: In an earlier version of this post I spoke of a "homophobic undercurrent" in the third paragraph. I changed it to "certain undercurrent".


Anonymous said...

Homophobia is terrible. Not cool, um ever.

Alex said...

I agree with you, of course.

But I chose my words poorly. I didn't mean to imply that Tony Lee or his audience ARE homophobic. I do think there's a certain undercurrent, though. I've changed those words in the post.

fooplaya said...

I've actually been to a couple of this guy's shows, and they ARE pretty hot, but I do agree that there is a certain undercurrent there... I think it's more the fact that most guys accept other people as being gay, but find anything gay themselves abhorrent and so that is why the shows are successful.

One thing I do want to mention: If you truly do not want to be hypnotized, his method of hypnotization shouldn't actually work.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, footplaya! Interesting thoughts - you may be on to something...