Friday, August 29, 2014

Zach’s education – lesson 4: The prostate

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality. As the title suggests, we’re going anal in this story. If you like your porn stories to be limited to pure ballbusting you might want to skip this chapter.

Featured in this story: Logan and Zach (click for pictures)

“I don’t know about this”, Zach mumbled.

“As the Brits say: In for a penny, in for a pound”, Logan smiled. The 18 year old high school wrestler was wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt. His sneakers looked like they might have been white a long time ago. Now the color had changed to a dirty grey.

Zach sighed. “You’ll be gentle, right?”

Logan patted Zach’s shoulder. “Sure, buddy.”

Zach looked at him with a skeptical expression on his face, earning a reassuring smile from Logan before he turned to the 30 students assembled in the classroom. “Welcome to the fourth lesson of our little sex ed program.”

Standing next to him, 20 year old Zach was bare naked, his muscular body on full display in front of the class. His ridiculously oversized dick dangled lazily in front of the two mammoth balls that were hanging low inside his smooth, shaven sac.

“Today we’ll delve deep into a very sensitive and delicate subject matter: the prostate.” Logan turned to Zach who had a blank expression on his face. “Turn around and bend over, please.”

Zach grimaced and did as he was told, bending over the wooden desk and grabbing onto the edge with his hands.

“Spread your legs a bit further”, Logan said and reached between Zach’s legs, manipulating his cock and balls so that they were in plain sight underneath his crack, pressed against the desk.

“You see”, Logan said, resting his hand on Zach’s naked ass, “he’s clenching his cheeks. To get to the prostate, we have to open the hole. Here’s a little trick that’ll make things speed up a bit…”

Logan winked at his students, turned around and sent a powerful kick between Zach’s thighs. The tip of his sneaker-clad foot crashed into Zach’s big, bulging balls and rammed them into the hard surface of the desk.

Zach let out a hoarse groan. His dick fattened and his cheeks unclenched, giving the class a perfect view at his hole.

“Voila”, Logan grinned. “Now it’s open for business.”

The students clapped politely.

“You see”, Logan explained, “there is a very direct connection between the hole and the nuts. There’s an old saying: The key to a man’s hole is through his nuggets.” Logan smiled. “Very true indeed. I’m sure we’ll come back to that later. But now we have a closer look at that hole.” He reached in front of Zach and held out his index finger. “Spit on it, please.”

Zach grimaced and complied.

Logan brought his index finger to Zach’s smooth hole and ran it in circles around the puckered center. “There we go”, Logan mumbled with a smile as his finger slipped into Zach’s ass.

Zach let out a low moan.

“Let’s see if we can get another finger in”, Logan said with a gentle smile. “At first, of course, we have to push the button.” His right index finger stayed firmly inside Zach’s butt as Logan balled his left fist and punched Zach’s nuts hard twice in a row.

Zach let out a scream and his body buckled.

“Now look at that”, Logan said cheerfully. “I think there’s room for two more fingers.” He pulled his index finger out and rammed three fingers into Zach’s ass, eliciting a distressed yelp from Zach.

“Aaaah“, Logan said, a satisfied grin on his face. “I think I got it.” He bit his lower lip,  concentrating hard on move his fingers inside Zach’s ass and reaching the sweet spot that he was searching for. “Look at his cock.”

The students craned their necks.

Zach’s cock was hard as a rock. A tiny thread of glistening precum was oozing out of the tip of his dick.

Logan grinned and wiggled his fingers, causing Zach’s cock to twitch and release more precum that dribbled onto the floor.

The students were mesmerized.

“You gently press on his prostate”, Logan explained. “It’s just like a water tap.” He demonstrated it, a huge smile on his face.

“Of course”, Logan continued. “It works much better if you use something bigger than just a couple of fingers.” Logan pulled out of Zach’s ass and slapped Zach’s left cheek, leaving a red handprint on his ass.

Zach groaned.

Logan chuckled and reached into a black leather bag that was standing next to the desk. One by one, he presented a vibrator and two dildos of increasing size and placed them on the table next to Zach.

Zach looked at the sex toys and groaned.

Logan held up the vibrator, a slim pink toy that looked like he had stolen it from a schoolgirl’s handbag. “Any volunteers?”

A lanky student with spiky blond hair raised his hand.

“Speedy”, Logan said, “alright, come here.”

Speedy grinned and walked up to Zach.

Now, Logan and Speedy were standing on either side of Zach’s naked ass. Logan handed Speedy the pink toy.

“Nice”, Speedy said and squatted behind Zach. He put the vibrator on Zach’s lower back for a moment, spread his cheeks with both of his hands and spat on his exposed hole.

“You got some experience, huh?” Logan chuckled.

Speedy shrugged. “I used to do stuff with my girlfriend.” He aligned the tip of the vibrator with Zach’s hole and started to push in.

Zach groaned.

“A-ah”, Logan wiggled his finger. “Don’t forget to push his button first…”

“Right”, Speedy slapped his forehead. “Of course.” He balled his fist and punched Zach’s nuts with a sharp, well-placed uppercut.

Zach’s agonized scream stopped abruptly when Speedy shoved the vibrator all the way up Zach’s ass.

“Oooh”, Logan cringed.

Zach’s eyes were wide open and his dick was leaking precum like a broken water pipe.

With a satisfied grin, Speedy switched the vibrator on and quickly moved the vibrator in and out of Zach’s ass.

Zach started groaning and moaning, his fat, hard cock twitching violently.

“Make sure you aim for his prostate”, Logan said.

Speedy nodded and continued to fuck Zach’s ass with the vibrating toy.

“If you want to speed things up you can always punch his nuts again”, Logan suggested.

Speedy thought about that as he was working Zach’s hole with the vibrator. After a couple of seconds, he shrugged and balled his right fist. While shoving the toy in and out of Zach’s hole with the right hand, he started punching Zach’s nuts with his left fist, ramming Zach’s fat plums into the desk again and again.

Zach screamed in pain as his nuts were flattened on the hard wooden surface by Speedy’s relentless punches.

The rest of the students grimaced in sympathy as they watched Zach’s hole and his nuts get pounded by Speedy who seemed to be having the time of his life.

Zach’s screams grew louder and louder as Speedy’s punches grew harder and harder. At the same time, he increased the pace of the penetration of Zach’s ass.

Zach’s cock was twitching violently, a constant flow of precum running down from the tip of his dick, creating a large puddle of sticky fluid on the wooden floor.

Gradually, Zach’s breathing quickened and his voice turned comically high-pitched as he wailed in agony.

Speedy grinned at Logan who winked back at him.

“Go really deep, that’ll push him over the edge”, Logan smiled.

Speedy nodded and shoved the vibrator all the way into Zach’s hole.

Zach let out a gasp. “Oh God”, he whispered.

Then the first load of cream shot out of his dick and splattered onto the floor, sending drops of jizz flying all over the place.

The sex toy lodged deep inside his ass, Zach whimpered and moaned as his balls pumped load after creamy load of sticky spunk into his dick, making it spurt out jizz like a fire hose.

Speedy chuckled. He brought back his fist and sent it crashing into Zach’s busy nuts, crunching them hard as they were got rid of what looked like a week’s supply of pent-up semen.

Zach let out a shrill shriek, the vibrator still shoved up his ass.

A few spurts later, his nuts had emptied.

Exhausted and panting, Zach was bent over the desk, his face wet with sweat, his muscular body glistening. His nuts and his dripping cock were pressed against the desk, and his hole was stuffed with the pink sex toy.

The students were watching, their mouths hanging open.

“Nice work, Speedy”, Logan said and patted the blond students shoulder.

Speedy grinned and reached for the vibrator. He tried to pull it out but apparently it was stuck.

Speedy raised his eyebrows. Then his face lit up. “Oh right”, he grinned, brought his leg back and kicked Zach’s nuts hard. The tip of his foot slammed right into Zach’s sore, spent nuts, flattening them against the desk, making Zach shriek in pain.

With a resounding PLOP, Speedy pulled the vibrator from Zach’s ass, leaving his hole gaping open.

“Who’s next?” Logan asked as Speedy returned to his seat. He held up a big black dildo.

Zach let out a whimper.

A couple of students volunteered, and Logan picked an Asian boy with black hair and a muscular body.

“Kim”, Logan smiled, “get to work.”

The handsome Asian smiled and lined up the dildo with Zach’s abused hole. The black toy was more than double the width of the pink vibrator that Speedy had used, and a couple of students got up from their seats to watch it slide into Zach.

Kim didn’t waste any time. Casually, he slammed his fist into Zach’s nuts as if he was driving a nail into a wall.

Zach screamed hoarsely.

“Open sesame”, Kim grinned and pushed the big, fat dildo into Zach’s butt. “Yeah, that’s it.”

He pulled the thing all the way out before slamming it back in, making Zach wail. Apparently, Kim had good aim, he seemed to hit Zach’s prostate perfectly. Zach’s huge cock was fully hard and reloaded in a matter of seconds.

The young Asian expertly reamed Zach’s hole, slamming his fist into his now and then to make sure that his hole didn’t close up. He needn’t have worried about that, though. The sheer width of the dildo made sure that Zach’s hole was stretched as wide as possible.

It didn’t even take a minute until Zach reached orgasm again.

Kim looked baffled as Zach’s muscles started cramping and clenching, and his dick sputtered out more than a dozen spurts of semen.

Apparently Kim had looked forward to working over Zach’s ass some more. With a frustrated expression on his face, Kim yanked the dildo from Zach’s ass while his cock was sputtering and twitching.

He focused on Zach’s contracting nuts, grabbed the dildo by the root with both of his hands, and slammed the business end into Zach’s balls, smashing them as if he was beating a rat with a baseball bat.

Zach screamed from the top of his lungs as his second orgasm was violently interrupted by the toy that had pressed against his prostate just seconds ago.

Kim let the dildo sail down onto Zach’s busy babymakers again and again until Zach’s orgasm had subsided.

Then he turned around and sat down on his seat again, visibly upset.

Logan looked down at the large puddle of jizz on the floor between Zach’s naked feet. He shook his head and chuckled.

“And now”, he said, holding up the third toy. It was another dildo, this one a huge, purple monster with nubs all over the shaft.

“Wow”, one of the students said, “where did you get those things?”

Logan shrugged. “My girl and I like to party”, he said with a wink, drawing some chuckles and a couple of raised eyebrows from the students.

“Now who wants to stuff Zach’s hole with this beauty?” Logan grinned. “I think we may need two volunteers for this…”

All the students raised their hands, glowing with excitement.

“Leroy and CJ”, Logan smiled, pointing at two students in the front row.

Leroy was a handsome black guy with curly black hair and CJ was cute redhead with a nose piercing and a stylish haircut.

Zach was panting and moaning, bent over the wooden desk, his traumatized, swollen testicles and his huge, spent cock dangling between his spread legs.

CJ climbed on top of the desk and sat down on Zach’s lower back, facing his ass while Leroy stood in front him.

CJ ran his hands over Zach’s sweaty ass cheeks and pulled them apart, exposing Zach’s puckered hole.

“Oooh”, Leroy chuckled.

Zach’s hole was gaping and twitching, but the opening was definitely too small for the huge toy that Leroy was holding in his hands.

“I think we need some lube”, Leroy said.

CJ collected some saliva in his mouth and spat on Zach’s quivering hole. “I’m afraid that’s not enough”, he said as he stuck a finger into Zach’s ass.

Logan pointed at the puddle of spunk between Zach’s feet. “Try some of that”, he said. “It’s totally organic”, he added with a wink.

Leroy chuckled. He squatted down and scooped up Zach’s jizz with his hand, applying it to the huge red dildo until it was coated in Zach’s juice.

The rest of Zach’s spunk found its way onto his ass where CJ made sure that his hole was dripping wet and looked like someone had poured a cup of sugar water over his crack.

CJ and Leroy looked at each other and grinned.

“That should do”, both of them said in unison before bursting out laughing.

Both of them brought the huge dildo in position and lined it up with Zach’s hole.

“Open up, Zach”, CJ mused, winking at Leroy.

At the same time, Leroy pushed, CJ pulled and Zach screamed as the fat head of the monster sex toy entered his abused hole.

“Yay!” CJ cheered as the first inch slipped easily into Zach, helped by the juicy lube that Zach himself had so kindly provided.

But his joy was short lived. Both Leroy and CJ grunted with effort but they couldn’t get the dildo further inside.

“Okay, let’s try it this way”, Leroy said and took a step back.

CJ leaned forward and grabbed the root of the dildo, pulling it towards him to slide it into Zach’s waiting ass.

“On the count of three”, Leroy said. “One, two, three!”

With a concentrated expression on his face, Leroy kicked Zach’s fat gonads as hard as he could. The tip of his foot slammed into Zach’s tender, traumatized testicles, ramming them into his body and making Zach scream from the top of his lungs.

At the same time, CJ pulled on the dildo, shoving it further into Zach’s hole.

Zach’s limp cock twitched.

“It works!” CJ rejoiced.

A couple of students clapped and cheered as the other watched in fascination.

“Do it again!” CJ laughed.

Leroy chuckled. He took a couple of steps back, and kicked Zach’s nuts again with a running start. His foot slammed into Zach’s precious balls, flattening them like pancakes, making Zach wail in agony.

“Yes!” CJ screamed as he drew the dildo further up Zach’s ass. Almost one third of the length was inserted into Zach’s hole by now.

Zach’s cock twitched again, slowly awakening and growing harder and harder.

The applause from the crowd grew louder.

Leroy grinned. He brought back his leg and sent it crashing between Zach’s thighs, hitting both of his balls and his hard cock dead-on and eliciting a high-pitched wail from Zach’s mouth.

“Half-way in!” CJ reported cheerfully on the progress he was making as pulled on the fat dildo with all the force he could muster.

Zach’s cock was hard a s a rock now. It was pulsing and quivering, refilling the dissipated spunk puddle with fresh supplies of his sticky precum.

The class was clapping and cheering, egging Leroy and CJ on.

Leroy cracked his knuckles and followed up with another nut-crunching kick that almost caused CJ to fall off Zach’s back.

Zach’s wailed in agony as the dildo slipped further into his ass, stretching his hole to the limit.

His cock was twitching violently now.

The students went mad, clapping and cheering.

“We’re almost there!” CJ shouted, trying to no avail to drown out than the cheering class.

Leroy winked at CJ and took a couple of steps back.

Then, with an amazing running start, he kicked Zach’s nuts with all the force he could muster. It looked as if he was trying to kick Zach’s fat plums into orbit, intent on pulverizing them and turning his precious jewels into diamond dust.

Zach’s scream sounded like the howl of a dying wolf.

Leroy’s world class kick enabled CJ to pull the dildo all the way up Zach’s ass, causing Zach’s cock to let go of his third load of the day.

This time, his load was more watery and less creamy than before, looking a bit like skimmed milk. In addition to that, it didn’t shoot out of Zach’s cock, it flowed out. It looked as if someone had knocked over a half-full bottle of skimmed milk.

The class went wild, clapping and cheering.

CJ climbed off of Zach, leaving him screaming, moaning and panting, his ass stuffed with the huge dildo, as his precious load spilled onto the floor.

Leroy and CJ looked at each other and laughed. They grabbed each other by the hand and took a bow as if they had played leading roles in the school play.

The class screamed for an encore, but Logan calmed them down.

“I’m pretty sure that Zach here is done for the day”, Logan smiled. He reached between Zach’s thighs and playfully squeezed Zach’s sore nuts, making him whimper in pain. “Yup. Totally empty”, Logan said with a chuckle. “Now, we could have another go if one of you volunteered, of course…”

The classroom was empty within seconds.

Logan walked around the desk and smiled at Zach.

“Everything okay?” he grinned.

Zach whimpered. “Well…”

Logan laughed. “Thanks for your time and effort, buddy”, he said, patting Zach’s naked shoulder. “I really appreciate it.”

Zach groaned. “Could you pull that thing out of my ass?”

Logan chuckled. “Sure.” He walked behind Zach and grimaced. The dildo was buried deep inside his butt. Logan tentatively poked it with one finger. “It’s jammed”, Logan said, “But we’ll get it out in no time. I’m afraid this is going to hurt a little bit, though.”

Zach let out a long moan.

Logan grimaced in sympathy, brought his leg back and delivered a well-placed, hard kick to Zach’s gonads.

Zach let out a screeching wail.

Quickly, Logan grabbed the dildo and pulled it out of Zach’s hole.

Zach yodeled in pain and slid off the desk, curling up on the floor, cupping his balls and his asshole as he was writhing in pain.

Logan looked at his watch. “Oh, damn, I gotta go, I’m gonna see my girlfriend tonight.” He quickly put the three sex toys into the leather bag and winked at Zach. “Better take those with me, it’s going to be a long night”, he grinned as he hurried out the room.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to (and LOVE) the Friday Zach ' s education. Hope one will have some Estim to his nuts. Love to hear about them getting some electro torture.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! The final part is coming next week, and unfortunately there won't be any electricity involved...

But I have a story planned feat. some electro torture that's going to be online in September or October...

Carter said...

Oh electricity sounds fun.

Anonymous said...

So fucking hot!! If I was in that class, I'd volunteer for another go in a millisecond!!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))