Friday, August 8, 2014

Special Guest Star: Taylor Lautner

I know you have waited a long, long time for this final part of the Taylor Lautner story. Thanks for your patience!

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: David and Parker (click for pictures)

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Taylor Lautner looked around, visibly underwhelmed. “This is it?” the 21 year old Hollywood star asked, raising his eyebrows.

He was wearing a smart black suit and a casual white shirt to white sneakers, and he looked like a model in a glossy magazine. A couple of weeks ago, we had asked the subscribers of our little website to vote in a little poll, determining the sexiest male star our viewers wanted to see getting their balls busted. Young Mr. Lautner had won the poll hands-down.

I’d never have thought that we’d get him – but somehow, one day I got a call from Alexander Ludwig, another young movie star that I had met recently. I didn’t ask why and how – I just accepted the fact that we’d be welcoming Mr. Lautner to a little session at our studio.

“Yeah, well, it is”, I said, blushing. “You probably expecting something a little more---“

“A little less shabby, I guess”, Taylor interrupted me. “It won’t look good on the pictures.”

I looked at my cameraman Chad who seemed to be slightly annoyed by Taylor’s attitude. “It’ll look good on film”, he growled.

Taylor Lautner let out a sarcastic laugh. “Yeah, sure.”

I could have told Taylor about all the clips we had filmed in here, about the gallons of cum that had looked pretty great on a computer screen, about our fans who liked the quality of our work just fine, and about the countless nuts that had been cracked in this room. But I decided to keep that to myself.

I had been informed that the hunky movie star expected to meet a couple of fans here. Since I knew that our resident indie boy Parker was a huge fan of the Twilight saga, I had asked him to come and bring a friend. Little did I know that he was going to arrive with David, a professional dancer and amateur asshole who loved making everyone feel miserable.

Parker was wearing tight green jeans and a yellow t-shirt, and bright red sneakers that matched the color of his dyed hair. He was 21 years old, with green eyes and a killer smile.

David was two years younger than him, dressed in his usual attire: Black dress shoes, black pants, black shirt. His hair was black, too, giving him a slightly sinister look. He had a very handsome face, though, and apparently Parker saw something in him that nobody else saw. I knew that Parker was secretly in love with David, and I felt sorry for him because obviously David was never going to return his love...

The two guys were waiting in the kitchen.

“So where are the fans?” Taylor asked, looking at his watch. “Let’s get this over with.”

I smiled. “They are right here”, I said. “And they are looking forward to meet you. You, know, one of them is a huge---“

“Yadda yadda yadda”, Taylor rolled his eyes. “What are you waiting for?”

I nodded and walked into the kitchen. “He’s here”, I said.

Parker’s eyes lit up and clapped his hands in childish glee.

“Go worship your god”, David sneered and followed Parker who rushed into the studio.

“Mr. Lautner”, David said breathlessly. “I’m a huge fan!”

Taylor gave David an amused once-over. “Nice to meet you”, he said, decidedly less enthusiastic than David.

“Hi there”, David added.

Taylor chuckled when he saw the contrast between David’s all black clothes and Parker’s happy-go-lucky attempt at color blocking. “What are you, some kind of clown troupe?” He pointed at Parker and added. “That’s the funny man and you’re the straight man?”

David smirked. “Well, you’re right about the straight part…”

Taylor raised his eyebrows.

“But I think you and I are the only straight people in the room”, David grinned. “So if you like to have your cock worshipped I guess this could be your lucky day…”

“Hey!” my cameraman Chad grunted from behind the camera. He straightened and put his hands on his hips. He was possibly the manliest man I had ever met – but this posture was patently ridiculous and made him look like a bad John Wayne parody. “Talk for yourself, okay?” he grunted in a deep baritone voice.

Both David and Taylor burst out laughing.

“Well”, David chuckled and walked over to Chad. “This one is special, though. From what I hear he doesn’t like cocksucking.”

“That’s right”, Chad nodded.

“I guess because he’s not very good at it”, David continued with a malicious grin. “But he’ll happily bend over and offer his hairy ass if you’re in the mood. Trust me, he loves it.”

Chad started to protest but David interrupted him. “And if he doesn’t bend over by himself…”

With admirable precision and considerable strength, David snap-kicked Chad in the crotch, flattening the bulging package in his tight jeans and making Chad yelp in pain and double over, his knees touching. He grabbed his crotch and turned to the side.

David and I cringed in sympathy, clutching our own groins.

David slapped Chad’s ass, looked at Taylor and shrugged. “See?”

Taylor smirked. “Nice. But I guess I’m not in the mood for tapping that hairy ass today…”

“Gosh”, David grinned, “I guess I just cracked that poor sap’s nuts for no reason at all…”

David and Taylor shared a mean laugh.

“Well, I wouldn’t say that. Taking a guy like that out of the gene pool is a pretty good reason, right?” Taylor mused. He emphatically patted David’s shoulder. “You’ve done the world a favor, sir.”

David grinned. “Oh, I’ve done thousands of favors like that. There must be thousands of unborn babies that have never seen the light of day because of what I’ve done to their would-be-daddies’ sacks.”

Taylor chuckled.

“Survival of the fittest, right?” David said. “I believe it was Darwin who said, ‘To kill a pair of nuts is as good a service as, and sometimes even better than, the establishing of a new truth or fact.’”

Taylor stared at him.

“Never mind”, David said when he saw that the famous actor didn’t get his attempt at a joke. “All theory is grey, anyway.”

Taylor’s grin returned. “I’m more of a practical guy myself.”

David nodded. “Yeah, all those losers day after day. You can’t help but kick their nuts into orbit, right?”

Taylor nodded emphatically. “You wouldn’t believe how many balls I’ve busted. Do you know Alexander Ludwig?”

David shook his head.

“He’s an idiot. Nutty as fruitcake”, Taylor explained.

David nodded sadly. “Damn, there are a lot of those, right?”

“Anyway, one day I catch this moronic asshole jerking off in our trailer”, Taylor continued. “Beating his meat and ready to shoot his spunk all over his girlfriend’s picture…”

David laughed.

“Boy, did I teach him a lesson… I kicked that batch of his cum right out of those fat babymakers” , Taylor smiled at the memory. “Ludwig was crying and weeping, his cock dripping with his pathetic dick sauce.” Taylor adjusted his crotch.

David grinned. “Yeah, kicking the cum out of some poor motherfucker’s testicles is quite satisfying, huh? And it’s very calming.”

Taylor chuckled. “Sure beats Yoga and all that shit.” He laughed. “Hey, that reminds me of the Ashmore brothers. Shawn and Aaron, two of the meanest fuckers in Hollywood. Literally. Hung like horses and horny like rabbits.”

“Better than the other way round”, David grinned.

“Oh, there are enough of those”, Taylor laughed. “You wouldn’t believe how tiny Nicholas Hoult’s dick is… But back to Shawn and Aaron. They always talk about Yoga and Tantra and shit like that. And they love double-dicking a girl. They totally get off on that.” Taylor shrugged. “I wouldn’t want to touch dicks with my brother or any other guy for that matter, not even if it’s inside a girl’s snatch. But, hey, to each their own, right? So we are at a party and they are fucking this girl, both of them, at the same time, right? I knew they were in the room and they were making all kinds of noises, egging each other on, basically dirty talking to each other.”

“Ugh”, David shuddered. “That’s just wrong.”

Taylor nodded. “Yeah, that’s just wrong.”

“You should have burst in and kicked their nuts into their throats!” David suggested.

Taylor burst out laughing and clapped his hands. “That’s exactly what I did! That’s exactly what I did! I opened the door and stormed into the room, and before they knew it my foot had crunched their juicy bits to oblivion.”

David laughed. “Fuck, you literally busted the twins’ twins!”

“I totally did”, Taylor nodded, a huge grin on his face. “And what’s best: They were on the edge of cumming. They were like ‘Ooh, bro, I’m gonna shoot.’ – ‘Ooh, yeah, me too.’ – ‘Ooh, let’s fill her up.’ – ‘Ooh, yeah here it comes.’ And then: BAMMM.” His foot shot up as he recreated the glorious moment when his foot smashed into his fellow actors’ balls. “Right in the nuts. Right in the spunk factory.”

David laughed. “Nice!”

“Their screams were as highpitched as the girl’s when those two huge cock were rammed up inside her”, Taylor grinned.

David laughed.

“I kicked those fat plums again a couple of times, but frankly I think they imploded on the first kick”, Taylor shrugged. “It felt like there was nothing but slimy goo inside their sacks… Well, anyway, I couldn’t let the poor girl go home like that, right? So fucked her all night, and let’s just say ten minutes later, when she had her first orgasm, she totally forgot about the ruined, pathetic boys laying next to her in the bed.”

David couldn’t stop laughing. “I love that! Busting some poor freak’s nuts and then fucking his girl. There’s nothing better!”

Taylor nodded his head emphatically.

“I have never seen David so happy”, I whispered to Parker who was standing next to me. Both of us had been quiet while David and Taylor had swapped stories.

“Me neither”, Parker mumbled.

I cleared my throat. “Guys, I---“

“What?!” Taylor and David barked in unison, glaring at me.

“I--- We--- Why don’t we---“ I stuttered.

“Shut up, the grown-ups are talking”, Taylor said, a icy smile on his face.

“He still thinks he can suck your dick”, David sneered. “Look at that fairy, he’s creaming his pants looking at you.”

I rolled my eyes. “David, you---“

There was a brief exchange of glances between Taylor and David and before I knew it, Taylor Lautner had rammed his foot into my crotch.

The first thing I felt was shock. Then I felt nausea rise in my stomach. Within seconds, I felt like I was going to puke. I let out what must have sounded like a siren calling for Odysseus as I collapsed on the ground, clutching my precious nuts.

My ears were ringing. In the distance, I heard Taylor and David laugh and cheer.

“Fuck”, I groaned.

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve busted that fairy’s balls”, David chuckled. “I’m a ballet dancer, you know, so my legs are pretty strong. Combine that with good marksmanship, and you can call me Tchaikovsky’s most famous ballet.”

Taylor stared at him. “Swan Lake? Why would I call you Swan Lake?”

“The nutcracker”, David said sternly.

Taylor grinned. “You are a ballet dancer?”

David nodded proudly. “One of the best in the country.”

Taylor burst out laughing. “A ballet dancer?!”

David’s eyes narrowed.

“Did you bring your tutu?” Taylor snorted with laughter. “A nice, little pink tutu to show off your oh-so-strong legs?!”

David’s lips tightened.

“A ballet dancer!” Taylor shook his head, crying with laughter. “Damn, and I was thinking I was talking to a man here.”

David’s face was a white as a sheet.

“I seriously thought I had met someone like me”, Taylor continued, trying to calm down and catch his breath. “And now all I see is you in a nice, little pink tutu.” He burst out laughing again.

“Stop laughing”, David said calmly.

“Oh, come on, fairy princess”, Taylor laughed. “Why don’t you spread your wings and fly away?”

“He’s a ballet dancer, not some kind of fairy”, Parker shouted and put his hand on David’s shoulder. “You moro---“

Parker was rudely interrupted by David’s hand that came down into Parker’s crotch. Parker’s mouth dropped open as David’s fingers tightened around Parker’s sizeable package.

“Ow”, Parker whispered as David increased the force and squeezed his nuts hard.

“I don’t. Need. You. To help. Me”, David hissed, twisting and squeezing hard with every word.

“Got it”, Parker whispered in a tiny, soprano voice.

Taylor watched the two of them, an amused expression on his face. “He’s your lover, right?”

“What?!” David hissed, squishing David’s nuts hard as all the muscles in his body strained.

“He’s fucking you, right?” Taylor said. “Or you’re fucking him. Either way, he’s your lover.”

David glared at him.

Parker was making whining noises as David ground his precious nuts between his fingers.

Taylor chuckled. “Most fags I know worship their lover’s junk. I guess you’re the first one who destroys it.”

“He’s. Not. My. Lover”, David hissed between his teeth, twisting and turning his hand and squashing poor Parker’s vulnerable plums with excruciating force.

Parker’s eyes watered and he whimpered in pain. “Please”, he breathed.

Without looking at Parker, David let go, allowing the red-haired boy to sink to the ground next to me and nurse his abused balls.

“Calm down, man”, Taylor smiled coldly. “I get it, you are butch.”

“No man has ever called me a fag”, David said calmly. “And if someone had, he’d no longer be a man.”

Taylor smirked. “Sure, whatever you say, tinkerbell.”

“I’m more of a man than you’ll ever be”, David hissed.

Taylor scoffed. “Funny, it’s always the fags who say that…”

David inhaled deeply and started unbuttoning his shirt. “Come on, let’s see who’s more muscular.”

Taylor let out a laugh. “Seriously, that’s the most faggy thing you’ve said so far.”

David took off his shirt and his shoes. “You’re afraid you’ll lose, right?”

“Lose to a fag?” Taylor smiled. “No. I’m not afraid.” He hesitated for a brief moment, then he followed David’s example and took off his jacket and his shirt.

A few moments later, both of them were naked except for their socks and their underwear. David was wearing black boxer briefs that hugged his impressive equipment tightly.

Taylor’s slip was bulging with his dick and balls. His underwear was a tiny white number that was so tight that you could clearly see the outline of his dick and balls, and his pubic hair through it.

David raised his eyebrows and pointed at Taylor’s crotch. “Now, that looks gay.”

Taylor shrugged. “The ladies love it.” He looked at David’s simple black boxer briefs. “Just because you don’t have style doesn’t mean you are straight, fairy boy.” He cracked his knuckles and struck a pose. His biceps and triceps were bulging, and below his muscular chest was an impressive eight pack.

Unable to see that he was very unlikely to best Taylor’s perfect body, David struck the same pose.

There was no denying, even though David was willing to dispute the undisputable.

Taylor was in a far better shape than David. Even though David sported two muscular legs and a thoroughly trained body, Taylor’s physique was far superior.

“That doesn’t mean anything”, David said weakly.

Taylor laughed and flexed his muscles. “You’re the one who wanted to compare, remember? Now look at those muscles and weep!” He grinned proudly and displayed his muscles, rubbing it in and teasing David. “See those legs? Better than yours. See that chest? Better than yours. See that biceps? Almost as good--- naahhh, better than yours!” He laughed. “Sorry, little ballet dancer. You lose.” He smiled at David. “Fag.”

David blinked.

“Don’t be mad”, Taylor grinned. “You’re a loser. But you’ll always have that bitch over there who’s even more of a loser than you…” He pointed at Parker who was lying on the ground, nursing his gonads.

There was a moment of silence.

“Let’s fight”, David said suddenly.

“I beg your pardon?!” Taylor laughed.

“Let’s fight”, David repeated calmly, “then you’ll see what it’s like to get your ass kicked by a ballet dancer…”

Taylor snorted. “Yeah, sure.”

David raised his eyebrows. “Oh, you’re not so brave now, huh? Afraid you’re going to lose against a ballet dancer?”

Taylor’s smile looked anything but friendly. “Fuck you”, he said. “Let’s fight.”

Handsome ballet dancer David nodded and lowered his upper body, assuming an attack position. “Alright. Get ready to get your ass kicked.”

Taylor scoffed. “What are the rules?” he asked, his hands on his hips.

“There are no rules, idiot”, David hissed and lunged at his opponent.

Taylor let out a surprised grunt as David’s shoulder slammed into his body, tackling him to the ground. David didn’t waste any time and immediately went for Taylor’s balls, slipping his hands into Taylor’s underwear and wrapping his fingers around Taylor’s bare balls.

“Argghh!” Taylor screamed. “Let go of my nuts!”

David chuckled and twisted the handsome movie star’s naked nuts, causing him to let out an agonized shriek.

Frantically, Taylor clawed his fingernails into David’s bare back and shoulders, and scratched down, leaving red marks all over his body and drawing grunts of pain from David’s mouth.

Trying to overpower Taylor and take his hands out of the equation, David straddled Taylor’s body, holding his arms down with his knees, all the while keeping an iron grip on his plums.

Taylor let out an angry roar and shook his head, trying to throw David off of him.

David just laughed, holding on to Taylor’s bare balls with his left hand and pulling down waistband of his white underwear with his right, completely exposing Taylor’s healthy pair of hairy testicles.

“You don’t like to shave, huh?” David said with a sneer, the fingers of his left hand warpped tightly around the neck of Taylor’s sack and pulling upwards, trapping the famous actor’s nuts at the bottom of the sac, bulging invitingly. “Let me tell you, body hair is not a sign of manliness.” He raised his right hand. “Having balls is.” With that, he chuckled and smacked Taylor’s bulging nuts with the palm of his hand, causing Taylor to let out a miserable wail.

“And you won’t have any left when I’m finished with you”, David sneered and smacked Taylor’s nuts again with all the force he could muster.

Taylor’s upper body bucked and he screamed in pain.

By now, Parker had sufficiently recovered. “Yeah, show him!” he shouted, rubbing his crotch. It wasn’t clear to me whether he was rubbing his nuts because they were still aching or if he was aroused by watching David and Taylor fight. When I looked more closely and saw some unmistakable movement in his pants, it was pretty obvious: Parker had a raging boner.

Again and again, David slapped Taylor’s naked nuts with his bare hand. The sound of his palm smacking into the Hollywood hunk’s meaty testicles echoed through the room.

Parker looked positively delighted, watching David massacre Taylor’s balls and rubbing his own erection through his jeans.

“You like what this little ballet dancer does to your manhood?” David shouted, balling his fist and punching Taylor’s nuts hard. “I’m gonna smash your nuts to little pieces”, David bellowed. “I bet your kids are going to come out cross-eyed – if you’ll still be able to father children when I’m through with you…”

He continued pounding Taylor’s rapidly swelling nuggets while Taylor was kicking and screaming, trying to get David off of his body.

“Ohh”, David cooed in a mocking tone, “Your nuts are starting to get all mushy. I don’t think they’ll last much longer…” He threw an extra hard punch to Taylor’s traumatized testicles.

Taylor screamed from the top of his lungs.

“Fuck!” David shouted suddenly. “You’re getting a hard-on?!” He let go of Taylor’s balls and looked at Taylor’s crotch.

His balls looked slightly swollen and red, and his cock was standing at attention. It wasn’t particularly long but extraordinarily thick, a beer can of a cock that was at full mast, it’s tip pointing at David.

“Now who’s the faggot?!” David laughed. He spat at his cock, coating its head in saliva.

Taylor’s head was bright red with anger and shame, and he was panting heavily.

David slapped Taylor’s wet cock and laughed. He slipped back on Taylor’s body, placing his ass on Taylor’s face. “You like my ass on your face, faggot?” he sneered.

Taylor’s face was buried in David’s ass crack, only the skimpy fabric of David’s underwear preventing actual nose-to-hole contact.

But the change in David’s position gave Taylor a chance to break free. With an angry grunt, Taylor freed his arms and grabbed David’s nipples just as David delivered another slap to Taylor’s rock-hard cock.

Taylor squeezed hard, making David scream in pain from his titty twister.

“Fuck you!” David screamed and tried to pry Taylor’s hands away from his nipples.

Taylor held on for dear life, pulling David down as while was screaming from the top of his lungs.

David’s eyes widened as his upper body lowered, his face on collision course with Taylor’s beer can cock.

I heard the sound of a zipper being pulled open and glanced at Parker who pulled out his impressive cock through his fly, the top button remaining closed. He started leisurely stroking his erection, biting his lips and breathing heavily.

It looked as if David was going to give a little sword-swallowing performance. Well, dagger-swallowing more exactly, considering the shape of Taylor’s thick cock.

But before Taylor’s dick touched David’s lips, Taylor moved his upper arms, pulling David upwards so that his crotch was resting on Taylor’s face.

At first I thought that Taylor was initiating a little 69 action (and judging from the Parker’s gasp and increased tempo of his jerking, he thought so, too), but then I saw David’s face change from disgust and nauseation to surprise, and then to pain.

His eyes widened and his eyebrows rose, and the usually quite arrogant expression on his face turned into something helpless and almost childish. His mouth opened and formed a little “O” and I half-expected to hear a high-pitched, whimpering “Mommy!” to come from his mouth.

Instead, he screamed, “Fuuuuuuuuck!”

Parker and I cringed, and Parker covered his crotch in sympathy, pressing his hard cock against his abs, causing a wet spot to spread on his shirt where the tip of his dick soaked the fabric in precum.

Taylor had taken a mouthful of David’s junk, and his intention was definitely not to orally please his opponent. On the contrary, he managed to catch David’s delicate cherry tomatoes between his strong, pearly white teeth and chomped on them as if he was trying to turn them into ketchup. Rather fittingly, David’s face turned into a deep red color as he screamed in agony.

Parker and I watched, grimacing, as Taylor all but mangled David’s manhood with his choppers.

David was wailing in agony, Taylor’s face buried in his crotch, Taylor’s jaws working heavily as he tried to shred David’s precious gonads.

Parker looked seriously concerned, even though he wasn’t too concerned to stop jerking his hard cock…

Sweat was running down David’s face and he looked like he was going to pass out any second.

But suddenly, Taylor opened his mouth to catch some breath in order not to get smothered by David’s junk, and this little break was all David needed.

The handsome black-haired dancer looked down at Taylor’s naked babymakers and decided to pay him back in kind. He grabbed Taylor’s gonads, yanked up so that they were trapped in a bulging, swollen package, dove down between Taylor’s legs and buried his teeth in Taylor’s hairy nuggets.

Taylor’s agonized screams were muffled by David’s cock and balls, but it was quite obvious that David had found a sweet spot.

“Yes!” Parker chuckled.

David had an ideal grip on Taylor’s meatballs, showing absolutely no inhibition. His corner teeth pricked into both of Taylor’s poor nuts, all but skewering them.

While he munched on Taylor’s juicy spuds, he managed to regain his original position, trapping Taylor’s arms underneath his knees.

Taylor was wailing like a coyote as David tried to split his swollen plums in two.

Suddenly, David coughed and lifted his head, letting Taylor’s plump, meaty nuts drop out of his mouth.

“Ugh”, he spat. “All that hair…” He grimaced and grabbed Taylor’s ankles, spreading his legs in a V.

Taylor’s nuts were shiny with spit, swollen and bright red, with David’s bite marks all over them.

David looked at Parker. “Hey, wanna kick that stupid shit in the nuts?”

Parker’s eyes brightened. “Sure”, he said eagerly. He let go off his cock that remained rock hard, swinging leisurely from side to side as he hurried to get in position.

In the struggle, Taylor had lost his underwear, and his naked nuts were all but served on a silver platter.

Parker looked down at them and smiled.

“Come on, kick him”, David said, holding Taylor’s ankles wide apart.

Parker chuckled, drew his leg back and powered a forceful kick right into Taylor’s fat, sore nuggets. A loud splat echoed through the room as Parker’s sneaker-clad foot connected with Taylor’s tender testicles.

An ear-piercing scream erupted from Taylor’s mouth, followed by what sounded like a cat trying to yodel, as Parker kicked Taylor’s nuts again with all the force he could muster.

Taylor’s big balls bounced back and forth, and his thick cock twitched when the tip of Parker’s foot connected once again, eliciting another cat yodel from Taylor’s mouth.

Parker smiled at David, lifted his foot and stomped down hard, grinding Taylor’s cum-laden orbs underneath his soles. He stepped up, pressing down on Taylor’s nuts with all of his body weight, and twisted his foot, making Taylor shriek and scream like a banshee.

This was too much for Taylor’s abused nuts. His cock started twitching violently, and with an ear-piercing scream it erupted with a huge spurt of cum that shot up into the air with lightning speed, splattering right into David’s unsuspecting face.

David gasped in surprise and shock, Taylor’s slimy spunk coating his face.

Parker’s eyes widened in horror as he watched a second volley of cream hit David in the nose, and a third batch of cum barely miss his open mouth and hit his chin, sending little drops of spunk flying through the air.

David let out an angry grunt, closing his lips tightly to avoid getting a taste of Taylor’s superstar stud sauce in his mouth.

“Sorry”, Parker whispered, but his voice was drowned out by Taylor’s shrieks of agony.

The handsome movie hunk was screaming from the top of his lungs, his cock pulsing, his balls contracting under Parker’s sneaker-clad foot and pumping spurt after spurt of sperm into the air.

Finally, the jets of spunk grew less violent and turned into a trickle of jizz oozing out the tip of Taylor’s cock.

Taylor’s screams turned into miserable whimpers as the twitching of his dick slowly stopped and his massive cock came to ease, sinking down to rest on his pubes.

David looked at Parker with wide-eyed fury. His head was covered in spunk, the thick cream running down his face and his muscular chest.

Parker bit his lower lip. “I’m sorry”, he repeated. It was quite obvious that he had mixed feelings about seeing David’s cum-coated face: On the one hand, he seemed sincerely apologetic, on the other hand he had a slight smile on his face, and most obviously, the raging erection that was protruding from his jeans seemed to indicate that he wasn’t exactly turned off by the sight.

Parker’s naked boner was hard as a rock, its head dripping with precum and pointing right at David’s messy face.

David’s face hardened. “You lousy fuck”, he said in a low voice. “I’ve got Lautner all over me!”

Parker let out an involuntary giggle. “Sorry”, he said quickly, clearing his throat.

Taylor whimpered in pain. David was still sitting on his chest, his knees securing Taylor’s arms, his hands gripping on Taylor’s ankles and holding his legs apart. His genitalia was a vision of devastation. His bruised, swollen testicles were covered in red bite marks and his spent cock looked like it needed to rest for a very long time.

Suddenly, David let go of Taylor’s ankles, letting his legs fall to the ground. At the same time, he lunged at Parker, his knee ramming into Taylor’s crotch in the process, flattening his sore testicles and causing the movie star’s upper body to shoot up, his eyes crossing as he let out a strained, throaty groan before sinking back down with a defeated whimper.

But Taylor’s nuts were just one step on David’s way to get revenge on Parker.

Parker stood, frozen, his eyes widening, as David lunged at him, reached inside his fly underneath his dripping erection, grabbed hold of Parker’s tender gonads and pulled them out through the opening.

Having freed Parker’s plums, David yanked up his zipper, its teeth cutting into the soft skin of his hairless scrotum, trapping his junk tightly between the top button and the zipper slider.

Parker yelped in surprise and pain, looking down at his obscenely bulging equipment with wide-eyed horror.

“You lousy fuck”, David hissed, grabbing Parker’s big boner. He yanked down hard, causing Parker to let out a hoarse cough. Cruelly bending Parker’s raging erection, David pressed it against his abs to get a clear shot at Parker’s fat, trapped nuggets. His hairless ballsack sat on top of the lifted zipper, the two bare balls looking like bald, frightened little chicken that peeked out their nest.

David was about to turn them into fricassee.

He balled his right fist, holding Parker’s hard cock out of the way with his left, and threw a power jab at his balls, crunching Parker’s nuts hard. The two trapped orbs flattened like pancakes, the zipper painfully digging into the underside of Parker’s right nut.

Parker let out a gurgling scream as David punched his balls again and again. The dancer went wild and let his rage take complete control of him. Punch after nut-crunching punch found its way into Parker’s rapidly-swelling testicles. It was as if he was using Parker’s balls as stress relief toys, paying him back for spilling Taylor’s semen all over his body.

Ironically, his angry action led to another descharge that took both Parker and David by surprise.

This time, it was Parker’s cock that suddenly erupted with just as much force and momentum as Taylor’s.

Both Parker and David screamed in unison but with differing motivations.

Parker’s nuts were exploding in pain and his violently induced orgasm rocked his body, creating an odd sensation of unbearable pain and incredible pleasure.

David on the other hand screamed with rage. He looked like he couldn’t believe that this was happening to him again. He tried to stop the eruption by brutally squeezing Parker’s pulsing dick, pressing it against his body.

Parker threw his head back in pain, wailing and shrieking as his cock spurted like a fountain. His creamy spunk shot up into the air in rich, copious batches and rained down on David, splattering down on his head and running down his face.

David’s face was beet red, contorted in anger, and covered in two coats of sticky jizz. It curiously reminded me of the double frosted cherry donut that I had eaten for breakfast, with one minor difference: The donut had been sickeningly sweet whereas David’s face looked comparatively sour…

Finally, Parker had shot his wad, and the final produce of his busy balls slowly ran down his fat, hard shaft.

David let out an angry grunt and pushed Parker to the ground where he curled up in a little ball, nursing his battered balls.

David looked down at the two young men lying on the ground, cupping their balls and whimpering in pain. He wiped his forehead with the back of his hand. “Fuck”, he spat.

Without another word, he put on his clothes and left the studio after wiping his face with Taylor’s jacket.

Parker looked up, his face a mask of pain. “I better go after him”, he whimpered, grimacing as he pushed his spent and sore genitalia back through his fly and closing the zipper carefully before limping out the door.

I looked down at Taylor Lautner who was lying in a puddle of his own jizz, with Parker’s spunk splattered all over the floor.

I turned to my cameraman Chad.

Chad sighed. “I’ll get a mop.”

It took a little bit of effort to convince Taylor Lautner not to press charges. But when he realized that our camera had been running the whole time he decided to let bygones be bygones.

Of course, I offered to pay for his expenses to get rid of the cum stains on his jacket.

“That’s the least we can do”, I smiled.

“You’re damn right”, Taylor groaned and turned to go. “Fuck you, fuck all of you!”

“Thanks for coming”, I smiled and waved goodbye. “It was a pleasure meeting you.”

Taylor muttered something unintelligible.

“Oh, and say hello to Alexander Ludwig for me”, I added, grinning.

Taylor stopped. “Ludwig. That fucking prick.” He quickened his pace and slammed the door shut behind him.

I chuckled. It was always nice to have celebrity guests.


Anonymous said...

Erm.... WOW!

Alex said...

Erm... Thanks! :-))

(I hope you meant that in a positive way...)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I did! I was just speechless, it was really good!

Alex said...

Thank you! I'm very glad you enjoyed it!

Chad Fan said...

Great story. And it was nice to see old Chad make an appearance, even if he didn't enjoy it much himself (:

Alex said...

Thank you! Yeah, i put in a little Chad action just for you... :-))

Anonymous said...

Wow that was intense! Great to see David and Parker back. I think that's the first time David has busted Parker's nuts since they becomes "good friends" :-) or maybe this happens behind the scenes all the time. Thanks Alex for a great story. I guess we won't be seeing Mr. Lautner back.
I vote for Justin Bieber as next celebrity guest!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm pretty sure that David an Parker have a lot of fun without us knowing... :-))