Friday, August 1, 2014

Zach’s education – lesson 2: The "blue balls" phenomenon

Warning: Can’t contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Logan and Zach (click for pictures)

“Welcome”, Logan smiled, “to the second lesson of our sex ed program.”

All thirty seats in the classroom were taken by eager teenagers. Last week, on the first day of their extracurricular class, the young men had looked bored and indifferent. But professor Logan had managed to spark their interest in the male anatomy, mainly due to his horse-hung assistant.

20 year old Zach was standing next to Logan, and the two guys looked like brothers. Both of them were tall and muscular, with short blond hair and blue eyes. Zach was a little bit taller and more muscular, and he certainly outranked Logan in the manhood department. But what Logan lacked in the size of his genitals he more than made up for in creativity and brains.

He had managed to charm Zach into playing a rather invidious part in Logan’s little educational program, providing the dick and balls for Logan’s painful demonstrations.

“Today”, Logan continued, “we’ll be talking about what’s known as the ‘blue balls’ phenomenon.”

Zach was standing next to him in front of the class, stark naked, his arms behind his back, with his huge dong and his fat, low-hanging balls swaying between his thighs.

“Who knows what ‘blue balls’ are?” Logan asked.

The students stared at him, blank expressions on their faces.

“Come on, you must have heard that expression before”, Logan said. He waited a couple of seconds, then he said, “Leroy, what do you think?”

The young African-American with short, curly hair shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe it’s when you have been hit in the nuts and they are all black and blue?” he said slowly.

Logan smiled and shook his head. “No, that’s not it.” He turned to a black haired boy in the first row. “Seth, what about you? Wanna take a guess?”

Seth adjusted his glasses and rubbed his chin. “Does it have something to do with size?”

Logan chuckled. “No, it doesn’t. Well, maybe in some cases it does… Let me try it another way.” He turned to Zach. “When was the last time you had sex, Zach.”

Zach cleared his throat. “Umm, Monday.” He shot Logan an angry look. “I had a date on Saturday. But after our class last week I wasn’t in the mood and had to reschedule for Monday.”

“So you haven’t had sex on Monday?” Logan said.

Zach grimaced. “Yeah.”

“Did you ejaculate?” Logan asked.

Zach cleared his throat. “No”, he mumbled.

“Why is that?” Logan asked with a gentle smile.

Zach shifted uncomfortably, causing his massive cock and heavy ballsack to swing from side to side.

“The aftermath of Friday’s lesson?” Logan suggested.

Zach nodded quickly, blushing.

“But you made out with your girl, right?” Logan continued.

Zach nodded again.

Logan turned to the class and smiled, “Okay, Zach hasn’t released the content of his testicles since we kicked the spunk out of them a week ago, so these two should be nice and full.” He reached between Zach’s thighs and weighed his plump nuggets in his hand. “Yup, they’re heavier than usual. Must be filled to the brim with cum”, Logan said, looking pleased.

He reached into his pocket and produced a pair of handcuffs. “Now I need a volunteer”, Logan said as he casually applied the handcuffs to Zach’s wrists. “Seth, would you like to come forward and assist me?”

“Sure”, Seth grinned. He got up and hesitated. “Should I take off my glasses?”

Logan chuckled. “You’re afraid you get splattered with Zach’s baby batter again, huh? Don’t worry, Seth, today is all about making Zach not cum.”

Zach shifted uncomfortably, skeptically eyeing young cutie Seth who kneeled in front of him, his eyes fixed on Zach’s big, limp dick.

“Now, hold Zach’s cock in your hand”, Logan said.

The rest of the class gathered around as Seth grabbed Zach’s fat member with his right hand.

“Stroke it gently”, Logan said. “You want to see it in all of its glory.”

Seth nodded and studiously jerked Zach’s cock, causing it swell and fatten until it was standing at full attention.

“Good work”, Logan smiled. “Very nice.”

Zach bit his lower lip.

“Now we’re going to try to get him as close as possible to orgasm”, Logan explained.

Seth nodded and jerked Zach’s big, hard cock at a faster pace.

“But you’ll not make him shoot his load”, Logan said quickly. “As soon as you notice that his cum is rising you stop.”

“Okay”, Seth said, continuing to stroke Zach’s huge boner.

Zach’s breathing quickened and he closed his eyes, moaning softly.

When Zach’s moaning got louder, Seth looked up at Logan. “I think he’s close.”

“Quick, let go”, Logan said.

Seth let go of Zach’s cock and the big, hard dong twitched violently, its head wetting as precum oozed out its tip.

The twitching stopped, and Logan smiled. “Good. Now continue.”

Seth nodded and started stroking Zach’s cock again.

“If you think he’s over the edge, there are a couple of things you can do”, Logan explained. “You can squeeze the root of his shaft as hard as you can. Or you wrap your fingers around the neck of his sack and squeeze very hard. That way you make sure that his sauce stays in the sauce boat.”

Seth nodded. “Got it.”

Over the course of the next five minutes, Seth did an expert job at bringing Zach close to orgasm several times without letting him cum.

Once, Zach almost shot his load, but Seth reacted with incredible presence of mind and quickly grabbed Zach’s sack with both of his hands and yanked down hard while closing his fingers shut around the neck of his sack just as Logan had told him.

“Alright”, Logan said, grinning when he saw the sweat on Seth’s forehead. “This is hard work. Who wants to take over from Seth?”

One by one, the rest of the students jerked Zach’s huge cock that was dripping with precum by now.

Half an hour later, Logan looked at his watch. “That should be enough”, he said and told the students to go back to their seats.

Zach’s muscular body was glistening with sweat. His wet, dripping cock was painfully hard.

“This”, Logan said, pointing at Zach’s crotch, “is exactly what happens when a guy is horny but can’t get release. Now poor Zach desperately needs a cold shower.”

He instructed one of the students to fetch a bucket of water. The young man returned moments later, carrying a heavy bucket.

“Is it cold?” Logan asked.

“Ice cold”, the student nodded.

“Good”, Logan said. “Help me with this.”

Without further ado, the two poured the water over Zach’s head, making Zach gasp and inhale sharply as the water ran down his hot body.

“See?” Logan smiled.

The students craned their necks to look at Zach’s groin where his raging erection had shriveled pathetically.

Zach looked miserable, his hair dripping with water.

“Now”, Logan said, “can you guess what this is?” He showed the students a small, funny looking device made of aluminum.

When nobody in the class answered, he showed it to Zach whose eyes widened.

“You know what this is, Zach, right?” Logan smiled.

Zach gulped. “No, please don’t.”

Logan chuckled. “It’s a chastity device for men”, he said.

The students looked impressed.

“You apply it like this”, Logan said and bent forward, reaching for Zach’s junk. Carefully, he inserted Zach’s genitalia into the device. It took him a couple of seconds to fit Zach’s huge nuts through the ring and his big cock into the curved tube.

“Voila”, Logan smiled proudly after he had locked the device with a little padlock. He put the key into his pocket and explained, “This way Zach won’t be able to have an erection, and he won’t be able to release all that pent-up sperm that all of you have worked so hard to produce inside his babymakers.”

“Isn’t it painful?” Leroy asked, grimacing.

Logan shrugged. “Sure. Any other questions?”

The room was silent.

“Now, this is what we call blue balls”, Logan said and pointed at Zach’s nuts that were dangling below his locked dick.

“Hmm”, Seth said, “they don’t look blue.”

Logan smiled. “Maybe not yet.” He stepped in front of Zach. “It’s just one week since he has emptied his testicles, remember? When we meet again next time, his balls will be swollen and bursting with cum, and we’ll see what blue balls really look like.”

He looked at his watch. “So we’ll meet again next week, and---“ He stopped. “You know what, why don’t we make sure that those balls really will be blue next time.” He grinned. “Last week we’ve seen how Zach reacts to the stimulation of his testicles. Leroy, why don’t you show what you learned last week?”

The young black student ran his hand through his curly black hair and got up from his seat. “Okay”, he said.

“Did you practice a little bit since last week?” Logan asked.

Leroy smiled. “Yeah, my brother was home last weekend. I made him cum four times.”

“Wow”, Logan chuckled and clapped his hands. “Great!”

The class broke out in polite applause.

Leroy grinned and took a bow. “Practice makes perfect, right?”

“Absolutely”, Logan said. “Now show us what you can do.”

Zach had a blank expression on his face. Apparently he was still mourning his recently ruined orgasm, and the looming danger that was presented by the handsome black teen who took position in front of him didn’t trigger any alarm. But even if he wanted to protect his valuables he wouldn’t have been able to: His hands were cuffed behind his back, and chances were low that he could outrun the trained and muscular young man.

Leroy glanced at Zach’s locked cock that was hanging in front of his sperm-laden gonads, and grimaced. “This is going to hurt pretty bad”, he said, looking at Logan.

Logan nodded. “Fire away.”

Leroy shrugged and grabbed the aluminum tube with Zach’s limp dick in it to hold it out of the way with left hand. Zach’s nuts were dangling right in front of him, held in place by a metal ring around his sac that secured the chastity device to his body.

“I love boxing”, Leroy said with a cheeky grin. Then he balled his fist and started pummeling Zach’s dangling sac with an onslaught of hard punches that made the two large, juicy plums bounce wildly.

Zach let out a deep, throaty moan that grew louder and louder as Leroy continued working over his nutsack like a punching ball. Smack after nutsmashing smack landed right on target, hitting his balls at a steady pace and eliciting screams and groans from Zach’s lips.

The rest of the class watched him practice his boxing skills on Zach’s poor, bulging ballsack. Suddenly, someone shouted, “Yeah! Trash his kiwis!” prompting the rest of the students to join in.

Soon, the whole class was cheering and clapping wildly as the slapping and smacking sounds of Leroy’s fist smashing into Zach’s fat, ripe plums echoed through the room.

Zach was grunting and moaning in agony, his balls swelling visibly and his sack slowly taking on a rosy red color.

Leroy had a wide grin on his face, obviously enjoying his workout, whereas Zach’s face was contorted in pain.

The handsome blond stud’s eyes were clenched shut, his mouth wide open as he roared in pain sounding curiously like a recently injured moose.

Finally, Leroy paused for a moment, but instead of going back to his seat, he stepped back and launched a nutcrunching kick into Zach’s brutalized balls. His sneaker-clad foot slammed into Zach’s huge, swollen balls, ramming them into his body. The aluminum chastity device put the icing on the cake: The ring at the neck of Zach’s sack proved to be a very unrelenting bumper that Zach’s nuts slammed into, and the hard metal tube around his painfully constrained dick squished into the soft flesh of Zach’s oversized nuggets.

Zach yodeled like a Swiss schoolgirl as his nuts were viciously crunched between the two hard surfaces, bringing cheers and rounds of laughter from the students.

“Yeah, make him sing soprano”, Logan encouraged Leroy who had a sheepish expression on his face.

Leroy grimaced. “Really?”

“Sure”, Logan nodded. “Show us what you got!”

“I have a pretty strong kick”, Leroy said.

“Let us see it”, Logan encouraged him, smiling cheerfully.

Leroy looked at Zach and grinned. “Sorry.” He brought his leg back and slammed it into Zach’s balls with all the force he could muster. His instep collided with Zach’s junk, ramming the aluminum tube into his fat, tender spunkmakers that in turn slammed into the metal ring.

Zach’s voice turned up a notch and he let out a frighteningly high-pitched screech that made the entire class shudder and cringe in sympathy.

“Ouch”, Leroy mumbled before sending another kick between Zach’s thighs that worked perfectly, exactly like the first one: The instep hit the nuts and the tube, the tube slammed into the gonads, the gonads were stopped by the ring. It was like a tutorial in making peanut butter.

Zach’s shriek stopped immediately. Zach’s eyes crossed, his eyebrows rose and his nose started twitching. Zach’s body was shaking and sweat was running down his forehead.

“Usually”, Logan said, smiling. “This is when Zach’s balls bust and he shoots a huge load of cum all over the place.” He looked at the students. “You remember last week, right?”

The guys nodded.

“Well, the chastity device prevents that from happening”, Logan continued. “Look at this”, Logan said, lifting the aluminum tube that was filled with Zach’s cock. There were a couple of dents in the metal, courtesy of Leroy’s hard kicks. “Zach’s cock wanted to get hard. It fattened and grew”, Logan explained. “But it couldn’t achieve full hardness because of the curve in the metal.”

The students studied Zach’s crotch.

“You see? It’s a very effective device”, Logan said, smiling. He grabbed Zach’s battered balls and rolled them between his fingers. “His nuts have produced a lot of semen that can’t go anywhere.”

“But they aren’t blue, yet”, Seth said, adjusting his glasses.

“You’re right”, Logan said. “But they will be blue when we meet next week.”

He gave Zach’s nuts a playful squeeze before he allowed him to collapse on the ground, writhing and whimpering in pain.

“Alright, class dismissed”, Logan said, clapping his hands. “See you next--- Oh, wait, I think I got that wrong. I’ll be away next Friday so we’ll meet again the Friday after next. Have a nice weekend!”

The guys left the classroom, leaving Zach and Logan behind.

It took Zach a couple of minutes until he was able to put on his clothes. Stuffing his swollen genitals and the chastity device into his pants was a rather difficult task, and when he was finished, the buttons on his jeans looked like they were going to burst off any second.

“Alright”, Logan said. “Thanks. We’ll meet again in two weeks.” He patted Zach’s shoulder and left the room.

“Two weeks”, Zach whispered in a whiny voice, looking down at his crotch. “Two weeks…”


Carter said...

Oh man, if I were in Zach's shoes I'd really want revenge. Probably see if anybody else in class wanted to get back at Logan for anything too.
Anyway great chapter, really left me hanging for more.

Alex said...

Thanks, Carter! There are a couple more lessons that Zach will have to endure... But I'm pretty sure that Logan won't get out of this without a little punishment... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Two weeks?!
I can't imagine the pain and how intense will it be when the volcano finally release its magma!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! Unfortunately, just like Zach we'll have to wait two weeks for the eruption. The next chapter will be online on Friday next week... ))

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of Zach locked up for 2 weeks! But it's just cruel for us to wait that long! Really enjoy your blog :)

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I know it's hard - maybe you want to try chastity till then just like Zach? :-))

(Don't worry, there's another story coming on Friday...)

Anonymous said...

Awesome story! I think Zach should endure even more torture, but be denied again, maybe for a month! Let his bloated plums ripen into swollen mangoes, until he's begging to have them cut off, just to be relieved!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! Oh, there's much more in store for Zach...

As for the chastity theme: I didn't know if it resonated with readers. I'll see if I can come up with a story focussing on chastity. If you have any suggestions please let me know... :-)

Anonymous said...

Chad Fan here. I think the chastity theme rocks. I love the idea of big bruised balls that can't find release. It's the denial and frustration a stud must feel when he can't get off that's so appealing. Great story!

Alex said...

Thank you for your feedback! By the way, I am working on the Chad story you suggested... :-))

Chad Fan said...

Thank you!
Poor Chad (:

Alex said...

Well, Chad's balls haven't seen too much action lately, so it's time they get some attention... :-))