Sunday, October 20, 2013

Busy busy busy

My day job has kept me very, very busy over the last couple of weeks and unfortunately there is no end in sight...

I'm working on a couple of stories (among them the final chapter of Taylor Lautner's guest appearance, a new story feat. young mischief Adam, a new series for Logan and Zach, and some more episodes for "Logan's high school diary") but I can't honestly say when I'm gonna be able to finish them...

I guess it will take a couple of weeks until I'll be able to update again... So please be patient and keep your fingers crossed that thing quiet down a bit at my job.., :-))

In the meantime check out Jayse's great new blog:


sfzephyr said...

Thanks so much for the plug for my new blog, Alex! I'm a big fan of your work, and I hope that you and your readers will be fans of mine as well.

All the best to you, and keep posting your amazing stories!


Anonymous said...

You write so many cool stories it's easy to forget that you have another job:-) We'll be patient as we look forward to your next post. Personally I can't wait to read the next Taylor Lautner episode. Keep up the great work

Alex said...

Thank you guys!

@ Jayse:
You are a remarkable writer and I'm looking forward to a lot of great stuff from you!

@ Anonymous:
I'd love to do this full time - but unfortunately writing naughty stories doesn't pay the bills... :-))
If anyone has a well-payed job as a CEO for a ballbusting clip site (peferrably m/m) or something like that - let me know and I'll drop my current job in a heartbeat... :-))

Anonymous said...

Alex, your readers are waiting patiently. Hope you find time to post another story sometime soon. You're the best!

Anonymous said...

Hey Alex, don't you think Justin Bieber is desperately in need of a good kick in the cherries ?
I don't know what else can cure this cocky teenage heart-throb.
There's somethig about that angelic face and the way he flaunts his cute muscles, grabbing his junk and prancing around the stage to his teenage fans.
Then there's the off-stage tantrums and the star-struck arrogance.
I mean, does this kid really think he looks tough in his sagging pants and shirtless T's when he's surrounded by hulking bodyguards.
So if you ever do get back to writing, please spare a thought for poor Justin and his unbusted boy balls before it's too late.
I belieb in you.

Anonymous said...

I agree, justin does need a good smash in the plums, and his annoying overconfidence could get pushed down a little.


Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys!

@Anonymous (1):
I don't think I'll be able to write much this year but I hope that things slow down a bit in 2014 so that I'll be able to get back on track...

@Anonymous (2) & anikin:
Yeah, Justin Bieber's balls are definitely ripe for a good busting... I guess I'll have to finish Taylor Lautner's story and then we'll see if Justin gets what he deserves... :-))

Anonymous said...

More stories in 2014 will be a perfect christmas present for your readers. And if both Lautner and Bieber get busted we are assurred 2014 will be a very special year :-)

Anonymous said...

Alex, if your not too busy, I thought it would be fun to exchange some thought about a possible Bieber story.
The big challenge is how to arrange for such a celebrity(valued at $100M+) to meet up with your fine but rather unknown team of ballbusters.
One idea I had is that Justin is looking to recruit a couple of tough guys about his age to be his secret security force. He pretends to be friends with them when he heads to the clubs but their job is to protect him from paparazzi and perverts while he flirts with the girls.
The boys are paid well but away form the cameras Bieber treats them like slaves. He can't resist cracking their tough nuts and makes them worship him constantly. Of course the boys have to suffer such humiliation to earn their paychecks...until finally they decide to get even !

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments and sorry for not replying earlier. I hope I'll be able to finish this year's christmas story in time for it to be published on Dec 25th...

I like your ideas and I'll see what I can do with them in 2014... :-))