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Abducted, abused, abandoned (Gaz meets “the dark twins”)

Special thanks to our reader Gaz for the plot idea! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who is staunchly anti-violence but makes an exception when it comes to hurting testicles!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more Details.

Featured in this story: Andrew and Brett, two guest characters who have been introduced a couple of years ago in the Shakeout stories: The math, The funnel, Erections

Warning: This story contains extreme violence, blood and gore. It’s the most cruel and violent story I have ever written. If you don’t like the sound of that you might want to skip this one…

The grey, inconspicuous van drove through the night. The road was deserted. The headlights of the car were the only source of light. There were no houses, no streetlights, no traffic. Everything was peaceful and quiet.

It was close to midnight.

Inside the van, techno music was blaring from the loudspeakers.

The driver and his companion on the passenger seat where laughing and joking.

Andrew and Brett had always been close. They were identical twins, both of them handsome and sexy, tall and athletic, with pitch black hair and brown eyes.

“Turn the music up!” Andrew yelled at his brother. “I don’t want to hear him scream.” He laughed. “Yet.”

Brett giggled and turned up the volume.

The screams from the back of the van were drowned out by thumping beat.

Brett’s hands drummed onto the dashboard in the rhythm of the beat. 

The twins dressed the same, they shared the same taste in music, they liked the same movies, they favored the same food. They did everything together.

When Gaz had moved into the neighborhood, Andrew and Brett had taken an immediate dislike to him. Gaz was 29 years old, a shy guy, just 5’6” tall, with dark hair. He was a bit of a loner.

The twins made fun of him because of his size, bullying him and tormenting him whenever they saw him.

Now he was lying the back of their van, bound, scared and screaming.

Andrew steered the van off the road onto a path that was so small and overgrown with plants that most people would have missed it.

A little while later, the path ended, and the van stopped in front of a cabin.

Andrew turned the engine off.

The music stopped.


Gaz lifted his head and looked up, his eyes red from crying.

The twins turned around and looked at him. Then they burst out laughing.

“Look at him”, Brett laughed. “Just look at the little bitch!”

“Oh, he’s afraid”, Andrew said in mock-sympathy. He turned to his brother, a huge grin on his face. “Do you think he has pissed his pants?”

Brett shuddered. “Eww! Pathetic loser!”

“What are you going to do with me?” Gaz whispered, his voice hoarse from screaming.

Andrew grinned. “We are going to party.”

“We’ll have some fun”, Brett chimed in.

“Well, maybe you won’t”, Andrew laughed. “But we will…”

They got out of the car and opened the rear doors.

Brett grabbed Gaz’ feet and tried pulling him out.

Gaz was kicking and screaming

“Wow, look at him, Andy”, Brett grinned. “He thinks he can kick his way out of this…”

Andrew chuckled. “Pathetic loser!”

Without too much effort, Brett lifted Gaz up.

“Oh, Brett”, Andrew said causally.

Brett looked at him.

“Don’t call me Andy”, Andrew said and kicked his brother in the groin.

His boot-clad foot connected with the big bulge in Brett’s jeans, ramming his nuts into his body.

Brett let out a surprised grunt and dropped Gaz to the ground. He doubled over, clutching his crotch. “You got me good”, he giggled, rubbing his groin.

Gaz was on the ground, groaning in pain.

“You dropped the bitch”, Andrew remarked as he opened the door to the cabin.

Brett snickered and grabbed Gaz’ feet and dragged him into the cabin.

Brett stripped Gaz naked and tied him to a wooden chair while Andrew was outside, turning on the generator that supplied the cabin with electricity.

“Andy, come, you gotta look at this!” Brett yelled from inside the cabin.

Andrew rolled his eyes. “Don’t call me Andy!” he yelled back.

“Come on, you won’t believe this!” Brett yelled.

Andrew sighed and grabbed the toolbox that was standing near the generator.

When he entered the cabin, his brother was crying with laughter.

“Look at this!” Brett was gasping for breath. “Look at his pathetic cock!”

Andrew dropped the box with the power tools and got closer. “What the fuck”, he laughed.

Gaz was stark naked, his pale body shivering, tears streaming down his face. Between his thighs, a tiny worm of a dick, maybe one or two inches long, was sitting over a shriveled sack.

Andrew had to look closely to spot the two tiny peas inside Gaz’ ballsack.

“Are those his nuts?” Andrew laughed.

“I don’t know if you can call them that”, Brett mused. “But, yeah, I guess they are.”

Andrew and Brett burst out laughing.

Gaz let out a pitiful sob.

“Damn, we don’t have a lot to work with this time”, Andrew sighed.

Brett shrugged. “What did you expect? A short guy like that…”

“I guess you’re right”, Andrew said. “But I kinda hoped he’d surprise us.”

Brett laughed. “No such luck.”

Andrew opened the tool box. “Do we start with his dick or his balls?”

Brett shrugged. “I don’t know. Why don’t we let him decide?”

Andrew smiled and turned to Gaz.

Gaz had his eyes closed. His body was shivering with fear.

“Hey bitch”, Andrew said.

Gaz winced.

“Hey, bitch!” Andrew yelled. “Open your fucking eyes! Look at me when I’m talking to you!”

Gaz’ eyes opened and he stared at Andrew.

“What do you want to lose first, bitch?” Andrew grinned. “Your cock or your balls?”

Gaz stared at him.

Andrew chuckled. “He’s so cute, isn’t he?”

Brett laughed. “He’ll be much cuter without his dick!”

Andrew laughed.

Gaz cleared his throat. “Please---“ His voice cracked. “Please, don’t---“

“I asked you a question, bitch!” Andrew interrupted him. “What do you want to lose first? Your pathetic little dick or your tiny marbles?”

Gaz’ eyes shifted from Andrew to Brett and back to Andrew again.

The twin brothers were smiling like Cheshire cats.

“I---“ Gaz’ eyes filled with tears. “I---“

“I--- I--- I---“, Andrew mocked him. He turned to his brother. “Looks like he can’t decide.”

“What a loser”, Brett sighed. “Why don’t we start on his balls?”

Andrew grinned. “Sound like a plan.”

He reached inside the toolbox and produced a pair of car jumper cables. He held them up and grinned. “Who’s up for some roasted nuts?”

Brett laughed. “Oooooh, roasted nuts! My favorites!” He turned to Gaz and grinned. “I hope you like them, too.”

Andrew chuckled as he placed a car battery in front of Gaz. “You know”, he said casually, “these nuts are almost too small for roasting.” He winked at Gaz. “I’m sure they’ll be good and done in no time…” He clamped the cables to Gaz’ nuts, laughing out loud when Gaz screamed in pain.

“Please!” Gaz whimpered. “Please don’t do this.”

Andrew knelt down in front of the car battery and looked at his brother. “He doesn’t want us to do this.”

“Oh, you don’t?” Brett grinned at Gaz. “Well, tough luck, bitch!” He turned to Andrew. “Fry ‘em, bro!”

Andrew hooked the cables to the car battery.

Gaz squealed in pain as the electricity passed through his little balls. His body was rocking on the chair as his balls were fried to useless pieces of dead meat.

Andrew and Brett were laughing their asses off, watching the destruction of Gaz’ nuts.

Smoke started rising from Gaz’ crotch and his .

Suddenly, Gaz’s body went limp.

“No!” Brett yelled.

“Fucking loser!” Andrew chimed in.

Brett yanked the cables from the car battery. “What a fucking sissy!” He stared at Gaz’s limp body. His nutsack was bright red.

“Hey!” Andrew yelled at Gaz. “Wake up, bitch!”

Brett brought his leg back and stomped down on Gaz’s fried, pitiful balls. “Wake up!” he yelled, crunching Gaz’s balls again and again until Gaz’ eyes opened and he let out a tortured wail.

“My nuts”, he whimpered, looking down at his bruised, red ballsack. “You killed my nuts…”

Andrew chuckled and kicked Gaz’s pathetic balls as hard as he could, making Gaz howl in pain. “You passed out, bitch.”

“We don’t want you to pass out”, his brother said with a grin.

“And we’ll make sure you don’t pass out again”, Andrew continued. He fetched a syringe and filled it with a milky substance from a little vial. Then he held it up. “Where do you want me to inject you?”

Gaz’ eyes widened. “Please---“

“Stop whining, bitch!” Brett screamed. “We're going to destroy your cock and balls anyway - you better shut up or we'll make it even more painful for you!”

“This is not a painkiller, by the way. It will just paralyze you and it’ll make sure that you stay awake the whole time”, Andrew explained with a mean grin, flicking his finger against the syringe. “So I ask you again. Where do you want me to inject you?”

Gaz broke out in tears.

Andrew looked at his brother and rolled his eyes. “Fucking cry-baby”, he chuckled.

Brett laughed. He reached between Gaz’s thighs and grabbed his little dick. “Here”, he said. “Stick it into his dick.”

Andrew laughed. “Ewww.”

Brett giggled. “Stick it right into his dickhead.”

Gaz shook his head violently. “No, please, no!”

Andrew laughed.

The two brothers knelt in front of Gaz.

Brett held Gaz’ little cock, and Andrew jabbed the needle into Gaz’s sensitive dickhead, right above his piss slit.

Gaz screamed from the top of his lungs.

The twins laughed as Andrew emptied the contents of the syringe into Gaz’s cock. When the syringe was empty, he pushed further and further until the tip of the needle came out on the underside of Gaz’s cock.

“Ouch!” Brett laughed. “You pierced his little dick!”

Andrew chuckled and pulled out the syringe. He winked at his brother and jabbed the needle into Gaz’s shaft again and again, until the tiny tool was covered in blood.

Gaz was wailing in pain, staring at his aching, bloody cock and his fried balls.

“Okay”, Brett looked at Andrew. “We’ve fried his balls and perforated his dick. What next?”

Andrew grinned and rummaged through the tool box until he found a pair of pliers.

“That looks nasty”, Brett giggled.

“Yeah, it is!” Andrew said cheerfully. He knelt down in front of Gaz and applied the pliers to his tiny left nut. He looked Gaz in the eyes and clamped the pliers shut, squishing his nut between the jaws.

Gaz was squealing in agony as Andrew yanked and pulled at his poor left testicle, squashing it mercilessly.

Brett was watching him, laughing at Gaz’s pain. He reached into the tool box and produced a large hammer. “Do you mind if I join you?” he grinned at his brother.

“Lefty’s mine”, Andrew chuckled. “But feel free to bash his right nut in!”

Brett laughed and crouched down next to Andrew. He squinted at Gaz’s nutsack. “Damn”, he giggled, “that fucking thing is so tiny…” He lifted the hammer and sent it crashing down, missing Gaz’s right nut at the first try and hitting just the skin of his sack. He tried once more. On the third attempt, he managed to hit Gaz’s right nut dead-on, crunching the tiny little ball flat while his brother was pulling on his left testicle.

Gaz’ voice had turned hoarse from all the screaming. He was crying and sobbing and whining and groaning as the brutal twins tortured his junk.

After a couple of hard, nut-shattering blows with the hammer, Andrew reached for the tool box again. He searched around a bit until he found a rusty nail.

“Ooooh – that’s gonna hurt!” Brett laughed.

Andrew grinned. “Oh yeah!” He placed the nail on top of Gaz’s nut.

Gaz closed his eyes, whimpering in pain.

Andrew brought the hammer down, sending the nail right through Gaz’ ball and into the surface of the chair.

“Ouch!” Brett yelled, cringing in sympathy, before pulling out the nail from Gaz’ testicle and handing it to Andrew. “Do it again!”

Andrew laughed. He lined up the nail with Gaz’ nut again, making sure to choose another spot. WHAM! The nail went through the meat of Gaz’ testicle with ease, eliciting a tortured wail.

Again, Brett pulled the nail out and handed it to Andrew who proceeded to pierce Gaz’ poor testicle once more.

After half a dozen times, the twins grew tired of their little game.

Gaz’s nutsack was a bloody, bruised mess. His right nut looked lumpy and odd-shaped from the pliers, and his right ball had been punctured by the rusty nail. His little nutsack was covered in blood.

“Let’s finish his balls”, Brett grinned, “before we focus on his little dick…”

Andrew chuckled. “Nice.” He grabbed a vise from the tool box.

The two brothers applied it to Gaz’ ballsack, making sure that both of his balls were crushed flat. Gradually, they turned the screws.

“Oh, look, it’s gonna give”, Brett snickered.

The twins laughed, watching Gaz’s little nuts get crushed by the vise. The little meatballs went flatter and flatter.

“Amazing”, Andrew grinned, turning the screws tighter and tighter. “I thought it would have popped aleady.”

Brett giggled. “The little suckers are tougher than I thought. Maybe they’ll sur---“


Brett and Andrew burst out laughing as Gaz’s right nut gave and turned into mushy goo that was sloshing inside his sack.

“Nope”, Brett dead-panned. “That one’s dead.” He looked up at Gaz. “How does it feel to have lost a nut?”

Andrew giggled and continued turning the screw.


“Oops”, Brett snickered. “Let me rephrase that: How does it feel to have lost two nuts?”

Andrew burst out laughing.

Gaz was retching and gagging, too weak to scream.

Andrew loosened the vise, grabbing Gaz’s pathetic, empty sack that was filled with nut sludge. “You gotta feel this”, he giggled. “So funny!”

His brother didn’t have to be told twice.

The twins shared a laugh as they felt up Gaz’s soft, squishy sack of nut sauce.

“Hey, bitch”, Brett grinned. “Have you ever wondered what your sack looks like from the inside?” He winked at Gaz. “Well, guess what - you’re about to find out!”

Gaz’ eyes widened with terror Brett reached for a box cutter.

Brett grabbed Gaz’ nutsack, giggling with excitement, and pressed the squishy sack against the chair. Then he cut it open, splitting Gaz’ scrotum in one swift motion.

The two brother giggled as blood started to run down Gaz’ legs. Some unrecognizable pulpy matter that once was Gaz’ manhood dropped to the floor with a wet splat.

“Ewwww”, the two brothers cringed.

“Look at what’s left of your balls, bitch!” Andrew chuckled. “This is fucking hilarious!”

Brett poked at the chunky, gooey puddle on the floor and laughed. “Those little nuts made quite a mess, huh?

“Look, there’s something left inside”, Andrew grinned and reached inside the bloody, wide open sack.

Tears were running down Gaz’ face and he screamed in pain as Andrew tore out the remains of Gaz’ balls and threw the gooey mess onto the floor where it landed with a wet splat.

Brett snickered and reached between Gaz’ legs. “Did you leave anything for me, bro?”

His twin brother laughed. “Sorry. His sack is totally empty.”

Brett inspected Gaz’s scrotum. Andrew was right. It was empty. A useless, empty bag of soft, wrinkled, bloody skin.

Brett shrugged. “Okay, now let’s see what we can do with his little dick.”

Gaz was sobbing, his face pale and contorted in agony, his eyes filled with fear.

Brett got a power drill from the tool box and giggled.

Andrew laughed. “Oh, fuck, this is gonna be awesome!”

Brett snickered. “His pee hole is a bit too small, don’t you think?”

Andrew scratched his chin, pretending to think hard about his brother’s remark. “Yeah”, he said finally. “Maybe you are right…” He looked at Brett and grinned. “Do you think you could do something about that?”

The brother broke out laughing.

Brett lined up the power drill and pressed the button.

The whirring of the power drill filled the cabin.

“Nooo!” Gaz whimpered weakly.

Brett ignored him and rammed the power drill into Gaz’ urethra.

Gaz squealed in agony as Brett drilled into his little cock.

Brett and Andrew were screaming with laughter as blood and gore and shredded pieces of Gaz’s dickhead flew through the air.

After what seemed like an eternity, Brett stopped the power drill and looked at what was left of Gaz’s little dick.

There was blood everywhere.

The brothers looked at each other and chuckled.

Andrew looked at his watch. “It’s getting late”, he said.

Brett nodded.

“Let’s rip his dick off”, Andrew suggested matter-of-factly. “Do you wanna go for pizza tonight?”

Brett thought for a moment. “Yeah, sounds good.”

Andrew nodded and grabbed a sharp hook from the tool box. He jammed the hook into the shaft of Gaz’s dick, eliciting an anguished wail. Then he yanked hard.

The skin tore off Gaz’ cock and Andrew stumbled backwards, crashing into the wall.

Brett burst out laughing.

“Aw, fuck”, Andrew groaned, rubbing his back. “Fucking asshole.”

His brother was roaring with laughter, gasping for breath as he pointed at Gaz’s skinned dick.

Andrew raised his eyebrows and got closer. “Holy fuck”, he laughed.

Gaz’ tiny dick was a piece of raw, bloody meat, its head shredded and destroyed, its skin entirely torn off.

“You can’t even rip his dick off”, Brett giggled.

Andrew frowned and looked at his twin brother. “Shut up. I’ve done it dozens of times!”

Brett laughed. “Yeah, but this time you fucked up.”

Andrew glared at him. Then he grabbed Gaz’ raw, skinned dick and rammed the hook deep into the flesh.

Gaz let out a miserable whimper.

Andrew started pulling.

Brett watched him, an amused expression on his face.

Gaz was screaming in pain as his dick stretched further and further. Suddenly, it ripped clean off his body.

Andrew stumbled backwards. But this time he managed to stay on his feet.

Brett was laughing his ass off.

Andrew held up the hook with Gaz’ severed cock still attached. “See?” Andrew said casually. “Piece of cake.”

Brett chuckled.

They watched Gaz for a moment, squirming and sobbing and moaning on the chair, his crotch covered in blood. There was nothing left except for an empty bag of skin. No dick. No balls.

Brett looked at Andrew. “Pizza?”

Andrew dropped the hook with Gaz’ dick. It landed next to the puddle of goo that had been Gaz’s nuts.

“Pizza”, Andrew nodded.

The twins left the cabin and got into the car.

The grey, inconspicuous van drove through the night. The road was deserted. The headlights of the car were the only source of light. There were no houses, no streetlights, no traffic. Everything was peaceful and quiet.


Unknown said...

I really wouldn't wanna be that guy Gaz...

... no... wait...


Alex said...

Thanks for your comment.

When Gaz emailed me, my first question was "Are you Gaz from SneakerBB?"... :-))

I hope the experience of reading your name in such a brutal story wasn't too traumatizing... ;-)

And I hope your namesake enjoyed it... :-))

sfzephyr said...

Loved this story by one of your guest authors! I normally prefer the stories where the "hero survives to fight another day", but sometimes you just need to read about a cruel and brutal emasculation. ;)

Thanks for all of the stories posted here, Alex! I don't tell you often enough how much I enjoy YOUR stories as well. I visit multiple times a week to read the latest stories. And that series about Rocco blew my mind...and my load!! LOL

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoy the stories on this blog! (This one was written by me as well, btw.)

I'm glad you're a Rocco fan, too! I'm very curious about the outcome of the current poll that'll decide the fate of Rocco's balls... :-))