Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Indestructible Nuts Gym - Ballbusting has never been more fun

A couple of weeks ago I told you about my new favourite gym, a wonderful place where the girls go to stay  in shape, and the guys go to get their nuts crunched: The Indestructible Nuts Gym. Believe it or not, I am still a member - this is the first gym that I have actually attended regularly after getting my membership card... :-))

The idea is simple yet brilliant: Hot girls are having fun busting hot guys' balls. The hits are incredibly hard (there's no protection at all, and you see the nuts bounce), and the atmosphere is wonderfully light-hearted and funny. There's no doubt: These girls absolutely enjoy hurting a guy's junk, and they don't try to hide it.

There's a new promo clip out that sums up all that's great about this site. Take a look and join the Gym today - your nuts will thank you!

Oh, just in case you can't read the fine print on that last screenshot: "We guarantee no cups, full impact, all balls, no fake hits, no fake reactions, no fake acting or fake people in our videos and sessions. That is our solemn promise at the Gym. Our boys take real hits, straight to the balls, every single time. And if the girls think they hit too light, or missed his nuts, they just try again until they drop him! Guaranteed!"

How's that for a customer-friendly policy, huh? :-))

Join the Indestructible Nuts Gym today and support those brave boys and girls in their fight for testicular fitness!

Full disclosure: I don't profit from the site's sales in any way. I'm justa huge fan, and I want it to be around for a very long time...

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