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New balls please!

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Disclaimer: Obviously, this story is a complete work of fiction and is in no way based on true events or the true sexuality of the people mentioned. 

Thanks to the anonymous reader whose suggestion inspired this story.

Featured in this story: Phil (click for pictures)

Philipp Hughes was panting heavily. He tried to catch his breath, stretching his limbs. The coach had a bad day, and he was letting his team know. Endless rounds of running, then agility exercises, then that damn stuff with the cones – Phil was exhausted.

But he knew this was his chance to prove himself, to earn his place in the “Three Lions”, the English national soccer team. He was only 18 years old, a handsome young man with red hair and brown eyes. In his short career he had played in several teams in England and in the US, and he currently was in the U-19 national team. This was his chance to take it one step higher, and he was going to do everything in his power to make his dream come true.

He was the only new guy in the training, and he knew that the coaches, the staff and the players were watching him closely. The World Championship was on the doorstep, and Phil knew he had to give everything to succeed.

A few hours later, practice was over, and Phil found himself in the locker room, surrounded by Wayne Rooney (pic), Ashley Young (pic), James Milner (pic), Joe Hart (pic), Steven Gerrard (pic), and all the other star players. It was surreal. The guys were in a cheerful mood, rough-housing like schoolboys, in various states of undress, some of them bare naked, others taking off their skimpy briefs or wrapping a white towel around their midsection. Suddenly, the door burst open. The guys turned their heads to see retired star player David Beckham lean in the doorframe, a slightly mocking grin on his face.

“Hey, pals”, Beckham grinned.

“Becks!” Rooney said. “Long time no see…”

Beckham smiled, pointing at Wayne Rooney’s naked groin. “Yup, I haven’t seen that tiny dick of yours in ages…”

The guys whooped and cheered.

Rooney grabbed his dick and balls and wiggled his junk at Beckham. Contrary to Beckham’s dismissive comment Rooney’s equipment was nothing to be ashamed about. Indeed, his cock was rather impressive in length and girth, a meaty sausage that fitted perfectly with the two stout eggs that hung low in their hairy sac.

“Hail to the king”, Rooney chuckled. “This is what’s reigning the locker room since you left…”

Beckham laughed.

“Right guys?” Rooney looked at his team-mates who agreed with reluctance.

Beckham picked this moment of Rooney’s distraction to aim a quick, precise kick at Rooney’s nuts. The tip of Beckham’s shoe connected with the two hefty orbs that were held in place by Rooney’s hands, digging into the soft, tender flesh of Rooney’s testicles and flattening them like pancakes.

Phil winced in sympathy as Rooney’s jaw dropped and a miserable moan escaped his lips. With a pitiful expression on his pitbull face, Rooney sank to his knees as the crowd erupted in riotous laughter.

Beckham chuckled. “I still got it”, he grinned, raising his hands to high-five his former team-mates.

Not entirely unexpectedly, Rooney seized his chance and threw a hard, nut-crunching uppercut into Beckham’s groin, making the handsome fashion icon let out a high-pitched shriek as his unborn children flashed before his eyes.

Again, the crowd erupted in cheers while Beckham joined Rooney on the floor, clutching his manhood.

“Well, four kids is more than enough”, Rooney mused, making everyone – well, almost everyone – laugh out loud.

When the pain had subsided, Beckham sat down on a bench and waited until the other guys had showered and dressed.

He turned to Phil and smiled, “So you are tonight’s entertainment?”

Phil blushed. “No, I--- erm---“

“Who said that you are invited?” Rooney asked, grinning.

Beckham shrugged. “I’m not?”

Rooney patted Beckham’s shoulder. “Sure you are. See you later!”

An hour later, the guys reconvened in the training center’s recreational room. It was sparsely furnished with a couple of wooden chairs and a wooden table.

“Wow”, Beckham shook his head in disbelief. “Things have changed a lot… Back in my time we had a snooker table and a bar, and – hey, where are the girls?”

Rooney grimaced. “New rules – no girls.”

Beckham snorted. He pointed to one corner of the room. “There used to be a really nice, cosy settee. That’s where I banged Vicky for the first time in front of the team…” To illustrate his point, he moved his hips hard and fast, as if the rest of the guys didn’t know what he was talking about. Beckham chuckled. “That’s why I wanted to call our first child IKEA.” He shrugged. “Well, Vicky didn’t like it…”

“Come on, guys”, Rooney said. “Let’s get comfortable.”

Phil watched as the soccer studs took off their shirts and followed their example. When he started to take off his training pants, Rooney stopped him.

“Hey, keep that on”, he chuckled. “It’s not like we are going to fuck, okay?”

Phil blushed as the rest of the guys laughed.

“Nothing gay going on here”, Rooney added, patting Phil’s head of red hair.

Beckham grinned. “So where’s the entertainment?”

Rooney grinned and turned to the door. “Come in!” he shouted.

Max Clayton (pic), the 18 year old striker on the U-19 national team, entered the room, a beaming expression on his face. He was wearing jeans and a black t-shirt.

Phil smiled at him. They had played together on a number of occasions, and he was relieved to see a familiar face. Even though he had gained a lot of experience and met a lot of soccer stars during his career, he didn’t feel entirely at ease with Beckham, Rooney, Young and the rest of them. Maybe with Max Clayton here, the evening would turn out to be quite nice after all.

“Hi, guys”, Clayton said with a huge grin. “Nice to meet you!”

“So you kept up the tradition?” Beckham grinned as he eyed the 18 year old stud.

“Sure”, Rooney grinned.

Suddenly Phil remembered all the gossip he’d heard a few years back when he was a junior player. Occasionally, one of the guys was asked to spend the evening with the National Team. Phil had never been one of them but he wasn’t exactly sorry for that. Usually, the guys were all thrilled when they were chosen. Then, when they came back the next day, they had a funny limp and their excitement had notably diminished…

Clayton cleared his throat. “So what are we gonna do tonight, huh? Are we gonna kick some balls around?”

The guys laughed.

Poor Max, Phil thought. He’s gonna get fucked, and he doesn’t even know it yet…

“Yeah”, Rooney chuckled. “That’s exactly what we’re going to do. What do you say, guys?”

“He looks fine to me”, Ashley Young said.

“Yup”, James Milner chimed in.

“Well, let’s see what he’s packing”, Steven Gerrard said.

“Yeah, we can’t judge the quality before we’ve seen the goods”, Joe Hart shrugged.

Clayton stared at them. “Um”, he said nervously. “What do you mean?”

“Strip”, Rooney said, casually adjusting his crotch.

Clayton blinked. “You mean---“

“I mean what I said, boy”, Rooney interrupted him. “Strip.”

Clayton looked at Phil for help.

Phil averted his gaze and looked at his feet.


“Look, we haven’t got all day”, Rooney said. “Are you going to strip now or do we have to do it for you?”

Clayton grimaced and took off his shirt, revealing his muscular chest.

The guys nodded in approval.

Hesitantly, Clayton undid his belt and dropped his trousers. He was wearing colorful boxer shorts that made the guys laugh out loud.

“Are those the Teletubbies?” Milner said incredulously.

Clayton’s head turned beet red.

Phil couldn’t help but chuckle. He liked Max Clayton, but those boxers were just ridiculous.

“Wow, how do you survive in the locker room?” Rooney laughed.

“I wasn’t expecting to take my jeans off tonight”, Clayton mumbled, an angry undertone in his voice.

“Hey, don’t you get fresh with me!” Rooney said sharply. “Take those boxers off!”

Clayton shot him a pleading look. “Oh, come on! What is this? Is this some kind of---“

“Take your boxers off!” Rooney shouted, making Clayton wince.

Quickly, Clayton dropped his boxers and covered his genitals with his hands. He was just wearing his socks, now. He had an admirable body, muscular and tanned.

Rooney shook his head impatiently. “Do we have to spell it out for you?”

Clayton looked like he was about to cry.

Phil almost felt sorry for him. Those ridiculous boxers aside, Max Clayton was a nice guy.

On the verge of tears, Clayton brought his hands to his sides, revealing his naked genitalia.

The guys leaned forward and stared at Clayton’s crotch.

Phil’s jaw dropped.

“Wow”, Milner said.

Beckham took a step towards the naked boy whose eyes filled with tears. “I don’t think I have ever seen a dick as small as that one.”

“And look at those ballsies”, Young chuckled. “I mean, who knew they came in that size?”

“They are barely there”, Gerrard chimed in. “Are they even functional?”

Rooney sighed and walked up to Clayton. He grabbed his junk and looked him in the eye.

Clayton winced.

Rooney massaged Clayton’s nuts in his hand for a couple of seconds, then he let go, and turned to his mates, shaking his head. “This won’t work.”

Clayton’s face had assumed the color of an over-ripe tomato.

“Go home, Baby-Balls”, Rooney said. “You don’t have what it takes…”

“Wait”, Beckham said quickly. He reached into his pocket and took out his smartphone. He squatted in front of the naked stud and took a picture. “Vicky is gonna love this”, he chuckled. He stared at the display and shook his head. “Who would’ve thought…”

Clayton quickly grabbed his clothes, unable to hide his embarrassment.

“You are never gonna make it into the Champion’s League with that”, Beckham shouted as the door closed behind the poor boy.

“So what are we gonna do now?” Milner asked.

Rooney shrugged. His eyes wandered around the room until they settled on Phil.
Rooney’s face lit up. “You”, he said.

Phil cleared his throat.

“Maybe you can help out?” Rooney said.

Phil shrugged. “Sure, I know some people. I could call one of them and---“

Rooney grinned and walked up to Phil, grabbing his shoulder. “You want to be in the National Team, right?”

Phil smiled. “Sure, I---“

“Okay, this is what we’re gonna do”, Rooney said, smiling. “You fill in for that other guys, the one with the tiny bits, what’s-his-name---“

“Max”, Phil said wearily.

“Right, Max”, Rooney nodded. “You fill in for him and we’ll make sure that your chances of making it into the team go way up, okay?”

Phil blinked.

“You are bigger than him, right?” Beckham chimed in.

“Sure, I am”, Phil said quickly. “Way bigger. But---“

“On the other hand”, Rooney smiled. “If you don’t help us out here, I’m pretty sure that this’ll be your first and last day on the team.”

Phil stared at him.

“Your choice”, Rooney said.

The rest of the guys looked at Phil expectantly.

Phil blinked. His mind was racing. How the hell had this happened? Why was he in this position? A few hours ago he had proven himself on the field. And now he was asked to get naked and do what those pervs were asking him? Fucking hell! That damn Max Clayton and his tiny little pieces!

“So?” Rooney interrupted Phil’s thoughts.

“Fuck”, Phil mumbled and took off his shoes and his training pants. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

“Attaboy”, Beckham grinned. “Put your hands together for the boy who’s saving the day…”

The guys clapped politely.

“The name’s Phil”, Phil muttered as he took off his boxer briefs.

Rooney clicked his tongue. “Don’t get cocky, Phil. “Davey doesn’t like cocky guys…”

The rest of the guys chuckled.

Phil was stark naked now. He put his hands behind his back and raised his eyebrows. “Happy now?”

“Now that is what I call a dick!” Beckham grinned. “And look at those fat bollocks!”

Rooney shrugged. “They’re not exactly king sized, but they’ll do.”

“Oh come on”, Hart said. “We’ve had smaller ones…”

“And you’ve had bigger ones”, Gerrard grinned, grabbing his crotch.

“Yeah”, Young laughed. “I remember you, that was fun…”

Phil sighed. “Okay, I guess you want me to bend over, right?” He turned around and touched his feet with his hands, exposing his hole to the guys.

The guys laughed.

“Spread your legs a bit”, Rooney grinned.

Phil did as he was told. He sighed. Great. He’d never have thought that he’d let himself get gang-banged for his career. Now he knew what it felt like to be one of the Spice Girls. Through his legs, he saw Rooney approaching. Damn! A picture of Rooney’s thick, fat cock from the showers flashed through his mind. This was going to hurt.

“Wait”, Gerrard said, grabbing Rooney’s shoulder. “Captain goes first.”

Phil let out a sigh of relief. Gerrard was big, but not as big as Rooney. Phil closed his eyes and tried to relax, bracing himself for the invasion. He’d never been fucked in the ass before. He wondered what it’d feel like. Maybe he’d even like it? Phil shuddered. No way. Suddenly, another thought popped into his head. Why had the guys rejected Max Clayton? What did it matter if he had a tiny prick if they were going for his hole? How kinky were these guys? Was this going to be a mutual fuck session? Maybe he’d get a chance to bang Rooney and Beckham and the rest of the guys, too. That’d be pretty hot. Maybe that’d be worth getting fucked first.

Phil grinned. His dick rose between his thighs.

Those nasty fuckers, rejecting a guy for his size because they wanted his fat cock in their asses. He’d show them. After they were done with him he’d show them what he could do with his mighty monster.

Phil’s cock was hard as a rock, now.

He’d do Rooney first, that arrogant bitch. And then maybe Young. And he’d save Beckham for last.

A tiny bead of clear precum oozed from the tip of Phil’s cock.

Oh yeah! He was going to fuck the shit out of Beckham until he shot his load deep in his---

Phil’s thoughts were rudely interrupted by a powerful kick between his legs. Gerrard’s foot smashed into Phil’s tender gonads, smashing them hard and rocking his cock, causing the tiny bead of precum to fly through the room.

Phil’s eyes opened just in time to see his juicy property land on the ground a couple of feet in front of him. Milliseconds later, the pain set in. Phil felt as if his nuts had been crushed by a flat iron. Unbearable agony rushed through his body as the room erupted in cheers and applause.

“That was a great one!”

“What a way to start the evening!”

“You crushed them good!”

Steven Gerrard grinned and took a bow. “Thanks, guys!”

Phil’s body was frozen. His knees started trembling and he felt nausea rising in his stomach.

“Fuck!” he yelped in a high-pitched voice, causing the guys to roar with laughter.

He desperately wanted to curl up in a ball or clutch his precious gonads, but his body didn’t obey his brain’s orders.

Wayne Rooney walked up behind Phil, casually grabbing Phil’s poor crown jewels with a chuckle before taking a step back and landing a nut-crunching kick between Phil’s thighs, catching both of his nuts dead-on and smashing them into his body.

Phil shrieked in pain. Another splash of precum landed in front of him. The pain was insane. He felt as if his brain was exploding. His hands were clasping his ankles, the knuckles turning white.

Next up was Ashley Young, the handsome black winger. He licked his lips as he eyed his targets.

“Go for it!” Rooney encouraged him. “Show him what you got!”

Young didn’t have to be told twice. He brought his leg back and kicked Phil’s tender meatballs with all the force he could muster.

Phil let out a guttural moan as he felt his testicles flatten under the young soccer player’s foot.

“Nice!” Beckham laughed. “I bet he felt that one…”

“You wanna go next?” James Milner asked.

Beckham grinned. “Nah, I’m gonna go last, when his nuts are nice and mushy…”

“Eww”, Milner chuckled. “That’s gross…” He cracked his knuckles and grinned. “Let’s see if I can mush them up for you…”

With a running start, he punted Phil’s balls, connecting perfectly with both of his targets, making them swing wildly between Phil’s thighs as yet another blob of precum splashed onto the ground.

Phil’s eyes crossed and his jaw dropped open.

Rooney walked up to Phil and grabbed his balls.

“Hey, it’s my turn!” Joe Hart said sharply.

“Just wanted to see if they are mushy yet”, Rooney grinned. He squeezed Phil’s nuts hard, causing him to let out an anguished groan. “Nope. Swollen, yeah, but not mushy…”

The rest of the guys laughed.

“He’s all yours”, Rooney said.

“Thanks”, Hart grinned. He stood right behind Phil and aimed a powerful kick between poor Phil’s thighs.

Phil’s eyes rolled back in his head and his knees started trembling uncontrollably.

“Give it up for the goalie!” Rooney roared and the guys clapped and cheered. “Your turn, Davey. Quickly before he collapses…”

David Beckham grinned. “I’ll bring him to the ground…”

The guys laughed and cheered.

Phil’s nuts looked huge and swollen, his sac bright red as it swung between his thighs. His hairless body was covered in sweat, his cock rock-hard and dripping wet.

Beckham patted his sweaty ass and turned to his mates. “Watch and learn.”

With a testicle-shattering kick, he lifted Phil off the ground, making the poor boy retch and cough before landing on the ground in a pool of his sweat and precum. He let out an ear-piercing scream that echoes across the room as he curled up in a little ball, clutching his aching nuts and rocking back and forth.

The guys laughed and clapped.

Beckham nudged Phil’s side with his foot, rolling him onto his back.

Phil’s raging boner stood proudly between his hands that covered his agonized testicles.

“Wow”, Beckham chuckled. “Look at that. I think somebody likes all the attention…”

The guys gathered around the whimpering boy, grinning at the sight of his sticky cock.

“Time for a beer, right, boys?” Rooney said, pointing at a keg of lager that was sitting in a corner of the room.

The guys cheered, and Rooney poured each of them a pint.

Half an hour later, Phil joined them, grimacing in pain and clutching his swollen gonads.

“One for you?” Rooney asked.

Phil nodded, stretching his legs.

He took a sip and wiped his mouth, holding on to his balls with his left hand. His cock had gone down a bit, and the sticky mess had dried.

“Fuck”, he said hoarsely. “You really did a number on my bollocks…”

Rooney grinned. “You took it like a champ.”

Phil grimaced. “Well, cheers, I guess…”

“Let’s have a look at your boys”, Beckham suggested.

Phil shifted uncomfortably, unable to hide his embarrassment at being the only naked guy in the room.

“Come on”, Young chimed in. “Let’s see we have done…”

Phil bit his lower lip and let go of his balls.

The guys clapped their hands and cheered.

“Holy shit”, Beckham laughed. “That looks seriously sick.”

Phil frowned at him.

“Eww”, Young grinned. “I bet you won’t use them for a while.”

The guys raised their glasses, and Phil reluctantly joined in.

“To your kids”, Rooney mused. “In case you’ll have any…”

The guys laughed. “To your kids!”

When they had finished their glasses, Rooney rested his hand on Phil’s shoulder. “You are a good sport…”

Phil grimaced. “Does that mean I’m on the team?”

Rooney chuckled. “Oi, kid, the night is still young, right?”

Phil’s eyes widened. “What do you mean?”

“Get down on the ground”, Rooney grinned as the rest of the guys poured themselves another pint of lager.

Phil stared at Rooney. “But---“

“Down!” Rooney said.

Phil obeyed, kneeling down in front of Rooney, staring at his crotch. He could make out Rooney’s fat cock inside his training pants. Phil gulped. He wasn’t exactly eager to taste Rooney’s cum. Then again, everything was better than having his nuts crunched again. And he could always wash it down with a beer afterwards. Despite himself, Phil’s dick started rising again.

“No”, Rooney said. “Sit down with your legs spread.”

Phil raised his eyebrows and obeyed.

Rooney pointed down at his feet and Phil’s eyes spotted his footwear.

“I’ve put on my cleats”, Rooney grinned.

Phil inhaled sharply. “You---“

The guys chuckled.

“The kid has had enough”, Beckham grinned.

Rooney shrugged. “Look at his dick. I bet there’s a big load waiting in those juicy, bruised balls of his, and I’m gonna make him give it up…”

Beckham shook his head, chuckling.

“I saw you do that a couple of times”, Rooney said.

Not it was Beckham’s turn to shrug. “Go ahead.”

The guys gathered around in a circle, casually drinking their beers, as Phil stared at Rooney’s cleats.

“Now, hands out of the way”, Rooney said.

Phil sighed and obeyed. His balls were resting on the cold floor. They were severely swollen, filling out his entire sac.

Rooney lifted the tip of his foot and grinned before slowly lowering it.

Phil inhaled sharply, biting his lower lip.

His nuts were compressed tighter and tighter as the spiky studs on the sole embedded themselves in his soft flesh.

“How does that feel?” Young asked, chuckling.

“Like stepping on one of my kids’ squishy toys”, Rooney grinned. He added more pressure, leaning forward and causing Phil’s nuts to protrude under the sides of his shoe.

Phil’s face turned into an agonized grimace as he gasped for breath.

Rooney lifted his heel, grinding down on Phil’s nuts with all the force he could muster.

Phil let out a high-pitched wail as his freshly weakened nuts were flattened like pancakes.

“Ooh, that looks vicious”, Hart said, grimacing in sympathy.

“But it works”, Milner observed, pointing to Phil’s raging erection.

Rooney grinned and twisted his foot, stomping down on Phil’s balls as if he was putting out a cigarette.

Phil screamed in agony as his cock pulsated and precum began running down its shaft.

“Hand me another pint, will you?” Rooney said, grinding down hard.

Gerrard brought him a glass while Phil was screaming from the top of his lungs. He felt as if his nuts were crushed by a flat iron.

“There you go”, Rooney grinned, taking the glass, as he watched Phil’s rock-hard cock starting to twitch.

He ground his jaw, concentrating on his task. He raised his foot an inch into the air, giving Phil a short moment of relief, before stomping down hard and bringing Phil back into his world of pain.

“That’s it”, Beckham said.

Rooney repeated the maneuver, lifting his foot and stomping down, squishing poor Phil’s bulging balls harder and harder every time.

“Ooooh”, Young moaned in sympathy.

The rest of the guys chuckled.

Phil’s dick was twitching violently with every stomp.

His eyes were wide open, staring down at his genitalia. He was moaning and screaming, his face sweaty and pale, contrasting nicely with his beet-red boner.

“Fuck!” Phil shrieked.

“Here we go”, Rooney laughed before stomping down once again.

Phil’s cock erupted with a huge spurt of cum that sailed up into the air before landing on the ground with a wet splat.

“Quick”, Rooney said and handed Beckham his glass.

“Sick bastard”, Beckham chuckled and kneeled down.

Phil’s cock was shooting load after load of sticky, white cum, erupting like a volcano, as Rooney continued to squish and grind his tender testicles.

Beckham tried his best to catch as much of Phil’s splooge in the glass. He grabbed Phil’s cock to keep it steady as spurt after spurt of cum splashed into the beer.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Phil was screaming and panting, his eyes wide open.

Finally, Rooney twisted his foot one final time, causing one last dab of jizz to ooze out of Phil’s cock.

Beckham held the rim of the glass against Phil’s spent cock, making sure to catch every last drop.

Finally, Phil was done.

Rooney took a step back and watched Phil curl up in a ball, moaning and panting.

Beckham handed Rooney the glass and grinned. “Cheers.”

Rooney scoffed. “No way. That’s for him. He has to replentish his fluids…”

The guys laughed.

Phil groaned as Rooney brought the glass to his lips.

He stared at the mixture of beer and cum.

“Drink it”, Rooney chuckled. “You need your protein…”

Grudgingly, Phil opened his mouth and downed the beer in one before coughing and shaking his head in disgust.

The guys laughed, and Rooney patted Phil’s back.

Phil groaned and curled up in a ball again, nursing his battered balls. “Am I on the team, now?”

Rooney grinned and looked at his mates. “Frankly, we don’t have a say in that.”

Phil couldn’t believe his ears. “What the---“

Rooney shrugged. “Well, we sure hope you’ll make it, because we are going to have a lot of fun with you around…” He turned around. “Come on guys, let’s go. Let’s give the kid some privacy…” He chuckled and waved at Phil. “Thanks, mate. You were awesome!”


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bbmal said...

Ouch, I always assumed the life of a professional footballer was a tough, arduous one, but this.... lol. Poor Phil. I hope he gets on the team after all of that, though, his chances to father any children in the future might suffer! I suppose that'll depend on his completion of a physical... hopefully the coaches/team doctors will go easier on his boys ;-)

Great job Alex!!!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, bbmal! I'm glad you liked the story. And I'm sure Phil is looking forward to become a permanent member of the team once he has passed the physical exam... :-))

Erik said...

Damn that was hot! I am glad you are writing again.

Alex said...

Thanks, Erik! Yeah, this blog has been quiet the past couple of months... I hope I'll be able to write more in the coming weeks so that you won't have to wait another three months for the next update... :-))

Brandon said...

Amazing story :) Glad to see your blog back in action mate!

Alex said...

Thank you, Brandon! I hope I'll have another story finished this month... :-))

Anonymous said...

Wow!! I seriously missed Phil!!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I'm sure Phil missed getting his balls busted, too... :-))