Saturday, January 14, 2012

Three thumbs up for Man Up! :-))

I know it's the talk of the town at the moment, so I'm pretty sure you've all heard about it before... "Man Up! Guys Ballbusting Guys" is a new clips4sale studio run by Lance Hart, the owner of "She owns your manhood".

I have bought several clips and I really enjoyed them. Lance himself is a very attractive guy and his co-stars are hot, too. One of the most exciting things in my opinion: Each clip has a plot. One clip has a counselor doing some "ballbusting therapy" on a hapless student's balls ("Guidance Counselor Ruptures Student's Balls" - the rupturing is only implied in the dialogue, which is very hot - even though I don't usually enjoy that kind of thing...). Another has two buddies settling the score after one of them selpt with the other one's girlfriend ("Bro's Before Ho's - Dudes Ballbusting").