Sunday, August 8, 2010


The studio booth was busy…people coming in and going out.

Alex walked into the booth. “Jimmy, let’s talk about the next segment of Zach the Man.”

“But first,” Jimmy pointed to a hot brunette. “This is Michelle Notaro. She is doubling here at the studio as tech person and your Secretary.”

“I get a Secretary?”

“Yes. You’re an exec around here. Therefore, you get a Secretary. I also have another surprise for you. Michelle,” he looked over at Michelle, “show him his other surprise.”

“Come with me, Mr. Nehling.”

Alex followed Michelle out the back door. “What is the surprise?”

“If it wasn’t a surprise, I could tell you.”


“Close your eyes.”

Michelle walked over to Alex’s new Merc. It was tan just like Jimmy’s. She started it up and got out. “Surprise!” Alex opened his eyes and beheld the car. He put his hand over his mouth in shock. “Well, aren’t you going to take it for a spin?”


Alex hopped in and closed the door. Michelle had to move out of the way as he threw it in reverse. Alex took off in the car trying all the buttons and gadgets on the car. He laughed all the way down Main Street.

Michelle came back up the stairs, closed the door and sighed. “Jesus Christ, one happy guy today.”


“Holy Christ,” she said as she walked into the booth. “Yes?”

“Tell Alex to meet me in his suite in an half-hour.”

“Well, he may not be able to do that. He is trying out his car.”

Jimmy smiled. “OK. Well, I’m going to use Alex’s shower. It was hotter than hell to get here today. I am sticky.”

“OK, I’ll tell him.” The phone rang; and Michelle ran to answer it. “Ballbusting Boys Buffalo, a subsidiary of the Mallone Corporation.”

“Is Alex in?”

“Who is this?”


“I thought you live here.”

“I do, but I had a new idea.”

“Well, Alex is out for the next hour probably. But I’ll tell him you called.”


Click. Michelle sighed.

Jimmy stood with his head inclined to the speaker. “Something’s missing somehow.”

Joey said, “We went for 21 takes.”

“We may have to go to 22. This new theme for Sammy is a bit more complex than I thought writing it.”


“Yeah, well, 22 it may be. We have to get Sammy’s theme done before we film. God, I’m sticky. I’m going to use Alex’s shower. Make sure no one touches this equipment.”

“Yes, sir.” Joey saluted. Jimmy walked off toward Alex’s suite.

Meanwhile, Alex pulled in his parking space in front of the studio. Leaping each set of stairs in a seemingly single bound, Alex was riding as high as a Boeing 747. Seeing Michelle upon entering the studio, he said, “That is an awesome car. It may not be a Shelby Mustang, but it has a coolness all its own.”

“I’m glad. You have one message. Zach called. He has an idea for you.”

“Well, what is it?”

“Mr. Nehling, I am a secretary, not a clerk.”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“A clerk would ask and know the idea. I, as a secretary, only take the message.”

“Oh, I see. But doesn’t Zach live here? He could just tell me tonight.”

“That’s what I said.”

“Oh. Where’s Jimmy?”

“He’s taking a shower in your suite.”

“In the suite?”

“Yes, Mr. Nehling.”

“Please stop calling me that. Call me Alex.”


“But in my suite?”

“Yes, sir, your shower.”

“Don’t call me ‘sir’ either. Just Alex.”


“God. Well, let me go and find out what boy wonder is doing in my suite.”

“But first, Alex, this afternoon, Mr. Mallone will be calling.” As she said this, his phone rang.

“Shit,” Alex said as he walked over to his phone. He picked it up. “Hello.”

“Is this you, Mr. Nehling?”

“Yes it is. Who is this?”

“This is Mr. Mallone.”

“Hello, sir.”

“Where is this pilot script for your series with substance?”

“It’s not done.”

“But Jimmy said that this new series was part of your vision. Is it no longer?”

“No, that’s not it. We’ve been filming and recording. It’s on the back burner.”

“Cold, hard economics?”

“I guess you could say that.”

“Oh. Well, I would like to see your new series someday.”

“So would I, sir.”

“Keep working. When you get something, send it over.”

“Sure, sir.”

“Have a good day, Mr. Nehling.”

“You, too, sir.”

Alex hung up, relieved. His heart calmed, his stomach out of his throat. Now, he thought, to check on boy wonder. Alex walked by Michelle as she scrutinized the old out-dated electric pencil sharpener that was not working. He walked in to the suite and found Jimmy in his boxers making some eggs in the kitchen.


Jimmy turned around and smiled, “Yes.”

“Good. What are you making?”


“Would you make me some?”

“What am I? Your slave?”

“Wait, you’re in my kitchen…making my eggs…making them in my pan…”

Jimmy turned toward him…unaware…As Jimmy watched, his face drained of color; and his eyes got real big. Alex slammed his foot square into Jimmy’s own eggs. His eyes crossed slightly and his mouth fell open. He hit his knees as the pain radiated through his abdominal muscles.


“I know you’re charge here, but, damn, cut a guy some respect.”

Grimacing, Jimmy said, “S-Sorry, dude.”

“I guess, the bigger the nads, the harder they fall. Anyway, I am sorry that it had to come to this, but you need to be more inclusive and fair to me.”

“I-I kn-know. I-I’m sorry.”

“Also, maybe I don’t want to be Sammy’s first patient.”


Alex sighed as Jimmy stumbled to his feet. “I guess you’ve already publicized it, huh?”

“Y-you should have--"

The teen was in obvious pain as he had some uneven breathing. He turned to Alex, “Please. I didn’t know it offended you this much.”

“I should bury your balls behind your abs.”

“Please, don’t.”

“Listen, you are going to be one of Sammy’s patients, too.”

“OK, OK.”

“I should do this more often.”

“But I am the boss.”

“Yeah, well, it is still my studio here partially.”

“I know.” Attempting a joke, Jimmy said, “The studio needs new carpeting.” Jimmy jumped back as Alex tried to kick him again. “Just a joke, dude. I know you need more of the say around here. Just give me a chance rather than breaking my balls over the past. You know, look to the future a bit.”

“Speaking of say, I want you to perform, you stallion. Tomorrow, I am going to arrange so you and Zach fuck the same girl. Whoever fucks better is safe. The loser gets his nuts busted by the girl and the winner. What you did with Sandy and Zach was really cool in his first episode. This one will be episode 2.”

“I see. We can’t do that tomorrow. I think you’re Sammy’s patient tomorrow. Anything else?”

Alex grimaced. “Yeah, clean my shower.”

The next day dawned bright with promise. A new gynecological chair was purchased; but Sammy was being involved in a discussion about a new instrument.

Jimmy said, “We did get you an OBGYN chair.”

“Yeah,” Sammy responded with a smile.

“How about doing the piano thing like Zach and Sandy?”

“Well, I don’t think Alex would go for that.”

“I don’t mean with Alex. Maybe for some of your other patients.”

“Speaking of the devil,” Sammy pointed to Alex walking in.

“Alex!” Jimmy shouted. As Alex approached, Jimmy shielded his crotch.

Chuckling, Alex said, “No need for that.”

“God, you have a hard kick.”

“I didn’t mean to do that.”

“Well, you did.”

“I know, but--"

“I think you should start with your series with substance,” Jimmy said, “and I am sure we could borrow some more of the models from your former studio. I think we’re all set with contracted models. By the way, have you put together the contracts for the rest of the boys?”

“Well, not yet--"

“Well, that will be your project for today.” Alex sighed with relief, as this meant Sammy wouldn’t be filming. “Now, go and work on those contracts.”

Eyeing Jimmy’s bulge, it did cross his mind.

Michelle looked up as Alex passed. “Alex, Mr. Mallone called.”

“Shit,” he said as he closed his door. Seeing the message on his desk, he paused as he didn’t recognize the number as corporate. Dialing the number, he thought, Who the hell is this?

Sally picked up, “Hello.”

“Hello, Salvatore,” Alex said.


“Yes, it’s me.”

“Hey, what’s up?”

“You called. What’s up with you?”

“Want to catch a movie?”

“I have to work on these contracts.”

“I’ll meet you by the back door. Just close your office door and escape through the door in the kitchen.”

“I can’t.”


“Jimmy’s watching everything.”

“Just occupy him with music.”

“It’s that simple?”

“Yes, no one loves music more than he does.”


“Get him off on a tangent, like, Elvis.”

“He likes Elvis?”

“Yes. You didn’t know that?”


“Just suggest a song to him; and he’ll go off and try to find it among his CDs.”

“Oh, OK.”

“Then, we can have a little fun, if you know what I mean.”


Click. Alex shot to his feet and left the contract forms on his desk. Closing his office door, he looked both ways for Jimmy. But Jimmy was busy in the booth, so he needed not worry about Jimmy seeing him. He walked out the back door in the kitchen and down the stairs. He waited about an half-hour; and then Sally pulled up. Sally rolled down his window, and said, “Get in.”

Alex gleefully hopped somewhat over to the passenger side and got in. “Hey, you.” Alex kissed Sally’s cheek. “Why are you in a raincoat?” Sally opened the raincoat to expose his naked body save only his customary briefs. “You’re looking for some fun, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, some serious fun.”


Anonymous said...

Nice set-up story. Looking forward to seeing some of the old models again and it's great that arrogant Jimmy got his nuts busted. Down with only one kick, those big nuts are pathetic! Will Jimmy toughen up with practice or will he get humiliated every time ? Keep up the good work.

thadarrylDIVA said...

has this Blog Been abandoned. say it isn't so. Great stuff guys

jess said...


wish this blog was still active. I have some bb stuff on my blog tho.